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Thursday, February 27, 2020


Well if one thing is clear from our Kids' Jack and Jill Bathroom Makeover, it's that I need a deadline to finish a project in a timely manner- ha!  We started this project in early September and here we are nearly 6 months later and I hung the last picture, hung the cornice, and finished a few little last details yesterday.  I'm happy to report though that it's 100% finished... no pesky last 5-10% of the little insignificant details in a project left to do like I normally have at the end of a big room makeover.

Since we've all slept quite a few times since then, here's a little reminder of the progress of the makeover.  Go back and refresh your memory if you need to! 

Week 5 Update

Here's where we started... we did a little overhaul when we bought the house 13 years ago- stripped wallpaper, painted, replaced light fixtures and faucets, and replaced the fully carpeted floor with tile.  But after 12 years that was getting dark and dated- and very brown- and it was time for a change.  

So here it is now!  Light and bright and fresh! (All sources and paint colors are listed at the end of the post.)

I really wanted to stick with classic, traditional finishes on the big pieces of the room that aren't easily changed like the tile and countertops.  But of course I had to get some bold color in there too!  For years I've had a cobalt vanity and black and white floors in mind for this room, and I'm so, so happy with how it turned out.  

brass hardware, delta trinsic faucet, bathroom white walls, safavieh green rug

We hired out the tile, plumbing, and countertop install, but we did everything else ourselves.  

framed book pages, vintage towel rings, rustoleum meadow green, delta trinsic champagne bronze faucet, branches monogram font

The little tray under the soap is actually the bottom piece of the soap dish I used in the shower, will talk more about that below.

delta trinsic faucet, brass bathroom faucets, white quartz counters

All of the gorgeous hardware was provided by D Lawless Hardware and you know what?  It wasn't expensive but looks like a million bucks!  The knobs are heavy and substantial and I love the simplicity of the pulls with just a little bit of detail.  We also replaced all of the cabinet hinges with beautiful new brass ones. 

black and white hex tile floor, behr Mondrian Blue, kids bathroom

We also replaced the door hinges that had previously been painted over with new brass ones.  That made a huge difference and now the doors look brand new!  

The new countertops are 3cm True White Quartz.  I wanted a crisp, clean white that wasn't gray at all and didn't have any pattern in it, and this is it!  We've been so pleased with it.  

Behr Mondrian Blue, blue painted vanity, black and white hex tile floor, true white quartz countertop

I selected the square sinks at the same time I chose the countertops and HOM Kitchen and Bath did a fabulous job installing everything seamlessly.  

If you followed along in the process you know I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to do a solid white hex tile floor or black and white.  I followed my heart and went with the black and white and am so happy with it!  It will be so classic for many years to come.  (Highly recommend the guy I used for all of the tile if you're local to OKC, email me for his contact info!)  It was challenging to find a rug with the right colors and that was the right size for the space, but this one is definitely a winner!  Soft and affordable, too. 

safavieh monaco green runner rug, black and white hex tile floor, kids jack and jill bathroom

I really struggled with the artwork for this room.  I only needed two little things to hang over the towel rings, but nothing was inspiring me.  Then, I shared a book with you that was full of one of my favorite series of photographs, and the pages were the perfect mix of whimsy and color for the room.  And, they fit an 8x10 frame perfectly!  I painted the frames the same color as the vanity.

Behr Mondrian Blue paint, Gray Malin Party at the Parker, kids bathroom makeover, jack and jill bathroom decor

monogrammed towel, party at the parker, behr mondrian blue, delta trinsic faucet, liberty hardware

I've been holding on to the vintage towel rings for years, knowing I would one day use them in this bathroom, and a bold color instantly made them even cuter!

madcap cottage lake agawam fabric, kids bathroom decor, be our guest book,

All of the doors and trim got fresh coats of super white semi-gloss paint.  It's amazing how "yellow" the old woodwork that I thought was white really was once I started painting on the new color.  The pink door faces my daughter's room when closed and matches her adjoining closet door. 

Party at the Parker, monogrammed towel, vintage towel rings, d lawless hardware, hom kitchen and bath, true white quartz

I randomly came across the light fixtures and love the modern element they add to the room, and bonus... they were super affordable! 

gold vanity lights, brass hardware, hom kitchen and bath, true white quartz counters, behr paint

Alright, I think that covers every nook and cranny of the sink vanity room, let's take a look at the new shower!  We replaced the old 4x4 white square tile with oversized white subway tile, taking it all the way to the ceiling.  We kept the original tub which was perfectly fine in order to save some money.  

lake agawam fabric, d lawless hardware, brass knobs, subway tile shower, shower curtain with valance, faux turtle shell nate berkus

A built in niche nicely holds all of the products.  I made sure it was tall enough to accommodate even the large sized shampoo pump bottles.  The smaller section underneath is for soap and razors.  I used a soap dish to keep the tile a bit cleaner, and searched high and low for an attractive one that had a vented bottom so the soap wouldn't sit in a puddle of water.  I just used that slotted  portion in the niche for the soap, so I used the bottom tray by the sinks shown above.  We also chose to use a metal edge Schluter trim rather than bullnose tile, I talked more about that in this post.

brass Schluter Trim for shower, oversized white subway tile, madcap cottage lake agawam

shower curtain with scalloped cornice, delta trinsic shower faucet, madcap cottage lake agawam fabric, shower niche

Nate Berkus Faux Turtle Shell, bathroom towel hooks, kids bathroom makeover

We were originally going to keep the toilet we had, but it was a standard size round bowl, kinda tiny.  At the last minute we decided to replace it with a new chair height elongated bowl.  I think my 6'2" son appreciates that!

Don't you think these new slip on tp holders rather than the old spring-rod-in-the-middle are the best things ever?  It's the little things!  ;)

But mostly, the shower curtain and cornice is the star of the show in here!  There's an extra long liner hanging behind the fabric curtain, but on a separate rod.  There are actually two separate panels of fabric there, so I can scoot them all the one side or divide them and have a panel on each end framing the shower.  The cornice covers those rods and frames in the shower, it really was a dramatic finishing touch once we got that hung.  I'll be sharing a tutorial of how I made and hung that next week.  *Update- see shower cornice tutorial here!

So that's it!  I think this bathroom will have a long life ahead of it and we'll enjoy it for years to come!

white subway tile, blue painted bathroom vanity, delta trinsic faucets, behr mondrian blue paint, brass bathroom fixtures, black and white hex tile floors

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Vanity and Frames- Behr Mondrian Blue  ||  Trim and Doors- Behr White Alkyd Paint, straight out of can   ||  Walls-  Behr White, straight out of can  ||  Towel Rings- Rustoleum Meadow Green  ||  Favorite Paint Sprayer


Black and White Hex Tile- Floor & Decor  ||   Floor Grout-  ||  White Quartz Countertops- HOM Kitchen and Bath  ||  Rug  ||  D Lawless Hardware- Round Knobs, Drawer Pulls, Cabinet Hinges, Door Hinges  ||  Vanity Lights  ||  Sink Faucets  ||  Artwork- These Book Pages  ||  Frames- Vintage  ||  Towel Rings  ||  Brass Metal Tray- Ross  ||  Hand Towels- Ollie's Bargain Outlet

Tub/Shower Faucet  ||  Subway Tile- Floor & Decor  ||  Brass Schluter Metal Edge Trim- Floor & Decor  ||  Subway Tile Grout-  ||  Shower Curtain Fabric-  (similar color here)  ||  Extra Long Shower Curtain Liner  ||  Shower Cornice Ribbon Trim- Joann  ||  Soap Dish  ||  Turtle Shell- past season Nate Berkus for Target  ||  Towel Hooks  ||  Toilet  ||  Toilet Paper Holder

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