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Friday, May 1, 2020


For me these days seem to drag on at times, today the same as yesterday, but boy it seems like Friday came quickly this week!   It helps so much when the weather is beautiful as well.  And, the peonies in my yard are blooming... what could be better??  I've been working on a paint project this week that you've seen if you follow me on Instagram.  I'm waiting on a few finishing touches and will be ready to share it here soon!  Also, another round of the One Room Challenge starts next week and I'm thinking of jumping in and participating.  I need a bit of accountability and a deadline to get a certain project rolling and finished.  I've been a little unmotivated to blog lately but feel that I'm getting past that hump and have several things that I just need to sit down and write up to share with you... some small makeovers, a little travel, a few tutorials and possibly some food and fashion.   However, I'd always like to hear any suggestions of what you'd like to see posts about here, too!  Just leave any ideas in the comments or feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram

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I admired the new Schumacher Line for Williams Sonoma several months ago when it debuted, but they've recently added some new pieces that I'm smitten with, especially the items in that gorgeous blue and green colorway!  I really like the coaster sets, I just can't decide which one to pick and the set of 4 black Chaing Mai Dragon mugs is a steal (it would be a great happy little gift idea to split up the set and wrap together with a coffee gift card!).

Have you heard of Sugru moldable glue?   I came across it several years ago and it was the perfect solution to fix my computer charging cord where the rubber surround was coming apart and breaking.  Recently, with 4 of us almost constantly on a computer for work and school through the day, we needed to pull out my old laptop for my daughter to use.  Well, the other end of the cord covering was coming apart (why hasn't Apple figured out how to make those last longer yet?  Or maybe that's the plan, to keep us buying new ones- ha!)  so I molded a bit of Sugru around it and in 24 hours it's totally cured and ready to go!  It's basically like covering the tear with a new piece of rubber.  Here's my disclaimer...  I'm no electrician, but it's probably best to use before your cord cover is as far gone as mine was, although since none of the wires inside were frayed  it worked out just fine.  There are many other ways to use this product as well, but it's worth it's weight in gold to me just to use it for this type of repair.  By the way, the repair I made on the other end of the cord years ago (you can see it in the photo too) has held up perfectly!

Have you tried blue light blocking glasses?  I bet we've all had excessive eye strain lately staring at our screens more and more, I have for sure.  I got a pair several months ago, and when I remember to wear them before I get on my phone or computer they really do make a big difference in lowering the amount of eye strain I feel later.  Here's a set of two for under $20 with fantastic reviews.

This dress arrived this week and I love it.  I can easily see wearing it everyday with casual sandals and simple accessories, or dressing it up for church once we get to go back!  It's a nice linen/cotton blend that looks much more high end than the $25 sale price in my opinion.  It's from one of my favorite budget friendly lines, here's a few more that I think are winners-

Lastly, if you've admired the Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dishes but found them hard to come across, there's a new tableware line from the Madcap Cottage designers that includes some great affordable alternatives, as well as some darling coordinating pieces as well.

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  1. The Target closest to my home offers NONE of the beautiful dinnerware you featured in this post. I often see items you mention in your blog that are scarce in our part of the world. If we happen to get some of the featured dinnerware - it's usually enough for maybe four place settings. Ha ha. Enjoy your beautiful photos. You are wildly creative.


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