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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Welcome to Part 3 of my 2020 Fall Tour!  Today I'll be showing you around my Dining Room and Breakfast Nook.  I hope you're all enjoying the "It's A Colorful Life" Fall tours this week!

Continuing with the more calm, natural vibe that I wanted inside for my Fall decor this year, the Dining Room got a bit of drama!  My Mother-in-law has a huge pampas grass plant in her yard and let me trim some plumes- it didn't even look like I had cut any after I took these!  They are so gorgeous and fluffy, I couldn't be happier with the statement they make as a centerpiece!  They're tall enough that they can stay put even when we're seated, so we can easily add some place settings or still sit and work at the table.  

Brass Wall Sconce  ||  Look For Less Sconces here or here  ||  Chandelier- vintage

If you're not blessed to have a Mother-in-law who allows you to freely cut whatever you want from her yard, plumes can be found here.

This spot is generally blog (for me) and school (for my daughter) work central right now, it's definitely a well used hard working space!

For the original Dining Room makeover with more details on this room, please see this post.  

So that's one eating area, let's move into our every day meal spot, the Breakfast Nook.  You'll often find us sitting here and the table gets used for multiple purposes every day, so here's the simple everyday Fall centerpiece-

Marble Lazy Susan- Marshalls  ||  Bamboo Vase- Hobby Lobby (not sure if current)

I had a little fun putting together a simple Fall tablescape-

Round Pedestal Table  ||  Gingham Bench- past season At Home Stores  ||  Pillows- Kate Spade discontinued fabric- sorry!  ||  Botanical Gallery Wall Tutorial

If you missed my other Fall tours, you can catch up on them here-

(that post has the It's A Colorful Life Tour schedule at the bottom if you need to catch up on those)

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  1. I love your whole fall tour. You mentioned that you and your daughter are using the dining room table as your work station right now. I think this may be a nice part of this very strange year...the fact that many are USING their more formal dining rooms more now then just for those SPECIAL occasions. Your ( mother-in-law's) pampas plumes are perfect for this time of year.

  2. Thank you for another festive and beautiful fall tour.


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