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Thursday, December 17, 2020


Hello friends, welcome to the final segment of this year's Christmas Home Tour!  I feel like my tour is completely backwards this year... I saved the Living Room for last!  Straying away from the norm... appropriate for 2020, no?  It really just took me a little longer to piddle and fluff in here and I enjoyed taking my time.  

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A few weeks ago I shared all about my Christmas tree and the tissue paper flowers.  I've enjoyed it so much this year! 

I pulled my navy striped rug out to layer under the coffee table for the season rather than the cowhide rug that's been there for years.  I know it's technically too small for the space but I'm ok with it for a little while.  We eventually want to get wood floors in here and my mind has already been spinning about the rug options I'll have- ha!

If you missed it in my Fall Tour, the sweetest friend gifted me this coffee table that she was ready to bid farewell to.  I've had an eye out for similar ones for years and was so thankful, what a blessing!  I'm loving more surface area than the brass trunk had (it moved to the Study), especially for my favorite giant bowl of vintage ornaments!    

Can you see the "Merry Christmas" writing on the gold one?  And the tiny little race car next to it?  I picked up a box at a yard sale years ago and there are the most interesting, even tiny little bell and harps and acorns and other shaped ornaments in the mix.  I love getting them out and displaying them this way each year.  

Styling Tip:  I use regular plastic ornaments in the bottom of the larger bowls to fill the space, then just layer the pretty vintage ones on top since they're the only ones that are seen.

The pink poinsettias are actually 3 smaller ones that I found at Walmart.  In their original pots, they didn't fit well and weren't stable in the white punch bowl, so I bought a clear plastic dollar store bowl that fit inside, poked some drainage holes in the bottom, and "repotted" them into that dish.  I can easily lift it out and water it in the sink when needed. 

I've been sharing on Instagram and have had multiple people ask about how I tie my bows.  I think I'll film a video for the bows on my packages and wreaths and share that here in my next post, for future reference if you need it if it's too late for this year!

This bamboo console table and these tobacco leaf lamps are some of my favorite second hand finds.  I only wish I could share a source, so many of you have asked about them!  

The ribbon candy looks pretty but it's not to sample...  I found it at Walmart several years ago and put it back in it's box every year to save it for next year, ha ha! (I've heard Cracker Barrel has it too if you're looking for some.)  I found the glass candies at a yard sale with my Mom probably almost 20 years ago.  They actually have a loop on the end to hang them on the tree which I usually do, but this year they were perfect in this little monkey dish (eBay find).  And lookie there, another bowl of vintage ornaments! 

Rather than the paper fans that I've used for the past few years, I added a few tissue paper flowers to the mantel to complement the ones on the tree.  

I picked up these felt letters for around 50 cents each late in the Summer from the Spring Shop collection clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I gathered up enough to spell out "Merry Christmas" with the exception of just a few letters that they didn't have.  The "T" was a "V" that I cut apart and hot glued back together to make what I needed.  Same thing with the "E", I bought two "F"s and cut and pieced them together.  It worked great and you really can't tell even close up!  The "M"s were originally white but they totally disappeared against the mantel and brick, so I used some food coloring to dye them.   I finished it off by gluing all the letters to a piece of pink bead garland and am so pleased with how it turned out!  The colored bead garland was from TJ Maxx a few years ago. 

I replaced the DIY abstract that usually hangs in this giant frame with a faux boxwood wreath and used a few of my spray painted Christmas village houses from last year and some nutcrackers in this little spot this year.  

I finished it off with this adorable little elf artwork that my daughter made when she was younger.  Actually, she told me yesterday that she thinks if was just a self portrait and she gave herself pointy ears 😂😂 but now and forevermore it's my little Christmas Elf Emily!

This is the little side table that gets relocated to make room for the tree, this year holding my pom pom trees, another bowl of ornaments (can't get enough!), my blue light glasses and coasters.  Remotes are gathered in the lidded box. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas Tour this year!  This year of all years I meant to have my decorating done much earlier, but I've actually enjoyed taking some extra time and working on it a little at a time, and taking more time in the mean time to stop, put decorating on hold,  and enjoy the things going on around me!  May your holiday season be full of hope, peace, and excitement this year as we celebrate our Savior's Birth! 

I wanted to go ahead and get this posted, so I'll be working throughout the day to update the post and add the sources that I can.  However, if there's something in particular you'd like to know about in the meantime just leave me a note in the comments. 

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  1. Jennifer, the vibrant cornucopia of color that you have artfully arranged into outside-the-box holiday decor makes me smile from ear to ear. It is a celebration of life and joy that brings a much needed lift to this dreary, fearful year. Visits to your website whisk me away from the doldrums of daily life to a jubilant feast for my eyes. I wish I could teleport you to my house, so you could wave your magic wand of interior joy-making throughout our rooms. You have an effervescent style of infectious happiness! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! Have a very blessed and merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorations, Jennifer. Your home truly is beautiful. I especially like all the greens and blues. Have been warming up to the color pink, thanks to you.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Stunning! I am not even sure what I can say I like most, I love the vintage ornaments, all of the color, so vibrant! Merry Christmas!

  4. Christmas PERFECTION, Jennifer! I love, love, love it. Happy Holidays!

  5. Very beautiful and cheerful. Do you have a Nativity set somewhere there?

  6. Your home is swoon worthy! Ty for sharing!

    Will you share the name of the fabric for the camels on the green pillows? I love that fabric!


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