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Monday, December 2, 2019


Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving holiday.  Are you shopped out yet or have you even started?  I've purchased a very few things, but lists are made and I need to get on it!  Today I'm sharing my yearly Dimples and Tangles Gift Guide with you, and hopefully you can take advantage of a few extra good Cyber Monday deals on some of these items.  Most of these are things that our family has and loves, with a few things that might be on a wish list or two or I just thought they were cool.  :)  There's bound to be something for everyone on your list!

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Gifts for Home

Fondue Maker- I know several families who have a traditional fondue meal around the holidays, and I love the idea!  I need a fondue maker, though.

Tabletop S'mores Maker- Along the same lines, this would be so fun for family game or movie night, slumber parties, or just a craving for s'mores when you're no where near a campfire!

Film Scanner-  I'm intrigued with this little gadget that I recently came across.  It scans old negatives, film, or slides into a digital format.  Similar to what lots of services can do for you, this is the DIY version at a much lower price tag.  Would be good for someone with a little extra time on their hands who could help archive the family memories.

Personal Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Carafe - Unless my son is home, my husband is the only coffee drinker in our house.  A while back he switched to a smaller coffee pot.  It's not super fancy and doesn't have all of the trendy bells and whistles of pricey coffee systems, but it makes a good pot of coffee that's just the right amount before he leaves for work. I like that it takes up a smaller amount of space on the counter and he likes the stainless steel insulated carafe.

Striped Marble Cheese Board- Who could resist those black and white stripes?  Even if you never use it for food, it would be pretty acting like a tray on a side table, coffee table, or kitchen counter.

Remote Control Outlets- This is random, but I just got some of these to use with my Christmas decorations and I'm wondering why I've never used them sooner!  Simply plug any cord into one of these that's in an outlet and turn it off and on with the press of a button from anywhere in the room.  Loving it for those things plugged in to hard to reach spots.

Looking for more Home gift ideas? Here are a few of my faves seen in my home-

Gifts for Teens

Knockies Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds- (shown above)  I mentioned these a few weeks ago, but they're definitely worth a spot on my teen gift picks!  My daughter can not distinguish them from a real set of Airpods- even the case- and I've been really happy with the sound quality.  Mine are the KP1s, but a newer version just came out.  Extra 20% off sitewide today with code BFCM!

Sequence Board Game- We love family board games and this one is new to us.  It will be under the tree for a family gift this year.  Shhhh, don't tell my kids!  :)

Apple Watch- I asked my daughter what to include on this list, and she said Apple Watch!  She bought hers with Christmas money last year and it's on her arm every day.

Star Wars Graphic Tee- what's better than a cheesy Star Wars shirt?  Kudos to my sis who had this on her birthday list and we got it for her, but I think all of the other SW fans in the family were wanting their own too!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker- help them sing along in the shower!

Portable Phone Charger- another thing on every teen in my family's list!

Oil Paint Set- A little something to balance out all of that technology, perfect for a snow day.

Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Camera- Everything old is new again!

Here are some of our favorite family board games, great ideas for family gifts!

Gifts for Her

Ugg Slippers- These are on my personal list this year.  I wear my regular Ugg boots like slippers all the time, I'm ready for a dedicated pair! Pricey but I know by the time I'm done with them they'll come to pennies per wear, an nothing keeps your feet warmer!  (These are from Koolaburra, a sister company of Ugg, and are super similar at about half the price.)

Bracelets- I purchased several of these bracelets over the weekend and I'm so excited to receive them and wear them!  I love the cuff styles that look like a big stack of separate bracelets, but are all one piece for an effortless perfectly mixed and matched stack.  My daughter and I are loving this one, and I bought several of these for gifts, too.

Barrington Bag- I think this bag is on my Gift Guide every year, and it deserves to be.  I own 2 Barrington totes, and they've both been put through the wringer!  As I carried one of them this summer on our 16 day road trip to Boston and back, I was reminded what a workhorse they are and how fabulous the quality is.  Mine have been loaded down with not only my normal purse contents, but also my laptop, big camera, water bottles... all at the same time and it looks just as good now as the day I got it, not a loose stitch or handle to be found!  A worthy investment piece for sure.

Gold Tone Steel Mesh Watch  I love the simple beauty of this watch and am a big fan of the oversized face.  At less than half price, you can give an incredibly nice gift without breaking the bank!

Colored Check Duffle Bag- I delayed buying this at the store I saw it in earlier this Summer, then it was gone.  I've been sorry ever since!  I was delighted to find it recently online (on sale!) and *just might* have ordered it for myself to go under the tree.

Dainty Monogram Necklace- I like that this is not overwhelmingly big, yet personalized.  Another thing on my personal wish list.

Check out a few more gifts for her from this previous gift guide.

Gifts for Him

Neck and Back Massager- I just gave this to my husband for his birthday last week, and it's a winner.  It wraps around your neck or back, then you slip your arms through the holes and pull slightly to control the amount of pressure.  It has a heating option as well.  We can't get enough of it, it really works your muscles.  We took it to family Thanksgiving and I didn't think we were going to get it back from everyone else who wanted a turn using it!

Wooden Apple Watch Band- My husband has a wooden watch that is his favorite and such a conversation piece, this Apple watch version is fantastic!

Slim Leather Wallet- Perfect for your guy who doesn't like a bulky wallet, made with genuine leather and blocks electronic signals to protect against identity theft.

Cordless Rechargeable Blower- A constant favorite in our house, my husband was just using ours last night to blow tons of debris off of the driveway after a big wind storm.  We use it almost daily on the porch and patio.

Ancestry DNA Kit- My husband did one of these several years ago and he's become enamored with the results!  Not only did he learn surprising results of his heritage, but with the access he also gained to the website he has thoroughly enjoyed working back and learning more about his relatives and family history, including seeing old family photos and records.  This one is a step up and a little more expensive, but offers more features and result categories.

Electronics Organizer- great for travel or just keeping all of those cords straight around the house.

Folding Saw Horses- I actually received a pair of these for my birthday, but 3 out of the 4 people in my family are enjoying using them!  They easily fold flat and are super sturdy.

Check out a few more gifts for him in previous gift guides here and here.

Gifts for Parents or Grandparents

Hand Cut Silhouettes- You can't get much better than a sentimental gift when there are grandchildren involved.  Framed silhouettes are such a classic memento and decor piece, anyone would love to receive one of your little darlings!

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders- A friend at church was using these the other night and I knew immediately I had to share them with you!  It's a magnetic holder that attaches to your shirt or sweater like a magnetic name badge, but the front piece is a bar to slip the side earpiece of your eyeglasses through.  Perfect for shirts that don't have a pocket to slide your glasses in.  I mean, this product is genius!

Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock- We just got one of these for my husband's parents, and when we helped them set it up everyone admitted how cool it was!  Projects through the night, eliminating the need for glasses or leaning over in the bed to see the time.

Plush Throw- Everyone needs a cozy, warm throw and this one is sure to become their favorite!  With almost 1500 nearly perfect reviews and 10 colors available, this is an easy gift to give!

Personalized Door Mat- anything personalized is always a good gift idea!

I'll have one more Stocking Stuffer/Under $20 Gift Guide to share with you later this week, but I 'll see you tomorrow with a few DIY Christmas projects that I've been working on and some sneak peeks of my Christmas decorations this year (full tours next week!).

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