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Monday, July 20, 2020


Hello friends... both those who have been around for a while and those who might be first time visitors,  I'm so happy to be kicking off our It's A Colorful Life Summer Tour today!  This year has definitely been anything but predictable and timelines are seemingly irrelevant, so even though it's a late Summer tour my color-loving friends and I still wanted to take the opportunity to share a glimpse of our Summer homes with you.  And in keeping with the lazy days of Summer, we are just sharing some casual snapshots from around our homes... nothing especially fancy!

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My Master Bathroom makeover has been consuming every bit of my time up until the point when I revealed it last week, and the rest of the house received zero attention during that time.  So, it's been night to spruce up, rearrange, and move things around a little bit for Summer.  I never do a complete overhaul for changing seasons (unless it's Christmas!), I tend to just move accessories around to different locations and create different vignettes and mix up my pillow combinations.  Just a few simple changes can freshen up your space!

Let's begin the tour today in the Entry.  One big change here... did the new rug catch your eye??  Surya reached out to me to and invited me to share one of their rugs, and I was thrilled because I knew immediately which one I wanted to use!  I saw this rug years ago on the cover of HGTV Magazine and it's been on my radar ever since.  I mean blue, green and pink... it's all of my favorite colors rolled into one!

 I think a new rug is one of the quickest, easiest ways you can get a totally new look in a space and I'm loving this one here!  (And hint hint... make sure you're following me on Instagram and keep an eye out this week because I get to give one of these away to one of my followers!) 

I pulled my pink thrift store makeover lamps back out and everything else you've seen often around here, like I said I just shuffle around all of my favorite things!

Moving into the Living Room, I recently found some new lamps that I thought I might try for the mantel.  It's been ages since I've had a pair of lamps there but I really do like the look.  

Since it's Summer and we don't need anything for the fireplace right now, I removed the brass fan screen and played around with our empty firebox.  I filled it up with my giant mirrored ball and some of my larger blue and white pieces, it's kind of a fun focal point!

The lamps had a beautiful white shade but it got lost in the white brick, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add in some color and gingham!  I did have some left over from the cornices in my bathroom after all...  ;)   The shades were so nice that I didn't want to damage them should I want to return them to their original white in the future, so I came up with a way to make this a temporary fix.  I'll share that simple project in an upcoming post.  

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I also couldn't resist using some of my extra fabric for new pillows in the pink chairs.  The poms in the corners are just a multi-colored yarn that I used to make basic pom poms, then hand stitched them on in the corners.  

Similar Throw Blanket here or here  ||  Gingham Fabric  ||  Blue and White Drapery Source Guide

I spotted this cute new tray at Homegoods last month.  I originally bought it for the patio coffee table but it landed here instead and it's perfect for Summer vibes.  I sprayed a natural wood bead garland and added some tassels with the same colorful yarn that I used to make the pom poms on the pillows.  

A while back I ordered a couple of gorgeous new kilim pillow covers from my friend Courtney's shop.  Each one is unique, the colors are so vibrant and I love the amazing oversized graphic floral designs.  Be sure to follow @ZigandCompany on Instagram to be the first to know when she receives a new shipment!

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We'll wrap up today's tour with a peek in the kitchen.  I changed up this wall earlier in the Spring, but recently tweaked the plates a little bit.  

When we were together for the 4th of July several in my family make a quick thrift store run for fun, and I spotted this cute ginger jar that was marked down to $2.50!  It was missing it's lid but it works perfectly as a vase.  The green pedestal plate and blue and white bowl were gifts from my sweet friend who we visited in England several years ago.  She was an avid auction antique shopper there and it was so fun to see all of the amazing dishes she scored over the time they lived there.

Isn't this dish towel the cutest?  Perfect for a little bit of Summer fun!

I hope you enjoy the It's a Colorful Life Summer blog hop this week!  I'd strongly encourage you to click over to Jeweled Interiors now and check out Jewel's tour... her creativity blows me away and you never know what she'll be up to next!  And, I'll be back with the second half of my Summer tour on Wednesday, so I'll see you back here then.

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IT'S A COLORFUL LIFE- "Snapshots of Summer" Tour 2020





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  1. Your home is so fabulous and fresh for summer, Jennifer! I absolutely love your new rug in the entryway, and the addition of the green and white gingham patterned items in your living room is SO fun.

  2. Your new rug is so pretty, Jennifer, just perfect for your home! I always love to see your home all decked out in it's colorful glory. You do it so well! Enjoy the rest of the summer. Sure is hot here!

    1. Thanks Rhoda, always love touring with you! Hot but mainly extra humid here, we're melting!! ;)

  3. Beautiful as always! Do you have a source for the blue pillows on your sofa?

    1. Hi! They were from At Home stores a few years ago. I’ll try to add a link for a similar one later today.

  4. Beautifully put together. Jennifer! I love your color combinations. The new rug is gorgeous.

  5. Love everything, especially the lamp shades. I look forward to your tutorial. And how did you get meadow green dominoes?


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