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Hey friends!  Let me start off by apologizing for this misleading post title- this is not quite the "reveal" but just a good sneak peek! 

Let me explain...  In order to be included in the One Room Challenge group of linking participants, the deadline to have a post submitted is today, July 5.  However, if we still have a work in progress at the deadline we're free to come back and edit this post in the future with photos of the completed room.   I had to post something by the deadline to hold my place in the group and even though I'm not quite ready for a reveal I wanted to share some really good sneak peeks with you all.  You've been so patient and supportive through this project!  I can't change the post title, though, when I edit this post so I needed to go ahead and title it "The Reveal".  I hope that makes sense, just blogger technicalities! 

So, after weeks and months of working on this space, I cleared the construction mess out of a few corners and voila...

So what does that mean for the actual reveal?  I am SO CLOSE to being finished with the bathroom, and probably with one more long day of work will have everything completed.  Then, I need to thoroughly clean it all (you should have seen what I cleared away and stacked on the other side of the room just to get these photos), photograph the space, edit those photos, and write the reveal post! 

At the very latest, the reveal will be posted this Thursday.  I'm really hoping for Wednesday, but with the way things have gone on this project I'm not promising that!  Every task has seemed to take 3 times longer than I anticipated.  I will actually just edit this post to include all of the photos, details, and sources at that time.  And, I'll make a follow-up post when the reveal is complete to send you back to this post. 

I've been working almost non-stop to finish this up and can't wait to finally share it with you this week!  Thank you SO much for hanging in there with me, you all are the best! In the meantime, if you haven't checked out the list of more than 200 fantastic room reveals, stop by and check them out here.  And if you're visiting for the first time today you can catch up on all of my work from previous weeks here before the reveal later this week-

See you on Thursday if not before!!  

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How in the world is it already Week 7 of the 8 week  One Room Challenge??  And how in the world did I get my rooms done in the past when the  ORC was only 6 weeks long?  Welcome back for this Week 7 update, let's get right to it.  Today we're talking about all of the exciting, pretty parts... wallpaper, lighting, paint, and accessories for the room!

Before we proceed, if you need to you can catch up on what you've missed in previous weeks here:
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Well, the magic is finally starting to happen in here!  My Dad came over for two days this week to help me install the wallpaper (actually, he's really doing the bulk but I'm learning!).  He's hung tons of wallpaper over the years but we figured out the last time he did it was in my Powder Bath about 12 years ago... the same burgundy paper I stripped off a few years ago for my Powder Bath Makeover, ha! 

Really, figuring out your starting point, making your cuts, and making sure things are centered and lined up correctly if you're working with a pattern are the hardest parts.  And working around windows. Still not sure I'd be ready to take it on totally by myself though! 

This gifted wallpaper is the stunning "Angelina" pattern designed by Tilton Fenwick for Hygge and West.  It is SUCH a game changer!  I love it SO much! We've completed this entire wall and two strips in the water closet, so hopefully after one more day of work we can wrap this part up. But though it's not quite finished, now the room is really starting to come together like I've seen it in my head! From this view you can see into the water closet a bit too which will be papered all the way around, in addition to having a chair rail and molding treatment that I mentioned last week around the bottom of the room.  

I'm trying to decide if that little strip at the top of the window alcove should be papered.  It's parallel to the ceiling so we treated it like ceiling, but now I'm thinking it needs to be covered too.  There will be a window cornice covering most of that wall section above the window (and consequently most of that wallpapered section above the window) so especially seeing it in these photos it seems a little choppy.  

Just as a reminder and a little visual, here's a sample of where the sink vanities are headed!  The tub stone is supposed to be installed on Monday and we. can't. wait to try out that whirlpool tub.  I'm going to need it after this reveal! 

A pair of these vanity lights (discounts usually available here) will go over the sink mirrors.  I love the simplicity and can't wait to see them installed with the wallpaper up.
We got the lighting in the water closet switched out.  I used a pair of these lotus pendants over my kitchen island for a while before deciding they were just too small, but I hung on to them for sure!  You can't see it at all unless you're in the water closet, but it sure does make me happy!

I think I'm still planning to use this bamboo style chandelier in the middle of the room.  Still not sure of the color but I did pick up a can of the prettiest light blue to match the wallpaper...

The last huge project that I've been working on (for this week at least) is painting all of the closet doors, cabinet doors, drawers, molding, and shelves that can be sprayed outside.  I've spent more days that I want to admit prepping everything, setting up my paint stations, and priming and painting several coats on all of the parts.  I'm actually not quite satisfied with the finish yet so I'm going to sand them one more time to smooth them a bit and finish them off with one more coat.  

Here's a little tip if you're spraying or painting lots of cabinet doors- find a spot underneath where a hinge will go and mark it somehow to know which door that is and where it belongs when you put them back.  Mine are "LU"- Linen Upper and "LL"-Linen Lower.  Then, cover your code with a small piece of painter's tape.  After the paint is finished peel off your little strip of tape and you'll know exactly what spot that door came from.  When I've painted my kitchen cabs in the past I usually just number all the doors and draw a coordinating diagram with which door is what number.  Even if there are multiple doors that are exactly the same size, they never seem to go back correctly if you don't get them in the same spot you took them down from! 

Alright, let's get down to the finishing touches!  

I'm considering fabrics to complement the wallpaper.  I'll be using the green gingham for sure.  Love the pink but I'm determined to not put anything pink that's permanent in this room.  My husband never says a word about any of my decorating choices and goes along with whatever (even hot pink velvet chairs!) but I thought I'd forgo the pink for him in this one shared space.  (I'll source everything I end up using in the reveal). 

We used to sit on the built in hamper to put on shoes, so since that's gone I found this little ottoman to use in the space (like this favorite bathroom!).  I haven't narrowed down a fabric yet, we'll see!  I was thinking of tying in the leopard above (the same fabric as the pillows in my bedroom) but it's been discontinued from Hobby Lobby, now I can only find it one place online for about 3 times what I paid for it before.  I'm not that sure about it yet, still considering options.  Hoping it doesn't take me too long to reupholster it!  

I've been hanging on to these drawings that I found at a thrift shop, the colors are so pretty!  The frames were damaged so I've already removed those, and I wish the corner of the linen mat wasn't damaged too, but I'll pop those off to frame them.  I'm still hunting for some frames for these and plan to hang one by each vanity.

Those that follow me on Instagram might remember me sharing these clearance artwork frames that I found at Hobby Lobby months ago.  I knew nearly right away that I wanted to use them in the bathroom!  They'll get a pretty paint job and I'm commissioning my daughter to paint something in the center of each for me... stay tuned.  

Still finalizing what hardware I'm going to use.  The solid gold knobs will go on the linen and shoe cabinet doors.  The glass and brass pulls and whichever glass knobs I end up choosing will go on the green cabinets.

A while back we made a late evening FB Marketplace run 45 minutes away out in the country to pick up this beauty!  It will hang on the wall between my closet door and the shoe cabinet.  After taking the mirrored sliding doors out we've missed having a full length mirror in the room!

Lastly, I have a plan for this space under my vanity.  I've always had a stool there but never use it to sit down and do my makeup, so it's basically just wasted space.  Sooo...  I thought it would be a great spot for my hamper!  I do have a walk in closet but it doesn't have much floor space at all, and a hamper just eats up a good bit of that.   (Going back to a before photo here, should have taken a more current one!)

I really wanted something that would fill up the space almost completely though, and spent some time a week or two ago searching online for a large rectangular basket with the right dimensions, but didn't have much luck.  I actually have the perfect basket in my laundry room that we use for a hamper in there, but that's also where the cats sleep and they've enjoyed using that basket as their scratching post (as long as they're not scratching my furniture!😜) so it's not in great shape.  The morning after I started an earnest online search I was checking Facebook Marketplace and this popped up, it's exactly like my other one and a perfect fit for the space!  

The top is a little wonky but I think I'm going to remove that anyway, add wheels so it's easy to slide in and out, and spruce it up a little more.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to leave it natural (I'm going to use a bamboo shade on the big window over the tub so it would tie in with that, but the basket is a little more honey/yellow toned than it looks in the photo), OR spray it green to match the vanity bases so it will just blend in and fill in that hole. 

So, that's my last update for you before the big reveal!  And I'll tell you now, I'm not going to make the first reveal day which is next Thursday, June 25.  However, those participating in the One Room Challenge officially have until July 5 to submit their reveal post and photos, and I WILL have it finished by then!  I've just decided not to stress about the deadline like I normally do.  The point of the challenge is to provide motivation to get a space in your home finished- or at least further along than where you started!- in a timely manner, and I'll still accomplish that but just a little later than most of the group.  Instead I've been choosing to participate in family activities and just work slowly and steadily rather than stress continually about the deadline and miss out on some of those other opportunities.  In fact, today is my 26th wedding anniversary so Ray and I are heading out on a quick overnight trip just to get away for a breather, and I'm choosing not to worry one bit about my massive to-do list that still needs to be done!  

Master Bath Still To-Do List:

Installation of stone around tub deck, have faucets installed
Install tub front, add molding and paint
Sand and Finish last coat of paint on cabinet doors, closet doors, and molding
Sand, Prime, and Paint vanities, linen and shoe cabinets, door frames
Install all cabinet hardware, hooks, doorknobs, towel rings, etc.
Install molding treatments, caulk, paint
Install Baseboards
Finish wallpaper in Water Closet
Paint Chandelier, have installed
Make window cornice, install
Install bamboo blinds over tub and toilet
Select Fabric- Reupholster round ottoman
Makeover laundry basket
Monogram hand towels
Frame artwork
Paint lattice frames, coerce daughter to paint artwork on them 😂
Accessories and Styling
Edit Photos
Write Reveal Post!

So, I'm not sure when I'll see you for the reveal, but it WILL be before July 5!  I'd love for you to sign up to get my posts delivered to you e-mail address so you don't miss it if you're not already subscribed.  Just fill in the box at the bottom of this post or up in the sidebar. 

Thanks so much for checking in on our progress this week,  don't miss seeing what the other participants are up to as well!  (Most of their spaces look a LOT more finished than mine!)

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Hello everyone, did you think I forgot about you?  I didn't!  I literally have been so busy working on the room that I haven't had the time to sit down and put a post together.  Especially this one, it's a doozy and big catch up since we missed posting an update last week.  In light of the turmoil happening nationwide during the week that Week 5 updates were due to be posted, the One Room Challenge organizers decided to cancel that week so that everyone could focus on the more important issues at hand of racial equality and justice.  I for one as well as likely most of you have started to have our eyes opened about the racial injustice that is alive and well in our country.  I shared my thoughts here and here, but in a nutshell fully believe that the change we need in our nation begins in MY heart and in your heart, spreads to us influencing and teaching those in our own home, and then we can work together to change our communities.  Jesus is the only one who can truly change our inherently wicked hearts, then He will teach us how to live and love those around us as He loves them.  That's my goal, it starts with change in my own heart. 

There's no easy way to transition from the heart-breaking heaviness of our current events to talking about my bathroom makeover, so I'll just keep moving ahead.  A lot has happened in the past few weeks!   I don't think I have ONE "pretty" picture to show you, but I'll take progress and forward movement over pretty right now! 

Before we proceed, if you need to you can catch up on what you've missed in previous weeks here:

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First up, the wall got framed in for my single closet door (remember we removed sliding mirrored doors) and the new door was installed.  



Welcome back for another One Room Challenge update!  Lots of big things are happening, this week we have new tile and countertops and I couldn't be happier with how things are coming along!



Thank you all for sharing my excitement after seeing the design plan for my Master Bath makeover last week.  I'm so excited to see it all come to life!  I also appreciate your input about the chandelier and the rug situation.  I'm now certain that the chandelier will be centered in the room but am still undecided on a rug.  I love the idea of one large rug in the center, but not sure that I want to just cover up all of pretty new tile we put in.  I know something will work out in time...

If my amazing photos in today's post (ha, right!) caught your attention in the guest participant link up and you're visiting for the first time today, I'm so glad you're here!  Catch up on what you've missed here:

Moving on to this week's One Room Challenge update-  I have absolutely nothing pretty to show you!  But in this scenario, progress itself is beautiful, right?  So without further adieu... IT'S #DEMODAY!!!  (P.S.-I had some trouble yesterday with my last post not going out to e-mail subscribers, so if you missed it there IS something pretty to see there!)

I mentioned previously that we're hiring out the tile demo and installation, and that's the first thing on the list to get done.  But first, we had to prep for the tile work by removing the old whirlpool tub.



There's been a project looming for several years that I've wanted to tackle, but other things kept jumping on the "to-do" list ahead of it.  However, since we've had so much time at home and I had all of the supplies on hand, I finally buckled down and painted my china cabinet!  But if you've been a fan of the green china cabinet, never fear!  It's still green, just a slightly different shade.



Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a nice weekend.  For the past few weeks we've been doing so many random (quarantine) projects around the house and taking advantage of some gorgeous weather to work outside.  Most of those  projectsnever make the blog, I usually just share quick snippets on Instagram.  Maybe I need to do a big round up post of all of those things to share with you here!  I haven't done much on my Master Bathroom One Room Challenge makeover though.  I need to get moving because that finish line is going to be here before I know it!



Hi friends, welcome back for my Week 2 update for the One Room Challenge!  This Spring my husband and I are finally tackling a long overdue Master Bathroom Makeover.  If you missed the proof of our dire renovation need, be sure to see all of the "before" photos in last week's post.  After scarring you eyeballs with those beauties, let's focus on prettier things this week as I share our Master Bathroom design plan with you!

I believe I mentioned last week that part of the reason this makeover has taken so long to happen is totally my fault, I just could not decide on a direction I wanted to go with the design.  It didn't help that I love so many different styles and designs, I just couldn't make up my mind!  I knew I wanted it to be classic, timeless, and traditional, but for me that includes a huge dose of color as well.  After years of browsing blogs, Pinterest (follow my Bathrooms inspiration board here), and magazines for inspiration, my creative wheels starting turning and things finally fell in to place.  So without further delay... here's the plan!



Graduation season is upon us, and although our grads are tragically missing their graduation ceremony and parties, we can and should still shower them with lots of love!  Honestly, I've always been a little stumped for graduation gift ideas.  I mean cash is always an obvious choice (and very much appreciated if the grad is saving up for something big like a computer to use at school), but sometimes one might be looking to give something a bit more personal.  Well now that I've had a past graduate who received some super thoughtful gifts last year, I feel like I can pass along some great Graduation Gift Guide suggestions to you!



Here we go again... it's been years since I've participated in a One Room Challenge Project.  I think it's taken me that long to recover and get psyched up to take on another project with a deadline!  And obviously, if you followed along with me through the Kids' Bathroom Makeover that started last Fall and didn't wrap up until earlier this Spring, it's clear that I need a deadline to finish a big project in a timely manner.  In the past I've participated three times, 5 years ago with our Master Bedroom, 4 years ago with our Powder Bath, and 2 years ago with my daughter's room.  This time, I'm so excited to be renovating our Master Bathroom.  You'll see, it's a project that is way, way, way overdue!

Master Bedroom ORC (more recent bedroom refresh post here)



For me these days seem to drag on at times, today the same as yesterday, but boy it seems like Friday came quickly this week!   It helps so much when the weather is beautiful as well.  And, the peonies in my yard are blooming... what could be better??  I've been working on a paint project this week that you've seen if you follow me on Instagram.  I'm waiting on a few finishing touches and will be ready to share it here soon!  Also, another round of the One Room Challenge starts next week and I'm thinking of jumping in and participating.  I need a bit of accountability and a deadline to get a certain project rolling and finished.  I've been a little unmotivated to blog lately but feel that I'm getting past that hump and have several things that I just need to sit down and write up to share with you... some small makeovers, a little travel, a few tutorials and possibly some food and fashion.   However, I'd always like to hear any suggestions of what you'd like to see posts about here, too!  Just leave any ideas in the comments or feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram



Hello friends!  Today I'm sharing a simple, quick project with you of some DIY dyed faux orchid blooms and the faux  + real arrangement that I used them for that's pretty convincing if I do say so myself!  I almost hesitated to share it at all but thought it might get someone's creative wheels turning.  So we'll start with a pretty "after" picture...



The holiday will certainly look different this year, but the chance to celebrate Mom is sneaking up on us quickly!  Today I'm sharing my Mother's Day Gift Guide with some of my top picks from large as well as many small businesses.  I tend to sometimes be a last minute shopper, but with circumstances this year I'm trying to think ahead and get my game plan together.  Remember, shipping times are likely slightly delayed so don't wait too long to shop!  :)     (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

I'll start with a few of my go-to favorites that will always be on my gift guide lists...

Barrington Bags-  Always on the top of my list.  I own the Savannah Zippered Tote (pictured) and the  St. Anne Tote.  Use code "TOGETHER" for 20% off (I don't think I've ever seen that high of a discount, discount only for a limited time.)  The beauty of these bags is the vast variety of options available to customize your bag (I've got my eye on the Green Rattan or the Modern Leopard next!)  I carry one or the other most days and the quality has made me a huge believer.  It's my standard "trip" bag (used this one on our 16 day Boston Road trip last year) and on those occasions it's loaded to the gills with my big camera, computer, etc. After years of likely abuse, there's not a stitch broken and even the bottom still looks virtually brand new.  Definitely worth the investment in my book!



Happy Friday everyone!  Yes, it's Friday.  :)   I really have not been doing too much shopping lately, but there were a few pieces this week that grabbed my attention with sale prices that were too good to pass up!  While perusing all of those great sales I found some of the cutest home and fashion deals to share with you today.  I'm truly a bargain shopper at heart and love to share those amazing deals with you!  (*This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.)



If you're like me, you've had a steady stream of neighbors you never knew you had walk by your house trying to get some fresh air every day.  As they walk, they're likely looking at your yard, your home, and your porch (because I'm pretty sure most people are as nosy as I am like that!).  Most of us are limited to what we can do in the way of live plants and flowers on our porch while we're being encouraged to stay at home, but even the simplest little touch of a cute door hanger can perk up your front door.  So, if your porch needs a little pick me up, here are some darling front door hangers that will ship straight to your house!



I find it so inspiring to witness time and time again how our families, communities and the country comes together to support others during difficult times such as these.  I've witnessed that neighbors-helping-neighbors mentality first hand when we've had devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, and in the last few weeks I have been encouraged to see others rally to support local restaurants and small businesses however they can in the current tumultuous economic climate.



Welcome back for part 2 of my Spring Home Tour!  Last week I shared my Living Room and Porch with you and was so pleased that many of you replied that it was a little bright spot in your day.  We've been getting some glorious Spring teaser weather days, but this is another chilly, gloomy, rainy week so I'm happy that things are cheery on the inside of our home at least!

Today let's start with the Entry.  It's a small little space that is open to the Dining Room and the rest of our main living area, and honestly not much has changed here in years!  Sometimes I swap out the rug and lamps and the styling on the dresser changes, but the dresser and mirror- both second hand and painted for a makeover- have stayed put for a long time.

large gold mirror, french provincial dresser, striped rug, tobacco leaf lamp



What a fun few days sharing the It's a Colorful Life Spring Tours!  From the feedback I received everyone seemed to enjoy a colorful little respite for a few minutes while viewing the variety of tours for the past few days.  Today I'm doing a wrap up with a little glimpse of each tour in case there are some you need to catch up on.  I know you'll find something in each one that sparks your imagination and creativity, I sure did!



Welcome friends, I'm so glad you're here today!  If you're looking for a bit of distraction and cheerful photos or maybe some ideas to spruce up your home with all the time you're spending there these days, you're in the right spot because it's time for our It's A Colorful Life Spring Home Tour week!  Today I'm sharing my Spring Front Porch and Living Room, and later in the week I'll share the rest of my home decorated for Spring with you.

spring porch decorations, spring decorating ideas, spring living room decorations, brass trunk, white painted brick fireplace



I have no idea what Easter is going to look like this year, I expect quite different than what we're used to.  I do know three things though... on April 12 we'll still be celebrating Jesus' resurrection, He'll still be alive and in control of all things, and we'll still be having a holiday meal together!  Today I'm sharing my bright and cheery Easter table, and although I've had plans with a group of friends for weeks to do a cabbage ware Easter table hop, we discussed whether or not we should still post in light of the seriousness of our current world situation.  We ultimately decided to proceed in hopes that we will bring a bright spot of joy and beauty to your day in the midst of so much uncertainty, fear, and unease.  That will be my plan going forward, as well.  I'll continue to post projects and ideas to hopefully bring you inspiration (since we all have plenty of time at home to finally tackle some of those DIY wish lists, right?) and encouragement through these difficult days.  Please know that in doing so I'm not discounting or dismissing the seriousness of the situation going on around us at all, merely trying to continue some sense of normalcy in the midst of it and maybe offer a few minutes of distraction.  OK, now that I've shared my heart with you about that... let's move on to pretty things!



Did you know that today is National Sleep Day?  I'd venture to say we all could use a good night's sleep after the week we've had, right?  There's nothing like climbing into a crisp, comfy bed at the end of the day.   Yesterday I spent a bit of time freshening up our Master Bedroom for Spring, and even with all of the uncertainty going on in the world right now it's nice to have a cozy little refuge here! 



I don't know about you, but Spring brings the itch for change for me! So this year, that change came in the form of a new look for our Breakfast Nook.



This week totally flew by!  We're looking forward to a weekend with gorgeous weather, and I have plenty of upcoming projects to work on.  We have a new Chicken Salad Chick opening in town so we're going to the soft opening this afternoon, I can't wait! (It's the little things to look forward to, right?...ha!)  Love chicken salad... what's your favorite thing to get if you have one in your town?  Speaking of favorites, here's a few from around our house lately!  (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Who asks for green dominoes for part of their Valentine's Day gift?  This girl!  We have yet to play with them, but they're a perfect quirky, fun bowl filler!



Without a doubt, our DIY shower curtain and cornice board is the perfect finishing touch of the kids' new bathroom.  It wasn't too difficult to make and adds such a style element and warmth to the room.  Today I'll share the tutorial with you of how we made it!



Last week was big, thank you so much for all of the love on my son's room refresh and the kids' bathroom makeover reveal!  It's fun to share the big things like that, but today let's talk about pretty little things!  You all have seen several of the things that I collect- blue and white, busts, lamps, pillows- ha!  I now have something new to add to the list that I'm always keeping an eye out for... blue Opaline glasses.  I recently scored a set of 10 cordial glasses, they're the teeniest tiniest cutest little things!  They're about the size of a shot glass and while we don't drink alcohol, I came up with 10 other ways to use a cordial glass.  These don't just apply to my specific cordial glasses, what tiny little pretty containers do you have around your house that would work for some of these ideas?

china cabinet styling



Well if one thing is clear from our Kids' Jack and Jill Bathroom Makeover, it's that I need a deadline to finish a project in a timely manner- ha!  We started this project in early September and here we are nearly 6 months later and I hung the last picture, hung the cornice, and finished a few little last details yesterday.  I'm happy to report though that it's 100% finished... no pesky last 5-10% of the little insignificant details in a project left to do like I normally have at the end of a big room makeover.

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