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Friday, September 18, 2020


Happy Friday, friends!  Here are a few things from around my home that I've been loving lately, and thought you might too.  Enjoy your day and weekend!  (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Earlier this Summer I scored a great new pair of lamps from Homegoods, but had no hopes of sharing them with you because many things from HG normally can't be sourced online.  But then, I was so happy to stumble across these that are virtually identical, and for a great deal to boot (same price I paid at HG).  I like the hefty looking base (it's metal) and the ridged texture that almost resembles bamboo.  There's also a matching floor lamp version if you're in the market for one. 

For a while I forgot that I had it, but on my last project I dug out this spray paint trigger and was reminded how fabulous it is!  If spray painting tends to hurt your hand or finger, this trigger is a lifesaver!  It is SO easy to clip on and works on any of the main brands I believe.  After attaching just squeeze the trigger with your whole hand to spray.  I can tell you this, I won't forget to use it any more!! 

Spray Paint Trigger Handle here or here

When remodeling our Master Bath we bought some new LED recessed lights to replace the old ones over the tub.  Here's a before shot-  I didn't get a shot with both can lights over the tub, but here you can see how obvious the old one is.

and after... nice and clean! 

We liked them so much we immediately bought a lot more for the rest of the house!  We have a TON of recessed lighting in our Living, Kitchen, and Hallway, and while that's a huge benefit and I'm thankful for each one,  I always joked that with the black can lining our ceiling looked like swiss cheese.  Not to mention, the old lights we had are basically a hole into the attic, so not very energy efficient during the heat of Summer or cold of Winter.  The new lights totally seal those holes up and virtually disappear into the ceiling.  You can select how warm or cool you want the color of your lights from 5 different choices and Ray said they were a breeze to install.  We couldn't be more pleased and think these not only make a huge difference in updating our lighting, but also the efficiency in our home!  

Before- (this shows just a few of them, I can sit on the couch and count 16 that I can see, plus more around corners that I can't!  But it's a good example of how they stick out...)

After!  A slightly different view but you can see how they virtually disappear.  And the biggest bonus is how they completely seal up the ceiling.  We've already noticed a difference in how it feels in the house.

I am often asked for a source for my abstract art that's in my Living Room, but I painted it myself so that doesn't help!  

However, I'm thrilled that my friend Courtney- who is a real artist 😉 - just released a print of one of her stunning abstract paintings that has a similar feel to mine.  Printed on high quality paper, it measures 16x20 and is available in her shop here.  Pop it in a frame, or with a larger frame and mat if you want a bigger scale, and you have an instant focal point!

Lastly today, a few cute doormat rugs for Fall!  (See my Fall Wreath picks HERE)

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  1. I love our can lights in our lower level and it’s dark down there as there are only windows on one far wall, my craft area is on the opposite side of the room. We had some remodeling done and the contractor suggested them and I am so glad we followed his suggestion! Since it’s one long room, he divided the lights into “sections” and a few have dimmer switches on them. Love them! No trying to figure out which lights to buy, etc.

    1. They are so nice to have. Ours are on dimmers too and I love that!


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