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No doubt the #NSale is likely all you've heard about in your blog roll and social media feed the past few days, but today I thought I'd share my top 5 picks from the Nordstrom sale with you as well.   I'm partial to sharing end of season clearance bargains with you, but this sale is fantastic because it's full of current, new, ready for Fall pieces that are on sale now to take advantage of before the season begins! 

The sale is only open for card members right now, it takes seconds to apply (here) and you can shop with your card immediately upon approval.  I caved and got a card yesterday so I could buy now, but if you don't want a card the sale will be open to the public next week (although by then many of the most popular items and sizes will be sold out).

For the most part, I have plenty of "going out" winter clothes (button ups, sweaters, jeans, pants, boots etc.), but I can happily go days in the winter without leaving the house so I like to have cozy but cute pieces for those days too.  Those are the pieces I had my eye on for the sale, and I'm excited about what I got! 

I've actually wanted these wedge sneakers since last year but never caught a good sale on them, however this time I finally purchased.  I like how they'll dress up leggings and a long top or sweater a little more than athletic shoes but will be just as comfy. 

I've also heard such great things about these faux leather leggings that I'm trying them out too.  With over 1,000 4.5 star reviews I have high hopes!

This camo faux leather version is really fun too.

This hooded long cardigan has actually been on my wish list for several years.  It is a bit more pricey than what I normally pay but the discount is great and I truly can't wait to snuggle up in it every minute I'm home this winter.  And, my birthday is coming up so I know my husband will appreciate me doing the shopping for him!  ;)

This one is the same super soft material but doesn't have a hood, and is a shorter length so it might be a better fit if you're petite.

This down parka coat comes is 4 colors and any time North Face is discounted it's worth a look!  I've been shopping for a longer length coat and this one is a real contender.

This is the best candle ever!  It's a favorite that I buy time and time again and doesn't go on sale often.  The jar comes in two pretty colors, you'll want one for yourself and it makes a marvelous gift.

I've also stocked up on this triple set in the past and they are also really great candles, and this set of 5 minis would be perfect to split up to combine with a gift card or cute little plant for a gift.

Shop more anniversary bargains here, I'll share a few more favorites next week when the sale is open to non-cardholders. 

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Welcome back for this month's round of My Five Favorites!  Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all so excited to share our favorite garden related plants, tools, and products with you today. 'Tis the season to enjoy the outdoors!  I'm not a huge gardener, but we try to keep our yard and flowerbeds looking fresh and presentable.  I've definitely found a few things that work best for us, but I'm looking forward to seeing some great tips from my pals today too.

We are so happy to have Kelly Elko as our guest host today.   Kelly has quite the green thumb and I'm excited to learn some new things from her post!

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Read my full disclosure policy here.


I've recently proclaimed my love for a good Kimberly Queen fern, but Zinnias are another favorite that I've discovered do particularly well in my area (zone 7-Oklahoma).  Last summer I planted a few packets of seeds, and by the end of the season I had a nice group to cut from.  I intended for them to be for a season only and planned to plant some other things in their spot this year, but they totally re-seeded themselves from last year and came back better than ever and super thick!  I couldn't bear to pull them up once I saw them sprouting so I've just worked around them this year.  They're pretty fool proof, they just need plenty of sun and regular water.  I've even planted seeds in a pot in the past and they also did well.


My other favorite plant for the yard right now is a good old boxwood. We removed some bushes that weren't doing well and replaced them with boxwood at the beginning of last Summer.  I will always love the classic timelessness of a boxwood.  I've been letting these grow a bit but it will be time to shape them up soon.

They're also great just to drop in a pot for year round color even through the winter.  I'll think I'll experiment with trying to make a topiary out of this one as it grows.


I know, this is nothing new, but I love this Miracle-Gro sprayer!  I already said I'm not a great gardener so I don't really mess with fertilizers and such, but this I can do.  When you're ready to fertilize you just add a pre-measured packet to the container, attach the hose, and feed away.

I enjoy frequenting the clearance plant rack at Lowe's, and often all the troubled plants need is a tiny bit of attention and a squirt of Miracle-Gro to thrive.  All of these window box plants were from the clearance rack and after a bit of feeding and time they're doing well!


Lately I've appreciated having a dedicated pair of garden clogs by the back door rather than my usual pair of flip flops.  They're easy to slip off and on and keep my feet clean while I'm out watering or weeding, and keep painful mulch from poking my feet as I'm working in the beds. 


I guess this is for a bit more heavy duty gardening, but my husband bought an electric chainsaw several years ago and it's such a handy tool!  It's a smaller size and not as scary as a traditional chainsaw.  He just used it this weekend to trim up lots of low hanging branches from the trees just beyond our fence line.  It sure did make the job quicker and easier than using a manual cutting tool!

What are your favorite things for the garden? I'm game to try something new!  Be sure to head over to to check out these helpful garden ideas, too-

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There are two things that I detest shopping for... a new refrigerator and a new mattress.  With both, there is only so much you can determine about the item in the store before you purchase it.  You just have to get it home and try it out for a while before you know if you really like it or not.  And the bummer is, if you don't like it, it may not be possible to return... and if it is returnable it's definitely not an easy process with such a big ticket item.  Well, I can confidently say that my list of despised things to shop for is down to one (refrigerators) because of our new Solay Sleep hybrid mattress!  

Only a few years ago, after spending a lot of time basically playing eeny-meeny-miney-moe in the mattress stores (and awkwardly lying down for 2 minutes on the ones we wanted to try), we spent too much money on a new foam mattress, expecting it to wear well and last a long time.  Much too soon, we found that we weren't happy with it.  It was HOT.  I love lots of covers but found we barely needed more than a sheet and a super light blanket even in the winter, and even then we still woke up too warm.  It also broke down a bit and left impressions where we normally laid, so we would have to try to move around to a different spot on the mattress or constantly rotate the mattress to get the support we needed.  And in the past 6 months or so, we would both just wake up sore and with aches and kinks to work out after a night of not-so-peaceful sleep.  For many months my husband would remind me several times weekly, "We need a new mattress!"  But remember how I began this post?  Mattress shopping is the worst!

Thankfully, traditional mattress shopping is becoming a thing of the past.  I was intrigued with online mattress shopping, but still wary because of not being able to actually try them out before buying.  But you know what?  That's never really worked for us in the past anyway!  So, I was very interested in shopping online when I learned all that a Solay hybrid mattress had to offer. 

A few highlights that won me over:

*It is a true hybrid mattress, meaning it's made up of a combination of coils and foam for the ultimate support and comfort. It's the best of both worlds!
*It is made up of 6 layers, including hundreds of full size steel coils, various layers of foam for comfort, support, and cooling, and a soft padded cover. 
*It comes straight to your door.  Research and shop at your leisure online, and your mattress is delivered to you within 7 business days.
*Try it out in the privacy of your home for 101 nights, risk free!  If it doesn't meet your expectations during that time and you're not getting a fantastic night's sleep, Solay will come pick it up and issue you a full refund.  SO MUCH better than trying to make a decision in a few minutes on a showroom floor with a salesman standing over you!

Here's what you can expect when ordering a Solay mattress online-

Your mattress will be delivered in a timely manner to your doorstep.  (I'm amazed out how they get that huge king mattress in a box smaller than me!)

After removing the vacuum sealed mattress from the box (it's deceivingly heavy, you'll have to use some muscle!), position it on your box springs or foundation.

There will be some room around that edges that will fill in as your mattress expands.  When fully expanded it will be just the right size for your foundation. 

A cutter and instructions are included for removing the plastic.  Cut carefully, remove the plastic, and arrange the mattress into position.  Immediately after cutting the plastic you will notice air "whooshing" in as the mattress begins to expand.

The mattress will expand fairly quickly, but give it an hour or two to make sure it's reached it's full size- it still has a little expanding to do here.

Our experience and observations:

*This mattress has great support, no matter what position you prefer to sleep in.  I'm a side/back sleeper and my husband is a side/stomach sleeper and it's just as comfortable and supportive for both of us.  It leans a tiny bit towards the firm side, but not in an uncomfortable way at all, and the layers of foam on top of the coils give it the cozy factor missing in traditional coil mattresses.  After the first night or two we commented on how we both felt like our head was a little bit lower than our feet, but figured out that our old mattress was so bad that we were sinking in the middle and now that our posture was correctly aligned it just felt a little different! 
*We're not waking up throwing covers off because we're hot in the middle of the night...yay!  Now, it is Summer currently so we're still not piling on the covers, but we do not have heat radiating from the mattress from our body temperature like we did with the old mattress. 
*This mattress is heavy and substantial.  The quality is so impressive and it is thicker than our old mattress.  Upon delivery, our delivery person even commented that she delivers a LOT of boxed mattresses, and this was the heaviest one she's ever had.  Even the edges are very stable and don't buckle or compress when you're sitting on the side of the bed.
*NO MORE soreness or aches when we wake up!  Also, I've noticed a dramatic difference in that I'm not tossing and turning through the night trying to get comfortable.  Now I'm tempted to stay in bed a little too long!

The verdict:

When invited to review this mattress, I agreed but asked for a good time period to try it out before sharing with you all.  I didn't want to give it just a few nights and then form an opinion.  We've now been sleeping on this bed for a few months, and we both couldn't be happier with it!  We've even been on two trips in that time period and after sleeping on the hotel beds both remarked on how we missed our new mattress.  So, we give the Solay hybrid mattress two (four!) thumbs up, and highly recommend it!  But really, you don't have to just take my word for it when you have absolutely nothing to lose with the risk-free 101 night trial period.  Try it out for yourself!

If you're in need of a new mattress as well, please check out Solay hybrid mattresses, and when you decide to try one out the nice people at Solay are offering you 20% off of your purchase with promo code JENNIFER20!

Here's a quick video of unboxing our mattress, it is strangely satisfying to watch the process.

We'll have sweet dreams tonight, will you?  Now, will someone please start a refrigerator company with doorstep delivery and a 101 day satisfaction guarantee?  Then my day would really be made!  ;) 

P.S.- If you're looking for more details or sources on my bedroom, click here!

*Solay Sleep provided a mattress for review.  All words and opinions are my own, and I only share products with you that I am confident in recommending.  I really think you'll love this mattress!

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Boy, the months sure do fly by!  Here's a review of what's been going on around here since April in case you've missed a post here and there.

A good deal of April and May was consumed by my daughter's room makeover for the One Room Challenge.  Here's the reveal post, with all of the details and weekly updates also linked in that post.


The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday for my family, probably falling right after Christmas and Thanksgiving for us.  We sit in the same spot in front of the Fire Station for our hometown parade every year, then caravan over to my parents' house nearby for lunch and games for the rest of the day.  It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate our freedoms and we enjoy being together and making it festive!  I put together a red, white, and blue tablescape a few days ago to share with you as you gather ideas for your own festivities for the Fourth coming up this week as well.

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