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Monday, May 11, 2020


Graduation season is upon us, and although our grads are tragically missing their graduation ceremony and parties, we can and should still shower them with lots of love!  Honestly, I've always been a little stumped for graduation gift ideas.  I mean cash is always an obvious choice (and very much appreciated if the grad is saving up for something big like a computer to use at school), but sometimes one might be looking to give something a bit more personal.  Well now that I've had a past graduate who received some super thoughtful gifts last year, I feel like I can pass along some great Graduation Gift Guide suggestions to you!

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Other than cash I already mentioned, Gift Cards were also very much appreciated.  In addition to being able to use them for essentials needed to outfit my son's dorm room, there were things that came up that he needed that we couldn't anticipate until the last minute, and it sure was nice to have a stash of gift cards to use for those items.  His most useful cards were:

Aldi Gift Card- he loves having a grocery store gift card so he doesn't have to use his spending money for snacks! 

But as I said, you might be looking for a more personal gift.  Here are the things that we know from experience were fantastic gifts!

Shower Wrap- Our pick for our girl grads last year.  I bought plain ones and monogrammed them myself, but these are some affordable ones that come with the personalization already done. There are a few more options pictured at the end of the post, plain or customized.

First Aid Kit- Our pick for what we gave our guy grads last year, super practical but necessary to have!

Personalized Laundry Bag- A definite necessity!

Personalized Laptop Case or Basic Laptop Case- Most likely, nearly every student now has their own laptop which they take with them everywhere.  A good protective case is essential.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Ear Buds- A great lower price alternative to Apple Earpods, these have nice features and good reviews.

Beats Headphones- Pricey but if you have a special grad you'd like to spend a bit more on, my son has said how grateful he has been to have some of these.

Rainbow Magnets- Cute dorm decor for photos or the fridge!

Power Strip- Something I wouldn't have thought of but my son received as a gift last year, and it was a great idea!

Flash Drive- Also something he received that was super helpful.

Photo Clip String Lights- A popular dorm decor choice for ladies.

Command Hooks, Command Spring Clips, and Command Strips- Throw in a pack or two with a grad gift, the recipient will love you for it when it's time to decorate their dorm room.

Laundry Basket filled with Cleaning Supplies- maybe not the most exciting gift, but trust me... when laundry day comes, your grad (and their parents!) will love that you've already rounded up everything they need!

Electric Hot Water Kettle- So useful for not only hot drinks for late night study sessions, but also instant oatmeal, mac & cheese, etc!

Coffee French Press- His roommate brought a Keurig, but my son really preferred using a french press to make coffee before he headed out for the day.  The electric kettle listed above was perfect to use with the press.

Filtered Water Pitcher- My son and his roomate enjoyed having this pitcher that they could keep in their dorm fridge.

Wireless Speaker- Nice to have not only for a dorm room but for other spots around campus where they might want some tunes.

Google Nest Mini Speaker- Another super handy gadget to have.

Shower Caddy- My son has this exact one and it's perfect for carrying everything he needs back and forth to the shower.  He likes that he's able to hang it on a hook and doesn't have to just set it down like you would a hard plastic caddy.  This one is seasonal so may or may not be in stock, but this looks like a great one too and is readily available any time.

Charcoal Bag Air Fresheners-  Boys' Dorm.  Enough Said. They really work!

P.S.- If you have a graduate and want you own custom announcements, Minted has some great options and it's really user friendly to create the perfect card for your graduate.

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