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Friday, July 31, 2020


Happy Friday, friends!  Thanks so much for your kind responses to this week's posts, if you missed them hop back and take a look.

But for today, here are some things I've been loving lately.  I hope you have the BEST weekend, it's our last one together as a family for a while as Caleb heads back to college in a few days.  With everything he missed out on last Spring having to come home early, we're actually thrilled and excited for him to go!  His small college is being very thorough in their planning and taking all possible safety precautions to allow a safe return to campus for students, and we are praying they will all be able to complete the semester on campus.

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We're always ready for a new family game, and these Tenzi Dice were a hit!  It's a set of 10 dice in 10 different colors, and with a quick google search you can find instructions for multiple variations to play the game "Tenzi".  So, you can have up to 10 players- everyone gets their own color.  One starter variation is that everyone rolls their dice all at the same time, and each player keeps all the 1s they roll, then quickly rolls the remaining dice over and over, keeping the 1s each time, until all of your 10 dice are 1s.  If you're first to get all 1s, shout "Tenzi!" and you're the winner!  Then, repeat rounds rolling for 2s, 3s, 4s, etc.  As mentioned, there are many variations and some make it a bit more challenging.  But, the beauty of the basic variation is it requires no thought-ha!, just speed, and any age can play.  If you can roll dice, you can play!  It's also easy to transport and take to a friend's house or on vacation to play.

We played at my parents' house on Mother's Day and it was such fun!

I'm always game for a new pair of leggings.  I recently tried these that are "buttery soft" just like the $100 pairs that I never splurge for... and I loved them!  There are tons of colors and full or cropped length options, all for around $20!  I bought the black camo style that I've been wanting and a solid black pair and found them true to size. I wore them both on vacation last week and couldn't be more pleased for the price.  I'll tell you one thing... I never want a pair of leggings without pockets on the side again!  No more tucking my phone into my waistband- ha!

Another recent bargain find are these colored disc bracelets.  Just like my gold bangles, they are light weight and make no noise!  The discs are a flexible rubber material and the bracelets are stretchy so they have a little tighter fit than a bangle.  I like piling them all on my wrist together or just picking one or two to match my outfit and mixing them with my watch or other bracelets to make a stack.  The shiny gold discs mixed in here and there make them seem more luxe than their price tag!  (Remember as a kid those candy necklaces you could wear and eat?  These just made me think of those... ha!)

Thanks to my friend Emily for turning me on to both of these... they have transformed our Summer outdoors!  First, this pack of mosquito repellant.  We've always used a spray treatment in the yard for mosquitoes which worked ok, but had to be reapplied periodically through the season.  This year we tried these tubes and I'm not kidding... I haven't had ONE mosquito bite!  This pack is intended for an area as big as an acre, but we don't have that much land so I intended to use 2 tubes now and 2 later (they have to be used in pairs).  My husband didn't get the memo and put all 4 tubes out at once, so I guess our neighbors have been reaping the benefits too!  We've had ours out since the beginning of June and they're still going strong, so I expect to not have to replace them this season.  

Second, while gross, these fly traps have been fantastic!  Although always a problem when trying to eat on the patio, the flies in our area have seemed especially bad this Summer.  I've been using these traps for a few months (1 should last around a month and then they need to be replaced).  Mine needs to be replaced right now and I'm waiting for some new ones to arrive, and I can definitely tell a difference.  The bags you receive have a substance inside that mixes with water that you add, then it attracts the flies and traps them inside the bag.  It STINKS to humans, so hang it in a tree or bush out away from where you'll primarily be enjoying your outdoor space, ours is hung out along the back fence and still keeps flies away from the patio.  I hang it with some strong floral wire looped around a branch, the worst part is having to change out the old one but they are totally worth it! 

I'm wrapping up today with some things that caught my eye from super sales at 3 great stores...

Kendra Scott is offering the more you buy the more you save discounts on top of sale items.  Buy 2 items, save an extra 30%, 3 items earn an extra 40%, and 4 items earn an extra 50% off.  Perfect time to stock up on a few gifts!

H&M is having a big clearance sale and I always find lots of dresses there that I like among other things.  The best deals are on the items that are from last Winter, that red fur-trimmed parka has hundreds of near 5 star reviews and is marked down to $24.99!  And can you imagine that green sequin dress for the holidays?

I know I share J. Crew often with you all, but they're having another HUGE extra 72% off certain sale items this weekend!  I've never seen that big of a discount, and there are many pieces included that I haven't noticed before.  I'm always so happy with whatever I purchase there.  Sizes are getting limited, but if you can find a gem this sale is worth it!  I combed through the thousands of women's sale items and these caught my eye...

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