Monday, October 16, 2017


I'm switching up my Fall decor a bit this year (finally getting around to decorating!).  Seeing a big trend with embroidery hoop floral wreaths lately, I thought this season was the perfect opportunity to try one out! 

fall wreath, embroidery hoop wreath, fall decorations, front porch, blue front door

This project could not be easier, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  I used an 18" hoop and you only need one of the two pieces, so save the other for another project or make this with a friend!  I also used some dried bundles of wheat and cotton, and a faux greenery bush that I liked the shape and texture of.  You'll also need some floral wire or pipe cleaners. 

Separate bunches into smaller groups and trim the ends.  I didn't want my wreath to be too full, so just a few stems and sprigs were sufficient.

After wiring the wheat bunch together (those stalks tend to want to slip loose if you don't), wire it tightly to the hoop. 

Keep layering and wiring tightly in an arrangement that pleases you.

When finished you'll have lots of wire wrapped around your hoop to keep everything secure.

I had a space left in the center where my bunches came together, so I covered it with a bow.  If bows aren't your thing, it would be nice to add a few mini pumpkins, acorns, or fall colored leaves.  If you don't want any extra adornment, just wire your bunches close enough together so there is no space left in the middle, layering pieces carefully so cut stem ends are covered.

I hung the wreath with fishing line, and since it's a little heavier on the side and tends to want to not hang correctly, I used a piece of sticky putty behind the left side to secure it and keep it from sliding around. 

fall wreath, hoop wreath, cotton stems, wheat bundles, blue front door,

I'm getting the rest of my porch decorated, can't wait to show it to you this week!

Sherwin Williams Dignity Blue, Fall Wreath, hoop wreath, blue front door

hoop wreath, fall wreath, diy wreath, fall decorations, fall porch decorations

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Thursday, October 12, 2017


I've been blogging for over 6 years now and have had many opportunities to share some amazing products and companies with you.  I've never been as excited to share a company with you as I am today, though!  I want to introduce you to The Plaid Pineapple, it's founder Denise, her purpose for her business, and tell you why I'm so happy to be working with them.  And, I'll show you the cutest gingham sneakers you ever did see in the process, too! (This post contains affiliate links.)

I met Denise over 16 years ago when we were serving at First Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, OK.  After moving away from there I was happy to reconnect with her a few years ago at Vintage Market Days, a large local antique/craft fair where she had a booth for her store set up.

Denise has a HUGE heart for women's ministry, missions and spreading the Gospel around the globe.  I'll never forget one of the first times I heard her speak when she said "Even though I might not be in the position right now to move across the globe to share the Good News of Jesus, I CAN sell a pillow!"  And as a result of that thinking, The Plaid Pineapple and her organization Everyday Ministries was born.

Scalloped Wood Bowl- (no longer available)

The Plaid Pineapple is a storefront in Broken Arrow, OK that is full of the most wonderful home decor items, as well as cute jewelry, clothing, and shoes.  But, it's not just any store.  100% of the profits from the shop are used to meet needs around the globe with the hope of sharing the Gospel as those needs are met.  They were recently featured on a local TV show, here's the video with a peek at the store and Denise sharing more about how it works:

Now, here's what I'm so excited to tell you about!  I have several pieces from TPP, and have shared them with you in the past, as well as links so that you might be able to shop those items if you were interested.  Unbeknownst to you and me, because of that shopping you did through those links, I received this note:

We are thankful for you! In the last 90 days you have sent 195 visitors to our online store.  100% of our profit goes to meeting an everyday need in order to share the gospel, and we have a year long commitment with the International Mission Board to pay the salary of a church plant pastor in Central Asia.  The sales you generated paid his salary for an entire month!

I can't tell you how heartwarming that was!  Because I shared some products with you, and you shopped, needs are being met in far away places and a pastor is able to continue doing the work of telling people the Good News of Jesus.   

Since receiving that note and realizing the impact that "just selling a pillow" can have, I've been thinking about how I can continue to be a part of this ministry.  So, I'm letting you know today that about once a month I'll be featuring The Plaid Pineapple and some items from their online store that I know you might have an interest in.  These will be affiliate links (your price is the same) so they are able to be tracked by the shop,  and I will make a commission on them.  However,  I will be donating 100% of my commission from these links back to Everyday Ministries.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have a tiny little part in this ministry!

You've already seen a few photos here of my Plaid Pineapple purchases, but today I wanted to tell you about the cutest ever black and white *gingham* sneakers!  

The gals at TPP just sent these to me to try out and share with you, and I think they are just the perfect leisure shoe.  In case you missed the memo, slip on sneakers are all the rage right now, and I mean... gingham!!  They have a nice cushion on the bottom (or you can always slip in a thin insole if you'd like, as I do on many of my shoes for extra comfort) and sections of elastic flanking the "tongue" for a comfortable fit regardless of your foot width.  

Patterned shoes are such a good choice to spice up an otherwise plain t-shirt and jeans outfit, or as we enter this time of year- sweater and jeans!  

There are a couple of other darling shoes available on the site too, but I had to share these with you as well.  Mules are another style that is super hot this Fall, and I'm crazy about these:

I also wanted to share a few home things that I'm currently loving from TPP- (if you have a question about specifics of a product, feel free to email TPP, they're great to respond!)

My Advent Scripture Cards are in a photo above, but I also love this set of Hand Lettered Scripture Memory Cards.

This Metal Chain Garland with clips is perfect for displaying those cards!

There are several different options for Hand Lettered Art, including some popular quotes, hymn lyrics, and scripture verses.  

There are many other cute things available on TPP website, or in store if you're ever near Broken Arrow.  I'm looking forward to sharing more cute products with a purpose with you each month.

Thank you for allowing me to share a cause that's near to my heart today.  Be sure to follow The Plaid Pineapple on Facebook or Instagram for the latest product releases and sale information!   And if you're just here for pretty photos and home decor ideas, I'd love to share more with you about this Good News of Jesus we're talking about, and how much He loves you and wants a relationship with you!  Email me any time at dimplesandtangles (at) att (dot) net. 

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Well, you all sure had some strong opinions about Part 1 of the Designer Showhouse Tour that I shared last week.  And, for the most part I agreed with you.  I debated whether to even show you the rest of the house.  However, even though it's not an over the top fabulous show house and some of the design is pretty out there, I think there are still ideas to be gleaned and lessons to be learned.  I think Audrey's comment from Part 1 of the tour sums up my intent best:

"As a whole I join the consensus, but I'm always distilling the parts so I can integrate them into my own spaces. There were pieces like the monopoly game that my engineer/builder son will HAVE to make! I loved the possibilities of the black and white study! Many light fixtures were to die for!"

So, here's (most of-I still edited out some of it) the rest of the house! 

This upstairs office was one of my favorite spaces, the graphic wallpaper and velvet chairs were the highlights for me. 

This was probably the prettiest, most inviting bedroom in the house.  I really liked the abstract artwork hanging over the dresser.

Landing at the top of the stairs- the carved console was a nice piece, the bench was cool, and I don't know about you but I liked the quirk of the white peacock.

Upstairs bonus room-

Another upstairs bedroom, this one was nice too.  Loved the wall color, the wicker moose was super fun, and the tiny pleated edge on those green pillows made me want to add a pair to my wish list!

This was a teen room with a "hang out" space- the chairs in the center of the room that faced a tv.  Kind of a cool concept but my friend and I weren't sure we liked the arrangement. 

This room had a bug theme and the framed pieces were actually really cool.  I think they were real insects but couldn't be 100% sure.   If you look closely there was a tiny ant border stamped all the way around the room.

They also used the ant stamp on all of the walls in the adjacent bath.  Whoever did that got them lined up really well!

Theater room in the basement- 

Loved this floral wallpaper and the cute little candy cart vignette.  

OK, call me crazy, but these animal head sconces were the coolest!  I don't know if I'd line the room with them like they did here, but a pair flanking a piece of furniture or one used in a kid's room would just be so much fun.  

This was a random door, but I photographed it because I like the idea of upholstering it and adding the big iron handle.  I've pinned lots of doors with similar treatments, and think it's a great way to make a pantry or closet door really stand out.  I'm thinking about doing something similar to the closet doors in my office some day.  (And they have that cute fabric at Hobby Lobby if you like it!)

Back Patio and Pool-

I thought this oversized vessel for firewood was great.  

The hanging moroccan lanterns were nice but they'd be swaying in the Oklahoma wind 98% of the time...

My backyard needs this corn hole game!

Ok, did you pick up a good idea or two from part 2 of the tour?  I hope so!

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