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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Thank you all for sharing my excitement after seeing the design plan for my Master Bath makeover last week.  I'm so excited to see it all come to life!  I also appreciate your input about the chandelier and the rug situation.  I'm now certain that the chandelier will be centered in the room but am still undecided on a rug.  I love the idea of one large rug in the center, but not sure that I want to just cover up all of pretty new tile we put in.  I know something will work out in time...

If my amazing photos in today's post (ha, right!) caught your attention in the guest participant link up and you're visiting for the first time today, I'm so glad you're here!  Catch up on what you've missed here:

Moving on to this week's One Room Challenge update-  I have absolutely nothing pretty to show you!  But in this scenario, progress itself is beautiful, right?  So without further adieu... IT'S #DEMODAY!!!  (P.S.-I had some trouble yesterday with my last post not going out to e-mail subscribers, so if you missed it there IS something pretty to see there!)

I mentioned previously that we're hiring out the tile demo and installation, and that's the first thing on the list to get done.  But first, we had to prep for the tile work by removing the old whirlpool tub.

Super thankful for a handy brother-in-law and sister who came to help us muscle that beast out of there.  We hoped to sell, donate, or give it away so someone else would haul it off for us, so we about did some permanent damage to our bodies trying to get it out in one piece.

We were successful at removing it intact, but couldn't get rid of it so we ended up breaking it up after all to make it easier to dispose of.  I think Ray might have enjoyed that job of smashing it all up!

The next day, our demo hero tile guy came in and worked to get the shower all torn out.

We planned to take the tile a few feet higher than it was previously, so he got that drywall all cut out and cleared.  The glass block shower window is gone too!

Next, he got everything covered (we were still working around demo at this point and using our vanities and closets at night) and ready to demo the floor. 

After tearing out the tile floor (worth every penny of hiring that out!!) he also helped us remove the countertops... an angel! (He said demo is his favorite part.)  :)   And we're super thankful for the kids' new bathroom at this point since we're all sharing it!

In preparation for the new tile he poured a self-leveler on the floor throughout the main part of the bath and the water closet where the new tile will go.

So that leaves us ready for tile.  LOTS of decisions to make there and I'll share it all with you next week, as well as how it's looking with it all installed.  #spoileralert... I LOVE IT!

Thanks so much for checking in on our progress this week,  don't miss seeing what the other participants are up to as well!  

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  1. WOW! This looks major! Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. Thank you for allowing us all to live vicariously through you! I will be renovating our ensuite in the next year so I am gulping a little bit at the demo photos, but it's a means to an end!!! I can't wait to see the end result, I am sure it will be beautiful!

  3. Wow...glad this demo part was you and not me...HAHA. I will be envying you when it's all done though. You were so smart to have your flooring demo guy for that tear out. It's a hard, messy job. Can't wait to see your NEW master bath!

  4. Thank you, Jennifer, for updating us. I cannot wait for next week to see your progress. I love your blog. Since finding it, I have enjoyed several hours of perusing your past tours and projects. So interesting and colorful. You inspire. Good luck with the update and keep up the fabulous work!


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