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Yippee!  It's done! The Master Bathroom Reveal post is updated and live now,  click here to come visit!

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Well hello!  It's finally here, and believe me no one is more ready to see this Master Bathroom Reveal finished than me!  I just referenced my camera roll, and we started demo on this room in late September and have worked on it off and on until yesterday which brought us to this point.  I'm always thankful for the One Room Challenge and the push it gives to tackle a space and get it done!  So without further delay, let's take a look!

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(I hope this isn't photo overload but there were a lot of details to include!  If you tire of scrolling don't miss the before and afters at the end of the post, I can't get over the transformation!)

I wanted the style to be fairly traditional and classic, yet with a big dose of color and pattern.  We didn't change the footprint at all or move anything, but there's not a speck of this room that remained untouched!

I've always had a stool in this vanity cubby, but never sat here to put on my makeup.  So I decided to better use the space and found a basket that fit perfectly to use as my hamper to free up some floor space in my closet.  It was a FB Marketplace find and I just sprayed it at the same time I sprayed the cabinet doors so it would blend right in.  The gold handle on the front is from an old wicker chest that bit the dust years ago, but I couldn't bear to throw the hardware out with it!  

I searched long and hard for stylish, long, affordable vanity lights and I'm so happy with these!  The shades give them some presence in front of the patterned wallpaper and I really like the simple traditional yet modern style.

Faucet  ||  Towel Ring  ||  Vanity Light here (frequent coupons!) or here  ||  Brass/Glass Drawer Pulls  ||  Glass Cabinet Knobs  ||  Soap Dispenser- Homegoods  ||  Bamboo Soap Tray- Hobby Lobby  ||  Smaller White Ginger Jars- Hobby Lobby  ||  Large White Ginger Jar  ||  Blue and White Leopard Box- Hobby Lobby

 Over 20 years ago when I was teaching school I visited one of my co-teacher's home and she had a cake pedestal on her vanity displaying her perfume bottles and things you want at your fingertips on your countertop.  I've used one on my counter ever since!  The little crystal clock was a wedding gift (26 years ago!)  and I've used it on my counter for as long as I can remember.

This beautiful milkglass stand belonged to my husband's aunt (the same aunt that originally had the tobacco leaf lamps), it was basically in storage at her house and my mother-in-law said it needed to come live at my house!  Wasn't that sweet? 


My husband's vanity is on the other end of the room-

I purposely tried my hardest to give him one space in the house without some pink in it, but couldn't resist these cute little bamboo plates for the soap dispensers to sit on.  He's a peach though and doesn't care one bit about the design choices I make, he just wants me happy with how it looks and he's happy to have a fresh, clean new bathroom!  

I used a mix of brass and glass hardware on the green cabinets.

The green cabinets were definitely a bold choice, but they are complemented perfectly with the stunning blue and white wallpaper!  I wanted this entire wall to make a statement.  I'd say mission accomplished!  

This space formerly housed a large oval front wide-but-not-deep garden tub.  We streamlined it by replacing the old tub with a new, straight, deep whirlpool tub and continued the green paint on the tub front for a continuous built-in look.  

The top of the window actually stops about where the pom poms are, so I knew all along I wanted some kind of cornice to give the illusion of the window being bigger and filling the empty wall space above it.  I would have loved to add panels here but it's just not practical- and there wasn't room- with the tub so the bamboo shade was a good alternative.  The window is glass block and is part of our next big project as we look to replace all of our home's windows this Fall.  For now we don't really need to worry about privacy but the shade will be sufficient for whatever glass we end up using for the window in the future.  

When designing this space in my head I envisioned a pagoda-style window cornice and I wanted something green to tie in the cabinets.  I found a few images examples online but no kind of DIY version so I came up with one myself!  I'll be sharing that how-to with you in the future.  Believe it or not, it's hard to find affordable decorator fabrics in "my" color of green.  Hunter or sage green?  No problem.  Kelly Green?  Not so much.  Last Fall I found the perfect special-order large scale gingham check at a local shop and kept a photo of the details for when I was ready to order, and by the time I decided how to use it this Spring it had been discontinued and was nowhere to be found, even from the manufacturer online.  I was on the verge of ordering a custom fabric from Spoonflower when it occurred to me to check an unusual source... a tablecloth!  I found this one after a very short search, it was 100% cotton and the equivalent of less than $8/yard.  I ordered it fully expecting the green to be more of a Hunter Green shade, but it was PERFECT and honestly such a nice weight for a project like this.

 Those that follow me on Instagram might have seen me share a giant pom-pom trim that I was dying over from a fabric warehouse during a quick trip to Dallas, but it was $50/yard (I would need about 2 1/2 yards).  Gulp!  It was so special that I *almost* took the plunge because I knew it was perfect for the valance but just couldn't let myself do it.  In the meantime, one friend shared that she had seen the same trim locally in OKC for $35 a yard- better!  I intended to make that purchase but in the meantime remembered that Hobby Lobby has a giant natural colored pom trim now, and I've been dying a few things lately so I decided to give it a try.  I bought a few poms to test and it worked perfectly, so with my coupon and some time I got my giant navy pom trim for under $25 total! 

Pom Pom Trim  ||  Green Check Fabric  ||  Navy Dye for Pom Trim  ||  Cordless Bamboo Shade  ||  Navy Tape Trim- Hobby Lobby

Confession:  The plumber filled the tub to make sure everything was working when he installed the faucet last week, but I haven't used it yet!  The bathroom has still been such a construction zone until yesterday that I couldn't imagine a relaxing soak in the middle of the mess.  That's definitely on my agenda now! (After the rest of the house gets cleaned up that is... anytime we're in makeover mode the rest of the house-patio-garage looks like a bomb went off.  I'm not even kidding- bless my daughter's poor friends' hearts who have been coming over and hanging out in the midst of it anyway!)

Double doors at the end open into our bedroom-

Let's move around to the other side of the room.  The party's on the other side, this one is definitely calm!  My husband's closet is on the left, then our walk in shower, a new bank of floor to ceiling cabinets where a built-in hamper used to be, and my closet is on the right.

We added a frameless shower door to the shower entrance, not because it was really needed for splashing but it keeps the shower much warmer by somewhat enclosing the steam and heat.  The shower itself wraps around behind the cabinets to the right of the door.  

It's not a huge shower but big enough (less to clean!).  We extended the tile a little higher (it's about 8 feet) than it was before and that helps it feel bigger.

Previously there was a glass block window in this space, but when we built the cabinets on the other side part of that space became a niche for shower products.  The space at the bottom is a foot prop for shaving.  

Just like in the kids' bathroom, we opted to use metal Schluter trim for all of the shower trim rather that traditional tile edging pieces.  I'm a fan of the small profile and of course the gold color! It was much more economical that bullnose tile as well.  

Soap Dish  || Footed Pot- Hobby Lobby

As I said, this bank of cabinets used to be a built in hamper at the bottom with a glass block window into the shower above it, all useless to us and wasted space.  We considered taking the space to enlarge the shower but I much preferred the option of additional storage space.  

Navy Tassel  ||  Mirror- FB Marketplace

I had our carpenter match the existing linen cabinet at the end of the room and fill it with adjustable shelves... my dream shoe storage!  I haven't moved in to this cabinet yet but am loving the potential, I might even share a few shelves with Ray.  :)

Large Shelf Size Baskets  ||  Blue Lattice Storage Box- Homegoods
Leopard Heels  ||  Pink Bow Flats  ||  Leopard Flats  ||  Tan Wedges

For all of the white cabinets, I used a simple ball knob and we replaced all of the hinges with new polished brass.  Yep, I used polished brass a lot in here and I love it!  It's the same knob/hinge combo that I used on the blue vanity in the kids' bathroom which worked beautifully in there, but with the brighter light in here the original finish on the knobs was noticeably more antique brass and clashed with the hinges, so I painted them with a brighter gold spray paint.  

 If you remember the before photos, my closet door used to be double mirrored sliding doors. We replaced those with a standard door and I found a full length mirror to hang, it's surprising how much we missed that once the old mirrored doors were torn out!  

Finally, let's move down to the other end of the room and the water closet!  Here's the original linen cabinet that was already here, but we had the carpenter add that top section of cabinet to take it to the ceiling.  It's the perfect spot to store extra lamp shades!  


And the personality-packed new water closet is just behind that door on the left.  

 I made a last minute decision to change the wainscoting section around the bottom from white to green and I'm so, so happy that I did!  I also planned to do a chippendale style design but once I got the simple box trim framed out I decided that I preferred it, especially with everything else going on above the wainscoting.  It definitely made my installation job much simpler too!  I can't tell you how much I love this little room.

It's tiny and there's no way to photograph it all at once, but here you can see a little peek of the lotus light.

The biggest wall displays custom butterfly art painted by my daughter!  I picked up these frames on clearance at Hobby Lobby, they each had an initial painted in the center.  After repainting them, I picked out some butterflies that she traced into the center and then painted.  I wish they were in a more visible spot in the house but they're so perfect here!  I'll always treasure them and the time she spent working on them.  

This window just had to have a baby pagoda cornice to top things off, and we went all the way around this little room with the wallpaper.

So there you have it!  We took our time and worked back here off and on for 9 months, but are SO happy to have this 12 year overdue renovation d.o.n.e!!!

As usual, I couldn't have done this room without my family pitching in!  Emily made dinner more times that I can count and painted my fabulous butterfly artwork (yay for school arts electives!), and the guys took care of a lot of the not-so-fun things like hanging new cabinet doors and replacing door hinges, Caleb installed countersink screws and attached the tub front for me (Wood Shop is the best school elective ever... we're putting his skills to work!), my Dad taught me how to install wallpaper and my Mom brought us a yummy dinner and folded a few loads of laundry one day.  :)  It takes a village!

Before I go, I did want to let you know that there are several things that haven't arrived yet or didn't get done in time for this reveal, so I'm planning a Reveal part 2, the fully "styled and fluffed" version in a few weeks!  I have a rug on the way to try, getting some artwork together to add, still need to upholster a round ottoman, I'll fully move into the shoe cabinets and reorganize the sink and linen cabinets, and I'm still planning to add a chandelier in the center of the room when my electrician (brother-in-law 😉) can work me in.  So stay tuned for Part 2 and I'd love for you to subscribe to my blog if you haven't so you'll receive an e-mail notifying you of each new blog post made (just enter your email in the box at the end of this post).

I'll leave you with a good dose of before and after photos, it's the best way to appreciate the transformation that took place here!

If this is your first visit here, I'd love for you to look back on the process of this bathroom renovation here- 


(Currently updating these through the day!)

Sink Vanities-
Blue and White Wallpaper  ||  Countertops- 3 cm True White Quartz, Hom Kitchen and Bath OKC  ||  Gold Cabinet Knobs, Hinges, and Brass Door Hinges  ||  Faucet  ||  Towel Ring  ||  Vanity Light here (frequent coupons!) or here  ||  Brass/Glass Drawer Pulls  ||  Glass Cabinet Knobs  ||  Soap Dispenser- Homegoods  ||  Bamboo Soap Tray- Hobby Lobby  ||  Smaller White Ginger Jars- Hobby Lobby  ||  Large White Ginger Jar  ||  Blue and White Leopard Box- Hobby Lobby

Window/Tub Area-
Whirlpool Tub  ||  Roman Tub Faucet  ||  Green Gingham Cornice Fabric  ||  Pom Pom Trim  ||  Navy Dye for Pom Trim  ||

Shower/Shoe Cabinet Wall-
Shower Faucet  ||  Hinges, Gold Ball Cabinet Knobs- D. Lawless Hardware  ||  Navy Tassel  ||  Large Shoe Shelf Baskets  ||  Gold Full Length Mirror- FB Marketplace  ||  Frameless Shower Door- Glass Solutions (Edmond Residents Only)  ||  Marble-Look Soap Dish  ||  All Tile- Floor & Decor

Water Closet-
Small Cordless Bamboo Shade  ||  Green Gingham Cornice Fabric  ||  Pom Pom Trim  ||  Navy Dye for Pom Trim  ||  Toilet Paper Holder  ||  Lotus Light Fixture- Discontinued from World Market

Thank you to these partners who gifted products or a portion of their services for our bathroom renovation!


Green Cabinets and Wainscoting- Behr Crown Jewel, satin finish  ||  White Cabinets and Trim- Behr "White", semi-gloss finish (straight out of can)   ||  Walls- Behr "White", eggshell finish  ||  Hardware- Rustoleum Metallic Gold  ||  Green Frames- Rustoleum Meadow Green

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