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Thursday, July 25, 2019


Welcome back to our final day of my Summer Home Tour!  If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to take a minute to go back and tour those as well.  Today we'll finish up with a look at the Patio.  We are so thankful for this space that extends the living space of our home, and love using it to entertain!   (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

As a reminder, we remodeled and added on to our patio several years ago, you can see the original reveal with links to all of the projects involved here.

Then last Summer I painted the outdoor fireplace white.  Still so, so happy with that decision!

I found the cutest pom pom garlands at Walmart in their Summer section, and the patio mantel ended up being the perfect place to hang them.

 Pom Pom Garland- Walmart Summer Collection  ||  Black Pagoda Lantern-Homegoods  ||  Similar Banana Leaf Tray  ||  Hearth Faux Topiaries- Ikea  ||  Blue and White Pots- Ross  ||  Small Mirror Ball

I came across these faux boxwood balls with the Spring Collection at Hobby Lobby, and they were the perfect fit to drop in the little bowls on the mantel.  RIP to the little succulents that eventually died off that used to be planted in them.  ;)

I rotated a few pillows from last Summer and brought some of my hot pink pillows outside.  They aren't outdoor fabric and I've had other materials fade in the past, so I tried this spray on them.  Even though they aren't in much direct sunlight they still get some through the day, but so far so good!

You might remember these pink elephants from last Summer's tour.  In hindsight, they looked fantastic after I painted them but the paint I used didn't hold up well to the elements at all and they faded pretty quickly.  This year I tried this spray paint that I've used on several other things inside the house and the color is holding up so much better.

The green garden stools are painted my favorite green, I showed you how to paint ceramics here.  I do have to touch them up in a few spots about once a year but I can live with that!

Moving over to the dining area...  Last year we switched out the rectangular dining table for a round one that my son made in Wood Tech (Shop) at school.  Best class ever!  ;)

 Pink Placemats- Hobby Lobby Spring Collection- similar here  ||  Bamboo Flatware  ||  Blue Geometric Salad Plates  ||  Gingham Napkins  ||  DIY Pom Pom Napkin Rings  ||  Rainbow Yarn

Dining Chairs  ||  Rug- Ikea

We do eat out here as much as possible, if it's not blistering hot and those horrible pesky flies aren't too bothersome.  (We love this stuff to combat mosquitos, but haven't found the trick for flies yet!  Well- my son does have an awfully good time using this...)

Thanks so much for coming over for our Summer Tour! I hope you're enjoying yours, I walked through the grocery store last night and my daughter groaned at all of the school supplies that were out!

Most Patio Sources listed HERE, newer additions are linked when possible in today's post. 

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  1. I love, LOOOOVE your patio! When we built here, 6 years ago, we came from being surrounded by woods and very little sun. So, I THOUGHT I d a sunny patio. I hate it now. I wish so much we could cover it but I don't see a way. I love your style. Thanks SO much for all the links you always provide!!!

    1. whoops, typo! Should say, I thought I wanted a sunny patio.

  2. I so enjoy opening your emails. You have an absolutely amazing talent for interior (and exterior!) design. Thank you for sharing your truly inspiring home!

  3. Such a happy place. Love the outdoors and your patio I would never leave.

  4. Jennifer, I follow your blog and have always enjoyed your creativity with color. On your summer porch tour I noticed that you have a wooden fence. I just wanted to tell you about how we painted our wooden fence with Farrow and Ball "Lichen" stain. It was an absolutely amazing transformation. It is a gray green color and softens the starkness of the fence. Our yard now looks like a room. A friend who is a landscape designer suggested it and we are SO happy with the results. Just an idea for you.....:)


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