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Friday, October 2, 2020


I hope you're all having a great Friday!  I'm super late with my post today, but I wanted to get it out anyway!  We took our girl for her first college visit today and I didn't quite get this ready before we left, thus the delay.  We've got two more visits lined up this month, whew!  She's a Senior and we had planned to make these visits last Spring, but we all know that didn't happen.  We're playing catch up!  I've got some fun fashion and a few super practical things to share with you for Five Friday Favorites today, hope you like them!   (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Last weekend I was at a ladies event seated behind a friend who had the most perfect hat on...  I've wanted a felt hat for a while but all I've seen have huge brims, way too big for me.  So, when I saw the hat my friend was wearing and noticed that the brim was just the right size, I couldn't resist asking her where she found it.   She said she would send me the info. and it was a bargain!   I ordered one immediately and it's the best $17 hat I could ever hope for!   The color I bought is "Camel" (a tiny bit darker in real life than it looks here) with a thin dark brown trim strap and buckle,  but it comes in tons of different colors and trim options. The material is a polyester/wool mix and it's a sturdy hat- the brim is stiff and not flexible.  Most hats do not fit me well (kid sized hats fit me great... ha!) but this one has an adjustable hat band inside that can be tightened if needed.  With a little adjusting it was just right for me and I am SO happy with this hat.  I think I've worn it 3 days this week, if you follow me on Instagram you've seen proof!  

I'm not sure what took me so long to get one, but a few months ago I bought this cell phone tripod.  Sure,  with the nature of my work I use it often for project photos and videos, but even if this wasn't my job I think I'd still love it just as much for everyday life.  We took it on a recent trip and it was so nice to pull out when we wanted a photo...  I could frame up the photo exactly how I wanted it and we didn't have to rely on asking anyone else to take the photo for us.  It's sturdy, extends to over 4' tall, has a remonte control, and you can flip the phone to several different angles.  When collapsed and all folded up it also doubles as a selfie stick, so it comes in super handy while traveling or for special occasions.  Totally worth its $20 price tag!  

Our house isn't huge, but the WiFi still gets a bit spotty on one side at times.  My husband picked up this WiFi signal booster this week and we're 100% pleased with it!  He's been clearing some brush out behind our back fence (there's just a creek back there a ways back) and made a little sitting area with our old patio table and chiminea.  He actually bought the booster so he could get wifi access if he wants to read (or have a mobile office- ha!) while he's out there, and it's working like a charm!  

You all know I'm a big fan of these tote bags.  This is really my go-to style of handbag unless I'm carrying a small crossbody for the day.  The great thing about them is their amazing quality and they can hold everything!  And the downside is... they can hold everything!  Ha!  My parents gave me this bag organizer for my birthday a while back and it has totally transformed the neatness of my bag!  

Here's the before...  kind of a no man's land!  I use smaller bags to help corral make-up, etc., but anything else ends up getting lost and I have to dig to find what I'm looking for.  

I took everything out, put the organizer in, and now everything has its own spot!  There's a zippered pouch in the middle that's removable if you want more space there, and no shortage of smaller pockets around the outside edge of the organizer.  I used the smaller pockets for my phone, pens, glasses, sunglasses, hand sanitizer and wipes, headphones, gum... everything has a spot and is super easy to grab!  There's a long side pocket great for receipts, coupons, or whatever, and two larger sections on each side of the zippered pouch that work well for my wallet, checkbook, and a little pouch I kept with smaller cosmetics.  In this large tote bag, I even still have room outside the organizer to slide in my computer, a book, or my Bible and notebook.  

Mine is the "Large", which fits well in my St. Anne tote, Savannah tote, and is perfect for a MM Neverfull.  There are several sizes available that you can check according to the size of your bag. 

We don't have a Belk in OKC, but earlier today I stopped in one in a smaller town where we had our college visit.  I loved their Crown & Ivy line, it has the cutest perfectly preppy pieces!  And you know I can't resist sharing a good sale with you all.  Here are some of my favorite clearance pieces from the collection, just about everything here is under $20, many under $15!  Dying over all of their cute ruffle neck tops! 

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  1. Hope you enjoy the college visits. It's an exciting time for the kids. For parents, mixed emotions for sure. That great hat may just be a gift for one of my hat loving girls!

  2. Certainly great finds this week, and you look fabulous in that hat. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for the hat info I requested - ordered! I was prepared to spend more. I started wearing a wide brimmed straw hat this summer to keep sun off my face. Then I got hooked because it also keeps my (longer than usual due to COVID) hair from blowing in my face. Now I'm hooked on hats because, miraculously, they don't ruin my hair.

  4. I love your "Friday Favorites!" I especially appreciate the ideas for men, and you do a great job giving a good price range. Just ordered two cell phone tripods for gifts.
    Your posts and emails are always a bright spot for me!


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