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 I hope you all are kicking off a great start to your weekend!  Both of our kids are on Fall Break, thankfully at the same time so we slipped away for a few days at our family's favorite spot to relax and do nothing.  I hope you caught yesterday's Jack and Jill bathroom makeover update, we're getting close to being finished!  Here are five of my recent favorite things that I wanted to share with you today.  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

These blue and white crisscross plates have been favorites for years, and I just noticed they're on sale!  I recently had a reader inquire about them, so I thought I'd pass along the good deal to you as well.

(Full tablescape shown here)

You need this darling jack-o-lantern top to wear while greeting trick or treaters in a few weeks!  The fabric weight is a cross between a t-shirt and a sweatshirt- somewhere in between.   I've seen several similar but the cute heart shaped nose sealed the deal on this one for me! It would also be darling with white or black jeans. (Excuse the glaring sun! Snapped this quickly before we left and couldn't wait for better lighting.)  The sizing reviews are all over the place, I sized up to a large and am glad I did.  My normal M would have been a smaller fit than I wanted. 

Similar Gingham Shirt here  ||  Similar Black and White Shoes  ||  Boyfriend Jeans

I came across this rug and I'm trying to figure out a place for it in my house!  I love the lighter colorway and the blue and pink accents.  It's available in several sizes at a great price, too.

I was wearing this poncho sweater in a photo I shared on Instagram and several asked for the source, so I thought I'd share with you too.  It's lightweight, long enough to cover your back side, armholes are sewn in and this color pairs perfectly with leopard!  Available in tan, black, blush, or burgundy, but it also comes in gray at a different link here.

Might seem unusual, but I asked for a pair of saw horses for my birthday a few months ago.  This is the worst photo ever, but these are perfect!  They're lightweight but sturdy and super easy to set up and take down.  Especially in a case like this, I also really like that there are notches in the top of them.  I was able to thread the lanterns I was painting on a rod and hold the rod in a notch so it wouldn't roll off the top.  Handy!

I had to throw in an extra today because of a great sale, already half off and take another 15% off of these gorgeous coats!  I'm totally tempted by the green and pink ones, but not sure that I could choose.  And that cape!  Major heart eyes.  Use code HOORAYEXTRAS for extra off each of these.

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Are you ready for another kids' Jack and Jill bathroom makeover update?  We are plodding along getting one thing finished at a time.  The progress seems slow but at least there's forward movement!  In the last update the major thing checked off the list was getting all of the tile work finished.  Now we've checked a few more larger to-do projects off of the list!

(If you're just joining in, go back here to see the before photos and design plan, then this is the week 2 update,  then here's the latest update for week 3.)  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

We've been slinging tons of white paint around!  The cabinetry painting had already been completed in previous weeks, but now we've painted the ceiling, walls, and almost all of the trim.

It's amazing that what I thought was "white" before looks so yellow now against the bright white paint.  The walls and trim are freshly painted, but I still need to do the doors.  I didn't brighten this photo much so you can see how dingy they look.  I wasn't planning to but looking at this now I think I need to add moulding to these doors like I have on several others in the house... hmmm... my to-list is supposed to be shrinking instead of growing!

The other big piece this week is that the countertops came in!  Woo-hoo!  I visited a wonderful locally owned shop, Hōm Kitchen and Bath to look at some options.  I knew I wanted quartz and something pretty white with little pattern in it, so their helpful designers steered me towards these three options.  It's hard to tell much difference in the photo, but the left is "Titanium White" and had the tiniest little bit of a speckled dot in it.  The top is "True White," and true to it's name it's nothing but bright, solid white.  The last one is a simulated marble called "Bianca Aspen," you can see a tiny bit of gray veining in the sample but the slab had more pattern.

I brought the samples home and was able to try them in the bathroom, it's so helpful to see what it will look like in your personal space and lighting.  I knew pretty quickly that I wanted the plain ol' bright True White.  After I made my selection a pro from Hōm Kitchen & Bath came and electronically measured for a template for the countertops.  I was so impressed with his professional manner and speedy work!

The night before the new counters were to arrive, we saved a little money by tearing out the old countertop ourselves.  That wasn't easy!  Once we ("we" meaning Ray- ha!) got it loose, it was so long and heavy that the two of us couldn't lift it out of place, so he had to break it apart in place and we took it out in smaller pieces.  We were also trying to be really careful not to damage the freshly painted vanity, so it probably would have been a little easier had we not been worrying about that.

The next morning, just as promised, the guys from Hōm arrived with our beautifully cut and finished counters.  They set up everything they needed to make the final adjustments and get them installed.  Again, they were super professional and considerate.

Eeeek!  They looked so beautiful already even without a backsplash, sink, or faucet yet!  I selected an undermount sink from Hōm as well when I chose the counters, so they also had those ready to deliver and got them all installed.

The plumber came that same afternoon and installed the fixtures.  For this bathroom we decided on this single handle faucet, and since using it we've been very happy with the style and function.  The only thing that I'm not 100% pleased with is that this finish seems to spot terribly, which is disappointing.  I find it a little odd that the metal used for the drain cover doesn't spot at all... why couldn't they have produced the rest of the faucet the same way?  We'll have to get used to wiping it off after each use if we don't want the water spots, who has time for that?  ;)   I'm not sorry that we got them, they are truly beautiful and I'm pleased with their performance, I just wish that issue had been worked through in the design of the materials used.  I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this issue if any of you have a Delta faucet with the Champagne Bronze finish as well.

Apparently when an undermount sink is installed it's necessary to wait 24 hours before installing the drain assembly (just so everything cures well I believe), so although the faucets were installed the plumber had to return the next day to finish them up and get them operational.  Also, when trying to install the backsplash, the guys discovered that my giant mirror wasn't perfectly level, so the perfectly cut backsplash wouldn't quite fit.  They expertly trimmed it down slightly just on the one edge that was lower than the other, and it fit like a glove.  The difference was only just over a quarter of on inch, but enough nonetheless to cause an issue which they solved, no problem!  And no one will ever know that my mirror isn't perfectly straight.  Except all of you.  ;)

I also stumbled across the vanity light fixtures at a local surplus shop.  I originally had these cuties on my design board, but with all of the other expenses they just weren't in the budget and I was concerned that the globes would hang down in front of the mirror too much.  So, after a lot of looking in shops and online I was so happy when I spotted these and decided they just might work!  I couldn't decide if they were super retro or super modern looking, but they grew on me quickly and I was drawn to the height they would add to the wall space over the mirror.  (If you missed it, I shared 25 affordable and stylish vanity light fixtures in yesterday's post.)

One of the last bigger projects has been getting all of the baseboards put back on.  Normally, my tile installer would have done that but the old ones were in such bad shape that we opted for new ones that I painted, cut, and installed myself. Not a bad job, I actually enjoyed that one.  Any project where you get to use a nail gun is pretty fun! 

Now, we're getting really close to the finishing touches!  The biggest projects I have left are the shower curtain and cornice, painting the doors (and adding moulding?), then just some little things like towels and artwork and accessories... the fun stuff!

I think I'll have one more update for you and then I'll be ready to photograph the finished space!

*Thank you to Hōm Kitchen and Bath for providing a discount on my countertops.  If you're in the OKC metro area be sure to check out one of their beautiful showrooms for you next remodel, they offer start to finish remodeling services!  And check out their Instagram page, they post the prettiest designs and materials! 

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I wanted to title this post "25 Bathroom Lights That Aren't Terrible"...  Why are stylish over the mirror vanity lights so hard to find?  Especially affordable ones?  As we're working to remodel both of the full bathrooms in our house, I've looked at plenty of light fixtures.  A friend was over the other day looking at the progress in the kids' bath and we both agreed that finding pretty vanity light fixtures is such a challenge!  So, I thought some of you might be in the same boat and would appreciate seeing some bathroom vanity lights that are attractive and won't break the bank in case yours are in need of an update.

This pic is from their bathroom before the remodel- I didn't have a new pretty photo to post here yet! ;)

I'm drawn to the look of sconce lighting over a vanity that you might notice in so many bathroom makeovers these days.  But in reality, I think 90% of us have over the mirror bar vanity lighting so short of a remodel, vanity sconces aren't an option. Therefore, for this collection I focused strictly on over the mirror vanity light fixtures.  Many of these are also available in a different finish or number of lights if you like the style but need those different options.

I chose one of these for the kids' bathroom vanity (and one for my Master Bath), I'll share the kids' fixture with you on tomorrow's update post!  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

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Most of you know that I occasionally decorate for large church events and I've been doing a few others for some church business meetings this year as well.  The goal is always to create stylish tables on a budget!  I'm usually working with anywhere from 15 to up to 50 tables, so I try to gather what I have, borrow when I can, and use simple, inexpensive supplies.  Last month I decorated 15 tables at an event center at our state's camp (Falls Creek if you're familiar with OK!).  Since it was the Fall meeting in a rustic setting, I carried those elements inside for some Fall table decorations.  I adapted an idea that I had seen and made some DIY metal ring centerpieces as well, I'll show you how easy they were!   (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

But first, here's a look at the finished tables.  The edges are still a little bare since I photographed before the caterers finished putting all of the place settings out, but let's just focus on the centerpieces!


Hello everyone, I'm so excited to share my undeniably colorful Fall Mantel with you today as part of Project Design: Fall Mantels!  Honestly, we are knee neck deep in a bathroom remodel and busy with making plans for a second bathroom remodel that will immediately follow, so I hadn't done one bit of Fall decorating until I started this project two days ago.  It felt good to do something a little different than demo and agonize about tubs and faucets and sand and prime and paint, though!  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

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