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What a fun few days sharing the It's a Colorful Life Spring Tours!  From the feedback I received everyone seemed to enjoy a colorful little respite for a few minutes while viewing the variety of tours for the past few days.  Today I'm doing a wrap up with a little glimpse of each tour in case there are some you need to catch up on.  I know you'll find something in each one that sparks your imagination and creativity, I sure did! 

Before I continue, let me apologize to those who viewed my personal tour on Monday and might have seen my reference to sharing the next part of my tour.  I said I would share that yesterday, but I think we're all learning right now that you can't really count on anything going exactly as you might have planned from day to day.   We're trying to navigate the changes to work, school, church, routine, etc. due to COVID-19 that are happening daily in our home just like everyone else is, and I didn't get everything finished and photographed that I planned to share with you.  I assure you though, it IS still coming early next week for sure!  Tomorrow we have to go move everything out of my son's dorm room since they're online only for the rest of this semester.  :( 

Jeweled Interiors shared her entire home with each room she has renovated so far.  I'm truly in awe of Jewel and her DIY can-do attitude, especially when the results look like this.  Seriously, jaw dropping rooms and it's so fun to follow her stories on Instagram and watch her do almost every little part herself! She lives near DC and saw a neighbor majorly trimming their cherry tree, so she recruited a friend and they carried armloads of branches almost half a mile home just for her tour- ha! (sounds like something I would do)

Southern State of Mind shared several pops of Spring color throughout her home, including these pretty faux lemon branch arrangements. 

I can always count on PMQ for Two for the perfect mix of color, pattern, and whimsy!

Effortless Style and her family are living with her parents while they gut their fixer-upper.  In the mean time, she fixed up a few of their spaces to suit her style while they're living there. 

Kate Decorates shared 5 easy ways to freshen up your home for Spring-

Peonies on Pleasant has a days old infant and still managed to share a sweet full Spring tour with us! I'm impressed!

Southern Nell's Gracious Living shared ways to decorate for Spring with a Southern Chinoiserie flair-

Carla Bethany showed off her green thumb and her abundance of delightful plants in her home, and plenty of bold color as well!

The Heathered Nest shared some recent updates in her kitchen and kids' rooms-

Pender and Peony shared her colorful, sophisticated, Grand Millennial (she explains what that means!) Spring style with us- don't miss her charming tablescape too!

Rain on a Tin Roof never fails to bring the bold color!  How darling is her daughter's new bathroom?  You MUST see her newly refreshed Mudroom as well.

Diana Rose Spier shared some Spring updates to her Living Room and Family Room with us.  I have always loved this peek at the wallpaper and design in her hallway, it was one of the images that inspired my bamboo bookshelves.

Southern Hospitality shared her Living Room and Entry all dressed up for Spring.  She made the cutest blue and white eggs for Easter that you need to see too!

I'm so thrilled that these lovely ladies participated in the Spring Tour with us this year, and hope you found as much joy from our virtual home tours as I did.  Take care and stay healthy, everyone! 

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Welcome friends, I'm so glad you're here today!  If you're looking for a bit of distraction and cheerful photos or maybe some ideas to spruce up your home with all the time you're spending there these days, you're in the right spot because it's time for our It's A Colorful Life Spring Home Tour week!  Today I'm sharing my Spring Front Porch and Living Room, and later in the week I'll share the rest of my home decorated for Spring with you.

spring porch decorations, spring decorating ideas, spring living room decorations, brass trunk, white painted brick fireplace

I'm thrilled to be co-hosting this tour with the impeccable Jewel from Jeweled Interiors and an amazing group of other color loving bloggers.  Check out the schedule at the end of my post and don't miss each tour for the next few days.  They're sure to be a bright, happy spot in your day and I bet you'll gather more ideas than you know what to do with!

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Today we'll start on the front porch.  I live in Oklahoma and we're still a few weeks away from the danger of frost and freeze for fragile flowers.  So, when the Christmas/winter decorations come down I like to use these faux topiaries on my porch until it's warm enough for the ferns I buy for my porch every year.  They are an investment but SO worth it over time.  A bright spot of green- even faux!- cheers up the porch while the rest of the landscape wakes up for Spring.

I did however score a few $5 Lowe's clearance pots of pansies for a little bit of life that will last for a while until it's time to switch them out for Summer flowers.

I love this giant personalized ginger jar door hanger so much!  Such a nice fuss-free alternative to a wreath.

Still loving the layered door mat trend.  I have a green and white mat like this that I've used in the past, but the black has been out of stock.  They finally got more in and I snatched one up, it's perfect for any time of year.  In the meantime I had picked up a light weight cotton buffalo check mat, but it never stayed in place and stayed wet when it rained, so this one that is truly an indoor/outdoor rug is so much better!

Lastly, because I get questions every time, the door color is SW Dignity Blue.  Here's a post with more details from a previous little front porch refresh!

Ginger Jar Door Hanger  ||  Gingham Ribbon  ||  Buffalo Check Indoor/Outdoor Rug  ||  Leopard Rug (on sale!)  ||   Gold Lantern  ||  Vinyl Polka Dots  ||  Faux Topiaries, similar here or here  ||  Chippendale Planters  ||  Similar Black Urn

Now, come on inside... welcome to my Living Room!  

I don't think I purchased anything new for Spring except some fresh flowers.  If you've been here before you know that I like to shop my house and rotate things around from room to room.  It was only a matter of time before I swiped these floral pillows from my daughter's room to use in here for Spring!

Pink Pillows  ||  ||  Green Pillow  ||  Green Pillow Fabric  ||  Similar Greek Key Trim  ||  Colorful Watercolor Pillow Fabric, or here or here (discontinued and getting hard to find!)  ||  Brass Trunk- vintage  ||  Similar Cow Hide Rug  ||  Brass Pendant Lights here or here

I used some faux lemon stems on my mantle.  I've loved adding in some bright yellow to my home this year for the season.

Sputnik Chandelier  ||  Faux Lemon Stems, similar herehere, or here  ||  Similar Large Ginger Jar on Hearth  ||  Similar Brass Peacock Screens  ||  Similar Large Mantel Vase here or here  ||  Gold Pagoda Mirror

Do you spy my little #photobomber?  He literally jumped up there right when I pushed the timer button on my camera!

I've had dreams of a pair of pink velvet club chairs for a few years.  The right pair finally came across on Facebook Marketplace and I had them recovered last Fall.  You can read more about them here.

Blue and White Curtain Fabric  ||  Similar Black and White Striped Throw here or here  ||  Colorful Watercolor Pillow Fabric, or here or here (discontinued and getting hard to find!)  ||  Favorite Green Spray Paint  ||  Hand Painted Bookshelf Backs Tutorial 

Another stellar second hand find, this bamboo console table is one of my favorite pieces.

And to round out the second hand furniture talk, how about this antique chest that I picked up from my neighbor's curb on trash day?  The marble top was broken so I had a piece of wood cut to fit and did a faux marble paint technique on top.

Similar White Bamboo Lamp  here or here  ||  Similar Diana Bust   ||  Disco Ball 

Thanks so much for visiting today, if you enjoyed the tour I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram too!  I'll be sharing the rest of my Spring Home Tour on Wednesday, so I hope to see you back here then.  Next, head over to Jewel's for her tour and then here's the line-up for the rest of the week.  Can't wait to see what these talented gals have in store for us!  Take care everyone, and STAY HOME!  :)

It's A Colorful Life Tour- Spring 2020




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I have no idea what Easter is going to look like this year, I expect quite different than what we're used to.  I do know three things though... on April 12 we'll still be celebrating Jesus' resurrection, He'll still be alive and in control of all things, and we'll still be having a holiday meal together!  Today I'm sharing my bright and cheery Easter table, and although I've had plans with a group of friends for weeks to do a cabbage ware Easter table hop, we discussed whether or not we should still post in light of the seriousness of our current world situation.  We ultimately decided to proceed in hopes that we will bring a bright spot of joy and beauty to your day in the midst of so much uncertainty, fear, and unease.  That will be my plan going forward, as well.  I'll continue to post projects and ideas to hopefully bring you inspiration (since we all have plenty of time at home to finally tackle some of those DIY wish lists, right?) and encouragement through these difficult days.  Please know that in doing so I'm not discounting or dismissing the seriousness of the situation going on around us at all, merely trying to continue some sense of normalcy in the midst of it and maybe offer a few minutes of distraction.  OK, now that I've shared my heart with you about that... let's move on to pretty things!

As I mentioned, I have a friend on Instagram, Michele, who loves to thrift and has gathered quite a collection of cabbage ware dishes.  She rounded up a group of fellow cabbage dish lovers on IG- including me- and invited us all to do an Easter Table hop using our favorite cabbage pieces.  I'll link to everyone who is participating at the end of the post so you can see 8 other stunning Easter table ideas today too!

The majority of my collection is green Bordallo Pinheiro pieces in a variety of styles, but I have several cabbage style pieces mixed in including a few saucers, several sizes of bowls and quite a few serving pieces.  I didn't use those on my table today but often use them on a buffet serving line in the kitchen for guests.

I knew I would use many of my green dishes on the table, and decided on a bright color palette of yellow, turquoise, and hot pink mixed in with them.  For the centerpiece, I used my DIY candelabra that I made using this tutorial (with a few of my own modifications) several years ago.  A pair of milk glass vases holds yellow tulips and hot pink roses are tucked in a yellow cabbage pitcher.

I mentioned in my Spring Bedroom Refresh post last week that I'm loving mixing in some bright yellow for the season, and several weeks ago I scored a set of vintage yellow cabbage ware dishes on Facebook Marketplace.  It even came with 10 matching stems with the cabbage pattern pressed into the glass.

It also had tons of serving pieces, including this darling little S&P set.

A couple of weeks ago I shared the tiny little Opaline cordial glasses I got.  I knew they would be darling filled with mini jelly beans on my Easter table!

I always pull out these tiny lamb salt cellars for Easter, if for no other reason than they just look cute and are unusual.  

I put together some simple DIY napkin rings for the table, or rather I did one and then recruited my daughter to make the rest!  Yay for teamwork!  It is simply a ring cut from a cardboard wrapping paper tube (cut slightly smaller than the width of the ribbon), a strip of ribbon glued on, then this darling carrot from Hobby Lobby hot glued on top.  Couldn't be easier!

My kids are actually on Spring Break this week, with another certain two weeks of online classes or canceled school coming up.  Annnnnd,  it's been gloomy, cold and raining all week so far.  This table has certainly brightened things up around here!

I'm still enjoying the new look of the Dining Room, I can't believe it's been just over a year since it got a makeover!

I hope you're encouraged to set a pretty table one of these days while you likely have some extra time at home.  Easter or not, have some fun and brighten a meal for your family!

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

I have collected all of my pieces from various places over the last 20 years probably, but Ebay and Etsy are always good sources to keep an eye on.  I even see pieces pop up on my local Facebook Marketplace sometimes!

You will not want to miss the other tables in our hop today.  I'm linking here to each participant on Instagram.  You can view by clicking even if you're not on IG! (They'll be posting through the morning, check back if you don't see their table yet!  Enjoy!

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