Friday, February 27, 2015


Hello friends!  It's already the end of another month, so that means it's time to show off your best project from February.  And, we have another super fun guest host today who I can't wait for you to meet!

My breakfast nook chandelier got some sassy new shades this month, and it's been my favorite project in a while!  I was just admiring them again at dinner last night as a matter of fact...

Pam shared not one, but THREE different ways to style a beautiful coffee table.  I love her sense of humor, you'll have to read the post to see how she compared her stash of coffee tables to her love of actual coffee!

Pam @ Simple Details

Kris provided a super-handy tip guide for common living room dilemmas... what size rug should I buy?  How large should my coffee table be?  Click over to Driven by Decor for a convenient image to pin for easy reference.

Kris @ Driven by Décor

Lisa showed us how to make a fabric covered cornice board, and then taught us an ingenious way to hang it!  I'm planning to it out on the door in our bedroom that leads out to the back patio.  I'll be keeping this tutorial handy!

Lisa @ Shine your Light 

 Last month we announced the new addition of including a fellow blogger to share the BOTN hosting duties with us.  This time, we're pleased to welcome Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof as our Guest Host.  Jenna and I are on the same decorating wavelength, as we both have a major crush on color and pattern and quirky things!  She's sharing her recent entryway makeover with us today, and it is so much fun.  Hope over to Jenna's and look around, I know you'll love what you see!  

Jenna {Rain on a Tin Roof}

And don't forget, even if you aren't a blogger you can still participate.  Just post a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag at least one of the hosts and use the hashtag #bestofthenestparty.
Kris (@drivenbydecor)
Pam (@pamsimpledetails)
Lisa (@lisa_shineyourlight)
Jennifer (@jenniferdimplesandtangles)
Jenna (@raintinroof)

There are just a few guidelines to remember...
*Link to your specific post, not your home page.
*Please make sure that your project is from FEBRUARY.
*Only ONE link per person! If more than one link is added, all but your first link will be deleted.
*Please link back to one of the hosts in your post.  
*Spread some comment love - please visit and comment on at least two other links in the party.

Feel free to grab a button for your post!

Alright, show us what you've got!

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Friday, February 20, 2015


Once upon a time, long long ago, I did a Friday Favorites series.  It consisted of projects and links around the web that I enjoyed.  I've decided to revive that series, but I'm switching it up a little.  I'll still include amazing projects and beautiful rooms that I come across, but I also plan to throw in some of my favorite products, ideas, or anything random on my mind that I'd like to share with you.  The Best of the Nest link party will still post two Fridays each month, but on the open Fridays I hope you'll enjoy revisiting this series.

I'm fairly sure we're all dreaming of sunny, warm days!  We have plans for a major backyard/patio overhaul this spring.  Carmel from Our Fifth House created a screened-in porch haven that is giving me major motivation and inspiration!

I started following Tiffani Thiessen (of Saved by the Bell and White Collar fame) on Instagram a while back.  Did you know that she loves to cook and decorate?  She just started a food, home, and lifestyle blog.  The photos are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas she has to offer, plus her little family is just too cute!

I love to visit Nell Hill's when we're in Kansas City, and even gave you a tour of all the goodness from a trip there last Spring.  This post from Mary Carol gives excellent suggestions for mixing and matching patterns if you need some guidelines.  She's a pro, I love every single combo in the store!

I recently had a reader ask how I approach cleaning out and getting rid of things I don't want or use any more.  I told her that was the million dollar question... so hard to do!  We have a garage sale about once a year (even though each time I declare I'll never have another!), donate througout the year, and sell things on Craigslist.  Claire just wrote a timely post with some great tips about how to sell things on Craigslist.   The only thing I would add to her list would be to post the best photos of your items that you can (not a dark, fuzzy photo of the item in a corner of your garage, especially covered up with stuff! Or with your pets on the item. You think they're cute, but no one else will want animals on the merchandise!).  I take photos for CL like I photograph things for the blog, and they usually sell the same day!  Oh, and ALWAYS include the measurements of the item.  

Claire Brody Designs

Lastly, my friend posted this item from her Craigslist last night, half way across the country.  I've wanted a coffee table like this for over two years, but it's my furniture unicorn.  I have friends in Maryland and Denver that have found them, but I've never seen one for sale in my area.   Anyone in Oklahoma have one you want to get rid of (second-hand and reasonable)?  Or even Dallas?  I can do a road trip!  ;)   Do you have a piece that you've always got an eye out for?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, friends, and that it goes by SLOWLY and you enjoy every minute!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Tassels and pom poms seem to be the home decor detail of choice lately.  I've seen them on pillows, throw blankets, purses, keychains, furniture knobs, lamps, and adorning a variety of accessories.  I've jumped on the pom-pom bandwagon, but wanted to try my hand at making a few tassels as well.

I knew I wanted a few tassels to accent some of my accessories, and I wanted them to be fun!  I've been so inspired by the whimsical and colorful items from a shop called Furbish that I follow on Instagram, that I decided to choose a rainbow style yarn.  

Once I made a few tassels, I couldn't stop!  They are even easier to make than pom poms. 

I had a huge pom left over from making my pom pom pillows, so I tied it together with two tassels on this basket from TJ Maxx.   

And as I looked around my room, it seemed that everything needed a colorful tassel added!

I have several random knobs on hand, so I added one to our magazine basket with a couple of tassels.

If you've never made a tassel, you must try!  Even if you don't embrace color in your decor as much as I do, these would be lovely in any color, or even in lots of neutral tones using the fluffy, chunkier yarn for some texture.  I made 2 different sizes, a longer, fuller one for the baskets, and a smaller one for the owl.

All you'll need is yarn and a piece or cardboard, posterboard, or sturdy paper.  I grabbed a Christmas card that was about the size I wanted my tassel to be.  If you want smaller tassels, trim you paper to the length you desire.   Also, cut one longer piece (about 12"), and one shorter piece (about 6") of yarn and save for later.

To make the tassel:
1. Line the end of the yarn up with the bottom of your card, then start wrapping, covering the piece you start with in the first few wraps so it will stay put.  Keep it semi-loose, you'll be sliding the yarn off the card at some point and you want it to move easily.

2.  Continue to wrap until you reach the fullness you want.  This tassel is about 5" long, and I wrapped the yarn about 50 times.  The smaller tassels I made are 3" long, and I wrapped them about 40 times.

3.   Take the long piece of extra cut yarn and thread it through the top of the loop you wrapped (I doubled mine but you don't have to).

4.  Tie the loop tightly and secure with a knot.  Gently slide yarn off of the card.

5.  With the reserved shorter piece of yarn, tie tightly around the top of the loop and knot.  You can just eyeball how big you want this top portion to be. 

6.  Slip scissors through the bottom loops and snip open.

7.  That's it!   You may need to trim a few stray ends, but they should all be fairly uniform. 

I hope you'll give it a try, surely SOMETHING in your space could use a little tassel love! 

If you want to try a pom pom project, here are a few fun ones to consider:

DIY Pom Pom Pillow

DIY Pom Pom Coasters

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