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Thursday, August 1, 2019


I have 3 sets of blue and white drapes in my home and am often asked where I got them. Since I make my own draperies, I never have a good answer for that!  So, I decided to scour the internet and put together a source guide for you if you're shopping for blue and white curtains.  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

To start with, though, I'll share my fabric sources just in case you're handy with a sewing machine too and would like to make your own (it's really not hard, I shared a tutorial here).

The first set of blue and white drapes I added to my home were in my bedroom.  I just love this fabric and it looks good everywhere I've seen it!

When I changed from black and white to blue and white curtains in the main part of the house, I made these spotted/brush stroke panels for the Dining Room.  This is such a fun, versatile fabric!

This is going to part of my "Mistakes I've Made" post that I'm compiling ;) but if you have a sharp eye you might remember seeing these curtains up for a few posts last year.  I made them and then decided they weren't quite right for me, then did what I should have done in the first place and bought the fabric I really wanted instead of the one that was a little less expensive (you would think I had learned my lesson here).  It worked out, though. My Mom is using one set of the panels in her house and I'll sell the other locally.  My friend Rebekah hung the same fabric in her home and they look like a million bucks!  Just not quite right for my mix. 

Here are my current Living Room and Breakfast Nook drapes that I replaced the previous ones with.  Honestly, you might have never even noticed the difference.  It's a subtle difference in the pattern and color but feels much better to me with all of my other colors and patterns.

Blue Ikat Fabric

Fabric Sources:

Now, here are some drapes I found that are similar to mine.  Some are listings for custom made drapes with the same fabric as mine.  Some of them are ready-made and almost a perfect match, and a whole lot less expensive than what I spent on fabric!  Most are available in different lengths, some are lined, some are not, some are room darkening...  you'll just have to read the description of the ones you might be interested in.  Just click on the photo for more details for each one.

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  1. blue and white is perfect mix. Great ideas for summer.

    Helen | editor at


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