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Sunday, June 14, 2020


Hello everyone, did you think I forgot about you?  I didn't!  I literally have been so busy working on the room that I haven't had the time to sit down and put a post together.  Especially this one, it's a doozy and big catch up since we missed posting an update last week.  In light of the turmoil happening nationwide during the week that Week 5 updates were due to be posted, the One Room Challenge organizers decided to cancel that week so that everyone could focus on the more important issues at hand of racial equality and justice.  I for one as well as likely most of you have started to have our eyes opened about the racial injustice that is alive and well in our country.  I shared my thoughts here and here, but in a nutshell fully believe that the change we need in our nation begins in MY heart and in your heart, spreads to us influencing and teaching those in our own home, and then we can work together to change our communities.  Jesus is the only one who can truly change our inherently wicked hearts, then He will teach us how to live and love those around us as He loves them.  That's my goal, it starts with change in my own heart. 

There's no easy way to transition from the heart-breaking heaviness of our current events to talking about my bathroom makeover, so I'll just keep moving ahead.  A lot has happened in the past few weeks!   I don't think I have ONE "pretty" picture to show you, but I'll take progress and forward movement over pretty right now! 

Before we proceed, if you need to you can catch up on what you've missed in previous weeks here:

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First up, the wall got framed in for my single closet door (remember we removed sliding mirrored doors) and the new door was installed.  

There were a couple of spots where the walls needed some new texture, so I added that.

Then, our new whirlpool tub got installed!  I love the straight, deep profile and modern simplicity of it.  This is the tub we bought but we're actually still waiting on that stone to be installed so we haven't been able to finish the plumbing and use it yet, so I can't offer any feedback.  

Another major hired-out job got done, some cabinetry that we wanted done.  First, we extended the linen cabinet to the ceiling.

Then, where that useless built-in hamper used to be, we added these glorious floor to ceiling adjustable shelves!  

All of the new cabinets will be covered with doors to match the existing linen cabinet, I had those made at a local cabinet shop that could match our current profile.

The last major piece to be installed was the new frameless shower door.  It was such a game changer and really sets off the shower beautifully.  The handle is temporary, we upgraded to a bit different style that was backordered so they installed this one until it comes in.  Our shower is a little different and some friends on IG asked about the layout of it.  That narrow little "hallway" wraps around to the right and that's the main shower box behind the new cabinet.  It's small, it only has about a 3 x 3.5' footprint.  When designing the room we debated taking that shelf space and enlarging the shower, but honestly  I didn't want a huge shower to clean!  The 10' ceilings and higher tile make it feel much larger inside, and it really is plenty big for what we need.  I'd MUCH rather have the extra storage space!  And, it's nice to have a *bit* of privacy in the shower rather than a huge glass wall.  Those towel hooks are on the wall temporarily too until we can paint!

We hired our brother-in-law to skim coat the walls for us above the sinks and in the water closet in preparation for the wallpaper.  The sad thing is these walls WERE perfectly smooth when we moved in, there was wallpaper there.  I removed it and textured the whole room... with the return of wallpaper these days I regret that decision- ha!  

Since I told you at the beginning of this project that we actually had some of this work started last Fall to coincide with tile/counter installation in the kids' bathroom, I wanted to let you know that this is the point where we've caught up to "real time!"  Now I'm totally feeling the stress of that still-huge "to-do" list and we're counting down the days to "reveal day".  

It's time for paint!  We protected the new counters and floors, then started at the top with the ceiling.  (There's a little sneak peek of the light fixtures going in...without their shades... it's been installed temporarily so I could see to do my makeup :) until we're ready for wallpaper.)

For several years we've had an issue with peeling paint on the ceiling, especially in the shower.  We're almost 100% sure it's due to the fact that there were never bathroom exhaust fans installed in our house and the so the humidity and moisture just took a toll over time.  We had fans installed several years ago and are hoping that they solve the problem!  We scraped all of the loose, flaking paint with a stiff brush and then gave it a fresh coat. 

New ceiling paint going on, and you can see I'm already taking advantage of that extra cabinet space over the linen cabinet... storing extra lampshades!  🎉

Oh glorious day... painting over the many gray swatches that had been up on the wall for 4...5...6...??  years!!

This is only the first coat but ooh la la!  We're using Behr "White" on the walls.  Remember that the sink wall will be full of a ton of color and pattern, but the rest of the room with be predominately white with some color added in with the accessories. 

Door Tutorial with surprising supply list HERE

I'm also already putting these shelves to use until I paint them, and here's another look at the pretty shower door with the correct ladder style handle installed. 

The shoe shelves are actually pretty deep, about 24", so I was working on coming up with a plan to add a simple slide-out panel on top of the fixed shelf to make it easier to access the shoes in the back.  I had them all built and ready to paint and was sharing my plan on Instagram and then....

a lot of my followers just suggested storing each pair with one in the front and one in the back.  File that away as a huge "DUH" moment for me!!!  You how how you get an idea in your head (the shoes sitting side by side) and an obvious simple solution never occurs to you?  Yep, that was me on this one.  I tried it out and it works beautifully, so I'm ditching the slide out idea.  Except, I still made 2 to try on a couple of super skinny flip-flop/flat sandal shelves.  We'll see how that works.  

Next, I started planning out the molding design for the front of the tub, I'm doing a chippendale pattern!  Marking it out helped me get an idea of the scale I wanted and made it easy to measure the pieces to get an idea of how much molding I needed to buy.  

It's hard to see because I used two different rolls of tape, but this design will circle the lower section of the water closet as well, much like the molding design I made in our Powder Bath.

Lastly, I started working on the three doors from my closet, Ray's closet, and the water closet.  Two of the doors were painted black years ago, so I stripped that off (thankfully the black paint was terrible and came off very easily) and got them prepped to add molding and paint. 

I spent a hot (literally... 96 degrees) Friday night cutting all of the pieces I needed to add molding to the fronts and backs of the three doors, 48 pieces in all! 

One little trick that was a lifesaver is that I made measurment marks on the edge of my table to the lengths I needed to cut.  Then I could just line the molding up with the end of the table, mark the spot, and cut without having to actually measure each piece.  I only had 3 different measurements I needed for all of pieces so I made those marks on my table and it worked like a charm! 

Ready to fill nail holes and caulk the edges, then paint! 

How to Add Simple Molding to a Door Tutorial HERE

So as of right now I've actually been painting all of those doors and the cabinets doors and shoe shelves for the past few days... it's a workout!  I'll share some of that with you in my next update, as well as some accessories and pretty finishing touches I have planned for the room.  And, my Dad is coming this week to <install> help me learn how to hang the wallpaper.  That will be a super dramatic change!  I promise that this week's update will be on time on Thursday, and there will be prettier pictures and hopefully something else completely finished to show you in that post!   

Thanks so much for checking in on our progress this week,  don't miss seeing what the other participants are up to as well!  

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  1. Wow! You have been busy. It's really taking shape. Can't wait to see your progress Thursday! Praying for your strength and diligence as you move along.

  2. Thank you so much, Miche! Trying to tackle one thing at a time rather than think about the enormity of what’s left to do!

  3. You are incredible! It is so much fun to watch and learn.

  4. I do admire and appreciate your courage in sharing your heart regarding the injustices in our country. Many people on social media who love our Lord have not expressed a softening heart. Jennifer, you not only are a beautiful woman who has created a beautiful home, but you have demonstrated having a beautifully vulnerable open heart willing to be molded by God.


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