Thursday, May 5, 2016


It's Week 5 of 6 for the One Room Challenge... that means in order to clean, style, photograph, and write the reveal I technically only have about 5 days to be completely finished.  Not bad, other than the fact that a huge component of my design plan changed this past week!!  My friends on Instagram already have a hint at what's going on, so let me fill you guys in too.

First of all, the moulding is finished!  And by finished, I mean it's up.  Caulked, filled, primed and painted it is not.  But, the hard part is over!  This is crazy, but this might make me the happiest with the moulding...

I did not even think about this connection when I planned the layout of the moulding.  Then, as I worked my way around and got to that wall, I realized that tube would be right in the middle of my trim.  I proceeded, just planning to camoflauge it the best I could, and what do you know?  The spacing ended up fitting PERFECTLY around the hose and I didn't have to alter my design at all.  I'm telling you, the little wins are keeping me going on this makeover! (Looks like that thing might need a little paint too!)

The door is getting a little bit of special treatment.  There was moulding on the front side but I'm adding it to the back as well.  There's a little surprise coming here next week!

The old center light was removed and the wall patched, and the wall has been wired for the new pair of sconces.  I'm waiting to install them, however, until the walls are finished.

Speaking of walls, here's where the big change comes in.  I spent a good deal of time last weekend working on the stenciled cheetah spots.  After painting about 6-7 repeats with the stencil, it just wasn't turning out right and I decided to change direction.  So.... I spent another day sanding down the dots that I had painted, re-priming and re-painting those sections of the walls.

Then, I had to come up with a new plan!  After about 24 hours of panicking and considering options, I settled on a new plan:

This makeover took a pretty preppy turn quickly!

Not only did I decide paint a buffalo check wall, but I was inspired by Holly's tile and this photo to do it diagonally rather than horizontally.  In a room with 7 walls.  And wonky angles.  I'm crazy.  It took another good 3 days to lay out my pattern, mark it all off correctly (after working through several mis-steps), and get it taped off and ready to start painting.

(The lines are straight, the wide angle camera lens I used distorts them.)

So, at about 7:00 last night I was here:

I got the initial stripes rolled before I went to bed last night.  Today I'll be re-taping the opposite direction and hopefully finishing it up.  We're having 2 gatherings here over the weekend so I need to be able to get the door back on at least!  ;)


Remove wallpaper
Repair walls from wallpaper
Prime and paint walls
Install chair rail and moulding boxes, caulk and fill holes
Prime and paint door trim, baseboards, chair rail and moulding
Determine artworkorder and/or DIY? - I have a plan!
New hardware accessories- order and install
Lighting- order and install
Mirror- locate and paint
Door- sand down and repaint 
Style & Photograph!

Man, I wish I had even ONE pretty sneak peek to show you, but not one thing in the room is totally finished!  There's still an awful lot left on that to-do list!  I'm seriously nervous and really hope this comes together!  Back to work...

I'd like to give a huge thank you to these companies for partnering with me and supplying products for this makeover.   
Lamps Plus - Sconces  ||  Mintwood Home - Artwork and Rug  ||  Lux HoldUps - Bath Hardware

Today I'm linking up at Calling It Home with loads of other guest participants on this 6 week journey to transform a space in their home as well, click here to follow along with them too.  And, be sure to check in on the group of featured designers who will be sharing their updates each Wednesday.  I have several sweet, uber talented blog friends in this group and will be waiting anxiously each week to check in on their progress!

 If you've missed any previous weeks, I'd love for you to catch up here-

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


My blog friends Pam of Simple DetailsLisa of Shine Your LightKris of Driven by Decor and I are back today (and the first Tuesday of every month) for this month's feature of My Favorite Five.  Today we're sharing our favorite ways to decorate an outdoor space.  

This month we are so happy to have Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design as our special guest.  I have known Julia for several years now, and she truly amazes me with her creativity and design abilities.  Every project she does is top notch!  And, she has a back yard paradise... this is my all time favorite photo from her outdoor spaces-

outdoor space, patio ideas, hammock

Don't you just want to curl up right there with a good book?  Be sure to check out her front porch that she just painted, too.  You won't believe what she did (so good!)!

Adding some personality to plain flower pots is one of my favorite ways to spruce up an outdoor space.  These two are my favorites that I've done.

black and white striped flower pot tutorial, kimberly queen fern, brick porch, black door

black urn, flower pot, kimberly queen fern, front porch decor, brick porch

Don't be afraid to use indoor furniture outside.  Now, I probably wouldn't use a table that's near and dear to your heart outside in an uncovered area, but mine is covered and this was an estate sale table that I sprayed a glossy navy.  It should be fine even with the occasional splash from blowing rain (I've already tested that out!).   That goes for pillows, too.  If they'll be in direct sunlight, outdoor fabrics are best to resist fading, but if they're covered try rotating some of your indoor pillows outside too.  It's best if they have removable covers that can be washed if needed.  

outdoor living space, outdoor decor, patio, Ikea lappljung ruta rug, bamboo table, ikea stockholm pillow, black and white stripes

I had to share these coasters with you too.  My sister made them for my husband's Christmas gift from slices of a tree they had to cut down in their yard.  The edges are embossed with lines from Star Wars.  Aren't they the most fun?  She's also done a set with favorite hymn lyrics, college teams, and popular phrases.  If anyone is interested in ordering a custom set email me ( and I'll get you in touch with her.

outdoor living area, outdoor space, patio, wood slice coasters, Star Wars

My friend Lisa added this amazing wood disc wall to her patio two years ago.  She allowed me to share her process on the blog and I'm just so impressed with the result.  Such an unbelievably beautiful focal point!

patio, outdoor space, outdoor living area, wood slice wall, wood disc wall, outdoor fireplace

I firmly believe that no matter what your outdoor space looks like, it will look even better with a few strings of lights!  We bought several sets with the round bulbs from Ace Hardware last year for only around $7 per string, and they add so much charm and ambiance.  This photo is from last Fall when we were in the middle of our patio renovation, we've relocated the lights now and I'll be sharing those soon!  All you need are the lights and some cup hooks to hang them with, or outdoor command hooks if you don't want (or can't make) holes in your trim.

Patio Makeover- latest post (included links to all posts)

outdoor dining area, string lights, patio, outdoor space, Ikea Byholma chairs
String Lights  ||  Table  ||  Chairs (similar)

Lastly, I love a mirror in an outdoor space.  My friend Emily has used this trick several times, including in her new screened in porch, and it reflects and bounces the light around so nicely outside.  I really wish I had a spot on my patio for one!

mirror outside, graphic outdoor rug, garden stool, outdoor space, patio
Emily A. Clark

What's your favorite way to spruce up your outdoor space?  Be sure to head over to Simple DetailsShine Your LightDriven by Decor, and Cuckoo 4 Design to check out their outdoor spaces, too.  I wish we could hop around to each one in person!

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Monday, May 2, 2016


Last weekend my little sister and I spent an afternoon at a local neighborhood home tour.  Seven homes in this neighborhood agreed to participate in a tour to benefit their fund to build new entrance signs (a great idea for a fund raiser!).  Last Monday I shared Home #1 from the tour with you, and today I've got another beauty to show you!

I'm calling this home Modern Traditional, because although it had a classic feel to it the design kept it fresh.  (Like I know what I'm talking about... there might be a totally more appropriate design term for this house!) ;)

There were two living areas, and although there were many different rooms the house still had an open feel to it.  I've always wanted to have a spot to circle up four upholstered chairs like this.  Such a chic layout!

This pair of oversized lanterns was fantastic, and I love the simplicity of the ivy in the large blue and white bowl.  There were a lot of pretty blue and white pieces in this home, no wonder I loved it!

This little bar area to the side of the living room had luxurious upholstered walls.  I'd like to try this idea somewhere someday (and how fun is that mirror?).

The huge round dining table was to die for-

and more darling pagoda towers like we saw last week, but this time in blue and white! Don't miss that fabulous chair in the corner, either.  There were 2 flanking this sideboard.

Cozy little study/den- those floral Portobello Vase pillows have been calling my name for a while now.

Gorgeous light and bright kitchen-

(I need this print!)

with a charming breakfast nook off to the side.

The table was beautifully set with lovely pieces from BC Clark, a local jewelry store that also carries fine tableware.  And those flowers!!  What a cheery arrangement.

Lastly, the backyard was it's own little paradise.  I'm sure many summer days are enjoyed by the family around the pool.

So do you have a favorite room, vignette, or accessory from this tour?  I really loved this house!  I've got three more homes to show you coming up soon, and I really can't wait to share the next one with you.

By the way, I took all of the shots from this tour with my new(ish) wide angle lens (affiliate link).  It was perfect for capturing tight spots and I really enjoyed using it as a good all-around lens while shooting in a hurry.  Sometimes there is a slight distortion of the room when shooting interiors, but all in all I think it's a great little lens for the price.  Just in case you're in the market...

See you tomorrow for this month's My Five Favorites!

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