Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last summer I was invited by Crane & Canopy to create an inspiration board for a bedroom using one of their bedding sets.  It was so fun to put together, and I was thrilled when they agreed to partner with me to bring the design to life.  

I can't believe it was this long ago, but in October I shared my plans for a re-design for my daughter's bedroom.  We recently upgraded her from a twin bed to a full, so that presented the opportunity for a little refresh.  Many things stayed the same as when I re-did her room 3 years ago, but we changed a couple of major things on her main wall.

You've already seen the nightstands that got a makeover for her room and a sneak peek of the headboard.  Along with those two things, I think the bedding switch-up made the biggest difference in the room.  

If you're not familiar with Crane & Canopy, it is an online bedding brand that has high-quality designer bedding without the department store markup.  They have a wide variety of beautiful bedding made with soft and breathable, extra-long staple cotton, woven in 300+ thread count.  And, an extra bonus, you can feel confident shopping with C&C knowing that a portion of all of their proceeds go towards their cause initiative, "A Safe Night's Sleep," which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence.  It's such a good feeling to patronize companies who give back. 

With all of the color and pattern, I'm absolutely in love with the Linden black duvet cover and shams (with high quality extra-long staple cotton in a 400 thread count).  Seriously, this is the softest and nicest bedding in our whole house!  I added her monogram to the shams, and good thing, or I'd be tempted to pull this set into my room!

One huge benefit that I've noticed with the duvet cover is that when she gets up in the morning, her covers are still in place.  It doesn't look like a tornado hit her bed!  The perfect weight of the cover helps to keep all of the bedding nice and neat, and the ties in the corners keep the comforter inside from shifting.

I used her old duvet cover from the twin bed to make the patterned red euros, and found the yellow velvet Jonathan Adler pillows at Ross (just this week!).  The red geometric pillow is a cover from Hobby Lobby.

Another favorite addition was the swing arm lamps.  Since her brother got cool sconces in his room, she was especially happy to have special lighting in her room too.  These are from Kenroy Home, but I sprayed the base with Rustoleum's Metallic Gold and replaced the stock shade with a shade from Ikea (using this trick to make the pendant shade into a spider shade so it would fit the harp).  I finished the shades off with some ribbon trim, easily added with a few drops of hot glue.   

The other sides of her room stayed pretty much the same, but if you're new here I'll show you around.  The wingback upholstered with a hot-glue gun has held up exceptionally well-

and we've added a little gallery of canvases that she's painted in the corner, as well as a spot for trophies and awards to be displayed.  

Her collection of banks has grown, but we only keep a few out corralled in a tray on her dresser.

The ceiling fan, a necessity where we live, has held up perfectly for 7+ years with it's sassy upgrade.

And, the tissue poms I made three years ago are still hanging over her armoire.  

Yet, with a few changes it still feels like a whole new room.

Just like our kitchen, this room has progressed over the 8 years that we've lived in this house.  Decorating is a process!

Now this room is happy and full of energy and colorful, just like her!

Source List:

Peacock Headboard: Craigslist, spray painted with Valspar's Tropical Oasis 
Nightstands: Craigslist, post and tutorial here
Turquoise Dresser: Estate Sale, painted with Behr's Lagoon and glazed
Red Lamps:  Thrifted, painted with Rustoleum's Sunrise Red Glossy Enamel Spray Paint
Swing Arm Lamps:  Kenroy Home, shades from Ikea
Updated Ceiling Fan:  DIY here
Duvet Cover and Shams: Crane & Canopy Linden Black Duvet Cover
Yellow Quilt:  Target
Red Geometric Pillow:  Hobby Lobby
Yellow Velvet Pillows:  Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler, found at Ross
Yellow Dot Curtain Fabric: Premier Chipper
Red Floral Euro Fabric:  Richloom Wizard
Turquoise Geometric Fabric:  Waverly Ellis
Black and White Area Rug:  Garden Ridge
Gallery Wall:  DIY Projects, more details coming next week!

*Crane and Canopy provided me with this duvet set.  All opinions about the product are mine.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Several months ago I met up with darling Emily of Eleven Gables to browse Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx together.  She was wearing these super fun boots, and as the winter has progressed I've wished for a pair of my own.  But really, I already have more boots than I can wear, so I couldn't justify seriously considering them. (Although I will admit I have my eye out this year for the perfect cognac colored boots on clearance this year!)

Then, a few weeks ago, I found these in my closet that I had totally forgotten about (that might tell you a little about my closet...).

I got them a year or two ago at my favorite end of season Dillard's clearance for next to nothing.  They're a cute little suede pair from Vince Camuto (found them online here) and I've probably only worn them once or twice.  And then a light bulb went off.

Could I possibly fake a pair of fringe boots?

Well, as it turns out, yes, yes I can!

Hobby Lobby carries this suede fringe sold by the yard, and the color just happened to match perfectly.  So, for around $7 I had a sassy new pair of boots!

At first I planned to wrap the fringe all the way around the boot, but as I considered my options I decided not to cover up the vertical boot strap section.  I started right on the edge of that and used a small dot of hot glue to attach the fringe, and then continued around with another dot of glue about every inch or so until I got to the other side.  Then, I repeated that 6 times per shoe, giving me 3 layers of fringe.

I didn't measure my spacing, just eyeballed everything.  They're pretty forgiving.  With all of that fringe flying when you walk, a mistake would be impossible to spot anyway!

I realize that this project is a little specific to these boots, but as the time draws near for end of the season clearance sales, keep an eye out for a pair of boots that you could add some whimsy to.  They're so fun to wear!

Have a great Tuesday!  Today I'm photographing my daughter Emily's room and the plan is to share that with you on Thursday.  I'm VERY happy with how it turned out!

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Monday, January 19, 2015


We've been on staff at our current church for 11 1/2 years now.  Early on in our time here, I used to play Bunco with a fun group of gals.  It was such a great way to make friends and deepen relationships (because although "Bunco" was technically our activity, we all knew that was just an excuse for Girls' Night Out with lots of food and chatting!).  We each took turns hosting every month, opening our home and providing dinner for the rest of the group.  One member would always make a variety of quiches when it was her turn to host, and that was always one of my favorite nights!  Meaty cheesy savory yumminess in a pie crust... what could be better?

She graciously shared the recipe with me all those years ago, and this has become an often used recipe in my arsenal.  We most often make it for breakfast, but I also love to fix this for lunch and accompany it with a salad.  It needs minimal prep work and can be ready in a flash!

Here's the ingredients:

Yes, you see a frozen pie crust there.  I am in no way opposed to using them.  In fact, I even prefer them most of the time to homemade (I like Pet-Ritz).  You can certainly make your own, or you can thaw one out and transfer it to a pretty pie plate so it will LOOK homemade.  Not that I've ever done that.  <wink wink>  I usually at least pinch and flute the edges to make them look nicer, but my husband actually assembled this one the other morning after I did the prep work the night before, so that step didn't happen.


(1) 3 oz. pouch of bacon bits
1/2 c. onion
5 oz. swiss cheese
3 oz. shredded parmesan cheese
(1) 9 inch deep dish frozen pie crust
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup half and half cream

When I plan to make this for breakfast, I do a bit of prep work the night before.  I prefer for the onions to be cooked and soft, so I start by chopping those and then cooking them covered for about 2 minutes in the microwave.  After letting them cool, I add the bacon bits and cheeses, and combine everything well.  Then, I keep that in the fridge until morning.

When I roll out of bed, all I have to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees, dump the mixture I made the night before in the pie crust, mix the eggs and cream together, then pour it on top.  Quick and easy!

With the oven at 400 degrees, bake the quiche for 15 minutes.  Then, lower the heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 35 minutes.  Eggs should be set and the top should be slightly browned when finished.

One more thing to note, you can be flexible with the cheese.  I was out of parmesan, so I used the Italian mix in place of it.  Or, I've dropped back on the swiss just a bit and used a little mozzarella along with the parmesan before.  It's good every single time.

For me, this recipe definitely qualifies for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Do you have a favorite eat any-time meal?

*Recipe originally from  There are several variations to the recipe in the comments that you might want to check out.

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