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Thursday, May 28, 2020


Welcome back for another One Room Challenge update!  Lots of big things are happening, this week we have new tile and countertops and I couldn't be happier with how things are coming along!

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Before we proceed, if you need to you can catch up on what you've missed in previous weeks here:

When we wrapped last week's update all of the old flooring was up and a self-leveler was dry on the floor ready for tile.  But before the new tile started going in, the countertops were ready to be installed!  We used the same material that was used in the Kids' Bathroom, 3 cm True White Quartz.  I wanted a bright, pure white with no veining or speckle or pattern, and this is it!  We worked with a local Oklahoma company, Hom Kitchen and Bath, and they really helped talk me through options so that I got exactly what I had in mind.  

When it came time for the install, they were very professional and courteous.  Since we were working with our existing mirrors that were staying in place, the backsplash wasn't quite the right size so they trimmed those down and returned the next day to install them.  I missed a photo at that point but they're a perfect fit now! They also installed the undermount sinks.

(*OKC friends... This is a long shot, but we came up short on quartz and need just enough for the tub surround.  It is only sold by the slab which is too much so I'm hoping to find a remnant/partial slab somewhere around town that's big enough.  If any local readers happen to know where I might find a piece of True White Quartz maybe left over from another job please let me know! I'd love to have a piece about 77x38" but could possibly go a little smaller if we have to and seam pieces together.)

The plumber was also on hand to install the vanity fixtures.  Again, we used the same line that we used in the kids' bathroom, but chose widespread handles here rather than the single handle that we used there.  I love the simple, modern style mixed with the more traditional elements that will be in the room.

So with that done, the tile installer returned and got to work on the shower and floor.  Remember, my goals for this bathroom are traditional and classic (and as budget friendly as possible!) for all of the major features, so I'm using a 4x10 white subway tile.  For a bit more detail though I chose one that has a bit of texture to it when the light hits it right.  You can see the texture a little here in the reflection.  

I originally thought about doing a simple white penny tile for the shower floor, but after doing the hex tile in the kids' bathroom I liked it so much I changed my mind to a smaller scale white hex for the shower floor.  But, I wanted to jazz it up a bit.  Again, I didn't want anything to really command attention here, just small details.  So, I wanted to mix in a different colored tile here and there so I decided on gray to blend with the bathroom floor tile that you'll see in a minute.  I made that decision almost last minute, so after searching local in-stock options the only gray hex tiles I could find that were the right size and color were part of this patterned tile-

So I bought several sheets of it and we just popped out all of the gray ones.  My walk-in shower is a weird shape, so the tile installer got all of the white tile sheets cut to size, then laid it all out on the patio so his partner could work on popping out tiles where the gray ones would go while he still worked inside.  Brilliant idea!  And by the way we're so, so pleased with his work.  He works with his sister and they both couldn't be nicer.  He was happy to help me work through some decisions, I felt like I could ask him anything and it wouldn't ruffle or annoy him, and when we needed to change something here and there he easily agreed without making me feel like it would bother him- he wanted us to be 100% pleased!  I highly recommend him if you're in the OKC area, email me and I'll be happy to share his contact info!

I love how the almost polka-dot looking pattern turned out and like it so much more than if we had just done a plain white floor.  You know I've got to get a little color and pattern in there!  ;)

We chose to use the larger floor tile on the shower curb and we'll be adding a frameless shower door here as well.

Remember that glass block window into the shower with the hamper underneath it on the bathroom side?  We kept a portion of that opening and used it for the shower niche.  I considered several patterned tiles for a little feature in the niche...

but in the end just ended up using the same pattern that we did on the floor.  It still needed to be caulked here but those little dots just make me happy, a little whimsy thrown in with the classic.  We also used all of the same brass Schluter trim that we did in the other bathroom for the edges.  I made sure that the top section was tall enough for even the largest shampoo bottles with a pump, the smaller is for soap, razors, etc., and the cut out at the bottom is to prop my leg up for shaving.

Fixtures are installed and you can see a little more of the tile texture here.

Now, on to the floor tile!  I knew I wanted white and some kind of marble pattern, and landed on a 12x24 but had several options in how heavy the marble veining was.  

Keeping in mind the busy wallpaper that I plan to use, I didn't really want a strong pattern in the tile competing with that, so I chose the one with the lightest amount of veining.  It's still enough to have some interest, but doesn't really command attention.  This was a porcelain tile in stock tile at Floor and Decor, but was on clearance at the time so I don't have any information on it to share.  They had several others that were really similar that were all affordable options as well. 

Leopard Slides- my most worn sandal!

We decided on a herringbone pattern, talked through the layout and orientation with Moises, and I was thrilled once we started to see it come together.

The grout was probably the hardest decision of all!

Since the colors in the shower and floor were so similar, I wanted to use the same grout color in both places.  I was torn between two colors- Warm Gray (more brown-gray hues. below right) and Rain (more blue-gray hues, below left).  After much consultation with Moises considering the lighting in the room, I decided on the Warm Gray.  It's so hard to decide based on those tiny little samples!

The grout lines on the floor are so slim that I guess it might not have made a huge difference, but they're more pronounced in the shower and I'm pleased with how the color turned out both places.

After the tile was complete the plumber came to install all of the faucets and reset the toilet. So even though it's not all pretty yet, we're happy to have a functional bathroom again! 

We're getting very close to the end of all of the "hired out" work and are facing to a long "to-do" list of cosmetic projects that we are DIYing ourselves to get this bathroom finished up.  

Thanks so much for checking in on our progress this week,  don't miss seeing what the other participants are up to as well!  

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  1. Wow, it looks incredible already! Love your tile choices!

  2. I love all of your tile choices and the gold hardware you chose! They're all beautiful and timeless. Can't wait to see what you do with the walls!

  3. It looks so good! I love the herringbone pattern I n the floor!

  4. Looks wonderful. Did you act as your own contractor? We're going to redo our master bath in the near future and am debating on whether or not to use a contractor or to do it ourselves. Just finished our kitchen with a contractor, which was great but expensive. Thanks!

    1. I did. We hired a tile guy, plumber, and trim carpenter all based off of friends’ recommendations. We didn’t have a strict timeline though so just worked with each as schedules were available.

  5. I love the way that your hex tile looks with all of the gold touches


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