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Saturday, December 12, 2020


I intended to get a Christmas Gift Guide together weeks ago, but it just never happened.  I seriously debated even sharing one with you now at this late date, but I thought maybe a few of you are like me and still have 90% of your shopping left to do!  Yikes!  I have a serious sit down date with some lists and my computer this afternoon! If you happen to be in the same boat as me, here are some gift ideas.  The vast majority of these suggestions are things we already own and highly recommend, and if they're not already one of our favorites they are things that are on my family's wish list this Christmas.  So here are my suggestions for her, for him, for teen boys, for teen girls, and for anyone else.  I'm also including some stocking stuffer ideas at the end, I hope you find some things that fill a gap on your list!  

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Camo Tote with Removable Strap- Love this camo + stripe mix, and the longer strap would make this the perfect all-purpose crossbody bag.  Check out this entire shop through the link- it's owned by one of my long time blog friends and I'm so proud of her for what she's built!  Super cute fashion and accessories, and she just added a darling girls' line too! 

Leopard Metal Mesh Apple Watch Band-  I don't own an Apple watch, but if I did this is certainly the band I would want!  Many other pretty solid colors in this metallic mesh style also available.

HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style Book-  I've followed the author on IG for a while now, it is so interesting to see her take on Royal fashion and how every piece is meticulously thought out beforehand and often has a meaning behind it.  This is on my personal list, I think I could spend hours looking at all of the gorgeous photos inside.

Crew Neck Side Split Sweater-- This is one of my favorite Amazon sweater purchases this year.  It's a soft cotton blend so it hasn't pilled at all- yay!  Actually, my daughter steals it every time it's clean and I think she's worn it more than me!  

Stovetop Safe Slow Cooker- I'm probably risking it listing a a kitchen appliance, but I LOVE this cooker and use it all the time!  The reason I like it so much is because the insert is nonstick metal, and I can use it on the stovetop.  I sear meat before slow cooking, or get a soup started on the stove before putting in in the base to simmer for the rest of the day.  I have a few but this is the only slow cooker I ever want to use now.  

Adjustable Loft Memory Foam Pillow- Maybe a strange gift guide item, but I've been on the hunt this year especially for a great new pillow.  I tried two others that came highly recommended by my IG followers, but this one is far and above my favorite.  It is totally adjustable to your desired pillow plumpness- it comes with extra filling to add if you want it more firm, or remove some of the filling if you want less.  It's a very small, soft memory foam shredded filling that resembles a down pillow depending on how full you have it, yet it has some heft to it.  It keeps its shape and doesn't get flat half way through the night- I'm really enjoying it! 

High Waisted 7/8 Length Joggers- I just got 2 pairs of these last week and have worn them on repeat!  The waist if really thick and high and my normal size M is almost more of a legging fit- if you want a more relaxed typical loose jogger fit I would recommend sizing up.  

Statement Artwork-  You all saw this print debuted in my Dining Room earlier this week, and art is a wonderful gift!  Take some time to browse the site, they have so many really great selections.  I wish I had more wall space for more of them! 

Fair Isle Long Cardigan Sweater- bought it, love it! 

Oversized Tortoise Polarized Sunglasses- I think this style would look good on anyone, I just received mine early this week and have been wearing them every since. 

Tote Bag or Car Console Organizer-  I love this so much to keep my large tote bags organized and give them some shape, and if you have a car console compartment that's a black hole this is also a great solution for that! 

Open Heart Small Pendant Necklace- This is such a great every day piece, I wore mine today! 

Silent, Lightweight, TSA Approved Bangles- I've had these for quite a while now they still look as perfect as the day I bought them.  Probably my most worn bracelets. 

Bust Head Planter-  Another staple in my home, these are great spray paint candidates if you don't like the weathered look or color. 

Television Sound Bar and Wireless Sub-Woofer-  My husband added this to the tv in our Living Room and it has made all the difference in the sound!  

Front and Rear Bicycle Light Set-  We've always been bike riders around the neighborhood, but never more than this past year when we tried to get outside as much as possible.  He would often take night time bike rides and I realized that he needed some lights! 

Buddy Portable Heater-  Hands down one of his favorite things.  We loaned this to a couple of friends who lost power during our recent ice storm and they were amazed at the heat it provided in their home.  Great for camping, the garage, wherever you might need some warmth. 

Portable Single Burner Stove- Another thing we shared with friends who lost power and they were so thankful for it, he loves this little burner stove!  He often uses it out back by the creek behind our house and definitely for camping.  

Roll Up Puzzle Mat- He's a puzzle worker during the winter, and has been doing one lately that he has to keep moving around to get it out of the way.  We need one of these mats pronto! 

Rechargeable ARC Lighter-  I shared this a while back in Friday Favorites, but we are still loving it and using it all the time.  It recharges with a USB plug so you never have to worry about fuel running out.  It's great! 

Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds- My husband has had this exact pair for quite a while now.  He says they have a great sound range, deep base, long charge, and are super noise canceling so he enjoys wearing them when he is mowing or weed eating.  I can attest to the effectiveness of the noise cancellation, I have to stand in front of him and flag him down when I want to tell him something- ha! 

Easy Bagger-  I also recently shared this, but I think it's a great idea to include here.  It's a still plastic sheet that holds a large leaf bag open while you fill it, then you just use the cut out plastic handles on it to slide it out of the full bag and tie it up!  Genius! 

Leaf Hands-  Along with that, use these to pick up those leaves in a flash.  Much easier to work with than scooping leaves up with your hand and the rake.  

Cordless Rechargeable Haircut Clippers- The cordless feature was just about enough to have me sold, but they have a long battery life and several different guards and guides to use.  This was actually on my son's wish list this year, nice for the dorm bathroom where a plug might not be readily accessible. 

Survival Multi-tool-  I mean, what pre-teen or teenage boy wouldn't be thrilled with this?  Super handy to keep stashed in the car for emergencies, too. 

Telescoping Fishing Rod and Reel Combo- I asked my son for ideas and this is a winner for sure for him, he has this exact pole.

Wireless Charging Station- No need to plug in multiple devices to recharge, just set them all in their appropriate spot on this dock and that's it! 

LED Mini Pop Up Lantern-  My son got a similar one this Summer, and consequently my husband wanted one too.  This one is solar powered or USB rechargeable, very compact to easily fit in a backpack, and has 3 light modes or a flashlight.  Works great inside a tent! 

Spikeball Game-  A consistent favorite with the teens around here...

Small Super Bright LED Flashlight-  Another thing that my son got earlier this year then my husband wanted his own too!  These are small but super bright and powerful with an adjustable light beam.  Comes in a two pack for a really great price. 

Heavyweight Sherpa Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket- My son asked for one of these last year and I got him this exact one for Christmas.  Pretty sure he's worn it almost every chilly day since then!  I plan to get him a different color this year just so we can see him in a different color- ha! 

Hammock- Another family favorite.  I used it myself a few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a book and a blanket... quite enjoyable! 

Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Set- Another suggestion from my son.  He purchased his own this past Summer and says it's hands down probably the best thing he's ever bought.  He keeps it in his truck, takes it to school, and uses is regularly in his part time job.  A great place for a growing boy to start his tool collection! 

Small Bluetooth Wireless Speaker- this one has great sound quality, and my kids like it because you can pair them with another and get a surround sound effect.  Perfect for using outside! 

Bluetooth Portable Radio/ Wireless Speaker- With the reality of movie theaters not really being an entertainment option right now, drive in movies have become quite popular around here again.  My daughter has enjoyed a few with a small group of friends, but the sound coming through the car radio is never that great.  This is a bluetooth radio and wireless speaker that she can take next time so that the sound on the movie will be amazing in the car!  

Athletic Skort- I'm a little surprised that these are so popular with young girls, but they are!  I like the cute pockets on this one, and there's a phone pocket on the leg of the shorts under the skirt.  She's got one that she's worn several times and it really is cute on her! 

Cross Open Toe Fuzzy Memory Foam Slippers- My daughter isn't really one to wear slippers, but I think she would love wearing these around the house!  I actually have a pair and the memory foam sole is super comfy, and even though they're slides they still provide some warmth.  I also like the sturdy rubber sole in case I walk outside to water plants or get the mail, the bottom doesn't get dirty.  

Lap Desk- She does school virtually 3 days a week, so during that time she often moves between the table or her room to work on her laptop.  I think she would love having one of these lap desks to rest her computer on while she's working on the couch or leaning against her headboard.  

Gold Multi Band Ring and Flower Engraved Ring- She bought both of these rings earlier this year for herself and has really enjoyed them.  Great quality for the price so far! 

Cozy Sherpa Sweatshirt- (multiple colors) I have one and thought she would love one too. 

Weighted Blanket- one of the top things on my daughter's list this year, this one has over 24K nearly perfect ratings! 

LED Strip Lights- also high on her list.  This roll is a super long 65 feet, surely enough to circle the perimeter of her bedroom.  

I might usually have a "hostess gifts" section, but since you're likely only hostessing your own family this year, here are some ideas that would work for a range of people- neighbors, co-workers, or anyone else you might need to have an extra gift on hand for.

The Southern Entertainer's Cookbook-  Courtney's new book is lovely!  I seriously want to try virtually every recipe included and have already made the Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Sheet Cake- both probably the best I've ever made!  Courtney's styling and photography in her books is always such a treat to enjoy as well. 

20 Piece Bamboo Flatware Set-  I've had this exact set for probably 2 years now, wash it in the dishwasher regularly, and have never had one problem with it.  Super happy with the quality and value!

Insulated Stainless Steel Mug-  My husband has the Yeti version and says it's his new favorite thing- he has to leave the lid off or it almost stays too hot- but this one is a more affordable version still with great reviews!

Rechargeable ARC Lighter with Flexible Neck- a slightly different version of the lighter above, this one has a flexible neck and is particularly nice for candles or hard to reach spots.  We've had ours for a couple of months now and are SO happy with it! 

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea- 50 tea bags, this is my all time favorite flavored tea.  It's good hot or cold and doesn't really need any sweetner (unless you just want to add some!).

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons- On my personal wish list,  I love that these have a narrow end so they will fit right into the spice jar- all of my current spoons are too wide! 

Marble Petal Tray-  This is a splurge but truly a timeless, investment piece that will only be more and more beautiful as the years go by.  I use mine as a beautiful base for a candle, a vase of flowers, etc. 

Absorbent Marble Design Coasters-  I have several beautiful coaster sets, but none are absorbent at all and the plastic cups full of ice and water that my kids like to use just sweat in a big puddle all over them.  Also on my personal list, the set of 6 is super affordable with fantastic reviews. 

Spray Paint Trigger Handle- Seriously a life saver when you're spray painting!  Anyone who even does a little bit of DIY projects would love this. 

Tassel Pom Pom Charm-  I've had this thing (2 actually!) for several years now, you guys have likely seen it often!  So great on a lamp, bag handle, or basket- fun idea for just a little something for someone!  

Wood Bead Garland with Tassels- Such a great styling piece, to use as a garland or draped in a tray on a coffee table.  I spray painted mine...

24 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler- My new favorite cup- I have 4 of them now and use one daily.  My ice stays in it for hours and hours, even overnight! I wash them on the top rack of the dishwasher every time with no trouble! 

I was going to share these in a separate post in a few days, but I think at this point time is of the essence so I'll go ahead and include them here!  Hope you find something helpful! 

Silicone Apple Watch Band 4-pack-  Fun to be able to switch out different bands. 

Cursive Handwriting Workbook-  Recently we were discussing how many kids don't learn cursive writing at school any more.  My kids didn't have much instruction on it and my daughter was saying that she wished she had learned more.  I thought this little workbook might be fun for her to work through. 

Silicone Face Scrubber-  These are golden!  I use one to gently scrub my face with my cleanser and they work to get so much more makeup off than just rubbing with my hands alone.  Nice for some light exfoliating, too! 

Small Smith & Wesson Pocket Knife- My husband has this exact one and thought I should include it.  He and my son probably always have a pocket knife on their person, and I ask them to pull it out for one thing or another plenty of times too!  

Terry Cloth Lined Shower Cap- $16 for a shower cap?  YES!! Worth every penny!  It's lined with terry cloth so it saves any curl you want to keep in your hair.  I've had mine for years- run it through the washer occasionally, it's a fave!  

Blue Light Glasses- Man, with the amount of time we're on our screens for work and school now, anything that reduces eye strain even a little bit helps!  I bought these for my kids earlier this year, I wear a pair myself and can tell a difference when I've been on the computer for a long time and forgot to put them on.  This set of 2 is a steal with great reviews.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat-  The suction cups secure it to the bottom of your sink so you can scrub your brushes on all of the different textures then run them under water to rinse, so helpful!

American Flag Neck Gaiter/Face Mask- My son wears these exact ones often, he likes the ease of pulling them up and down. 

Hot Hands Warmers- always helpful!  

Body Massage Roller- A friend turned us on to this recently for shoulder tension and muscle knots, it really is a nice tool to use! 

AA Batteries- Split up this 48 pack and drop a few in several people's stocking.  I don't think anyone would ever be upset about getting batteries in their stocking!  

Power Strip-  I was just telling my husband that we needed a power strip under the couch, so I bought this one!  We have floor outlets but my big computer charger doesn't fit in them well, and by the time we have that, lamps, and phones plugged in to charge in those spots we run out of room!  This little strip is great- the outlets are spaced wide enough for larger chargers, and you can also plug USB cords directly into the side- no need for cubes.  

Bracelet Key Chain- My daughter doesn't even own a purse, she just carries her keys and a tiny wallet everywhere.  Love this key chain bracelet with the card case attached and I think she will too! 

Nightlights-  Split up this 4 pack for the people you never know what to get- these are great little nightlights perfect to pop in any outlet. 

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  1. Wow, Jennifer, that is an impressive gift guide. Wonderful items. I am so glad you included the spray paint handle. I discovered those about five years ago, and I absolutely love them. Happy Holidays!


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