Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Welcome to My Five Favorites today!  Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all so excited to share our five favorite before and after projects with you this month.

We're welcoming Shelley at Crazy Wonderful as our guest today, and I think she must be pretty humble because she should have named her blog Crazy Talented!  Case in point, that stunning black botanical wall (psst... they're DIY!!) in her gorgeous dining room.

I'm anxious to see what she's sharing with us today for her favorite B&As too, so join me and be sure to stop by, say hello, and take a peek!

One of our biggest before and after projects has been the Patio makeover that we started two summers ago.  We removed the pergola and added a solid roof in it's place, extended the existing roof and floor area, and added a fireplace. The after truly feels like we've added a whole new living area to our home, and we're using it every chance we get!  Check out the reveal post to see a closer look of all the details we changed as well as links to all of the projects along the way.

I'm probably teetering on the verge of y'all being tired of seeing the Powder Bath makeover, but it's probably the most dramatic before and after in my house!

It's tempting to only include big, dramatic, full room makeovers in my favorites today, but small projects that don't take much time can be just as satisfying!  These sad thrifted lamps are still one of my all time favorite B&A projects- all it took was some paint, new shades, and a little bit of time.

And guess what?? Surprise, after 4 years they just got another makeover last they're pretty in pink!

Of course, a good furniture trash to treasure transformation is always a winner in my book.  These nightstands are one of my favorite before and afters, because I figured out a simple way to change the dated look of the top drawer into a classic, timeless style.

These Vintage Wingback Chairs took years for me to actually get them from the before to the after, but it was worth all of the effort! Love them flanking my dining room table.

Goodness, once I started digging through the archives, I couldn't stop at 5 today!  Here's a few more I'll just give you the photos of, click the link below the photo if you want to see project details.  More of my favorites!

Lastly, I've got one big before and after bonus for you today.  A few months ago we reached 10 years of living in this home (unbelievable!).  If you missed it, I did a big post on where we started, progress, where were are now, and how my style has changed through the years.  It's full of lots of good before and after photos!

Do you have a favorite before and after project from your home?  I'd love to know what it is!  Be sure to head over to check out these before and after transformations, too.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Last month my husband and I traveled to Phoenix, AZ for a conference.  Every few years, we attend the annual meeting of our Southern Baptist Convention along with thousands of other pastors, ministers, and messengers from churches all over the country.

The first day and a half is the Pastor's Conference, and then the next two days are basically a big meeting mixed in with worship, sermons, and reports from all of our Southern Baptist entities.  It's always good to catch up with friends and fellow ministers from around the country and hear about the good work our missionaries are doing to spread the gospel around the world.  One of the most powerful times of the conference is when groups all over the arena surround our new missionaries with prayer and commission them as they go out across the world to share about Jesus.

Since this was basically a "business trip," we didn't have a lot of spare time to roam the town and sightsee, but we did manage to squeeze in quite a bit of seeing the town here and there between sessions.  Thankfully, we were there during a "cool front" and the weather was mostly in the 90s, none of this 120 degree business that's currently been going on!  The weather was lovely- pleasant mornings and evenings, and even the heat of the day wasn't unbearable.


We had some time the evening we arrived so we headed for Old Town Scottsdale.  We enjoyed walking the quaint streets and blocks of shops and restaurants.  It was a Sunday evening so most things were closed, but we still got in some fun window shopping!

I could not get over all of the beautiful landscaping...the bougainvillea was breathtaking!  Along with many varieties of huge cacti everywhere and sweet wildflowers, the landscaping greenery begged to be admired.

This dress was perfect for travel- so comfortable yet looked pulled together, and easy to dress up or down with your choice of shoes and accessories.  Although be prepared if you wear it while flying... the sleeves are so full that TSA had to pat down them down going through security.  ;)

(this post contains affiliate links)
Gray Ruffled Sleeve Dress  ||  Sneakers  ||  No Show Socks  ||  Monogrammed Tote

One of my fellow ministry wives from our church found out that Phoenix has a Last Chance Clearance center for Nordstrom.  This is truly the last stop for merchandise!  There are tons of shoes at bargain basement prices- some have obviously been worn and returned, but most are in perfect new condition.  We heard rumors that people line up an hour before the store opens each day to get in, but we went in the afternoon and it wasn't too bad.  Be ready to dig if you go (literally- piles of shoes, accessories, home goods, etc. loaded up in bins to look through- plenty of racks and hanging rods also though), but there are some awesome deals to be found!  

This day I wore this orange gingham dress with skinny pants.  It's very lightweight so it's cool, but it's also thin and short for me, so it needs a slip or pants underneath it.  It would probably be perfect as a wear alone dress for petite sizes.

Our last full day was mostly spent at the convention, but we slipped away for a few hours in the late afternoon for dinner and to explore a bit.  Phoenix is surrounded by mountains, and although we didn't have time to do any hiking, we did check out South Mountain Park, which has a road you can drive to the top of the peak.  The views from the top look out across downtown and all of the surrounding areas for miles and miles.  Easy to navigate take a peek by car if you're not up for hiking the landscape, or there are plenty of trails around if you do want to hike.

We had just been to dinner so this is what I was wearing to tromp around on the top of the mountain... ;) good thing those shoes are comfy!  A good pair of white trousers is such a staple for me- I wear them weekly and often to church with a nice blouse.

White Pants- similar here or here  ||  Blouse- similar  ||  Tassel Necklace  ||  Clutch- TJ Maxx

One evening I wore this casual combo- stripes + floral + leopard = love!

On the day we headed home we had a little bit of time before we headed to the airport, so we stopped by the gigantic shopping center Fashion Square.  I think just about every store you can imagine is here!  

I wore my trusty gingham shirtdress (which comes in GREEN now too and is currently half off!) for our travel home and threw in a cardigan for the chilly plane/airport.  This outfit has been on repeat this summer!  I've said it before, but I could not love this tote more.  I carry it daily, but it's especially great for trips.  We loaded it down with my laptop, big camera, a novel, my husbands iPad, as well as all of my normal "purse" items.  It often gets this kind of abuse and doesn't look one bit any worse for the wear... I'm so impressed with the quality and how the straps have held up.  

Gingham Dress (1/2 off!)  ||  Similar sandals here ($25!), here, or here  ||  Similar Earrings here or here  ||  Monogrammed Tote


A little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale.  After a day of traveling we chose it at random and our traditional enchiladas/beans and rice plates were good.   More "authentic" Mexican and spicier than this Tex-Mex girl is used to!

An old church converted into a restaurant.  Beautiful, very cool atmosphere, and very good.

Downtown, has only been open for a few months.  We went for a late night dinner and all had tacos.  They were good but the star was the table side hand made guac!  They bring out scads of ingredients and custom make your guac to order.  Probably the best guacamole I've ever had!

Ray and me, our Pastor and his wife, our Worship Leader and his wife (such a fun crew!)

Southern favorites with a slightly gourmet twist.  We stuck with the classics, and I loved how they used sweet old china to serve on.  The biscuits were huge (that's a dessert size plate, but still!).

Downtown, nice courtyard or inside dining, delicious!

A must stop before we headed home to the land of no In N Outs!  


Along with a huge number of the conference attendees, for convenience we stayed at the Renaissance Downtown and the accommodations were fantastic.  There were so many shops and restaurants within walking distance, if you're downtown for meetings you really can find everything you need right there.

So, have you been to Phoenix?  What are your favorite spots?   I enjoyed it SO much more than I expected to, and would love to go back for more play time next time!  We both said if you can make it through the summers it would be such an amazing place to live.

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Friday, July 7, 2017


If your schedule has been as busy as mine lately, you might have missed a post or two around here!  Here's the best of April, May, and June.  If you're all caught up, scroll on to the end of the post for an unbeatable deal on some super cute shorts that my daughter and I are loving.  :)

It's hard to believe, but this house has been our home for 10 years.  In this post I gave you a before and after tour from the very beginning, and shared how my style has changed over the years.

I was ready for a fun change for Spring and Summer, so I switched out the drapes in the living room and breakfast nook.  Panels really aren't that hard to make, and I showed you how in this DIY Curtain Panel Tutorial.

I shared a few recipes- you must try the pink lemonade pie this summer if you haven't yet!

We have a huge garage sale every 2-3 years.  I really don't enjoy it, but it's always worth it in the end to get rid of things we don't need anymore and earn a nice chunk of change in the process.  As a seasoned garage sale giver and shopper, I shared my best Tips for a Successful Garage Sale.

I scoured one of the online fabric sites I use the most and put together some fabric combos that would mix and match nicely in a room.

I set a Pink and Green Easter Table this Spring, and it's probably one of my favorites yet!  By changing out the color scheme this general idea would work for several other occasions, too... showers, birthday parties, or other holidays.

One of the biggest problem areas in my house got a little makeover, and now I'm finally in love with a little nook that I've always disliked.  

Finally, we got a "new" front door!  It spurred on a few other changes too for a Front Porch Mini Makeover.

Ok, this doesn't exactly fit with a recap post, but I didn't want you to miss out on this deal!  My daughter and I have bought several pairs of these shorts this summer, and they're all perfect.  AND THEY'RE ON SALE FOR $12 UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT!

These are probably my favorite of the bunch- the fabric is thick, the 7" length is just right, and the tiny embroidered lemons make for a much more expensive look than they are! (includes affiliate links)

We both had on new shorts for the Fourth this week.  Emily's are perfect to mix and match with a variety of tops and mine are lightweight, super cool chambray.  Two thumbs up on both of these!

Alright, that wraps up your reading material and shopping picks for the weekend, hope you all have a great one!  I'm in the middle of a big project- you can follow along with my Instastories for some sneak peeks!

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