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Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Welcome back for Part 2 of my It's a Colorful Life Summer Tour! Thank you so much for your sweet response to Part 1 of my tour, and I'm glad you all are enjoying the other colorful Summer home tours this week.   Today I'll be sharing a few other spaces in our home with you, starting with the Dining Room.

This space got a pretty good refresh of most of the major pieces last year, but I recently repainted the china cabinet a slightly deeper shade of green and switched out the artwork. 

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I sure do love to get creative setting tablescapes in this space, but most of the time I just keep a simple centerpiece here.  I've had fresh orchids in this bowl since February (I shared how I assemble it here) but they just recently bit the dust so I replaced them with some fresh hot pink ones.

 Similar Bowl  ||  Large Vases- Ross  ||  Chair Back Fabric  ||  Chair Seat Fabric here or here  ||  Similar Chairs here or here

I sit here often to work and blog, but we sure are ready for this room to get more use hosting our friends and family gathered around the table!  

In the Master Bedroom, I change up the pillow combo pretty frequently but there's not much new in here.

Similar Rug here, here, or here

I did make a few new pillows with fabric that I've had for several years but hadn't made it up yet.  It's a little hard to see here but it's fabric with monkeys and blue and white pieces on it- ha!  I also have it in the red version (more tomato red in real life than it looks in the link I'd say, see it here on a tablescape) but I honestly don't remember where I got this white colorway. (Found identical lamps online here and here).

I did pick up some new lamps at Homegoods recently too.  It occurred to me how similar in shape they are to the old brass thrift store lamps that I made over (you just saw those in my Entry on Part 1 of my tour, painted pink now!), but the base is slightly chunkier and I like the scale of these better.  

I made the Euro pillows in back (no fabric source, sorry!) and the leopard pillows in front.  They are made with fabric that's been put on clearance at Hobby Lobby but it might still be in some stores.  I was recently bemoaning the fact that I didn't buy a few extra yards before it was out of stock in my area, and a sweet follower on IG shipped me a few yards from her local HL store that still had some!  You guys are the nicest! The poms are just pink and orange yarn mixed and stitched on the corners.   The pink pillow is a color that Ikea carried briefly (wish they would bring it back!) and I added a monogram to the front. 

 DIY Bedskirt Tutorial  ||  Similar Blue and White Curtains here or here  ||
Blue and White Drapes Source Guide

Adjoining the bedroom is our newly finished Master Bath!  I'm nothing if not consistent with my color scheme, right?   ;)  No new photos in here yet but here's a few from the reveal if you missed it-  (all known sources listed in linked post)

For anyone who might be here as a newer reader today, here are a few other spaces in our home you might enjoy touring.  We actually just finished up another bath remodel earlier this year too, our kids' Jack and Jill bathroom.  Can I just say that how happy I am that all of the bathrooms in our house are now updated (our house is 25 years old) and everything is in full working order??? (all known sources listed in linked post)

My son's room adjoins the Jack and Jill on one side, I began freshening up his room earlier this year  but still have the other side to complete.  That will be on the to-do list for this Fall! (all known sources listed in linked post)

My daughter's room adjoins the other end of the bathroom.  It got an update from her little girl room a few years ago for the One Room Challenge. (all known sources listed in linked post)

Lastly, here's a peek at our patio if you've never seen it.  These photos are from last year's Summer tour but I didn't change a thing this year.  We are so very thankful for this space to use for entertaining, for our family to relax in and as an extension of our square footage! (all known sources listed in linked post)

Don't forget our Summer Home Tour is still going on this week, here's the schedule so you can check out those you might have missed!

IT'S A COLORFUL LIFE- "Snapshots of Summer" Tour 2020





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  1. So cute & cohesive throughout, what a fun, welcoming space to hang out. Love to see all the rooms & special pieces.

  2. Have you had a chance to soak in your new tub? How is it?

  3. always! I had been searching for green check fabric to cover two lampshades in our guest room. I couldn’t find it, and I never thought to look for a tablecloth! Love when I find a fix from a favorite blogger!! Happy summer!

  4. Full of color! Love that so much!! And stunning as always!

  5. Oh my goodness! Your home makes me so happy! The details are amazing. I especially love the window treatment you did in your toilet room. SO cute! I pinned a bunch of things to my summer board. Thanks for letting me be a part of this fun summer series!


  6. I'm such a huge fan of yours! You have such great ideas~ Maybe I missed it, but where did you find the cute

  7. Sewing Scissors or Fabric Shears. Don't settle for a standard pair of scissors. basic sewing kit


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