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Thursday, October 31, 2019


Good Morning friends, and Happy Halloween!  Do you have big plans for the evening?  My candy bucket is full waiting on all of the little cuties that will come by to claim some!  Yes, we're still working on the kids' bathroom makeover, but it's getting really close to being finished.  We're finally getting to the fun stuff, all of the finishing touches! (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

If it's been a while and you need a refresher on what's happening, catch up here!

I've been searching for just the right bathroom rug, and honestly coming up pretty empty.  I really really wanted this rug that I used on my design board, but it wasn't available in the right size.  After much more shopping in stores and online, I finally came across this rug that I just thought might work.  I took a chance on the color (so hard to tell true colors online!) and ordered, and thankfully I think it's perfect.  It mixes well with the tile and will tie in the colors and the pattern of the shower curtain nicely.  Whew!  One big challenge checked off!

I also searched high and low for some towel hooks that wouldn't break the bank.  I'm always drawn to vintage-style hooks, and these hooks I found at Hobby Lobby (yay for 1/2 price hardware weeks!) were just right.

Well, just right after I doctored them up a little!  ;)  With all of the gold accents I'm using in the bathroom, I wanted the hooks to be gold too.  Normally I spray paint most things gold, but for these I used Rub & Buff so they would still have a little bit of dimension in the color to them.  It's SO easy and durable, I applied with an old toothbrush to easily get in all of the crevices.  Gold Leaf is my favorite gold shade of R&B.

Remember the vintage towel rings that I shared in week 3?  Well they got their makeover too!  A coat of Meadow Green made them 1,000 times better.  I did have a challenge figuring out how to hang them, though.  There's no way that sawtooth hanger on the back would have held up.  After consulting my Dad for the best options, I decided to just carefully drill through the plastic so I could securely screw the piece into the wall.

I found a stud in the wall first, and coordinated my holes to where at least one of them would hit a stud.  I'll use a drywall anchor on the other hole to make sure it stays secure, a towel ring gets lots of tugging every day!  I sprayed the screw heads the same color, so if you look closely you can see them but they really blend in well.

Here's a decision I'm still thinking on...  I'm debating doing a design on the walls just in the sink vanity part of the room.  The blue vanity and floors are definitely the stars, but the walls feel really stark.  I drew these two designs out on posterboard and have been living with them.  I'm just not sure, leaning towards leaving that decision for the future if it still feels sparse once everything else is done.  Would love your feedback in the comments!

Still working on artwork!  I need something to hang over the towel rings on each side of the sink, there's not much room for anything other than those spots.  I don't just want to slap anything up there, I like to use something personal or meaningful to the kids that fits the space.  I brought this pair of abstracts home and I really like them, just not sure I like them for this spot.

I've always loved this big turtle shell (old from Nate Berkus for Target) but it's been in storage for a while.  I think it will be perfect over the towel hooks in the shower side of the room.  Gave it a fresh coat of paint too.

One of the last big pieces to finish is the shower curtain, and I finally got around to making it!  I used my favorite tool for making straight cuts in wide pieces of fabric (blog post here with more details), I even used the button hole attachment for the rings at the top for the first time on my sewing machine! #yayme

So, as of today, here's what's left on the to-do list:

*Design and make cornice board for top of shower
*Fill baseboard nail holes and touch up paint
*Find and frame artwork
*Find a cute trash can!
*Shop for/monogram new hand towels
*Fresh paint on the 3 doors

I'm really hoping to get all of that knocked out over the next few days and share the reveal with you next week!  Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hello! I’ve so enjoyed following your blog and seeing all of your colorful creations. I like the herringbone. I feel that the other is a bit busy and not as sophisticated. Can’t wait to see the completed project!

  2. So fun! Love seeing all your progress. And love that you are doing it at a average-human's pace. :)

    I definitely think you should go with a print on the wall. Either would definitely do, but I tend to like the herringbone. I'm a sucker for it!

    Congrats on all your hard work coming to fruition!

  3. This makeover comes at the perfect time. I have the same Nate Berkus turtle shell sitting in a closet. Do you mind sharing what paint you used on it? Mine is white and it needs a facelift. Thank you in advance

    1. It’s the same paint I linked above for the towel rings, I use it on everything!! ;)

  4. I love the one on the right/herringbone - because it won't fight with the flooring. I think it all looks awesome! Good job!

  5. Jen - as always, love what you have done here. I would definitely do the wall and go with herringbone too. It won't take away from everything done because the lines will be thin and not 'in your face.' Going to look beeeutiful my Friend.

    BTW I just had my kitchen painted teal! OMG what a transformation and I love it!!! This color really pops in the room and thought of you! Seeking your holiday inspiration because I'm on that holiday house walk December 14. :)


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