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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Boy, the months sure do fly by!  Here's a review of what's been going on around here since April in case you've missed a post here and there.

A good deal of April and May was consumed by my daughter's room makeover for the One Room Challenge.  Here's the reveal post, with all of the details and weekly updates also linked in that post.

I teamed up with some stylish blogger friends for a virtual Summer Progressive Dinner Party tour.  Lots of great entertaining ideas here!

At a recent Women's Retreat for our state, we set up a mock home and encouraged ladies to walk through and pray for each room in their own home.  I shared a tour of that space and the prayers and scriptures for each room if you'd like to do the same.  

We took a month off this quarter but still had two great topcs for My Five Favorites.  First, My Five Favorite Ways to Decorate the Porch and Patio-

Another season, another set of home tours!  Here's my Summer Home Tour Part 1,

and Summer Home Tour Part 2- Patio Refresh.  I can't tell you how much we love the painted brick on the outdoor fireplace!

Does your outdoor space need a boost?  Sometime adding one simple accessory can make all there difference!  These Stylish Patio Umbrellas make a statement and provide precious shade from the Summer sun.

I shared a "new" pair of lamps in the Tobacco Leaf pattern that have a sentimental connection in addition to being a great find.

Can you believe tomorrow is the Fourth?  It seems like it was just Christmas!  Here's a post with some decorating inspiration and simple recipe ideas,

and here's my red, white, and blue tablescape with the easiest flag centerpiece to show your patriotism!

Have a great holiday, friends, and Happy Fourth of July! 

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Psst... I have a fun project in the works over on Instagram, and YOU can be a part too!  Here's a link to my profile, then click on my photo to see my stories about the #ThrowPillowThrowDown- just excuse my awkward self on video!  ;)  (If the stories have expired I'll save them in my highlights so you can still see them, just click on the appropriate circle photo under my picture.)  

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  1. Jennifer, you always amaze me with what you get accomplished. I did share the idea about "praying through your home" with the head of our WM team and she LOVED the idea! We may incorporate something similar into our events for next year. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Jennifer, I copied your idea in decorating enameled display boxes. I found a white one with brass handle at Home Goods. The front was so plain. Then I remembered your glueing jewelry on them. I found a large pin (broach) in my jewelry box. Now it looks so much better!
    Happy 4th!


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