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Well I've been so excited about this day for months... I'm thrilled to share not one but TWO Christmas tree reveals with you today!  This year I've partnered with At Home Stores to decorate two different trees in our home, just in time to give you plenty of inspiration as you prepare to deck your halls!  And yes, it may seem a bit early, but let me tell you... I just walked the Christmas aisles a few days ago and all of the best stuff is going fast!  (Early Black Friday Decor-Buster deals are already going on!)

I'm also so happy to be joining in the My Home Style Blog Hop: Christmas Tree Edition hosted by Stephanie at Casa Watkins Living this week.  There are over 30 trees in the line-up this week, be sure to check them all out for loads more ideas and inspiration, today's tours are linked at the end of this post. 

We'll begin with the tree in our Living Room.  I'm calling this super colorful beauty our "Oh What Fun" tree, see if you can spot the reason why!

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I started with this lovely new heavily flocked tree from At Home (#D32 in store).  It was prelit (hallelujah!) and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the flocking hardly shed at all as I set up and decorated the tree.  With all of the color that I tend to use at Christmas, the snowy flocking on the tree provides the perfect backdrop for the colors to pop and shine.

blue and white curtains, white cabinets, jewel tone Christmas Ornaments

You might have caught some of my Instagram Stories that I shared over the past few months on several At Home shopping adventures.  On one of those I shared these incredible pagoda lanterns that I picked up on clearance.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use them on my Christmas tree for a bold accent and statement!  There are 7 spread out around the tree, but I couldn't leave well enough alone with the original white paint color...  I had to spray them hot pink!  To secure them, I just used a branch on the tree to hook through the loop on top of the lantern, then twisted it tightly until the lantern was in place.  The branches underneath help it have a spot to rest as well and keep the weight from pulling it down too much.

At Home Stores, Black and white gingham ribbon, mini ornaments lantern filler, bubble christmas lights

Did you spot it?... the inspiration for the tree name!  I thought this sign was so... fun!... and enjoyed experimenting with adding some larger items to my tree this year.  I found those darling new striped glass tabletop trees to add to my tree collection too, love their whimsical look!

pink wicker elephant table

Bubble lights are so nostalgic for me, we had them on our tree every year growing up!  Did you? When I spotted them I just had to add a few strings to my tree this year.

Most of the ornaments on the tree are a mixture of every size and color.  A few years ago when we did the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas photo shoot, a tip that I got from the stylist was to mix in some larger balls than I typically had in the past, and to stick lots of ornaments back in the branches close to the center of the tree so that a layered effect is created.  I wish I had a better photo but at the top of this one you can see a large faceted gold ornament, those are a new favorite this year!  I also picked up this sweet light up church to tuck in (my husband is a minister).  If you've been here any time at all you know I can't resist mirrored balls of any shape size, so those little mirrored ball picks next to the church were a must for my tree too! Almost every bit of this tree is from At Home, with the exception of the colored globe party lights and the ribbon on the lanterns, both from the craft store.

flocked Christmas Tree  ||  Globe Lantern String Lights

For the tree topper, I started with a gold glittery starburst topper, then bulked it up with some picks and ribbon.  The red and blue curly streamers are on a pick that uncurl and go every which way... they are so whimsical!  I also found the cutest white pom pom picks on the Christmas floral aisle that I used on the top and also spread some out all over the rest of the tree.  You know I can't resist a pom pom!  The ribbon is just cut in about 15" strips then stuck in loop by loop wherever I needed to fill in a space.

I filled the lanterns with LED pillar candles (At Home has a huge selection) and surrounded them with a variety of mini ornaments.  The candles have a 6 hour timer setting, so once I turn them on the first time they'll come on at the same time every night.  So nice that I don't have to mess with opening the lanterns and switching each candle off and on every day.

I can help but grin from ear to ear every time I look at our tree!

colored christmas ornaments, black and white gingham chair, blue and white ikat curtains, pagoda lanterns on Christmas tree
Gingham Settee, Navy Pillow, Striped Glass Trees- At Home  ||  Green Pillows  ||  
Elepahnt Table- vintage, similar here

Moving on to tree #2, my daughter's "Merry and Bright" tree (tree D#12 in store).  Her tree is a short needle flocked tree that's a little more sparse and that's what I liked about it...  plenty of room to hang ornaments between the branches and it looks so natural.  The base is shaped like a tree trunk too, unusual!

She has such a fun, light-hearted personality that I wanted her tree to reflect that.  I started with some large peppermint swirl wooden pieces that are actually yard stakes and spaced them out on the tree for a big impact.  Similar to the Living Room tree, I added some larger pieces to this tree like those the candies and the nutcracker. 


Then, I gathered a variety of ornaments that carried on the candy, playful theme but also tied in some black and white pieces to coordinate with her room.

Like the Oh What Fun tree, I found another sign that was perfect for her tree and gave us the "Merry and Bright" inspiration.

merry and bright christmas tree

 Do you spy the adorable gnome?  And right next to him is a pom pom tassel ornament that I bought several of- perfect as ornaments, gift tie-ons or basket or lamp accents.

Her topper was made up of more of the curly-q streamer picks, peppermint candy picks, another large peppermint stake, and a big striped bow.

I picked up some gift-wrap in the store as well, I like this pattern twist on the buffalo plaid that's been so popular at Christmas for the past several years now.  She had a grin when she discovered there are in fact real presents in there (but that's the extent of my shopping so far... time to get on it!).

black white striped ribbon, candy ornaments, pom pom ornaments

pom pom ornaments, tree topper ideas, plaid gift wrap, black and white decor

See all details and sources for my daughter's room here.

candy Christmas Tree, merry and bright Christmas decorations, At Home Christmas Finds,

Two trees down... the rest of the house to go!  I'll look forward to sharing my full Christmas tour with you in the weeks to come.

Now, hop over and check out these other festive trees!






Thank you to At Home for sponsoring this post.  I've enjoyed shopping with them since I was a little girl and am so happy to be asked to work with them now.  At Home does not offer online shopping at this time, but click here to find an At Home store near you.  To be the first to know about new markdowns, hot deals, and sign up for the At Home Insider Perks program (I love the feature where they save your receipts!!), visit At Home Insider Perks. 

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Happy Friday everyone!  Excited to share a few of my favorite recent purchases and finds with you today.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and if you follow me on Instagram be sure to check in over there for a great giveaway I'm posting today!   (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

You all know I'm all about a great deal.  I've been frustrated with the bluetooth earbuds that I've been using (the kind that has a cord that connects the two earpieces), but I was not willing to shell out the $$$ for a pair of airpods.  My sister is the savviest shopper around that does thorough research before she makes a purchase, so when she approved of a pair of Knockies for my nephew that was good enough to give me confidence to try them!  Since then, my daughter bought a pair for herself months ago and absolutely loves them.  They both won me over, so I just got my own pair of the newest model available (I've heard rumors that they're even better than airpods!) and I've been 100% pleased with them.  I also bought the silicone travel case for a few dollars more (in hot pink of course!).  There are often discount codes available, but use my tips here to install the Honey savings app on your computer and make it super easy to get the best price!  Even without a discount, they're at least half the price of airpods and have excellent reviews... great for a teen's Christmas list if not for yourself!

Athleta is my new favorite brand for athleisure pants, I love the fit, style, and quality.  Most recently I bought a pair of lined joggers and I want to wear them every day!  The outer fabric is soft and silky but there is the most comfy knit layer on the inside- perfect for colder days when you need more coverage on your legs.  This is the only pic I have of my new pair, our Fall Break trip was super chilly and I wore them 2 of the 4 days we were gone.

We entertain fairly often, and in the colder months everyone's coats get piled on my bed (not ideal).  I don't know why I've never thought to buy a portable coat rack!  I just got this collapsible garment rack and we've already tested it out when we had almost 40 guests the other night for a fellowship.  I just set it in the office and everyone hung their coats up.  Each end has an arm that extends even further and it's plenty sturdy.  It's on wheels so it's easy to move around if needed, and will store under the bed when not needed just by popping off the top section so that it's in 2 parts.  With our upcoming master bath makeover it will come in super handy too when I need to be shuffling clothes in and out of our closets.

Totally in love with this Plaid Trench Coat for the season.  I would wear it as part of my outfit (not just for outerwear) and it would be super cute worn open too with a t-shirt and jeans, and mules or booties.

I often get asked for a source for my pagoda mirror, but it was a vintage find on Craigslist so I've never been much help.

However, I just came across a near perfect match!  I couldn't believe it!  The measurements are almost identical, but a bonus is that this one says the frame is metal.  Mine is wood, and you might remember it fell from my mantel a while back and smashed into pieces (thankfully I was able to painstakingly glue the frame back together).  If you've been wishing for something similar this is the mirror for you, plus it's currently on sale!

Here are a few more really good ones- that gold one makes my heart beat a little faster!

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today?  I can't but I'm already dreaming of all the yummy treats and the family being gathered.  Today I'm sharing this year's Neutral (!) Thanksgiving Table and hope it gives you some inspiration for your own! 

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With plenty of color already in the room, I really gravitated to a more neutral table this year.  Although I couldn't resist a pop of pink in the flowers, and there are still plenty of patterns and textures mixed in.

My design this year was really inspired by this pair of turkey baskets that I found at our favorite thrift store when we were on our Fall Break trip to one of our favorite spots.

I thought they were so ugly that they're cute ;) and would be perfect for Thanksgiving.  I also recently stumbled across these bamboo vases and knew immediately that I wanted them for my table!

 Bamboo Vase (on sale!) ||  Similar Turkey Baskets

I bought a pair of these gold lanterns last year and they're perfect for any season- they'll be darling stuffed with sparkly Christmas ornaments soon!  On the pillar candles, I added some gold vinyl dots.  They cling well but will be super easy to remove if I want solid white candles again.

I finished things off with these absolutely adorable chocolate turkeys that I found at Trader Joe's (similar on Amazon if you don't have a local TJ's).  They smell so good and I can't wait for a little sample!

Caleb will be home from college (for the first time in a long time!) and Emily is also out of school all of Thanksgiving week, so we're really looking forward to a week of fun!

 Gingham Ruffle Collar Top (I love it!) 

Need more Thanksgiving Tablescape ideas?  Check out my past tables here!

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Last month my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Although they told us much earlier in the year that they did not want a party or reception, thankfully they changed their minds a few months before the day and agreed to a very small party.  We were so happy to be able to mark this milestone with a celebration!

(*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

Originally, we planned to have the party at my home in early October, with visions of the perfect outdoor Fall evening... string lights in the yard, the patio cleared and set up with round tables, tablecloths, and china, and plenty of time for them to linger with their guests.  In true Oklahoma fashion, the forecast early in the week of the party predicted highs in the 40s that day... miserable for entertaining outdoors!  So, we quickly scrambled and thankfully a room was available at the church that would accommodate us.  We transferred our general ideas indoors and packed everything up to make it happen!  

Entertaining Tip:  When transporting dishes, decorations, etc.  I've started packing up everything I can into our suitcases, using towels or throw blankets to wrap fragile items inside.  Then, I can easily roll everything I need to set up for the party, no more lugging heavy bins back and forth!  

All three of us girls and various spouses and kids were all involved in decorating in some way or another.  We were able to get into the room a day early so it was nice to have that extra time to set things up.  Here's how we pulled off a budget friendly, elegant yet fun and festive Golden Anniversary party!

We decorated the entrance to the room a little bit, recognize the paper fans?  ;)

Although the guest list could have been hundreds and hundreds of people if we invited everyone who knows and loves them, they wanted to keep it very intimate and just invited those who had been their friends the longest over years and years, most of whom actually attended the wedding!   Mom brought their original wedding guest book and had the anniversary party guests sign it as well.

We tried to created the same atmosphere indoors that we wanted had we done the backyard party.  We used strings of white lights and oversized balloons hanging from the ceiling, and a black, white, and gold mix for the color palette.  The large balloons were supposed to be round, but by the time they're inflated enough to reach their intended size they are the tear drop shape.  :(  Hard to tell from the photos but it still was a nice effect though.  The tissue paper puffs on the light strings are disguising some of the plugs where multiple strings were connected together.

To hang the balloons and the lights, we just used small binder clips to carefully attach them to the metal grid on the ceiling.  Back in my younger days we used to shove paper clips into the ceiling for something like this... the binder clips worked so much better!

We set up a cake table with framed photos from the wedding (and their individual senior photos) as well as some wedding style nuts and mints to go with the cake!  The star of the decorations was the giant "50" that my sister fashioned out of cardboard, sprayed gold and then glued on gold glitter,  then her husband poked holes in it and threaded them with an LED light string.  They made the balloon garland too!  My bag full of mirrored gold and silver ornaments came in handy to scatter around the room for more sparkles.

If you look closely over on the left there's a wedding pic with their cake in it.  We ordered a similar tiered cake from Sam's Club and it was delish!  They didn't have a wedding topper on their original cake, just yellow roses and white icing roses, so we tried to mimic that a bit.  We told the bakery exactly how we wanted it decorated and then we added the roses ourselves.

Of course they had to cut it and feed the first bite to each other... ha!

We kept the centerpieces simple with hydrangeas from Trader Joes arranged with some lamb's ear from my yard in a glass bubble vase (here or here). Mom and all of us sisters (and a few friends!) pooled our white china, flatware, stem glasses, and gold chargers and just mixed and matched them on all of the tables.  It was cheaper to buy round tablecloths than rent them, and I know I'll use them again for various events so I'm glad to have them on hand.  We also used cute wedding "Mr. and Mrs." napkins similar to these.   

We all combined the decorations we had and picked up a few things to add to them and then figured out the best place to put everything once we got there.  This cute banner came from Five Below.

This section of wall had a large church logo on a sage green wall which we didn't want in the photos (as much as we love our church!) so I used more binder clips and hung a pair of Ikea curtains in front of it.  Then, I pinned some jute to them and used mini clothes pins to make a photo display. 

We also set up a photo booth spot in another area of the room by attaching more curtain panels to the ceiling.  My sister used strips of gold tulle layered on top and some metallic ornaments strung on fishing line.

There was a counter in the room that we used for a beverage station, and to tone down the block of dark cabinets I taped up a length of wrapping paper, then we displayed more photos on top.

Similar Tassel Garland here or here

We made two great decisions that made the evening so much smoother... First, we catered the main dish and two sides.  We brought a salad and bread ourselves, but it was so nice not to worry about the rest of it (normally we would have done that too!).

Secondly, we hired a photographer friend to take candid photos through the evening.  There is really no way I could have taken photos on top of keeping everything else moving through the evening (and just enjoying it myself!) and it was so worth it to be able to visit with guests rather than thinking about trying to capture all of the memories for the night.  Many thanks to Hannah Daffron Photography!  The images here during the party are hers, as well as many others we have for my parents to look back on, and I took most of the the decoration photos before the party.

 (My sister put together a video of family and friend photos that looped on the tvs throughout the evening.)

Working together, I think we pulled off a sweet evening to celebrate this amazing milestone!  So unbelievably grateful for my parents and their example of a loving, committed covenant marriage and all the ways they've led and supported our family through the years.

P.S.- I just came across these at the mall and bought two for my Mom and Dad.  Several of you have mentioned also having parents that celebrated their 50th Anniversary or a 50th Birthday this year, thought you might be interested in the fun memento (stocking stuffer!) too!

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