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Thursday, October 8, 2020


Isn't Fall just the best???  When you can pull out your sweaters and the air turns crisp and the mornings and evenings are cool with warm days... my favorite!  I think Fall might be my favorite season to decorate for as well, it's not as elaborate or time intensive as Christmas and when I'm finished everything just feels like a big cozy hug!  Does that even make sense?!?  Ha!  I'm excited to kick off this year's It's A Colorful Life Fall Tour by sharing my front porch with you, and I'm even throwing in a little mini pumpkin wreath tutorial for the wreath that's on my front door this year.  So let's take a look!

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I think all of these things but the wreath are things you've probably seen before.  I like to try to use what I have but mix it up a little every year.  My Kimberly Queen ferns are always still going strong in the Fall, so they just get added into the mix and add some nice bulk and height. 

These pink squirrels are old friends by now and it always makes me so happy to pull them out of the attic.  

Squirrel- past season from At Home Stores, sprayed pink  ||  Cane Lanterns- past season At Home Stores (Similar Here)

The only newbie to the mix this year is the real star of the show- this mini pumpkin wreath!  I actually made it towards the end of the season last year but didn't love it at first and never really shared it.  I pulled it out this year intending to just spray the entire thing a solid color.  However, with strong encouragement from my friends on Instagram I made a few small changes instead (painted the stems gold which I had not previously done, and added the fun gingham bow rather than the solid hot pink bow I used last year) and I completely fell in love with it!  

I didn't write a full tutorial for this wreath, but here's a quick run down.  I used a combo of these pumpkins and some smaller ones from Dollar Tree (mine had a little spring clip on the bottom but I just pulled that out).  I found that having two slightly different sizes worked a bit better when trying to fit them all together, and didn't count exactly but I had over 100 pumpkins.  I used my quick trick to spray paint them all different colors- stick a wooden skewer in the bottom of each one, hold the end of the skewer and rotate while you spray the pumpkin completely, then stick it in the grass to dry!    

how to paint faux pumpkins, mini pumpkin wreath tutorial

These are the colors I used- Sunburst Yellow, Real Orange, Candy Pink, Poppy Pink, Green Apple, Meadow Green, Spa Blue, Navy Blue.

To assemble, I started with a straw wreath base that I left in the plastic (so it's not messy), then wrapped with a wide ribbon just in case there were spots where the wreath showed through the pumpkins (and there were).  Then, I started by using hot glue to attach a ring of pumpkins around the back edge, then worked my way to the inside of the wreath, layering the pumpkins to fill in holes as I went.  I started primarily with my larger size and then filled in with the smaller pumpkins where needed.  

After finishing attaching all of the pumpkins, I painted all of the stems gold with a small brush and gold metallic craft paint, then added the bow.  And there you have it!  This was not a particularly inexpensive or quick project (I probably spent around $50 on supplies and many hours with a hot glue gun and a movie!), but I'm so happy with how it turned out!

mini pumpkin wreath, diy pumpkin wreath, how to make a mini pumpkin wreath, colorful Fall decorations

The bulk of my decorations are closer to the front of my porch, but I tucked a few things just to the side of the door as well.  I've had this picnic basket for 26 years... my sweet sister in law was very thoughtful on our wedding day and loaded it up with a variety of snacks, then sent it with us on our (road trip) honeymoon.  It's something I never would have thought of but was so nice to have some things to snack on as we traveled and then in our hotel room.   I've also had that old oil lantern forever and pull it out every Fall, maybe from a garage sale?  I don't even remember!  

Similar Large Lantern set here, or large single lanterns here, here, or here
Large Pumpkins $1.99 at Aldi this week! 

Oh hello cutie...

I hope you enjoyed the Fall porch tour today!  And get ready...  beginning on Monday I'll be with 20+ of my favorite color loving blogger friends to share our "It's A Colorful Life" Fall Tours with you!  I can't wait!


"It's A Colorful Life" Fall Tour Wrap Up-see a sample from over 20 other color loving bloggers' Fall Tours, and click over to see their full tour.  Loads of inspiration! 

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  1. I just absolutely love how you always incorporate colors! So beautiful!

  2. Stellar job on the porch, and that wreath is fabulous!

    1. Thank you Miche, I always appreciate your kind comments! <3

  3. Gorgeous front porch. Love, love the wreath. So glad you put it out there for some positive comments to make it better. And that you did. It shines on your front door. Makes all the other fall decorations come alive.

  4. What kind of ferns are those Jen? Are they hard to kill? I have two giant urns & need something hearty to plant in them.

  5. Rustoleum spray paint and I are the best of friends as I have as many cans of paint as there are crayons in a box! lol Recently bought three candle sticks, which were needing some love, and sprayed them all white - what a transformation! I've always said Jen, YOU are my mentor and inspiration, and believe you would be proud of me re some of the many things I've accomplished in my years following you........ ;)


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