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Monday, November 30, 2020


Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas, friends!  I'm so excited to kick off our It's A Colorful Life Christmas Tour 2020 party today and share this year's Christmas Tree with you.  

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My friend Jeweled Interiors and I host this tour several times per year, and always have a blast rounding up a super-talented group of color-loving bloggers to share their holiday homes with you this week.

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I fully intended to share my entire Living Room with you today, but I'm so behind on my Christmas decorating (spent too much time wrapping up my bathroom, days of celebrating my husband's 50th(!) birthday, other family birthdays, Thanksgiving.... I didn't get on the ball early like a good blogger would have!) so the tree is all I have ready to share with you today.  I can't quite pull the all-nighters that I used to that would have been required in order to pull off having my whole living room done today... ha!  So, I hope my Christmas Tree piques your curiosity for more tours to come this week!

Several years ago I made loads of tissue paper flowers for centerpieces for a church event, and then ended up using them for several other occasions as well.  

I wanted to do something a little different than the party fans that I've used for several years now with my Christmas decorations, and those tissue flowers came to mind!  I'll be using them on the mantel and in the Entry where I normally use the fans, but thought they would make a nice statement on the tree this year too.  

I made the flowers just like I shared in this tutorial

but I only used 3 sheets of tissue paper for each one.  I layered two sheets of this pink with one sheet of this red on top, then folded and fluffed them to make a pink flower with a red center.  I was able to manipulate mine in the branches of the tree so that they looked the way I wanted them to.  In the past I've used a little dot of hot glue to secure the open edges of the flower closed into one round shape, but I didn't find that necessary to do in this case.  

One big time saving tip... get some helpers!  My sister-in-law and niece pitched in when I pulled out my supplies to work on these Thanksgiving night, I'm so grateful!  This is a super easy project for kids or anyone else to help with.  

After fluffing, I just nestled the flowers into the branches where I wanted them to go and adjusted as needed.  I clustered several together at the top for the tree topper, securing them to the top of the tree with the pipe cleaner used to make the flower.  

I wanted a slightly vintage feel to my decorations this year, while still keeping things colorful, with the main colors being hot pink and red.  I did reel in my color palette a bit from past years by removing some of the deeper, more saturated colors like the deeper blues and purples, and I didn't use black and white at all this year!  

I only put up one main tree in our home, so along with plenty of colorful ones I add in many of our sentimental family ornaments too.  The ones that my kids made in Sunday School over the years when they were little will always be my favorites,  

but the "handprint snowmen" ornaments come in at a close second!  :)

I found these vintage inspired glass clip on candles several years ago and always love adding them to the tree.  

And let me just say, I'm super proud of myself that all of those boxes (except 2 I think!) are actual presents that are already wrapped!  (I usually pull out a stash of empty wrapped boxes to use as props for these pics).  But I probably shouldn't pat myself on the back too much, we're usually up late on Christmas Eve wrapping those last few gifts.  Every year I say I'm going to get that part done earlier!  

Green Gingham Pillow Fabric  ||  Similar Blue and White Throw  ||  Snowflake Pillow- super old from Target, here's a similar current one though! 

He moves around from place to place, but lately this chair has been Chief's spot.  I kicked him out of it for the day so I could style and take photos, so he was happy to regain his place last night.  This is just a quick photo I snapped with my phone- can you tell he thinks he's in charge?  Ha!

how to make tissue paper flowers, hot pink and red Christmas decorations

OK, that's all for today!  I'd love to see you back here later in the week as I share my entire Living Room and other spaces in my home decked out for Christmas.  But for now, be sure to head over and see what unbelievably creative tour Jeweled Interiors has for us, and you won't want to miss a one of all of the other tours this week either!  





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Updated... See the rest of this year's Christmas Home Tour here! 

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  1. Those paper flowers are so fun and unique! Your gift wrapping is so A+ too... come and wrap mine?

    1. Thank you so much! No guarantees how the rest of them will look that won't be in a photo... ha!

  2. Just so fabulous!! Love the paper flowers!! 😍😍😍

  3. Your tree is PERFECTION as always! I love the tissue paper idea. I am doing a white vintage tree in turquoise and red vintage ornaments. This will be great to fill in some holes, since I think of crepe and tissue as vintage-like. Thanks so much Jennifer. You always inspire. Can't wait to see the rest of the tour.

    1. Oh yay, glad to share ideas and your tree sounds beautiful, Miche!

  4. Wow...I LOVE the tissue paper flowers! This is such a wonderful idea to get that bold pop of color on the tree. It's also great for those just starting to do their first Christmas tree and who haven't had the years to collect a whole tree of ornaments. They could actually do the whole tree in different size flowers in different colors.
    Your last photo with your tree between your two raspberry colored chairs is mesmerizing! These chairs are my all time favorite.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I thought a tree absolutely loaded down with the flowers would be so cool! Such a big bang for your buck, too!

  5. Your Christmas decor is always a favorite. I love all the color and happy decorations you incorporate. I adore your tree and all those beautifully wrapped presents. I only have three wrapped so far! I'm totally behind. It is always such an inspiration to come and read your blog and see your stunning decor!!

    1. Thank you so much, Albertina! Don't be too impressed, I haven't even started my shopping other than those few presents yet... aack!

  6. You gave me yet another "WOW" response. I honestly am so impressed with your creativity...every single post. Well done! Wow!

    And how did you pull this together over a holiday weekend!? You must be exhausted!

    1. Thank you so much! Well... I had the plan which is the hardest part for me, it was just the execution! And like I said I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. Working away now again! :)


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