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Saturday, June 30, 2018


The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday for my family, probably falling right after Christmas and Thanksgiving for us.  We sit in the same spot in front of the Fire Station for our hometown parade every year, then caravan over to my parents' house nearby for lunch and games for the rest of the day.  It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate our freedoms and we enjoy being together and making it festive!  I put together a red, white, and blue tablescape a few days ago to share with you as you gather ideas for your own festivities for the Fourth coming up this week as well.

The star of the show is this fantastically simple flag centerpiece.  My friend Emily shared a video assembling it on her Instagram feed several posts back and I knew immediately that I had everything I needed to put one together myself.  I added some shredded filler to cover the styrofoam in the bowl and had it done in less than 5 minutes.  I enjoy big showy centerpieces but if they're too tall I make sure they can be easily and quickly removed from the table when it's time to eat...we want to see the person sitting across from us!  ;)

The other component to this table that is my favorite is the monkey ginger jars fabric tablecloth.  I bought the fabric several months ago and intend to make pillows with it, but I couldn't resist setting a table with it before I cut it up.  The red, white, and blue for the Fourth was the perfect occasion, it's just the cutest!

Also tying in to the red, white, and blue theme I raided the check out line and the grocery store and picked up these Hostess treats... Blue snowballs? Red zingers? White powdered doughnuts?  Perfect to add in for more patriotic colors and to pass off to the kids to snack on later in the day (except the powdered doughnuts, save those for me!).

I love these napkin rings.  They were an after Christmas clearance find at Target years ago, and I could only find 4.  I mix and match them with others when I need more but these always remind me of fireworks so I had to add them to the table.

I used a few other things from around the house that fit the color or patriotic theme- bowls of watermelon and blueberries, and this baseball from my son's room that he caught during a practice round at a game he attended.  Nothing more American than baseball, right?

I gathered some pillows from around the house that fit the color scheme as well to use around the table.

I thought I'd wrap up by showing you the opposite wall where our letter board hangs.  Good reminders for us all as we see this encouragement while we sit at the table every day!

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  1. Love it and the letterboard......will make this my own in my kitchen. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday Jen and friends!

  2. You really do the most lovely tablescapes! The close up pictures are great to see all your detail. I would really love to see the perspective of how it all looks in the room. That is, a photo from the distance. I really appreciate you sharing your creative talents with us all! Have a happy 4th!

  3. What a beautiful and fun tablescape. Your home always looks so colorful,friendly and inviting. Hope you and your family have a most wonderful 4th of July

  4. Your family is so blessed to have a mom/wife who loves celebrating each holiday with such panache`! Your talents are endless....thank you for sharing with your followers!

  5. How many yards of fabric did it take you for your table cloth?

  6. Love your table and the table cloth is so pretty. Happy 4th.


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