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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


There's been a project looming for several years that I've wanted to tackle, but other things kept jumping on the "to-do" list ahead of it.  However, since we've had so much time at home and I had all of the supplies on hand, I finally buckled down and painted my china cabinet!  But if you've been a fan of the green china cabinet, never fear!  It's still green, just a slightly different shade.

When I originally painted the cabinet green 7 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long!) after agonizing over green paint sample after green paint sample, when I stared at it day after day I noticed that the color really had some yellow undertones.  I didn't necessarily choose the wrong color at the time, but when I would use anything that was my favorite "Meadow Green" spray paint color on the table it would clash with the china cabinet.  It especially started bugging me last year when I updated the Dining Room and brought in the green and navy chairs... the green in the chair did not play well with the shade of the china cabinet.  Here's an example-

At this point you might think I'm crazy and not really notice the difference in photos, but in real life it's very apparent.  This photo that I snapped before I painted might help illustrate the difference...

I've actually had the paint for almost a year and at the time just had a color match done to the Meadow Green spray paint.  However, I recently came across Behr's "Crown Jewel" and it's a near if not perfect match.  So to make it easy and not have to mess with color matching, let's just say that the new color is Crown Jewel!  ;)  This is actually the same color that I'm going to use on my bathroom vanities when I paint them in the next few weeks as well.

In an upcoming post I'm going to share the painting process for this piece, what I used, etc. so watch for that next week.  But for today I just wanted to share all of the pretty pics!

Did the new butterfly artwork happen to catch your eye?  I'll share more about that (I had it printed for free!) in an upcoming post as well.

I'm so glad to have this project marked off the list, painting a china cabinet is a beast!  Because my peonies bloomed and I couldn't resist, I'll leave you with one more pic that I snapped after the above photo shoot...

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  1. It really does look different! Absolutely is everything you do!

  2. Yes, there is a difference. I love the other green too, but with carrying the Meadow Green throughout your house, I would have felt the same way and repainted it. It is fabulous, as usual.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Love the new's richer in color and matches perfectly with the fabric in your chairs.

  4. I love, LOVE the new cor! Looks beautiful!!!


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