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I'm thrilled to be sharing a little Fall tour of my sister and brother-in-law's property with you today.  One good last look at Autumn before we move on to alllll the Christmas pictures!  

Before I share the tour with you, I didn't want this message to get lost at the end of the post so I'll share it now-

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am so very grateful that so many of you continue to follow along here day after day, week after week, year after year... and for those of you who might have just recently started following along!  I'm truly amazed that after 10+ years of starting this blog when I couldn't imagine that anyone would be interested in the projects I was doing that we're still going strong.  That's all because of you and your support and faithfulness to stay around, and I'm extremely thankful.  Much love to you this holiday week and I pray that your hearts and homes will be filled with love, peace, joy, and contentment. 💚💚💚

Now... back to the tour! 

A little over a year ago my youngest sister and her husband sold their home here in the city and bought 40 acres outside of a small town about an hour away.  It was definitely a fixer upper home and piece of property and they're been working hard on it since they moved in.  Their ultimate goal is to have a wedding and event venue on the property, and they are taking baby steps to follow their dream!

Here they are on move in day a little over a year ago.  There is a nice size ranch style home that they are remodeling bit by bit themselves, but the majority of their initial focus has been on initial clearing, cleaning up, and improving the land. It's hard to believe how much has already changed (with lots and lots of hard work!).

We love visiting every chance we get.  If you are on IG you might have seen me share her account photos periodically and stories when we visit, but I thought  for those of you who might have missed that you all might enjoy a little tour here on the blog as well!  

They are both animal lovers and have always been willing to adopt and foster dogs, but their barnyard is increasing and now they've adopted several cats as well and have two roosters and some chickens.  Here's Wallace, he's a sweetie!

This is Loretta Lynn.  One IG follower commented that her name should be "Loretta HEN" and my sister immediately renamed her!  ha ha ha!!  (Her first batch of a rooster and chickens are all named after Downton Abbey characters, the second batch all have classic country singers' names.)

I believe this is Lord Grantham.  

And here's Mac!  He'll be a year old soon and is a big ol' teddy bear of a dog!  Can't get enough love.  

This is just a miscellaneous collection of some of her photos from the season.  She has been planting and practicing in the garden with a variety of flowers and they had an amazing sunflower and pumpkin patch (after a lot of hard work to sustain it!) after experimenting with growing lots of different varieties and learning about the process for the first time.  

That's all of the back story, I hope you enjoy the tour! 

My Mom and Dad have claimed the guest room and like to go visit as much as time allows.  Here they are with the growing sunflowers-

I had no idea there were white sunflowers.  Did you?  They were stunning!

She clipped loads of leafy branches...

and turned them into THIS!!  

Last month we all gathered there to celebrate a few birthdays.  She worked for days the week before we came to create this custom sign on an old piece of metal (maybe some type of door?) that was on the property.  We were all in awe of what an amazing job she did on it!  In addition to the lettering she added a picture of the barn and some of the land, incredible. 

They grew every single one of those pumpkins!  This year was a learning process and she plans to harvest as many seeds as possible to plant again next year, maybe she'll open up a road side pumpkin stand.  She's got the sign ready for it.  :)

Ray was working a funeral that day so he wasn't able to join us but so happy that the kids could meet us there! 

They have concentrated so much of their time and effort this past year on working on the land and getting it shaped and cleaned up, but they've also been biting off some house projects too.  She shares much of what they're up to on Instagram if you'd like to follow along there, she takes the most beautiful photos!  

Have an incredible holiday weekend!  I plan to take the rest of the week off (the blog at least... I'll be decorating like crazy!) unless there are just some unbelievable sales to pass along to you after Thanksgiving.  (BTW, did you catch my annual D&T Favorites Gift Guide yesterday?  The email went out super late for some reason so I'd love for you to check it out if you missed it! Most Black Friday sales are already live!)

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Hello everyone, I'm so happy you're here today!  Today I'm sharing my Dimples and Tangles Favorites Holiday Gift Guide.  I have a few smaller ones sprinkled in this season, but each year I do one main guide full of things that my family has helped my curate.  Most are our tried and true favorites, but a few are on our own wish lists this year!  (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

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Black and White Spotted Dinnerware- I've had these pieces since the Summer, shared them several times with you, and love love love them!  They are so good on their own or to mix and match with so many other dishes.  

Leopard Striped Neoprene Tote- I haven't shared this with you all yet but bought it recently and really like it!  Of course I love the color and pattern, but i had it loaded down on a recent trip... books, computer, tablet, phone, magazines... etc. and was really impressed with the quality.  I bought it to double as my trip tote/purse but also as a pool bag for towels and it worked perfectly for both, no worries at all if it got wet.  It comes with a waterproof clear pouch inside as well and a matching little pouch that I carried with just the essentials as a clutch in the evenings.  Great buy! 

Blingy Circle Initial Pendant Necklace- There is absolutely no way that anyone would believe this is a $13 necklace.  It's substantial and the quality is really good!  It totally stands alone or layer it with another simple chain necklace or two.  

Leopard Velvet Pillow Covers- definitely a favorite and on heavy rotation in my home!  The fabric is thick and sturdy but soft velvet, and the pattern goes with just about everything in my opinion. Anyone would love this statement pop on their sofa or chair! 

Hot Pink Fur Pom Beanie- Since it means I have to do nothing more to my hair than run a brush through it quickly, I'd wear a beanie every day that it's even half way chilly if I could!  A super bright hot pink one is my newest, this one is so cute and my favorite brand. (Lots of other colors too is hot pink isn't your thing!)

Milk White Classic Cake Stand- I own and have shared the jade green version with you, but sure am tempted by this white one too!  How many cake stands is too many...?

Abstract Art Prints- I'm asked often about my DIY abstract painting that hangs in my Living Room so I can't source that exact one, but this is one of my favorite artists for a similar look, currently on sale!

14K Gold Plated Classic Hoop Earrings- These are really nice, simple hoops.  I wear mine often! 

Quay Sunglasses- I've had a couple of pairs of these for over a year and they're the sunnies I reach for the most often!  The "After Hours" and  "High Key Mini" styles are my favorites, big sales currently happening sitewide! And, I just noticed have prescription styles on BOGO... I didn't realize they offered prescription glasses too, just added to my cart! 

Glamorous Sample Pack Laundry Detergent- I know, laundry detergent is a weird thing for a gift guide but isn't the point sometimes to give something that the recipient wouldn't buy for themselves?  I think a luxurious laundry soap probably fits that bill!  I've seen all the rage on social media about this one but could never decide what scent to buy.  So, when I discovered this sampler pack I knew it was the perfect chance to try them all!  I LOVE this company already for their candles (this one is my fave), so wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  This is expensive for laundry soap, but I use an unscented detergent for my main wash and just add about a spoonful of one of these into the soap dispenser.  These little bottles have actually lasted quite a long time. It makes my whole load- and laundry room- smell amazing!  I still haven't decided my favorite scent but will have to choose one when these run out for sure!  

LED Lighted Travel Mirror- I just shared this with you a few days ago on Five Friday Favorites but it's a fantastic gift idea too!  The light is a nice feature and it's rechargeable and easy to pack! 

Terry Cloth Lined Shower Cap- Another favorite that I can't leave out!  You might feel strange gifting a shower cap to someone, but I promise they will thank for you it!  The terrycloth inner lining protects your hairstyle from steam and humidity, I keep the same curl in my hair for days without having to touch up! 

Faux Bamboo Flatware- Can't list my favorites and not include these!  They are used every day in our home and go in the dishwasher! 

Gel Nail Polish Kit- This is actually on my wish list. I'm so hard on my nails/hands that although I love to have them painted, they're inevitably chipped within a day or two.  I've tried alllll the kinds of polish and although a few are better than others, I still don't get the wear I want.  I've really been debating going back to get my nails done regularly like I did years and years ago, but really want to try this kit (for the price of one nail session) first before I commit to that!  The reviews are great and I'm intrigued, I really would like to be able to do my nails at home and have it last! 

Combined Sewing/Embroidery Machine- Big splurge here, but we can't talk D&T favorite things without including my sewing machine.  Not only has this machine made many curtain panels and pillows, but you know I've monogrammed just about anything sitting still with it too!  It's user friendly and I've more than paid for the initial cost of it with all of money I've saved personalizing gifts myself using the embroidery mode.  


Stainless Steel Insulated Cup- Very inexpensive, my husband has this exact cup and enjoys using it not only for hot drinks but lately even more to keep his ice lasting a long time for cold water or pop.

Battery Organizer- We gave this to my Dad for his birthday recently and it immediately got put on all of the other guys' Christmas lists as well!  Easy to store away in a cabinet or drawer, I like that there is a battery tester right inside too.  Do you know how many batteries we have laying around this house that I have no idea if they're good or not?  😜

Seiko Automatic Stainless Steel Watch- My husband purchased this a few months ago and has remarked several times how much he likes it.  It has an automatic self-winding mechanism.  It's a bit smaller than most of his other watch faces, but that's just something that he had to get used to and he's really enjoying it! 

High Speed Portable Charger- This could definitely go on anyone's list but my husband likes to keep one handy.

Cordless Leaf Blower- A tool we couldn't do without!  We use ours almost daily to blow off the patio, porch, driveway... 

Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker- We've had a bluetooth Bose speaker for years and years that I think finally bit the dust.  I actually won this new one as a door prize at an event recently, just in time after our old one stopped working!  2 big thumbs up, love it!  (I've shared this speaker as well several times in the past, it's also a fabulous little speaker with terrific sound!  We like it just as much as the Bose and it is a lower price point.  In fact, my daughter's car battery died recently and knocked out the radio- we just need to reset a code from the dealership but haven't done it yet- so she's been driving around with her speaker in her car and it sounds great!)

Wrench Roll Up Organizer Pouch- great little organizer for his tool bag.

Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Car Wax Spray and 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer Spray- My husband is a YouTube car care video junkie, these are two products that he uses now again and again and highly recommends.

Leather Conditioner- Along the same lines, although he regularly polishes his dress shoes he's started using a leather conditioned on his shoes and leather work bag.  He's thoroughly impressed with the difference it makes! 


Adhesive Phone ID/Card Holder- My daughter only occasionally carries a purse, but certainly always has her phone with her.  She realized how nice one of these little card holders would be to stick to her phone case and is hoping to receive one this year.  

Small Crossbody + Bag Strap- Even though she rarely carries a purse, this is such a great one for any age.  I've given it as a gift to young girls and it's definitely one of my favorite bags to carry day to day.  A striped or patterned strap makes it even cuter! 

Monogrammed Hoop Earrings- Darling!  I've received a pair I ordered a while back and can't wait to gift them at Christmas! 

Star Hoop Earrings-  She has this exact pair and wears them almost daily.  A few weeks ago when she was home for the weekend she was bummed because she lost one around the house and asked me to keep an eye out.  A few days ago she mentioned it again and I asked her if she had checked down in the couch cushions, and hallelujah she found it!  She was so happy to be able to wear them again! 

Plaid Shirt Jacket-  I can't quite bring myself to call it a "shacket" yet... ha!  These thick flannels are all the rage this year, definitely on my girl's list! Several different cute colors here. 

Sherpa Contrast Trim Jacket- All things sherpa are still going strong.  She picked this jacket out as a winner!  

Curtain Lights-  I've shared our love for these strip lights many times and my daughter has them in her bedroom and home and her dorm room, but these curtain lights are also a great option for a teen girl's bedroom or dorm room!  I've used them recently for an event and am about to use them for a photo backdrop so I can highly recommend them, they have a variety of light modes and give such a pretty glow. 

High Waist Lulu Dupe Leggings- 23K+ near perfect reviews, new black leggings are on her list and these get high praise at a fraction of the famous brand price. 

50 Favorites Disney Songbook, Up Soundtrack Music, La La Land Soundtrack Music and The Greatest Showman Songbook- This is a bit random but if you have a child that plays piano or guitar, they might like a book of music from their favorite movies!  My daughter asked for all of these last year and has enjoyed working on her favorite songs just for fun and relaxation.  These books are all around intermediate level.  

Yahtzee and Sorry- Another slightly random teen gift, but I sent a few board games to my daughter's dorm room and she and her friends LOVE them.  I think they are a nice alternative to movies or video games if they're just sitting around hanging out.   

Brave- A Teen Girl's Guide to Beating Worry and Anxiety- I'm not sure what teen girl doesn't battle worry and anxiety in this day and age.  This is a good journal/workbook style book for her to work though and learn some good strategies to help process and deal with those issues.  


LED Head Lamp Flashlight- My son said these could be on his suggestion list every year!  He has one handy all the time and uses it often.  These have several different light modes including a red light for safety. 

14 in 1 Multi-Tool- a necessity according to my son! 

Sherpa Lined Plaid Jacket-  My son has two of these, and I rarely see him without one of them on.  In fact, I don't know that he's even worn a regular coat in the past few years since he's had these! 

Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad- My son is actually camping out tonight and as he packed up his things he suggested this as a great gift!  It packs up small and he takes it with his sleeping bag wherever he needs it.  He even used it in the house a few nights ago when we had an overnight guest who used his room and he slept in his sleeping bag in the office.  

Black Rifle Coffee- his favorite! 

Wireless Charger- When I asked about some things he uses the most, this definitely came to mind quickly.  He got a wireless charger early this year and absolutely loves the easy of just setting his phone on his nightstand each night to charge without having at attach a charger cord.  

Emergency Crank Radio/Flashlight/Phone Charger- He asked for and received this for Christmas last year.  Such a handy tool to keep in a vehicle or his dorm room in case of power outage, but also for outdoor adventures and camping trips. 

Fishing Lures Kit- Also bought this for Christmas last year... good, handy little kit! 

Disc Golf Starter Set- He's been playing disc golf with friends for the past couple of years now.  This is a great starter or extra set, it's inevitable that a disc will get lost here and there so replacements are nice! 


Squirrel-Be-Gone Green Bird Feeder or Squirrel-Be-Gone Red Bird Feeder- These are the most darling bird feeders, AND they have great feedback that they really do work for keeping the squirrels from stealing the food!  Someone on my list is definitely getting one of those along with a bag of bird seed this year!  

Remote Control Outlet- Without a doubt one of our favorite, most used home items.  We have our patio string lights connected to a remote control outlet making them so easy to turn off or on with a touch of a button.  I've added several for my lamps as well, love them so much! 

Coop Adjustable Fill Memory Foam Pillow-  I've slept on this pillow for probably close to a year and after trying out several new ones have been completely pleased with it!  The cross cut filling is cut in very small pieces, giving it the shape and feel similar to a down pillow.  The beauty is in the extra bag of filling included so you can add or remove filling for plumpness that's just right for you! 

Colorful Graphic Design Puzzles, Garden design, Vintage Paper Doll design, Houseplant Design- We bought a puzzle that is this brand several months ago and thoroughly enjoyed working on it, they have some really beautiful designs. My kids just said they are ready to do another! (see all designs from this brand here)

Chippendale Planters-  I have two of these and highly recommend!  They work beautifully for such a variety of plants... ferns, topiaries, evergreen bushes, potted annuals... I think I might even pull one inside and put a small Christmas tree in it! 

Code Names Team Game- such a fun, easy to pick up group or party game for just about any age! 

Gingham Pet collars- We can't forget our furry friends for Christmas! My sister and I both have sets of these gingham bow tie collars for our kitties (dog version here).  They are just too cute!  Side note: How adorable are these darling Christmas plaid options??? 

The Bible Recap One Year Guide Book, The Bible Recap Study Guide, The Bible Recap Journal- In January I shared on Instagram that I was following the "Bible Recap" one year reading plan this year, and following that up with the daily podcast review of that day's reading.  Paired with listening to each day's podcast summaries, it's been my favorite Bible reading plan ever!   I want to supplement it next year and work through the questions in the study guide as I read.  The journal is a bit more open ended to record your thoughts and observations each day.  The book is the script from the podcast in written form if you're more of a visual learner.  Excellent gift for yourself or someone you think would enjoy a fresh Bible reading plan!

Need more gift ideas?  Check out my previous Gift Guides here!

And my Five Friday Favorites series is always full of things that would be great gift ideas too! 

Today I'm joining in with a "Stuff We Love:Holiday Edition" party hosted by Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick, check out these great gift ideas too! 


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This post is sponsored by Walmart. 

It's that time of year when we're all making our lists and checking them twice, then shopping, shopping, shopping!!  But do you put much thought into wrapping all of those carefully chosen gifts for your family and friends once your list is all checked off?  I love wrapping a beautiful gift in a box with festive wrapping paper and a lovely bow and do most of my gifts that way for Christmas, but practically speaking some gifts are just awkward shapes that aren't well suited for a box.  And so, a gift bag it is for those presents!  However, rather than generic, your gift bag can still be just as beautiful and special as a gift wrapped box if you make your own!  Today I'm sharing some DIY custom gift bags that I had so much fun making, and I think you will too! 

painted brown paper gift bags with pom poms


It's hard to believe that we are just days away from Thanksgiving- my kids arrived home from college yesterday and we're looking forward to the week together!  I enjoyed putting this together and am excited to share my pink and green Thanksgiving Table with you today.

Pink and Green dishes Thanksgiving Tablescape with Carnations and Brass Candlesticks Centerpiece
 (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)


Happy Friday!  I can't believe we're less than a week away from Thanksgiving already.  I'm curious, have you pulled out your Christmas decorations yet?  There's such a hot debate on about when the "right" time is to decorate, but I say decorate whenever you want to in your own home!  I'll be pulling mine out in the next few days to begin getting things ready to share with you... so excited!  (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

1) Plaid Chargers- 'Tis the season for setting all the tables!  I'll be sharing my Thanksgiving Table with you tomorrow, but I came across these plaid chargers and they reminded me that they are some of my faves!  Both the red tartan and black and white gingham patterns are so versatile and can be used for multiple holidays and occasions rather than just Christmas.  

Tartan Plaid Charger Here or Here
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