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Recently I squeezed in a makeover of my barstools, a project that I've wanted to do for a long time but just hadn't narrowed down exactly how I wanted them to look.  I would actually love to get new barstools at some point and keep an eye out but haven't come across anything I like better than the ones I have for now.  So, this little makeover gave them a new life!

 (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

I worked on these stools about a year and a half ago, but after that quick refresh still wasn't really happy with them.  So this time I wanted to go a totally different direction and paint them a bold color.  Surprise, surprise... right?  However, I couldn't make up my mind on a color, so since I was painting them anyway I did a quick coat to audition the colors I was considering...

(this pic was taken in the middle of having a garage sale, i.e. don't mind the mess and quick poor phone pic!)

After a few days, I decided the green was the winner!  I planned to use leftover fabric from my dining room drapes on the seats, so I liked the mix of that fabric with the green paint (again, big surprise, right?).

The seats on these stools are not removable- the fabric is just pulled over the foam, stapled along the edges, and then the staples are covered with some sort of trim.  I thought I'd share the process of how I recovered them in case you have a similar project you've considered doing... it's a totally doable project.  I'd say it's just a bit trickier than wrapping and  recovering a cushion that can be removed, but not too daunting at all.

Supply List of what I'd recommend for this kind of project:

*Upholstery Staple/Tack remover
*Pneumatic Staple Gun
*Air Compressor
*Manual Staple Gun if pneumatic not used
*Staples- generally 1/2" is good but you might need some a bit longer for spots with more fabric to go through.  They are inexpensive, I usually buy several different sizes.  As a gauge, if your staples aren't going into the wood completely they're probably too long.  If they're pulling out easily and not securing the fabric to the frame they're too short.
*New foam if needed
*Quilt Batting
*New Fabric-  THIS is what I'm using
*Some sort of trim for edge- nail heads, gimp upholstery trim, double welt cording
*Hot Glue Gun and Glue- I like low temp for this job to save my fingertips!

*I painted the chair frames with this before starting on the chair seats.

Obviously, you'll first need to remove the old trim and covering.  My stools originally had nail heads along the edge to cover the staples, then in my little refresh I removed those and used a trim instead.  This tool paired with a pair of pliers if needed is the best for removing staples or nail heads.  After the old trim and top fabric is removed you're ready to go.

If the foam is too broken down to re-use, use the old piece as a guide to cut a piece of new.  My foam was still in decent shape, but my stools didn't have a lot of support and sank down in the middle when sat on.  I decided to just build up the foam in the center a little bit to make them more firm rather than replacing the entire piece (aka I made it easier on myself!).  I had some scraps of a firm foam from another project and just cut a piece to size to fit in the middle of the seat.  I shaved the edges down so it would gradually move into the original foam and make the difference between the two less noticeable.

Next, cut a piece of quilt batting to fit over the top of the entire seat.  I had another piece of super thin and flexible foam that I used instead of the batting, you just want something to wrap on top and smooth everything out.

Cut your fabric to fit over the top, cutting slightly larger than the exact size you'll need to cover the seat.

On these chairs, I started in the back.  Fold the raw edge under to create a clean finished edge, and staple in the middle of that side one time.

Check to see if fabric is straight, then pull tight across the seat to the front and put a staple or two in the front edge.  Then, do the same on both sides, pulling fabric down tightly before stapling.  Just a few in the middle of each side, then make sure the fabric still looks good and straight.  Remove staples and adjust pattern if needed before continuing.

If fabric is positioned correctly, continue stapling along each side, pulling fabric very tight while stapling along edge.  I like to work my way out from the center staples on each side.

I space my staples out a bit and once the fabric is straight and secured all the way around go back and fill in the blank spaces with more staples.  You'll want the staples to be close together to prevent the fabric from pulling loose.

For the corners, I like to loosely tuck an extra piece of foam or batting against the sharp corners of the frame, just to cushion the corner a bit and prevent the fabric from wearing through there eventually.

Just pull and arrange the corners as best you can to gather up the fabric there.  I found longer staples helped to secure the fabric around the corners since I was working with fabric that was more gathered up and layered a bit more than along the sides.

Along the back where the seat meets the seat back, I just tucked the fabric under for a clean edge and stuffed it down between the wood back and seat foam, securing on the sides wherever possible.  The trim will cover that edge so just work with it the best you can.

After all edges are stapled, trim the fabric just under staple line with a utility knife, trimming extra strings with scissors if necessary.  Go slow and easy with this step, you don't want to accidentally cut your new fabric in the wrong spot.

Finally, use hot glue to attach trim or welting to cover staples.  Making your own double welting (match your fabric or do a fun contrasting color or pattern!) is simple once you get the hang of it, here's a good tutorial if you want to try it.  (I keep this cord on hand for all of my projects.)

Start in an inconspicuous spot and continue gluing around all of the edges.

If using a welting, I just cut a small strip of fabric, turn the raw edges under, and wrap that around the cording to cover the cut ends, then glue that down to the seat.

That's it!  With a little time and effort your barstools or chairs will have a whole new look!

In an effort to protect the fabric from spills, I always apply a few coats of Scotchgard on my chair seats.   I held a piece of newspaper against the back of the barstool when spraying to protect from any overspray.

Just a quick flash back to how they looked when I got them-

And here they are now!  I'm so happy with how they turned out!

Vern Yip Blue Fabric, Blue Ikat Curtains, Glossy Green barstools, madcap cottage  reef indigo fabric

Rustoleum Meadow Green Spray Paint, green bar stools, reef indigo fabric

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upholstery tutorial, how to re-cover a chair seat

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Happy Friday everyone!  It's been a while since I shared favorites with you so I had a super long list, but I narrowed it down to these five for today.  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

This Blue and White Dress is a new favorite, I love cute Summer dresses that actually have sleeves!  The fabric is a beautiful linen-blend jungle toile design.  There are several more colors and patterns in the same style, but I looked at them all in store and the fabric content is a bit different on the others.  Still good, but this is definitely the most expensive looking one (but you won't believe the price!).  It runs a little large, I sized down one and still had plenty of room.

These Better Homes and Gardens beach towels are just about the most perfect pool towels ever.  They're BIG (40x72"!), thick, soft, and have a different color stripe on the reverse side.  AND, they're on clearance!! I couldn't choose a favorite and the majority of our beach towels have seen better days, so I got 2 black/gray striped and 2 blue/green.  Honestly, amazing quality and deal!  I ordered online on Wednesday and they were at my door on Thursday!  :)

These bangles are all the rage, but more than I was willing to pay.  Eventually I came across these basically identical gold bracelets that were in my budget, but my size was sold out so I waited and waited for the shop owner to restock- she goes to Thailand on a buying trip and picks everything out herself from the local markets!  They are fused with a metal clasp and filled with 24K gold leaf on the inside. I highly recommend this seller, she offers a variety of sizes and designs and has great customer service.  Be sure to use her sizing guide provided for a good fit- mine are 7 1/2 in the thick design.   I love these because they're completely lightweight, soundless (my bracelet stack usually jingles too much!), worry free through security when traveling, and can be worn anywhere... gym, pool, or beach!

Have you heard the news?  Schumacher has a new line at Williams Sonoma!  So you know what that means... our favorite dragon is now gracing plates, mugs, ice buckets, ginger jars, duvet covers, redesigned pillows... so many things!  Hmmm... I have a birthday coming up this month and I think I've just added several things to my wish list!

My last fave for today is a combo of a couple of great sales and some pieces I snagged.  After seeing my friend wearing several pairs of joggers-that-don't-look-like-joggers at church, I asked her to share her source.  They were all from Athleta, and although I'm a big Gap/Old Navy shopper I had never shopped there!  I stopped by our local store and was an immediate fan.  I found these pants and they're absolutely my new fave.  Why?  They're workout pants that don't look like workout pants... they feel like leggings but look polished! See how normal they look with a regular top?  I shared them on my Instagram stories and am really wishing that I had thought to take a still shot, but I didn't.  So, here's an awkward screenshot from my video!  :)

They're a thick nylon/lycra fabric with a high waist.  They zip up the back which I thought could be annoying but it's really not an issue at all.  I do feel that they might run a tad big- I usually wear an 8/10 in pants and bought an 8 and a 6 in these in two different colors.  The 6 isn't too small at all and I honestly don't notice much difference between the two.  If you're in between sizes you can definitely go down, they have some give in them.  I see myself wearing these a lot in the future!  (PS- I bought the white top on clearance at the mall in Hawaii.  So many people asked about it in my video that I found it online but it's regular price and a different color...still super cute and a great color for Fall!)

It's no secret, end of season clearance sales are my favorite time to shop!  Gap is taking an extra 50% off of all markdowns, and I see plenty of things that will finish out the Summer and lots of cooler weather items as well.  I'm a big fan of their leggings and workout pullovers, popover tops, and Summer tops among other things.  I bought this top recently (see a peek below if you're not too distracted by my gigantic hat!) and picked up some new leggings, a sweater, and some things for my son a few days ago.

Best time to shop, lots of great MENS and KIDS items in the sale as well. My son needed some shirts, shorts and khakis for school so we stocked up for him too- plenty of $10-20 deals!

I hope you all have a great weekend, this is our last one together before the boy heads to college next weekend!  #passthetissues

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I have 3 sets of blue and white drapes in my home and am often asked where I got them. Since I make my own draperies, I never have a good answer for that!  So, I decided to scour the internet and put together a source guide for you if you're shopping for blue and white curtains.  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

To start with, though, I'll share my fabric sources just in case you're handy with a sewing machine too and would like to make your own (it's really not hard, I shared a tutorial here).

The first set of blue and white drapes I added to my home were in my bedroom.  I just love this fabric and it looks good everywhere I've seen it!

When I changed from black and white to blue and white curtains in the main part of the house, I made these spotted/brush stroke panels for the Dining Room.  This is such a fun, versatile fabric!

This is going to part of my "Mistakes I've Made" post that I'm compiling ;) but if you have a sharp eye you might remember seeing these curtains up for a few posts last year.  I made them and then decided they weren't quite right for me, then did what I should have done in the first place and bought the fabric I really wanted instead of the one that was a little less expensive (you would think I had learned my lesson here).  It worked out, though. My Mom is using one set of the panels in her house and I'll sell the other locally.  My friend Rebekah hung the same fabric in her home and they look like a million bucks!  Just not quite right for my mix. 

Here are my current Living Room and Breakfast Nook drapes that I replaced the previous ones with.  Honestly, you might have never even noticed the difference.  It's a subtle difference in the pattern and color but feels much better to me with all of my other colors and patterns.

Blue Ikat Fabric

Fabric Sources:

Now, here are some drapes I found that are similar to mine.  Some are listings for custom made drapes with the same fabric as mine.  Some of them are ready-made and almost a perfect match, and a whole lot less expensive than what I spent on fabric!  Most are available in different lengths, some are lined, some are not, some are room darkening...  you'll just have to read the description of the ones you might be interested in.  Just click on the photo for more details for each one.

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Welcome back to our final day of my Summer Home Tour!  If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to take a minute to go back and tour those as well.  Today we'll finish up with a look at the Patio.  We are so thankful for this space that extends the living space of our home, and love using it to entertain!   (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

As a reminder, we remodeled and added on to our patio several years ago, you can see the original reveal with links to all of the projects involved here.

Then last Summer I painted the outdoor fireplace white.  Still so, so happy with that decision!

I found the cutest pom pom garlands at Walmart in their Summer section, and the patio mantel ended up being the perfect place to hang them.

 Pom Pom Garland- Walmart Summer Collection  ||  Black Pagoda Lantern-Homegoods  ||  Similar Banana Leaf Tray  ||  Hearth Faux Topiaries- Ikea  ||  Blue and White Pots- Ross  ||  Small Mirror Ball

I came across these faux boxwood balls with the Spring Collection at Hobby Lobby, and they were the perfect fit to drop in the little bowls on the mantel.  RIP to the little succulents that eventually died off that used to be planted in them.  ;)

I rotated a few pillows from last Summer and brought some of my hot pink pillows outside.  They aren't outdoor fabric and I've had other materials fade in the past, so I tried this spray on them.  Even though they aren't in much direct sunlight they still get some through the day, but so far so good!

You might remember these pink elephants from last Summer's tour.  In hindsight, they looked fantastic after I painted them but the paint I used didn't hold up well to the elements at all and they faded pretty quickly.  This year I tried this spray paint that I've used on several other things inside the house and the color is holding up so much better.

The green garden stools are painted my favorite green, I showed you how to paint ceramics here.  I do have to touch them up in a few spots about once a year but I can live with that!

Moving over to the dining area...  Last year we switched out the rectangular dining table for a round one that my son made in Wood Tech (Shop) at school.  Best class ever!  ;)

 Pink Placemats- Hobby Lobby Spring Collection- similar here  ||  Bamboo Flatware  ||  Blue Geometric Salad Plates  ||  Gingham Napkins  ||  DIY Pom Pom Napkin Rings  ||  Rainbow Yarn

Dining Chairs  ||  Rug- Ikea

We do eat out here as much as possible, if it's not blistering hot and those horrible pesky flies aren't too bothersome.  (We love this stuff to combat mosquitos, but haven't found the trick for flies yet!  Well- my son does have an awfully good time using this...)

Thanks so much for coming over for our Summer Tour! I hope you're enjoying yours, I walked through the grocery store last night and my daughter groaned at all of the school supplies that were out!

Most Patio Sources listed HERE, newer additions are linked when possible in today's post. 

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Patio Makeover Reveal (also links to other posts through the process)

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