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Thursday, June 18, 2020


How in the world is it already Week 7 of the 8 week  One Room Challenge??  And how in the world did I get my rooms done in the past when the  ORC was only 6 weeks long?  Welcome back for this Week 7 update, let's get right to it.  Today we're talking about all of the exciting, pretty parts... wallpaper, lighting, paint, and accessories for the room!

Before we proceed, if you need to you can catch up on what you've missed in previous weeks here:
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Well, the magic is finally starting to happen in here!  My Dad came over for two days this week to help me install the wallpaper (actually, he's really doing the bulk but I'm learning!).  He's hung tons of wallpaper over the years but we figured out the last time he did it was in my Powder Bath about 12 years ago... the same burgundy paper I stripped off a few years ago for my Powder Bath Makeover, ha! 

Really, figuring out your starting point, making your cuts, and making sure things are centered and lined up correctly if you're working with a pattern are the hardest parts.  And working around windows. Still not sure I'd be ready to take it on totally by myself though! 

This gifted wallpaper is the stunning "Angelina" pattern designed by Tilton Fenwick for Hygge and West.  It is SUCH a game changer!  I love it SO much! We've completed this entire wall and two strips in the water closet, so hopefully after one more day of work we can wrap this part up. But though it's not quite finished, now the room is really starting to come together like I've seen it in my head! From this view you can see into the water closet a bit too which will be papered all the way around, in addition to having a chair rail and molding treatment that I mentioned last week around the bottom of the room.  

I'm trying to decide if that little strip at the top of the window alcove should be papered.  It's parallel to the ceiling so we treated it like ceiling, but now I'm thinking it needs to be covered too.  There will be a window cornice covering most of that wall section above the window (and consequently most of that wallpapered section above the window) so especially seeing it in these photos it seems a little choppy.  

Just as a reminder and a little visual, here's a sample of where the sink vanities are headed!  The tub stone is supposed to be installed on Monday and we. can't. wait to try out that whirlpool tub.  I'm going to need it after this reveal! 

A pair of these vanity lights (discounts usually available here) will go over the sink mirrors.  I love the simplicity and can't wait to see them installed with the wallpaper up.
We got the lighting in the water closet switched out.  I used a pair of these lotus pendants over my kitchen island for a while before deciding they were just too small, but I hung on to them for sure!  You can't see it at all unless you're in the water closet, but it sure does make me happy!

I think I'm still planning to use this bamboo style chandelier in the middle of the room.  Still not sure of the color but I did pick up a can of the prettiest light blue to match the wallpaper...

The last huge project that I've been working on (for this week at least) is painting all of the closet doors, cabinet doors, drawers, molding, and shelves that can be sprayed outside.  I've spent more days that I want to admit prepping everything, setting up my paint stations, and priming and painting several coats on all of the parts.  I'm actually not quite satisfied with the finish yet so I'm going to sand them one more time to smooth them a bit and finish them off with one more coat.  

Here's a little tip if you're spraying or painting lots of cabinet doors- find a spot underneath where a hinge will go and mark it somehow to know which door that is and where it belongs when you put them back.  Mine are "LU"- Linen Upper and "LL"-Linen Lower.  Then, cover your code with a small piece of painter's tape.  After the paint is finished peel off your little strip of tape and you'll know exactly what spot that door came from.  When I've painted my kitchen cabs in the past I usually just number all the doors and draw a coordinating diagram with which door is what number.  Even if there are multiple doors that are exactly the same size, they never seem to go back correctly if you don't get them in the same spot you took them down from! 

Alright, let's get down to the finishing touches!  

I'm considering fabrics to complement the wallpaper.  I'll be using the green gingham for sure.  Love the pink but I'm determined to not put anything pink that's permanent in this room.  My husband never says a word about any of my decorating choices and goes along with whatever (even hot pink velvet chairs!) but I thought I'd forgo the pink for him in this one shared space.  (I'll source everything I end up using in the reveal). 

We used to sit on the built in hamper to put on shoes, so since that's gone I found this little ottoman to use in the space (like this favorite bathroom!).  I haven't narrowed down a fabric yet, we'll see!  I was thinking of tying in the leopard above (the same fabric as the pillows in my bedroom) but it's been discontinued from Hobby Lobby, now I can only find it one place online for about 3 times what I paid for it before.  I'm not that sure about it yet, still considering options.  Hoping it doesn't take me too long to reupholster it!  

I've been hanging on to these drawings that I found at a thrift shop, the colors are so pretty!  The frames were damaged so I've already removed those, and I wish the corner of the linen mat wasn't damaged too, but I'll pop those off to frame them.  I'm still hunting for some frames for these and plan to hang one by each vanity.

Those that follow me on Instagram might remember me sharing these clearance artwork frames that I found at Hobby Lobby months ago.  I knew nearly right away that I wanted to use them in the bathroom!  They'll get a pretty paint job and I'm commissioning my daughter to paint something in the center of each for me... stay tuned.  

Still finalizing what hardware I'm going to use.  The solid gold knobs will go on the linen and shoe cabinet doors.  The glass and brass pulls and whichever glass knobs I end up choosing will go on the green cabinets.

A while back we made a late evening FB Marketplace run 45 minutes away out in the country to pick up this beauty!  It will hang on the wall between my closet door and the shoe cabinet.  After taking the mirrored sliding doors out we've missed having a full length mirror in the room!

Lastly, I have a plan for this space under my vanity.  I've always had a stool there but never use it to sit down and do my makeup, so it's basically just wasted space.  Sooo...  I thought it would be a great spot for my hamper!  I do have a walk in closet but it doesn't have much floor space at all, and a hamper just eats up a good bit of that.   (Going back to a before photo here, should have taken a more current one!)

I really wanted something that would fill up the space almost completely though, and spent some time a week or two ago searching online for a large rectangular basket with the right dimensions, but didn't have much luck.  I actually have the perfect basket in my laundry room that we use for a hamper in there, but that's also where the cats sleep and they've enjoyed using that basket as their scratching post (as long as they're not scratching my furniture!😜) so it's not in great shape.  The morning after I started an earnest online search I was checking Facebook Marketplace and this popped up, it's exactly like my other one and a perfect fit for the space!  

The top is a little wonky but I think I'm going to remove that anyway, add wheels so it's easy to slide in and out, and spruce it up a little more.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to leave it natural (I'm going to use a bamboo shade on the big window over the tub so it would tie in with that, but the basket is a little more honey/yellow toned than it looks in the photo), OR spray it green to match the vanity bases so it will just blend in and fill in that hole. 

So, that's my last update for you before the big reveal!  And I'll tell you now, I'm not going to make the first reveal day which is next Thursday, June 25.  However, those participating in the One Room Challenge officially have until July 5 to submit their reveal post and photos, and I WILL have it finished by then!  I've just decided not to stress about the deadline like I normally do.  The point of the challenge is to provide motivation to get a space in your home finished- or at least further along than where you started!- in a timely manner, and I'll still accomplish that but just a little later than most of the group.  Instead I've been choosing to participate in family activities and just work slowly and steadily rather than stress continually about the deadline and miss out on some of those other opportunities.  In fact, today is my 26th wedding anniversary so Ray and I are heading out on a quick overnight trip just to get away for a breather, and I'm choosing not to worry one bit about my massive to-do list that still needs to be done!  

Master Bath Still To-Do List:

Installation of stone around tub deck, have faucets installed
Install tub front, add molding and paint
Sand and Finish last coat of paint on cabinet doors, closet doors, and molding
Sand, Prime, and Paint vanities, linen and shoe cabinets, door frames
Install all cabinet hardware, hooks, doorknobs, towel rings, etc.
Install molding treatments, caulk, paint
Install Baseboards
Finish wallpaper in Water Closet
Paint Chandelier, have installed
Make window cornice, install
Install bamboo blinds over tub and toilet
Select Fabric- Reupholster round ottoman
Makeover laundry basket
Monogram hand towels
Frame artwork
Paint lattice frames, coerce daughter to paint artwork on them 😂
Accessories and Styling
Edit Photos
Write Reveal Post!

So, I'm not sure when I'll see you for the reveal, but it WILL be before July 5!  I'd love for you to sign up to get my posts delivered to you e-mail address so you don't miss it if you're not already subscribed.  Just fill in the box at the bottom of this post or up in the sidebar. 

Thanks so much for checking in on our progress this week,  don't miss seeing what the other participants are up to as well!  (Most of their spaces look a LOT more finished than mine!)

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Ray! You have the sweetest and most helpful family. I live in Tennessee, and am in Hobby Lobby all the time. If I should find the leopard fabric in stock at one of our stores, would you like for me to contact you and let you know how many yards they have? I am so excited to see the final reveal. Have a fun night.

    1. That is so sweet, thank you! It went on clearance over a year ago so I really doubt there’s any left, but I’d love to know if you spot some. Thank you!

    2. I LOVE the green buffalo plaid. I would be inclined to cover the stool in that. I have black and white buffalo plaid panels in my kitchen and sun room, and navy and white buffalo plaid in our bedroom, all of which I made from tablecloths.

    3. Mine is actually a tablecloth too! I had some fabric picked out that was super similar, and when I finally decided to order it it had been discontinued and I couldn't find anything else similar enough. This was much more economical too!

  2. The bathroom is coming along so lovely. Excited to see the finish next week. I agree with you wallpapering underneath the window alcove. The bamboo light fixture looks stunning.

  3. Jen, take your time as this renovation will not be 'fun.' My goodness everything is coming together and looking gorgeous, as is your trademark! My 2 cents, I would paper the 'ceiling' above the tub. =) Looking forward to the completed project and yet please enjoy the process along the way! Hugs

  4. I would either paper or paint it the darker blue of the paper. The white is just too glaring in the photos surrounded by the paper.

  5. Sooooo much fabulousness!! I love all of the fabrics you’ve chosen, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  6. HAppy Anniversary! It's like 5 minutes....under water my DH says...hes such a card!

  7. Love all the progress! I have approximately 1 1/2 yards of the animal print fabric from Hobby Lobby which I hemmed for a tablecloth and used 1 time! It yours if it would help you with your ottoman upholstery project. Keep up the great work, I am always inspired after reading your posts and visiting the blog!

    1. You are so very sweet! Another reader actually found a lot at her store and is sending me some!! You all are the best! 💕

  8. Jennifer, the bathroom is shaping up so beautifully! I love that wallpaper you chose and it's so fun that your daughter will be making some artwork for you. Looking forward to seeing the pretty reveal!

    1. Thank you Kate, I've got to get her started on that project!

  9. I love remake my bedroom. Blue wallpaper is pretty good.


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