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Monday, June 3, 2019


A few times this year I'm decorating tables for a board meeting luncheon for our state's group of churches.  My goal has been to make it nice, but as always to use a lot of what I have or can borrow, and decorate on a budget.  Today's post is short and sweet and I debated sharing this with you since it's so simple- nothing overblown or over the top- but really that's the point of why I write this blog!  I want to share simple, affordable, achievable ideas especially for church or event decorations since I've found inspiration for those events lacking on the internet.  So, here you go!

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We have a round table set up in the middle of a long serving table that is filled with a larger centerpiece.  This time for the event, since it was held mid-May, I wanted to just do a seasonal garden type theme.  As usual, I gathered up what I could from around my house and added to it.

I wanted to share this too, I loved how the caterers arranged the salad and bread in these large galvanized tubs.  So pretty for a more casual presentation!

Here is how the round lunch tables were decorated.  My main components were lanterns and bunches of fresh flowers.  I had 2-3 lanterns with candles inside and bunches from Trader Joes that I divided into 3 mason jars per table, and just scattered everything together.

The "pop" for the tables was the cloth napkins.  We rent the linens so I chose 5 colors (inspired by the colorful stripes on one of my Kate Spade notebooks) to mix and match around the tables.  I tied them in a simple knot with a combination of black and white striped and gingham ribbon.

Lastly, there's a little coffee station that I add a few small decorations to as well.  Recognize some things from my front porch?  :)

If you decorate for events often I highly recommend investing in some basic lanterns to keep on hand- they work for so many different occasions.  Ikea has some that are very affordable per piece if you're collecting multiples to use on tables.  Mason jars are also great staples to have that can be used in a variety of ways.

I decorated this same space for another luncheon a few months ago, see that here if you missed it, and more decorating ideas for other events I've done here.

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  1. Simple and beautiful.
    When I do my mother's birthday party I plan to use ginger jars and lemons instead of oranges.All because of you.
    Love your ideas.

    1. Oh, I love that idea! The lemons will be beautiful! Happy early birthday to your Mother. :)


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