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Hello there, friends!  This week has been busy as we prepare to host family and friends this weekend for Easter.  I set our table yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  This year I made our more formal Easter tablescape very simple, and kept things extra easy by picking up the flowers for the centerpiece at the grocery store.

grocery store flowers, easter table, dining room table

I wanted all of the focus to be on the colorful fresh flowers lined up down the center, so I didn't add in a lot of extras this time.  Just the basics, and I'm happy with the clean, crisp feel yet it's not short on color!

This look would be very easy to replicate-
*Fold a tablecloth to use as a runner.  An alternative would be to use a length of fabric, just press the raw edges under.  You could even use my favorite wrapping paper runner trick!

*Gather a group of similar vases (odd numbers look best) to line the center of the table.  If you don't have any on hand, thrift stores or the dollar store are great resources, you can spray paint random vases to all have the same color, or even using old bottles or jars with the labels removed would work.

*Hit the grocery store for a few bunches of mixed flowers.  Just a couple will go a long way, especially if you also buy a greenery filler bunch to spread out or use green clippings from your yard.

*Stack plates on a charger or round placemat and you're done!  I almost did an all white stack to keep my look even more simple, but at the last minute added in my Imperial Leaf plates.  Vintage battenburg lace napkins and monogrammed silver napkin rings from an estate sale finish things off.  Every Easter I pull out my darling lamb salt cellars that were actually from the same estate sale in my neighborhood, that was a good one!

We should have 10 adults for dinner, so I'll add the last leaf and a few more chairs and we'll all be able to be seated here.  I'm loving my new table!  We'll let the 7 (teenager) kids that will be here sit together in the Breakfast Nook.  I hope to get it set today or tomorrow morning and will snap a pic or two and add it to this post.

(affiliate links used)

Gold Dot Tablecloth, similar here, or runner here  ||  Vases- At Home (past season)  ||  Gold Chargers  ||  Floral China  ||  Battenburg Napkins  ||  Chair Back Fabric- Yardage or Sample Size  ||  Drapery Fabric  ||  Brass Sconces  ||  Blue Willow Platter


China Cabinet- Behr Pine Scent  ||  Wing Chairs- Rustoleum Gloss Navy Spray Enamel  ||  Round Back Chairs- Rustoleum Blossom White  ||  Walls- Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan cut to 25%

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I love perusing virtual home tours.  Even if the home isn't quite my style or colors I prefer, there's always an idea here or there that I can glean to apply in my own home.  Our "It's a Colorful Life" Spring Tour just happened to be packed full of homes that love color and pattern like I do, so the ideas and inspiration were extra plentiful!  Today I thought I'd share one takeaway from each of the homes in our tour that I thought was a great idea and might be something you could do in your own home. Let me know in the comments if there was a particular idea that you picked up from one of the tours and want to implement in your home, maybe even something different than one I highlight! 

  (You can see my tour here if you missed it.)

Jeweled Interiors- Look closely in the bottom corner... a bit of fringe added to the bottom of a stair runner is an added little touch that makes Jewel's space even more special!

At Charlotte's House- Charlotte's house is packed full of ideas, but here's a simple one.  This is totally a "why didn't I think of that" moment, but... rainbow taper candles!  Why stick with just one color? 

Pencil Shavings Studio- Use a ready made shelf and bins that coordinate with your space for extra storage in your kitchen/breakfast nook.  This also helps fill up a big blank wall!

Kate Decorates- Use a combination of color and black and white prints on a feature wall, but group them together by tone.  I love how Kate kept the fireplace mantel section of this wall colorful but everything on the sides is more neutral and black and white. It really adds some definition to each space and helps keep it all from being too busy looking- not that there's anything wrong with that ;).

Monica Wants It- Add casters to a piece of furniture that might need a bit more height.  I remember when Monica found these awesome bamboo side tables, but they were a little too short for her needs (as vintage furniture often is).  By adding casters, she not only added height but some major style as well!  I did the same with my vintage cane wingback chairs that needed more height to better fit at my Dining Table.  Ebay is a good source to find casters.

Up to Date Interiors- Repurpose shallow basket trays as a front door wreath.  Or even better, layer two together!  This is such a clever idea that would be simple to replicate on a budget with a quick trip to the thrift store.

Casa Watkins Living - Load up with green plants for Spring and Summer.  I love how Stephanie is keeping a large green plant on her hearth, an idea I always want to do but never have.  Maybe this summer!

Our Fifth House - Paint your porch or patio ceiling.  Bonus points if it's a gorgeous Southern blue!

The Pink Clutch- You can barely see it in the corner of the photo, but sometimes the little details are the most fun to discover.  Trim (especially when it's this cute) instantly elevates a lampshade and makes it look more expensive.  I use tiny drops of hot glue to attach trim to a shade, but if you want something temporary a few adhesive glue dots would work (like I used on this project), then peel them off later if you want to remove the trim.

Heathered Nest- Framed fabric that coordinates with the room is a great way to fill a large wall without spending a fortune.  Just keep things cohesive like Heather did by painting all the frames (even more budget friendly if they're thrifted) the same color and repeating the fabric pattern.  For fun, make one of them a fabric covered cork board to use as an attractive memo board.

Southern Hospitality- Set your Dining Room table for Spring.  It's pleasing to look at each time you walk by, and if you have drop in guests your home instantly looks more pulled together!  I normally just keep a centerpiece on my DR table, but since I did this tablescape over a month ago, for the first time I've kept it all set for a longer period of time and I'm surprised at how much I've enjoyed it.  We just replace the plates each time we eat a meal at that table and it's ready to go again!

Effortless Style- Lighten up your furniture for the season with bright pillows and throws.  Such a quick and easy way to transform a space!

SKG Designs- Paint the backs of your bookshelves.  Even a subtle color like the soft pink Sara used adds a warmth and nice detail, or go super bold and paint a bright color or pattern on them like I did!

PMQ for Two- Hang a pretty tassel or two to a cabinet or drawer knob.  Again... little details make the difference!

Alright, let me know what idea spurred some creativity for YOU!

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Happy Friday!  It's been a while since I've shared some recent favorite products or purchases, so I have several to tell you about today.  Have a great weekend, I'm working up to cleaning out and having a garage sale (read my tips here!) so I hope to start making a dent in cabinets and closets.  Fun times!  Not really, but I'm anxious to get rid of some stuff and Spring Clean.  Do you have big exciting weekend plans?  (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

I've loved the pink rug in my Entry so much (I think you all have too!) that I recently bought it in a smaller size for my kitchen.  It comes in a ton of sizes so it's perfect for the space, and has a price tag where I don't have to worry about hurting it.  It hides things well but is easy to wipe off or give a quick vacuum (PS, if you don't have one of these, best money I've spent in a loooong time!!). Try this code for 50% off and free shipping:   ERUG50

I recently upgraded my computer and have been working to get all of my unorganized photos and files in order and transferred over.  This 3 pack of inexpensive metal thumb drives has come in handy for back up photo storage, plus, their finish is just pretty!  One holds family photos and the others are extra storage for blog photos.  I keep them on a ring hook and even attached them to a tassel keychain so they don't get lost in the shuffle.

While we're at it, I love my label maker!  It's super simple to use and comes in so handy for just about everything.  Mine is probably 15 years old at least, so this is the newer model with several more features but still just as easy to use.  I think I might be overdue a new one!

Have you caught wind of the jade face roller hype yet?  I bought one months ago and have been using it in the mornings (when I remember!).  I don't know that my puffy spots and lines are magically gone after I use it, but I do think it makes a little bit of a difference and if nothing else rolling the cool stone feels good under my eyes.  

Through the weekend, don't miss the Kate Spade 30% off site wide friends and family sale!  (code ONEBIGFAMILY)  So much cuteness... click on any photo for product information. 

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Doesn't it seem like Spring is taking it's sweet time coming this year?  It's still pretty chilly here in Oklahoma but I see peonies sprouting and tulip bulbs coming up so surely it's knocking on the door! I'm so glad you're here for my Spring Home Tour today.  I'm excited to be hosting another "It's A Colorful Life" home tour, this time with my friend Jewel from Jeweled Interiors.  We're thrilled that the  most fun group of bloggers has joined us for the next few days to all share our Spring tours dripping with color!

chiang mai dragon, coffee table styling, pagoda lantern

(*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

Honestly, I don't think it takes much to decorate for Spring.  Grab a few bunches of fresh flowers to spread around and maybe switch out a pillow or two, and you're set!  I didn't do much more than that, just rearranged and cleaned things up and made sure there was plenty of happy color sprinkled around.  So, I don't have much to chat about today, I'll let you just scroll and enjoy the tour.

faux boxwood topiary, Dignity Blue Sherwin Williams

I actually decorated my porch for Spring a few weeks ago (original post and sources here), but here's a refresher if you missed it.  It will be perfect to stay just like this throughout the season.

faux boxwood topiary, black and white striped pots, green candle lantern

resin rabbit, Dignity Blue door, faux olive wreath, spring wreath, spring porch decorations
Door Color- Sherwin Williams "Dignity Blue"  ||  Striped Pots DIY   

Come on in to the other side of that door, the Entry!  All of the major pieces here are second hand (most with DIY makeovers of course!)... the mirror, dresser, lamps, and some of the accessories.

french provincial dresser, tobacco leaf lamps, navy striped rug

entry styling, console table vignette, tobacco leaf, diana bust, french provincial, tricorn black

If fresh tulips don't say "Spring," nothing does!

bowl of lemons, pink tulips, polka dot vase, boy girl bust, diana bust, pom pom necklace

DIY, french provincial dresser, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, tobacco leaf lamps, styling ideas

Next we'll move on to the Dining Room.  My regular followers might know that I just completed a Dining Room makeover a few weeks ago, you can see that post here for all of the details.  However, you might have noticed above that I pulled out an old faithful again... my navy striped rug... to use in the Entry.  I've enjoyed having it out again after a few years of the pink one that was there (it's not going anywhere... just switching things around for a while!) and think it coordinates better with the new Dining Room.

After the makeover was fininshed,  I didn't waste any time putting together my first tablescape for Spring!

After I do a tablescape we usually use the settings for a meal and then clear it all off, but I've kept the table set for several weeks now, it fits in so well with Spring. We just keep replacing the plates and it's been nice to have some (faux!) flowers that haven't needed to be replaced or cared for!

China Cabinet Color- Behr "Pine Scent"  ||  Dining Room Details Post  ||
Table Setting Sources here
Similar Faux Lemon Branches  ||  Similar Base Chairs here or here  ||
  Chair Back Fabric  ||  Navy Placemats
Similar Fringe Napkins  ||  Drinking Goblets  ||  Bamboo Flatware here or here 

Turning around from the Entry and Dining Room, let's tour the Living Room-  this bamboo console is another Craigslist find, I lightly refinished it and recovered the stools.

I was digging through my stash recently and came across these coral geometric pillow covers, I forgot I had them!  When Better Homes and Gardens came to shoot my home for Christmas a few years ago, the stylist had these made along with a matching tree skirt.  She left them here with me after the shoot and I haven't used them until now, but they're the perfect color to mix with my Chiang Mai Dragon pillows for Spring and Summer.

Isn't that pagoda lantern the best find?  I started seeing them pop up in several friends' Instagram feeds about a month ago and had to track one down for myself!  The others I saw were the most darling green, but my Homegoods store only had this black one left.  At first I was disappointed that I couldn't find green but I probably have enough green things ;) and the black has grown on me.

I've had this vintage cane tiered side table for several years now, and the size is nice between our two recliners.  However, I recently decided that there was too much brown happening across that side of the room and so the table got a makeover with my favorite green spray paint.  It's a tough spot to photograph, but the color is so much better!

All the Powder Bath needed for Spring was a cute new hand towel!

painted gingham walls, buffalo check walls, pink mirror, wainscoting, powder bath decor, brass sconces, cortland sconce, lucite towel bar

black and white gingham walls, buffalo check walls, flamingo hand towel, bamboo frame, giraffe print, craigslist finds
Brass Sconce  ||  Lucite Towel Bar  ||  Giraffe Print  ||  Pink Pot and Plant- Ikea  ||  Towel- Marshalls  ||  Mirror- Craigslist

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Ok, you're in for a huge treat because Jeweled Interiors is next on today's tour lineup!  I couldn't love Jewel's work more, she's such an inspiring DIYer and has a crazy good sense of style.  Can't wait to see her tour today and the others after her!




For even more Spring inspiration, check out my 2018 Spring Home Tour here-

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