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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Hello everyone, welcome back to Part 2 of my 2020 Christmas Home Tour!  I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my Christmas Tree that I shared earlier in the week, I'm still working away trying to get everything else decorated!  Today I have the Entry and our Breakfast Nook ready to share with you.  I hope you have a warm drink and get some Christmas inspiration as you scroll through the tour today!  

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Rug here or here  ||  Disco Ball  || 
Dresser- SW Tricorn Black  ||  Mirror Spray Paint

True to form, I use mostly things I already have, but try to mix them up and arrange things a bit differently from year to year.  I kind of know what works best where in my home so things look similar from year to year, but still like to change things around a little bit to keep it interesting! 

Green and Pagoda Lanterns- At Home Stores but several years old
Bottle Brush Trees- Hobby Lobby

The Entry is always my opportunity to play around a bit and have some fun with the space.  This year I reused the FALALA sign that I made last year and mixed in some of my blue and white pieces with some favorite lanterns and loads of bottle brush trees to create a colorful display. 

I love to use ornaments to scatter around my vignettes when there's an empty spot or a place that just needs a little something extra.  Tip:  Use a tiny bit of sticky-tack putty on the bottom of the ball to keep it in place.  

Get the look with a similar printable image here or here

I've had these large stars for years, some from Ikea, some from Target.  They come with an optional light cord that you can use, I loop the cord over the top of the mirror and let it hang down the back to hold them in place.   And just an FYI... this was take two on decorating this space!  I started out with something different and didn't like it, so I started over.  I'd encourage you to work on your space until it seems just right to YOU and you're happy with it! 

Moving into our Breakfast Nook, this is our eating area in the kitchen.  Earlier this Spring I replaced our old antique table with this modern brass and simulated marble top round table (not available-sorry!).  This space is a bit of a hodge podge of everything, and I like it that way.  These chairs came with the table in my dining room, but I wanted to break up the set so I put them in here.   I'm really enjoying the table shape and how it's mixed things up in here!  

This year I wanted to be intentional on our focus on Advent.  We've always observed it together with our church family, but never really made a specific focus on it at home.  I created a simple Advent wreath centerpiece to stay on this table.  As a family, we're reading a chapter of Luke daily and we'll be lighting each appropriate candle on Sundays throughout the season and watching the corresponding video from this series.  Something small, but I know it will help keep our focus on HIM this season! 

To assemble the centerpiece, I rested a faux greenery wreath on the marble lazy susan that stays on the table (I like the little bit of height it adds).  Then, I used a small pedestal to display a few pieces from the Celadon Nativity set that my in laws brought us from Thailand.  I finished it off by adding the Advent candles (from Hobby Lobby) in some short candle holders around the edge.  Simple and it's not obtrusive and won't be in the way at all as we eat meals, do homework, and everything else at this table!

Every year I switch out my botanical gallery wall at Christmas.  I have a mixture of these 12 Days of Christmas printables and these Advent Scripture cards to fill in all 25 frames.  The 12 Days pictures are just mounted on poster board to act as a mat and fit the frame, as are the scripture cards.  I keep them stored in each frame behind the botanical art, then just flip them to the front for Christmas!  The chandelier is a vintage FB Marketplace find.

Probably my very favorite Christmas decoration... a bowl full of pretty ornaments! 

This spot is definitely the heart of our home and where you'll find us most often!

Gingham Settee- At Home Stores past season  ||  Pillow fabric- discontinued  ||  Striped Chair Seat Fabric  ||  Elephant Table- Vintage  ||  Blue and White Drapes Source Guide  ||  Similar Cowhide Rug  ||  Cordless Bamboo Shades

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  1. Love your use of color! So very pretty.

  2. Always perfect! Did your turquoise bottle brush trees come in that color, or did you spray them. I have never seen that color at Hobby Lobby, or anywhere for that matter, and I need that color. Thanks, Jennifer.


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