Thursday, July 2, 2015


I never studied design, and certainly don't claim to be any kind of professional decorator, but there are a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way when decorating the spaces in my home.  Last Fall I was invited to speak at a holiday event at our church and share some decorating ideas.  These are a few of the things I shared with the ladies there, and I just realized I never shared them with you!  

These are 5 basic rules of thumb that I always fall back on to make a table top, shelf, or vignette look it's best.

2014 Spring Home Tour

Unless you're very purposefully going for a symmetrical look, things always look best arranged in odd numbers.  On the mantle above, I used 5 things on the left, and 3 on the right.  On my kitchen counter in the photo below, just imagine if I had taken one of those things away.  It would look strange with only two things grouped together, and 4 would have been too much.  Three is often the magic number!

My Son's Room

A bunch of smaller items lined up on a surface can easily shift to looking cluttered, but put them all on a tray and you instantly have a chic grouping.  A tray can also help add a little more heft if you need your accessories to have a greater presence in your space.

DIY Jewelry Embellished Vase

Our Entry

Nothing looks good lined up all at a single height (once again, unless your very purposefully going for that look).  In every single one of these photos, everything is staggered in height.  You might need to use a book, a pedestal, or a decorative box to elevate an item in your vignette if it's too close to the same size as the item next to it.  

Craigslist Bamboo Nightstand Makeover
Elevate... which leads to #4:

2013 Christmas Home Tour

Books are some of the hardest working accessories in my home.  Not only do they dress shelves beautifully, they help with tip #3 and are even handy to read once in a while!  ;)  I'm always on the look out at yard sales or thrift shops for oversized books that would be good to stack up to elevate larger accessories, or any books with pretty spines in my color palette. 

DIY Pom Pom Coasters

Souvenir Saddle Medallions Turned DIY Artwork

Just like staggering the height of accessories, layer some things from front to back as well.  Once again, don't line things up in a row.  Stagger placement and overlap some items in front of or in back of others.

Simple DIY Tassels

So that's it!  My best design words of wisdom.  There are so many more things I could have added to my list, but how about you?  What's your favorite styling tip?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


While running errands over the weekend, I ducked into a local vintage mall, The Rink Gallery.  My parents (booth #26) and my sister and brother-in-law (The Den) both have booths in this mall, and it's one of those where you never know what you'll find!  As the name suggests, it used to be an Ice Skating rink that was converted into a vintage merchandise mall filled with around 100+ booths.  I gracefully skated barely survived many laps around that ice back in the day!  The pair of ice skates that I use to decorate with at Christmas came from the Rink when it was sold.  <today's fun fact!>

Knowing there would be some great stuff, I went with camera in hand.  Rather than just show you some of the neat items that caught my eye, I thought I'd also share a great way to style the item in your home.  Often it's hard to see the potential in items that are crammed together in small booth spaces, or at a yard sale, or on Craigslist, so I hope this gives you a little peek into my thought process as I consider items from sources such as these, and to see how these things might work in real-life spaces.  

So, today I'm kicking off a new semi-regular little series I'm calling...

Here we go!  The first photo is the item that I saw at The Rink a few days ago, and the second includes it (or a similar item) styled in a beautiful space.


Boho Weddings


Liz Marie Blog

Midwest Living

Burlap and Lace by Shannon Claire


Flea Market Fab via Instagram

Our Fifth House

Home Stories A to Z

Miss Mustard Seed

I found all of these great things in just about 10 minutes, I didn't have time to really scour the entire building that day.  However, I may or may not have come home with one of these items, stay tuned!

 The Rink is a fun place to pop in occasionally if you're in the OKC metro area, and you can also follow them on Facebook for the latest new additions.  If you go sometime, let me know what you think, and if you find any fabulous treasures!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend. We got a bit of yard work done, finally went to see Jurassic World (we enjoyed it!), spent some time with family, and had a great day at church yesterday.  

I can't believe that it's time to plan for the Fourth of July (didn't we just open Christmas presents yesterday?!?), but ready or not, it's here this weekend!  The Fourth is one of my family's favorite holidays, and this year I'd like to add in a few new ideas to our usual set-up.  I found the cutest things as I was searching, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you today.  They're all pretty simple, so you'll have plenty of time this week if you want to try something new, too.

--- If you'd like to pin any of these awesome ideas, please click the link below the photo and do so from the original source.  Thanks! ---


A fun appetizer or dessert that even the littlest hands can help assemble-

Almost Supermom

 A twist on traditional hot dogs-

Handmade in the Heartland

No cooking necessary here... presentation is the key!

Family Fresh Meals


Simple painted bushel baskets used for serving-

A Night Owl

Super easy patriotic duct tape pennant garland-

Chic California

Spray paint stars on your lawn!

The Concrete Cottage

No-sew bandana pillow covers-

At The Picket Fence

If you missed my no-sew USA banner a few weeks ago, here's another look.  You can knock one out too in less than an hour!


I'm planning to print these for our family gathering this weekend.  I'm thinking a flag hung on the fence in the back yard will be the perfect back drop!

Fox Hollow Cottage

Kids Activities Blog

I'm pretty sure the kids would go crazy for this fun night-time game while waiting for the fireworks to begin, and there are several other fun glow in the dark game ideas included as well.

Momma Did It

Beautiful Rooms

I can't leave you today without adding a few inviting red, white, and blue spaces-

Midwest Living

Kim always creates the perfect mix-

Savvy Southern Style

 And lastly, this is one of my all-time favorite rooms!

Meredith Heron via Style at Home

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