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I promise I'm not full out decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over, but today I'm so excited to share my colorful Christmas mantel with you.  For this project, I was challenged to spend $100 at Hobby Lobby to style my mantel for Christmas.  Let me tell you, especially during weeks where Christmas is 50% off, that goes a long way!

Actually, a good portion of my holiday decorations are already from Hobby Lobby (I always add in a few new things each year), so I took this opportunity to add a few bigger pieces to my collection, knowing that I had plenty of smaller things to fill in with.

Here are the results of my shopping trip- a huge 24x36 chalkboard art piece, vintage style and peppermint striped shatterproof ornaments, 2 artificial trees, 2 nutcrackers, and some gold metallic paper fans.

I have LOVED that artwork ever since I used it in my Christmas styling promo video with Hobby Lobby a while back, and I couldn't resist getting it to use in my own home.  My husband couldn't believe it wasn't an actual chalkboard and asked if I had done the design myself.  Nope!  (I'm not that good!) I see so much potential for this piece in the future, too.  It would be great on the porch or patio, in an entry, over a sideboard, in a kid's room... so many possibilities.

After adding in some things I already had and a few clippings of fresh greenery, here's what I came up with.

jewel tones, christmas mantel, christmas vignette, brick fireplace, vintage cane wingback chair, betwixt pillow

I already had everything else shown from Christmases past or stashed in my craft and decor closet.  You all know I love using these paper fans at Christmas, and I was so happy to discover the white and gold metallic set that is now available.  They also have some great patterned fans in various colors, and lots of solid colored options.

merry christmas chalkboard, paper fan decorations, christmas mantel, nutcrackers

To add some fun to the front of the mantel before later in the month when the stockings are hung, I used a tissue tassel garland that I made ages ago.  I have tassels in all different colors and switch them out depending on the occasion.  I most frequently use it for birthdays, but to make it work for my Christmas palette I removed the orange and yellow tassels and added in a few hot pink ones.  Then, I anchored the ends and middle with the large red and white striped ornaments.  I keep very small nails in the outside edges of my mantel, so I can hook up a garland when desired.  Command hooks would work well also if you don't want to or are unable to use nails.  To pull up the middle I just used a small thumbtack.

Tissue tassel garland, christmas mantel, nutcrackers

For even more interest, I added these colorful vintage style ornaments in between some of the tassels.  They look so good, I can't believe they're plastic!  #shatterproofforthewin

Christmas mantel, vintage style ornaments, tissue tassel garland for Christmas
(That wired gingham ribbon is HL too- it's in the floral ribbon section year round!)

The minute I saw these trees I knew they'd be coming home with me too.  The needles are actually plastic and the branches are wired for easy shaping.  These are great rather than the typical nylon needled trees because they won't shed or get smashed after a few years like the nylon needles tend to do.  

christmas chalkboard, nutcrackers,  christmas mantel

They come in an attractive round metal base, but I slipped them in some pots I've had for years to coordinate better with the rest of my space.  Then I filled the base with mini ornaments in my color palette, and a mini disco ball here and there for good measure!

mini christmas ornaments, artificial christmas tree decorations

My last new addition was a pair of nutcrackers.  I already had a few that I've had for ages, but have been wanting to add to my collection.  Using an item in multiples always makes it more special and more of a focal point.  The drummers were meaningful to add in this year since my son moved up to playing the snare in drumline this year.  Now I'll always associate that memory with these guys when I pull them out each year!

drummer nutcracker, paper fans, christmas decorations, christmas mantel

I love the base that my new pieces allowed me to build on to create this fun, festive space.

tissue paper garland, christmas mantel decorations

vintage cane wingback chair, christmas decorations, christmas mantel, vintage brass fireplace screen

And yes, all of the wrapping paper is from Hobby Lobby too.  I know you have your eye on that cute blue gingham!  It's in the regular party section with the other gift wrap.  I already had the stripes and black polka dot, but I think they have them again this year (or very similar) with the Christmas gift wrap selections.

gingham wrapping paper, nutcracker, polka dot wrapping paper, Christmas decorations

HL is also my go-to source for disco balls.  They have them in so many sizes and lots of colors this year.  I added a larger one in with the gifts, and a few smaller ones mixed in with the ornaments along the mantel.  If your mantel happens to be in a spot that receives direct sun during the day, get ready for a sparkle show all over your room!

Christmas decorations, Christmas Mantel, Merry Christmas Chalkboard, Hobby Lobby, nutcrackers

For easy sourcing, the only things pictured not from Hobby Lobby are the blue and white pots, the vintage chair and brass fireplace screen, the green garden stool, and the two pillows in the chair.  Everything else (or the supplies to make it like the tissue paper for garland) can be found in store and some online.  Even though I've had many of the Hobby Lobby things for years, they carry similar seasonal items from year to year so it should be pretty easy to find everything shown here.

paper fans, tissue paper garland, christmas mantel decorations, Christmas decorations, merry christmas chalkboard

Be sure to stop in to Hobby Lobby to get your creative juices flowing for your Christmas decor this year- and hooray that Christmas products are 1/2 off this week!  And in case you happen to find something that's not on sale, here's your handy coupon to use on a regular price item.  Go get your own adorable Merry Christmas chalkboard!


 And what about you...have you been able to resist the urge to start decorating for Christmas?  Or is your house already a winter wonderland?  I want to hear all about it!

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In keeping with my untraditional Fall color scheme this year, my Thanksgiving table followed suit!  I focused on hot pink, orange, blue and white and did some pattern mixing along the way.  If you read yesterday's post, I'm glad I put this table on hold for one more day because other than adding the glassware that I forgot, I made some other tweaks too and love it so much more now.

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I found a new blue and white bowl at Homegoods last weekend, so I think that kicked off the entire plan.  A simple fruit centerpiece stays low and keeps from obstructing the view of friends across the table, and the ginger jars with Trader Joe's eucalyptus (thank you Amy!) can easily be moved aside if they are obtrusive during the meal.  We serve all of the meal buffet style in the kitchen, so there's no need to leave a lot of space on the table for food dishes.  I do usually add salt and pepper shakers and butter to the table during the meal.

Following my usual pattern, the "runners" are pieces of fabric with the edges ironed under to keep them neat.  I only had a few scraps left of the pink and orange fabric left over from pillows I've made with it so I had to piece it together. And we will never use this much flatware in a meal  ;)  it just all came with a set I found on eBay and all of the pieces are too pretty not to put out!

Using a piece of scrapbook paper, I cut a simple flag and glued the end around a piece of a wooden skewer, tied a bow, and then stuck it in an orange to make personalized place markers.

These lovely napkins are my current favorites, and I use them every chance I can!

Sometimes I only have 4 of something I love for the table so I have to mix it up a bit.  I bought these spiky napkin rings years ago on clearance after Christmas at Target.  I searched but could only find 4, so I use simple beaded gold rings at the places on the end of the table.  I also only have 4 tea saucers that the oranges are sitting on (a million cups...no saucers!) so I just left those off on the end places.

I spray painted these candles a few years ago for another project.  Can't find striped candles you like?  Tape them off, choose your color, and spray!  I've also used a brush and acrylic paint too which also works fine.  (I did just notice that Hobby Lobby has started carrying striped candles though, woo hoo! They have black/white and gold/white right now.)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

(For more information on the Dining Room and room sources, click here.)


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You guys, I'm losing it.  I set up our Thanksgiving Table yesterday, photographed it, and sat down to edit photos last night.  As I did I realized that I didn't even put glasses on the table and left off a few other little things I wanted to include! #fail  It felt like something was missing all along, but the glasses never dawned on me.  I almost went ahead and posted it anyway, but just couldn't do it!  So, I'm putting the finishing touches on it and will post tomorrow, and I'm bumping up the post I originally planned for tomorrow.  Everyone's looking at all of the One Room Challenge reveals today anyway, right?  ;)

Many people are getting a jump on their Christmas decorations already, but even if you're a purist and wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, we're only a week away!  I was happy with my tree last year, but there are a few tweaks I want to make this year.  I've been storing away ideas in my head and thought I'd share some trees that have been inspiring me.  None of them are short on color!

This photo popped up in my Instagram feed yesterday, and it took my breath away.  All of those vintage ornaments... I'll definitely be adding some of those to my tree thanks to a good estate sale find last month!  It wouldn't hurt to have the Chiang Mai chairs to flank the tree either... ;)

Parker Kennedy Living on Instagram

These paper lanterns added to Yvonne's tree are too much fun,

and so are the paper stars on Sarah's tree.

Sarah Dorsey via The Home Depot

Anything that Laurie does is always, always inspiring!

LB Originals on Instagram

Flocked trees have been all the rage for the past few years and from what I've already seen this year they're not going anywhere.  I haven't had the desire for one in the past, but I might be leaning that direction this year!  Maybe a DIY project?  Has anyone ever done that?  I'd love to hear about it if so!

Even though we just had our entire house decorated for Christmas in July for a week, I'm getting pretty excited to get it out again!  How about you, have you started yet?   I WILL be back tomorrow with my Thanksgiving Table, see you then!

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Hi friends, welcome back to the final part of our Fall Into The Holidays series!  With the encouragement of our organizer Lisa from Shine Your Light, each week we're sharing simple ideas to get 4 rooms in your home holiday ready now, before the hustle and bustle of the season sets in.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!  We've already shared projects to get our kitchensbedrooms, and living rooms in shape for the holiday season, and today we're working on ways to get our dining rooms in shape for the holidays.


Many of my friends are full steam ahead preparing for Christmas, but I'm just now getting around to sharing my Fall Home Tour with you!  Since I didn't participate in any joint blogger Fall Tours this year, I wasn't in a rush to get my house decorated for the season.  So, here it is, better late than never!

I think three words describe my Fall tour this year... simple, untraditional, and colorful.  You might have already caught on to that when I shared my Fall Porch a few weeks ago.  (*This post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support!)

Sherwin Williams Dignity Blue, blue front door, fall porch, fall decorations, painted pumpkins, gingham pumpkin

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