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My post was delayed yesterday, so here are this week's Five Friday Favorites... on a Saturday! (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

1.  My birthday was a few weeks ago and I asked my parents for a few more jade colored scalloped salad plates like the ones I shared in this post.  They fulfilled that request, but also added these cute Salt and Pepper shakers to my gift!  The tops are exactly the same with no indication of which is salt and which is pepper, so I put a tiny white and black paint pen dot on the top of each one.  You could easily mark the bottom as well if you don't want anything to show, or just take your chances and guess which one you're shaking!  😂

A few more cute S&P sets...

2.  I shared these furniture slipcovers when I showed you Emily's dorm tour this week.  But, I've been so pleased with them they're worth a highlight here today! We actually just bought another one.  My son came home for the holiday last weekend and spotted a chair and ottoman on our neighbor's curb and picked it up (I've taught him well...ha!). 

You can't see here but the corners are very frayed, so it definitely needs to be recovered but otherwise was in good shape.  He said it's much more comfortable than the chairs in his apartment and he has the space in his room for it, so we picked out a gray slipcover and it arrived before the weekend was over.  

Chair + Cushion Slipcover  ||  Cushion only cover that we used for small ottoman

There are ottoman covers also available, but this ottoman was rather small and I had a feeling that a single cushion cover that can be purchased separately would be a better fit.  It was perfect!  

The chair has a pretty slim profile so since the cover was designed for more of a padded club chair it was still a little roomy, but that's the beauty of the stretch fabric and we were able to make it look nice from the front.  The back will be against a wall, so a little extra bulk there won't matter.  

Not perfect, but hey... for a college boy's apartment it's great!  He happily carted his "new" chair back to school and I'm sure it will get many more days of good use. 

3.  I've never been a big Loft shopper but after I saw my friend wearing some cute cropped jeans I tracked her down and asked her where she got them... Loft!  So, I stopped in the store and found these  high rise kick crop bootcut jeans with a frayed hem that I love!  They have a slimmer leg and more tailored feel than wide leg jeans, but the flared hem adds some interest.  I love this length for Fall until it gets really cold... it works with sandals while the temps are still mild, wedges, flats, mules, or booties! I'm also a fan of the stretch in the fabric content- just enough to be comfortable but not lose their shape- and the frayed edge hem which will be more apparent after a few washes.   I wanted a pair of white ones too but they didn't have them in stock in my store, but when I was looking up the dark ones to share with you I found some online, and they're really marked down! I'm in the "wear white jeans year round" camp, so I expect to get lots of wear out of these now until I wear them again in the Spring.  

Cropped Flair Jeans (white on clearance!)  ||  Leopard Flats  ||  Glasses- Blue Light or Readers- here or here  ||  Initial Necklace Set  ||  Top- too old to link! 😂

While we're at it since they're in the photo too, let me tell you how comfy these cute leopard shoes areReally comfy!  They are cushioned on the bottom and the material has a slight stretch to them.  Often ballet style flats don't hit me right across the top of my foot and hurt, but I wore these all day long and they were fantastic.  I just noticed there's a camo pattern available too, those would also be great for Fall... all on sale today for around $20!  (These seem to be dupes for Rothy's, so that's a steal!)

And, I'll share this necklace set again.  $13, hasn't turned one bit after wearing it for over 6 months, my daughter and I both are big fans!  It's a perfect gift too... I just ordered one for a friend's birthday. 

4.  I recently received a question on Instagram that reminded me I never shared these with you all.  I saw these saddlebag sand weights at a friend's house and thought it was so smart!  We get super strong winds here in OK that can tend to occasionally send patio furniture tumbling, so these weights are brilliant.  

And there's also a peek of these trashcans(!) in the photo, they make such cute planters!  She just has a few bricks in the bottom and then keeps her plant in the original plastic pot so she can remove it to water since there are no drainage holes in the bottom.   They're a good quick and easy alternative to the DIY black and white striped pots that I made years ago.  It comes in some other really cute patterns too if the black and white stripe doesn't work for you, and this separate listing has a pretty marble version and even more patterns and colors. 

5.  Some incredible bargains when you take AN EXTRA 50% OFF OF CLEARANCE PRICES with code EXTRA50!  I ordered a couple of pairs of those cute embroidered flip flops and several sets of the gold bead bracelets, such a deal! 

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About a month after we initially moved her in, here's a look at Emily's dorm room tour and the decorations we used!  Let's start with a tour of the


(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Yes, I said Living Room and I tell her often that she's living in a palace compared to my tiny shoebox dorm room that I shared with a roommate, with a community bathroom down the hall!  There is a wide variety of housing options and room types at her university.  Since we were new to the school we agreed to this dorm which was the preference of her roommate after her older brother had also lived here several years ago.  Now that they've been settled in for a while, it really is a blessing.  They are the only ones in their close friend group who have this floor plan, so their room is where everyone hangs out!  

It really is more like a little apartment, but they don't have a kitchen.  The living space came furnished with the basics, but we shifted some things and spiffed them up!  I don't want to think about what's hidden in that dark color of the upholstered furniture, and the pieces were definitely faded and had some frayed spots.  I bought some inexpensive slipcovers and they made a WORLD of difference!  They are stretchy so you can get a nice, tailored fit for the most part.  They come in a ton of colors and are washable- we'll see if that actually happens or not this year, ha!  (I'll source them and everything else I can after each room that I share in this post, check below!)

An awkward long skinny tiny oval oak coffee table and basic oak side table were provided, but I pulled a prettier side table out of storage from our attic and found this affordable faux marble round coffee table online.  It wasn't too expensive, is sturdy, and works so much better in the space.  We stashed the other tables elsewhere (under her bed and under a counter where there was space).  

I would totally buy this table for my home or an apartment if I needed one, the quality is fantastic- regardless of the low price!  You might recognize the rug, it came out of her room at home.  Earlier this Summer I did a small mini-makeover in there and bought her a new one, knowing that this one would go with her to college when I did.  Yes, I staged the table a bit knowing I would take photos when I was finished but I wanted them to have some pretty flowers to kick off their year- I was there a few days ago and they're on their last leg and the accessories have been shuffled around, which is as it should be in their space!  😂  I just started them out pretty, then they are own their own, ha!

They also had basic (ugly) desk chairs provided in their bedrooms, but her roommate bought a new one and moved hers to the living space for extra seating.  I shopped a little for a new one for Emily but didn't want to drop more $$$ at that point so she kept her original chair.  However, I discovered a $13 slipcover for it as well, and it looks like a brand new chair!  

You can also see in some of the photos that they put up the set of lights that are just like the ones in her room at home.  They have so many color options and blinking modes, and have a remote or can be operated through an app on their phone!  They can even sync to music through their phone and blink in time to the beat... such a fun little inexpensive accessory! 

Their windows had blinds but we added some curtain panels just to warm up the room a little more.  I used some adhesive hooks to hang the rod.  They're working well so far, we'll see how the removal goes next Spring!  I used some Command Hooks specifically for curtains in her bedroom but the store was out of those when I needed them for the living space.  I think I prefer them just a tad because they set the rod out a little further from the wall then these hooks do (making it just a bit easier to operate the curtains), but the weight limit is much higher on these hooks so it's a toss up which is better!  And honestly in their case, I don't think they move the curtain panels, they just operate the blinds for the most part and Emily generally just leaves her curtains closed in her room. 

I will say that the rug is the only thing we brought for this room on move-in day.  I didn't know exactly what her furniture would look like or what size it was, so since we're close I knew could scope all of that out on move-in day and come back later with what we needed to finish it up.

As I mentioned, this is the hang-out spot for their friends so I thought this cute little sign was appropriate. And believe it or not, she said those board games have already had a lot of use! 

After the girls mentioned needing more seating, I remembered that I had this old vanity stool that I didn't need in my bathroom anymore in the garage sale pile.  It needed to be recovered so I bought just enough faux fur to do the job.  Now it's the perfect extra seat that doesn't take up much space, and it's easy to pull over if they want to use it as a footrest as well.  

The stool fits perfectly on this little strip of wall that leads to their bedrooms and bathroom.  There are double sinks on the other side, then the door to their shower and toilet, and doors to each bedroom.  It's so nice that they can close off that area from the living space.  To the right of that strip of wall is their little entry hall.

This is in the long narrow entry space just inside their outside door, and then to the other side of the fridge they have a little counter with a sink on it with some cabinets above (I didn't get a photo of this entire space, but you can see a peek of the checkered floor!💖).  That cabinet was the entertainment cabinet furnished in the living room, but it fits perfectly with the fridge in this spot and provides great food storage.  We filled it up with stacking storage for food and snacks.  

Furniture Slipcovers- Chair, Loveseat (various colors and sizes available)  ||  Desk Chair Slipcover  ||  Faux Marble Coffee Table  ||  LED Strip Lights  ||  Curtains  ||  Curtain Rod Hooks  ||  Black and Cream Reversible Rug  ||  Blush & Gold Geometric Pillow Covers  ||  Black and Cream Pom Pillows- Hobby Lobby (clearance!)  ||  End Table Lamp  ||  End Table Planters and Mirror Trio- Thrifted  ||  Butterfly Wall Hanging and Landscape Art- TJ Maxx  ||  "Stay Awhile" and "Yay"- Hobby Lobby  ||  Bluetooth Speaker  ||  Raised Planter- Ross  ||  Similar Wood Bead Garland with Tassels  ||  Bed Rest Study Pillow  ||  3 Drawer Cart  ||  


A peek at their bathroom... a tiered shelf provided storage for towels and extra tp.

This large artwork was on major clearance at Hobby Lobby, so I grabbed it for this big blank wall.  It was perfect for the colors we already had in there!  And, it either didn't come with glass or the glass had been damaged, which was actually a bonus since it made it light weight to hang.  


Shower Curtain (look for less here)  ||  Bath Mat and Matching Towels  ||  Mint plastic bins- Dollar Tree  ||  Artwork- Hobby Lobby  ||  Free Standing Shelves- Ross


Moving on to her actual bedroom, I wish I had taken an empty, "before" photo but didn't think about it until we were already in the process of moving in.  But you can see the bare bones... bed (full size!), desk with chair, and chest of drawers.  She has a window to the left of the desk and a set of sliding mirrored closet doors on the opposite wall.

Mid-day move-in break!  Making progress but we still had a lot to organize.  

Here we are at the end of move-in day!  (If you're unfamiliar, she's showing her "pistols firing" for Oklahoma State.)  Most of the accessories for her room were from At Home- the bedding and pillows, rug, basket, desk lamp, faux plants,and wall art.  She wanted a calm feel with texture and natural elements, I think she made some really cute selections!  The headboard is the same one that used to be in my son's room but has more recently been in storage.

About two weeks after move-in, I went back with another load, mainly of the stuff we needed for the Living Room, but I added a few more decorative touches to her room as well. 

I made this simple monogram art (will share the easy tutorial with you next week!) and added a felt garland from Hobby Lobby. 

Here's her desk chair with another slipcover, totally cute and fits right in now!  I added some solid color room darkening panels (that need a good steam!) and this is where I used the curtain rod specific Command Hooks that I mentioned earlier.  They've been working great!  Plastic bins in a variety of sizes from Dollar Tree were so helpful wherever we needed some organization. 

The mirrored doors are nice not only to make the room feel larger, but we didn't have to have a separate full length mirror!  We used some bed risers and that gave her just enough extra room under her bed to use several large clear tubs for shoes, bulky jackets and sweaters, etc.  

We added a tray to corral her jewelry to the top of her chest, and a metal tiered cart sits beside it for other miscellaneous things. 

Whew!  We did it!  She wanted her room to look nice and selected the color scheme and most of the items herself, but honestly didn't have strong feelings about much of the decorating.  Which was fun for me!  She appreciated it all when we were done.  I'm happy to report that a month in she is adjusting well to being on her own and her classwork, making new friends, and learning how to manage her time and resources! On the other hand, I've been back twice since we took this photo and I'd bet it's safe to say that her room will never be as clean as it is in these initial photos...  ha!  


At Home Stores- Bedding and Pillows, Rug, Large Basket, Desk Lamp, Faux Plants, and Van Wall Art  ||  Command Curtain Rod Hooks  ||  Green Curtain Panels  ||   Bed Risers  ||  Under Bed Clear Storage Tubs  ||  Desk Office Set  ||  Cat Wall Art & Acrylic Tray (with makeover- I added the paper to the bottom)- Hobby Lobby  ||  Similar Jewelry Stand

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I've been meaning to put together a book post for years, I love to read!  Like, I love to read more than I love to decorate.  That's saying a lot!  So, I think it's way past time that I add that part of my life to the blog and start sharing my favorites with you, too.  

Before We Were Yours, The Nightingale, The Four Winds, The Day the World Came To Town, Frontier Follies, The Good Apple, The Dutch House, Slightly South of Simple

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  
Read my full disclosure policy here.)

I am giving the briefest summary here (enough to tell you I recommend the book!) without a lot of details, but am linking each book here out of convenience if you'd like to read the more detailed summaries.  However,  I generally check them out from the library, either the physical copy or digital copies through the "Libby" app and then upload them to my Kindle account (or you can read directly through the app).  If you're not familiar with Libby I highly recommend it for free e-books and audiobooks by registering with your library card!

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah- This is hands down my favorite book that I've read in a while.  It's a compelling story of two sisters living in Germany occupied France during World War II, and how women were the surprising force that made such significant contributions to the Nazi resistance.  While the characters are fictitious, many of the events are based on true accounts.  In the story, each sister played her own role in assisting those in danger- one aiding downed Allied pilots by secretly walking them across the Pyrenees Mountains to freedom, the other hiding Jewish children.  There is so much I didn't know about this time period that I learned through reading this book!  It's ultimately a story of courage, bravery, determination, and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood.  

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah-  I enjoyed the Nightingale so much that I immediately checked out another book by the same author.  This one focuses on Elsa Martinelli, a girl who never felt loved by her family. After an expected pregnancy by the first boy who showed her some attention, she marries into his Italian Catholic family and they take her in as their own.  This book chronicles their story living through the time of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, forcing them to choose between staying on their family land and struggling to survive, or moving west to California in search of jobs and a better life.  Another book that taught me so much about this period in our history.  

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate- I actually read this book a few years ago and would like to re-read it soon.  Based on a true story from the 1930's, it's a heartbreaking yet fascinating look into a Memphis based "adoption" agency that kidnapped then sold children to wealthy families all over the country.  It's unbelievable to think that this practice occurred (and likely still does in some parts of the world), but the story lays out how easily it could happen and follows a group of siblings as they stuggle to stay together.  

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett- I started the beginning of this book several times and didn't really get into it for whatever reason, but kept it on my list.  Eventually, I switched to the audio version, narrated by Tom Hanks, and it totally sucked me in.  It's the story of two siblings growing up in a lavish, unique house bought by their Father as a surprise for their Mother, and how it becomes a central character in the path and outcome of their lives.  

Good Apple by Elizabeth Passarella- This is the personal account of a smart and sassy evangelical Christian living in New York City and her encounters there.  I enjoyed reading how she weaves her faith into her secular surroundings and forms significant, meaningful relationships with her neighbors regardless of their beliefs.  It was also fascinating to get an "insider" look at what life would be like- navigating grocery shopping, transportation, raising children, school, community life- living in the Big Apple! 

Open Book: A Memoir by Jessica Simpson-  Honestly, I never really followed much about JS other than enjoying her big sunglasses that are part of her fashion line.  😉 But, there was so much hype over this book I gave it a try.  I listened to the audiobook which she narrates herself, and I highly recommend doing the same.  Her excitement, vulnerability, and raw emotions completely come through as she tells her story.  I did find her retelling of her early years, rise to fame, weight and health issues, business endeavors, family and personal relationship struggles, and ultimate path to her family life now very interesting! 

Frontier Follies by Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman)- Ree Drummond is nothing if not an entertaining storyteller, and I enjoyed this light-hearted collection of humorous essays of her life on the ranch.  

Slightly South of Simple by Kristin Woodson Harvey- The first volume in the Peachtree Bluff Series, this is the story of three sisters and their mother living in their small Southern hometown on the coast. Also in the series are Vol #2- The Secret to Southern Charm, and Vol. #3- The Southern Side of Paradise.  Each book focuses on a different daughter and their relationship with their mother as they navigate their challenges in relationships in life. The chapters alternate back and forth between the two main characters while still continuing the family story as a whole.  (I'm enjoying this author especially because she's also a design blogger, so her books always have a nod to interiors and aesthetics.)  These are light, entertaining "beach" reads!     

The Day the World Came to Town by Jim DeFede-   This is the true story of small town Gander, Newfoundland, where the town took in nearly 7,000 people on September 11 when US airspace was closed after the attacks and their inbound international flights were not allowed to enter the United States, thus needing an emergency spot to land. It chronicles the lives of various townspeople as well as passengers and their experiences that day and the days following as they were unexpectedly stranded.  It was mind-boggling how the residents opened their hearts and homes, shared their resources, and truly counted these strangers as family, anticipating and caring for their every need through the duration of their stay. 

With the upcoming anniversary of the September 11 attacks, this is an especially timely read!  It is filled with stories of goodwill and the best of human nature, not surprising that the Broadway musical "Come From Away" (with a film adaptation premiering Sept. 10 on Apple TV) and a movie were both based on the book and produced in the years following its publication.  It was originally published in 2003 but I read and enjoyed this updated version that just released this year with it's follow-up notes on some of the people from the book and updates on their lives now.  (My husband wrote a great post about the book if you'd care to read!)

I was actually in the middle of reading a physical copy of another book while we visited Crested Butte a few weeks ago, but we were headed to the hot tub one night so I loaded this up onto my Kindle to read because I was nervous about the other book getting wet.  I intended to just get it started and then go back to my other book, but once I started I couldn't put it down and ended up finishing it the next day.  Such an engaging, inspiring, and encouraging story!

Let me know what you think!  Have you read any of these books?  And what's your favorite that's not on my list today... I'm always looking for my next good read! 


Hello there friends, it's so good to be back with you for my Five Friday Favorites today!  Most of my "favorites" lately consist loads and loads of dorm and apartment things as we've moved both kids to school, but I'll share all of that next week.  Today, there's just the usual random things! Oh, and I also published a blog post very late in the day yesterday, hop on over and catch up if you missed it. 

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)


Well hello!!!!!  It's been a minute but I'm so happy to be back with you today!  Before we get into a little catch up session, I'm so excited to share with you that Tuesday was my 10 year blog anniversary, woo hoo!  

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