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After over a year of working on it, I'm beyond thrilled to finally pronounce our Master Bathroom makeover 100% finished!  I've been working really hard to get the last details wrapped up and get the space photographed so I could share it with you before we step into the holiday season.  I can't tell you how pleased I am and proud of how our green, blue and white Master Bathroom turned out!  (All available sources are listed at the end, and don't miss the fun video recap of the entire reno process close to the end of the post too!)

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

As a reminder, here's where we started 14 months ago-  

and here's where I left you in July with the first reveal-

and here's where we are today... completely finished inside and out!  

When I shared the initial reveal with you earlier in the Summer, all of the major pieces were complete, but I hadn't fully accessorized the room yet.  I also hadn't finished some of the unseen parts, like painting the inside of the vanity under sink cabinets and linen cabinet, and organizing those spaces along with the shoe cabinet... and generally just fully fluffing everything up!  

I took my time to consider how I wanted to finish off the room, and came across pieces that I wanted to add as I waited.  I found this tufted ottoman on Facebook Marketplace and reupholstered it to have a spot to sit and put on shoes.

Adding a rug was a huge game changer!  If you were here along the process, you know I debated using one large rug or two smaller rugs at each vanity.  I'm SO happy with the large rug, it really helps fill the space!  I did buy two small scatter rugs to use at the vanity when we want something warm underfoot, but we haven't been using those all the time and keep them tucked away when not in use.  You might also remember me saying that I wasn't going to use any pink in this room... well that didn't pan out!  Ha!  I tried, I really tried!  ;)  I looked at so, so many blue and white rugs, thinking that was the direction I was headed, but not one felt right for the room and just fell flat.  The room didn't start to really sing until I added in the pink!  It was still tough to find a rug with the right colors- pink, navy, and green... especially finding something with a little bit of the right color green.  I came across this rug with just enough around the border of the rug, and it's worked out great!  

I know, there is a LOT of color and pattern going on in here, and I couldn't love it more!  Nothing really matches, but I think that everything coordinates and works together just fine.  

And, we've finally used our tub!  It's so deep compared to our old huge oval tub and we're completely pleased with it.  

I made a few minor tweaks in the accessories I had used initially, like changing out the brass towel rings that I started with.  As I considered adding some artwork above the towel rings, the composition just wasn't feeling right for me.  I decided that I needed a straight towel bar instead, and once again partnered with Luxholdups (their beautiful products are in my powder bath too!)  and installed their gorgeous brass and acrylic open ended towel bars to use at our vanities.  Best decision ever!  I needed a custom size to fit properly on my side of the room next to the medicine cabinet, and they can make any size you need with no problem!  They are so classic and timeless, perfectly in line with the design style that I was going for.  

I also finally landed on some artwork!  All along I planned to use some pretty vintage watercolors that I've been hanging on to for a while, but when I got them up they weren't right in the space.  They had an aged looking tan background and really didn't fit with the crisp colors of the room.  I'll definitely be finding another spot for those, though!  A brainstorm came to me as I was waking up one morning, and I remembered I had these Audubon bird prints that I used to have hanging in the Dining Room a long long time ago.  My two favorites- the heron and the flamingo- were the perfect colors for the room!  

I also finally got this vintage chandelier cleaned up, painted, and installed.  It was covered in so much dirt and grime!  I tried a million shades of light blue spray paint but nothing seemed right, so I ended up painting it my favorite good old Rustoleum Navy.  I like the visual weight it adds with so much white in the rest of the room, and it perfectly ties in the navy trim on the pagoda window cornice (see cornice tutorial here). 

Moving into the water closet, it just got two new little accessories.  I came across a bamboo plant stand and originally bought it for another room, but then realized it was the perfect size to fit in a little corner of the room.  I love the warmth that the finish adds, and it's nice to have a spot for some greenery!  

I also made over an old wooden box to sit on top of the toilet by spraying it and adding this medallion clasp to the front.  I've been hanging on to this brass piece for years- it's another piece like the one I used as a handle on the green laundry basket under my vanity.  I removed them from an old wicker trunk that had worn out before we pitched it- I knew they would come in handy for a special project some day!  There are some things that we need handy near the toilet but might not especially want out on display- right ladies?- that this is perfect pretty storage box for!  

Another big part of totally completing the room that wasn't done for the first reveal was organizing the cabinets.  Remember we extended this existing linen cabinet to the ceiling-

and it's the perfect spot to store bulky things like extra lampshades and comforters that aren't currently being used.  I found some gingham baskets that were the perfect size to fit the shelves.  It's nice to be able to pull them out like a drawer so things don't get lost in the back of the cabinet.  We also added some shelves- the two large sections used to just have one shelf each in them, leaving a ton of wasted vertical space.  Adding more shelves totally maximized the storage space! 

I had one more spot over the towel hooks that needed some art, and my artist friend from Instagram Jenny Westenhofer sent me the loveliest print from her shop!  How perfect are these colors for my color palette in the bathroom (or anywhere in my house for that matter? ha!) 

 I love the modern design mixed in to the room, this one is titled "Bluegrass."   

Nothing is different on the inside of the shower but here's a reminder of how that turned out-

Also as a reminder, this cabinet is totally new.  It used to be a cut out nook with a built in hamper at the bottom, totally wasted space!  

We considered enlarging the shower, but I'm not interested in having a bigger shower to clean so we added more shelf storage in that space.  I finally got it all organized with my shoes and it's wonderful!!  I'm loving the extra space that I've gained in my closet by moving the shoes out as well.  

I stacked my shoes on the shelves that are within easy reach without climbing or bending down, and for the high and low shelves I found some baskets that perfectly fit the space to store out of season or less frequently worn shoes.  The baskets act like a pull out drawer (I added some stick on felt pads to the bottom to make them easier to slide without damaging the paint) and make accessibility to the back of the cabinet easier for those hard to reach shelves.  I made some simple tie on labels to help me remember what was where! 

One basket holds tons of flat sandals and flip flops, maximizing shelf space once again.

Moving around to my vanity, you can see the new towel bar and artwork again on this side.  

I usually have my iPad on the counter to watch something while I'm getting ready.  I've had this brass easel for years and have used it for a plate rack and cookbook stand, but my friend Monica reminded me that it's a great tablet stand too (she has really helpful tips in her Instagram stories)!  Much prettier than what I had before!  

I used some scraps of wallpaper to line the back of the medicine cabinet and the drawers-

and after years of using random plastic containers I bought some prettier clear boxes to fit my drawer.

Also since the last reveal I painted the insides of the older cabinets with a fresh coat.  Having the extra shelf space in the linen cabinet and doing a good purge allowed me lots of room under the sink.  I installed this pull out drawer basket and it's the best thing ever!  I also used them in the kids' bath and have since put one under the kitchen sink too.  It keeps everything right at my finger tips- no digging in the back of the cabinet- and the tall sides keep larger items from falling over.  

So there you have it!  I'm really happy with all of the choices we made for this room and proud of all of the hard work that went into it, even though it wasn't the speediest makeover!  It is so nice to have a clean, updated space (remember those befores- yikes!  See lots of side by side before an afters in the original reveal post) after putting in countless hours of hard work! 

Sweater- purchased at a little shop while on vacation, sorry I can't link!  ||  Denim Shirt  ||  White Jeans  ||  Leopard Shoes

Here's a fun little video recap of all of the work that went into this space over the past 1+ year!

If you're unfamiliar with the progress on this project, I'd love for you to look back on the process of this bathroom renovation here- 


Sink Vanities-
Blue and White Wallpaper  ||  Countertops- 3 cm True White Quartz, Hom Kitchen and Bath OKC  ||  Gold Cabinet Knobs, Hinges, and Brass Door Hinges  ||  Faucet  ||  Towel Ring  ||  Vanity Light here (frequent coupons!) or here  ||  Brass/Glass Drawer Pulls  ||  Glass Cabinet Knobs  ||  Soap Dispenser- Homegoods  ||  Bamboo Soap Tray- Hobby Lobby  ||  Smaller White Ginger Jars- Hobby Lobby  ||  Large White Ginger Jar  ||  Brass iPad Easel- Thifted  ||  Bird Prints  ||  Bird Frames  ||  Brass and Acrylic Towel Bars  ||  Clear Drawer Organizers  ||  Under Sink Slide Out Basket (X-Narrow 8.5" high Mesh Glider)

Window/Tub Area-
Pink Area Rug  ||  Whirlpool Tub  ||  Roman Tub Faucet  ||  Green Gingham Cornice Fabric  ||  Pom Pom Trim  ||  Navy Dye for Pom Trim  ||  Bamboo Chandelier- vintage with Rustoleum Navy Gloss Spray Paint

Shower/Shoe Cabinet Wall-
Tufted Ottoman Blue Animal Print Fabric  ||  Shoe Cabinet Baskets or Similar Here ||  Shower Faucet  ||  Hinges, Gold Ball Cabinet Knobs- D. Lawless Hardware  ||  Navy Tassel  ||  Large Shoe Shelf Baskets  ||  Gold Full Length Mirror- FB Marketplace  ||  Frameless Shower Door- Glass Solutions (Edmond OK Residents Only)  ||  Marble-Look Soap Dish  ||  Navy Bath Towels  ||   All Tile- Floor & Decor

Water Closet-
Small Cordless Bamboo Shade  ||  Green Gingham Cornice Fabric  ||  Pom Pom Trim  ||  Navy Dye for Pom Trim  ||  Toilet Paper Holder  ||  Lotus Light Fixture- Discontinued from World Market  ||  Bamboo Plant Stand and Brass Planter- Vintage  

Thank you to these partners who gifted products or a portion of their services for our bathroom renovation!


Green Cabinets and Wainscoting- Behr Crown Jewel, satin finish  ||  White Cabinets and Trim- Behr "White", semi-gloss finish (straight out of can)   ||  Walls- Behr "White", eggshell finish  ||  Hardware- Rustoleum Metallic Gold  ||  Green Frames- Rustoleum Meadow Green  ||  Bamboo Chandelier and Toilet Storage Box- Rustoleum Navy

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Happy Friday everyone!  I've found some great things to share with lately, enjoy!   
(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

I found a couple of new sweaters on Amazon that I'm loving!  I'm SO excited to find this sweater , it's a near perfect dupe to one of my favorite $$$ Free People sweaters!  



Although they might be a bit more challenging to find this year, we still have plenty of reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving!  I would guess that most of us are ready this year more than ever for the holiday season, and although circumstances might look different this year, I for one still plan to make things as special as possible! 



I generally use a good deal of the same Christmas decorations from year to year, but if inspiration is a bit slow in coming when it's time to decorate I find that one or two new things thrown into the mix help to get my creative juices flowing.  If your Christmas decor needs a little boost this year, I've been combing the web for bright and cheery christmas decorations to share with you!  I've selected a variety of items that are all inspired by my own Christmas decor from year to year, so scroll down and see if anything catches your eye.  



This has been such a fantastic week!  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the It's A Colorful Life Fall home tours.  Jewel and I always enjoy gathering this colorful group of bloggers together, if you've arrived here via PMQ for two, welcome!   All of these ladies have shown up to inspire us with loads of colorful style in each one of their homes!  Today I'm posting a tour wrap up, with a peek of each home on the schedule all in one spot.  Over the next few days, I hope you enjoy stopping by any that you might have missed this week!  



Welcome to Part 3 of my 2020 Fall Tour!  Today I'll be showing you around my Dining Room and Breakfast Nook.  I hope you're all enjoying the "It's A Colorful Life" Fall tours this week!



Hello everyone!  I'm so excited to welcome you today as we kick off the It's a Colorful Life Fall 2020 Home Tours!  Jewel of Jeweled Interiors and I are always so excited to organize this tour, we have an amazing group of color-loving bloggers lined up to share their Fall tours with you for the next few days.  I know you'll soak up every bit!  Today I'll be sharing my Entry and Living Room with you, all cozied up for Fall.   (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)



Today I've got a few more than FIVE Friday Favorites, and I'm trying something a little different!  Today's favorites are all fashion finds, specifically Amazon fashion finds!  Y'all know I love decorating, but I love cute clothes too, especially when they're a bargain!  (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

First up is this sweater.  With almost 2K 4-star reviews, it is soft and true to size, but I wanted it a bit oversized so I sized up one.  I can't decide if I like it better with a front tuck or worn loose!  And there's the Amazon hat I shared last week again... 



Isn't Fall just the best???  When you can pull out your sweaters and the air turns crisp and the mornings and evenings are cool with warm days... my favorite!  I think Fall might be my favorite season to decorate for as well, it's not as elaborate or time intensive as Christmas and when I'm finished everything just feels like a big cozy hug!  Does that even make sense?!?  Ha!  I'm excited to kick off this year's It's A Colorful Life Fall Tour by sharing my front porch with you, and I'm even throwing in a little mini pumpkin wreath tutorial for the wreath that's on my front door this year.  So let's take a look!



Hello friends, Happy Saturday!  I hope you're having a great weekend.  I started this new little Saturday Something Good series a few weeks ago as an opportunity to just take a light hearted minute to focus on the good and beautiful things I've come across online.  Hope you find these things encouraging and inspirational!  (P.S.- my Five Friday Favorites post went up super late yesterday, catch it here if you missed it!)

This delightful condo proves you don't have to have a lot of space to have a load of style!



I hope you're all having a great Friday!  I'm super late with my post today, but I wanted to get it out anyway!  We took our girl for her first college visit today and I didn't quite get this ready before we left, thus the delay.  We've got two more visits lined up this month, whew!  She's a Senior and we had planned to make these visits last Spring, but we all know that didn't happen.  We're playing catch up!  I've got some fun fashion and a few super practical things to share with you for Five Friday Favorites today, hope you like them!   (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Last weekend I was at a ladies event seated behind a friend who had the most perfect hat on...  I've wanted a felt hat for a while but all I've seen have huge brims, way too big for me.  So, when I saw the hat my friend was wearing and noticed that the brim was just the right size, I couldn't resist asking her where she found it.   She said she would send me the info. and it was a bargain!   I ordered one immediately and it's the best $17 hat I could ever hope for!   The color I bought is "Camel" (a tiny bit darker in real life than it looks here) with a thin dark brown trim strap and buckle,  but it comes in tons of different colors and trim options. The material is a polyester/wool mix and it's a sturdy hat- the brim is stiff and not flexible.  Most hats do not fit me well (kid sized hats fit me great... ha!) but this one has an adjustable hat band inside that can be tightened if needed.  With a little adjusting it was just right for me and I am SO happy with this hat.  I think I've worn it 3 days this week, if you follow me on Instagram you've seen proof!  



Let me start off by saying how much I hate that there's even a need for this project!  I never dreamed I'd be making a "DIY Face Mask Neck Chain" tutorial.  I know we're all so weary of dealing with this virus and I hope that you all and your families are staying healthy!  

I can't tell you how many times I've had my mask in my lap in the car, forgotten about it, and dropped it on the ground when I got out at my destination.  Or arrived at the door of a store only to realize that I left my mask in the car.  Or, left it looped on one ear while driving from place to place and having the wind blow it off before I reattach it to both ears!  This is a handy accessory to have, especially when running errands where you might be in and out of stores constantly putting your mask on and taking it off.  I do like the idea though, even after this threat has passed, for some who might still need to wear masks regularly for their job or personal health concerns.  Many thanks to my friend Carmel, I saw her mention making a mask chain on her Instagram stories and it started my wheels spinning to figure out how to make one of my own!

How to make a face mask neck chain 
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