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Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Welcome back, I hope you found some good ideas for Fall with yesterday's post.  Today, let's continue with Part 2 of my Fall Decorating Ideas Review!

Painted Gingham Pumpkin Tutorial and other painted pumpkin ideas-

Raid your closet for a scarf to use as a table runner-

Mix unexpected colors and patterns for a Fall tablescape.  Here I used primarily pink and orange flowers mixed with  more pink, leopard and Blue Willow on the tabletop. 

Fall is the best time to gather what you can from nature and bring it indoors.  Here I clipped some sweet potato vine that was still hanging in there and it perfectly complemented the bright green of these horse apples (hedge apples, Osage oranges...whatever you call them in your area!).  Hooray for free decorations!

If you're planning an outdoor gathering, hunt down some hay bales and scatter them in your yard.  These were arranged for my sister's wedding, and with thrifted plaid throws covering them they were perfect for extra seating! 

Just one strong pop of color livens up Fall neutrals-

Another example here!

Again, Fall inspired foods double as great decorations, and gather up some Scrabble tiles for  cute place cards!

This post is really dipping into the archives, but finally, use natural elements to create art for your Fall decor.  This is especially fun to do with kids!  And think beyond just making a picture to hang on the wall, lean it in front of a mirror or larger piece of art on a mantel or shelf, or stand it on an easel for tabletop decor!

I can't shift into Fall mode without thinking about all of the yummy Fall recipes that we enjoy each season, here are a few of our favorites!  Let's start with alllllll the warm, hearty comfort foods!

Kelly's Thai Soup

Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner- Crescent Roll Lasagna

Cheeseburger Soup-

Squash Casserole

Jen's Green Beans

Cream Cheese Sausage Dip-

And a few Fall-ish sweet treats...

My favorite Oatmeal Raisin Cookies-

Homemade Chocolate Pie-

Easy, Yummy Pumpkin Bread-

Molasses Cookies- Don't be put off by any preconceived ideas of what you think this cookie might be like.  TRY THEM!  I promise you won't be able to stop after just one (or two) (or three!).

So I hope some of those ideas and recipes help to get you inspired for Fall.  Our temps are perfection this week so that definitely helps... I'm ready now to get started!

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  1. I love everything. I like that you added some recipes too. I'm going to pull out a scarf for a table runner. Great suggestion.

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