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I honestly can't believe this...  I recently posted about my "new" Tobacco Leaf lamps and shared some other TL finds with you.  Well... look what showed up on my local Facebook Marketplace this week!  Eeeek!!  This pattern is called "Imperial Leaf" and is a similar (more affordable) version of the more expensive Tobacco Leaf.  I found some pieces here if you'd like to start collecting a few yourself.  You can bet I'm planning a summer tablescape with these soon!

I always get questions about these placemats when I post a photo of them.

They are stiff and wipeable with cork layered on the bottom, and were the last pack left on a clearance rack several years ago.  I've never had a good source for you, but I came across these cork placemats that are very similar!  The pattern is a little different but if you're looking for blue and white these are so cute.  I love using these on our outdoor table and they wipe clean easy as a wink.  There are some darling gingham and striped versions too!

I posted this shirt about a month ago just after ordering it, but I've since received it and I love it!  Today only, it's an extra 40% off making it $13!!!  It comes in peach too and looks like all sizes are available, scoop one up! (And here's that great bamboo bag, I bought the large.  It's a steal compared to others you might have seen on Instagram!)

I bought this shirt too and really love it, down to $20 today only!

Does anyone have this book?  I'd totally judge it by it's cover and buy it just to look pretty on my shelf!  Really, I think I need this one for some styling regardless of what's on the inside!  ;)   (But tell me, is it good?)

Crazy prices on a few cute bags from a surprising source-

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It's been a full week since the reveal and I think I've recovered from my daughter's room makeover for the One Room Challenge.  Thank you so much for all of your feedback and kind comments!  I enjoyed browsing through all of the other 200+ reveals over the past week, and chose some of my favorite spaces to share where color was the star.

Some are bright and cheery, some are rich and moody, some have bursts of color sprinkled in that make the room.  There are many, many beautiful rooms that I didn't include, I was just focused on eye-catching color in this post.  Be sure to check out the full list of reveals!

*If you'd like to see more details or Pin one of these gorgeous images, please click the link directly beneath the photo and pin from the original source.  You might not think so, but it does matter for the bloggers and designers who created these beautiful spaces!

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Hello everyone, Welcome!  I'm so glad you found yourself here today for the reveal of my daughter's Teen Girl's Bedroom Reveal!  If you're new here I'm Jennifer and I have no special title or training other than I like to decorate my home and share it with all of you!  You'll quickly see that I love bold color, mixed and matched patterns, and a mix of new, DIY, and vintage/secondhand items.  People occasionally ask me how I label my style, and honestly I have no idea!  If it catches my eye, it comes home with me and we make it work.  I'm excited to share my latest project with you today!

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Linda, the creator of the One Room Challenge, for all she's done to organize and oversee this challenge.  This is always the best opportunity to tackle a project, get things done, and Linda is a fantastic cheerleader throughout the process!

For the past 6 weeks (literally, I decided to join the challenge the night before it started 6 weeks ago!) we've worked to transform my daughter's bedroom from a little girl's bold, colorful space to a more grown up room that still has color but is a bit more refined. 

If you need to catch up on the process of how we got to this point, check in here-

She wanted to tone down the color from her previous room, but requested that we use the same kelly green that I favor in the rest of our house, a desk, and wood tones.  I requested that we keep the black and white striped wall.  We DID tone down the range of colors from her previous room, but that doesn't mean we have a lack of color and pattern!

pink door, black and white striped wall, green upholstered headboard, wall sconces, vintage bamboo nightstands, black and white crosses rug, crane and canopy linden duvet, monogrammed pillows, large scale floral pillow
*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Read my full disclosure policy here.

Here's a look at where we started.  This was a fun room as she grew, but it's been this way for about 8 years and it was time for a change!

Bed and Curtains Before...

and After!

green upholstered headboard, black and white striped wall, black and white curtains, wall sconces, black crosses rug, teen girls bedroom

We reused several things that were already in her room but they might have a new color or purpose.  I also moved some things from around the house into her room, that works out when when you have a similar color palette throughout your home. For example, she really wanted a bench at the end of her bed, and when we couldn't find one that we really liked during this past 5 weeks I gave her the one I've been using  in my bedroom on loan for a while.  ;)

The headboard was a DIY project that I'll be sharing in the near future.  It's the exact color but a different fabric than my headboard- there's no shortage of green beds at the Griffin House!  :)  The bedskirt is also DIY and I love how using the same fabric gives continuity and the appearance of a fully upholstered bed.

We tucked some DIY Pom Pom Baskets under the bench that she can to use store flip flops, books, or whatever tends to land on the floor.

This teen girl in her natural habitat...  :)

Dresser Wall Before...

and After!

I found the dresser several months ago when we first started talking about a room makeover.  We had no design plan at the time, but I knew she wanted wood, so when I saw this from a local antique mall I scooped it up and it's been waiting in the garage.  The door fronts had a design painted on them, so I sanded those and the top (it was in rough shape) and stained them to match.  Although I originally wanted to paint this piece, I'm glad she stuck to her guns of keeping it wood- I love it now!

These gorgeous lamps just arrived two days ago, I can't quit staring at them!  I told you all about the Color Plus Collection from Lamps Plus last week, there are literally over 100 colors and 12 styles to choose from!  I will tell you that the metal base and top come in silver, so I sprayed them gold with my favorite gold paint to match the rest of the room.  One other note, last week I mentioned that I ordered the color "Envy," but that wasn't quite right so these are actually the "Greens" color.

*Thank you to Lamps Plus for providing the lamps!

I picked up the clear jewelry box from Marshall's, and glued an agate slice from Hobby Lobby on top.

I did work very hard this time to pare down what I would normally do on the walls and to accessorize.  She didn't want a lot on the walls or a ton of accessories, so we created 3 main focal points- the headboard wall, the dresser wall, and the gallery wall- and let them shine.

I ordered a large 8x10 rug to layer over the carpet that fills a good portion of the room.

Side Wall Before...

and After!

marquee letter, gallery wall, p kaufmann tutti frutti fabric, floral pillow, letterboard, ikea desk

This was our one opportunity for all the artwork!  We incorporated some of her artwork, friends and family, and a few of her special little mementos that are in the shadow box that my Dad made for me when I was a little girl.   :)  The two watercolor prints (her all time favorite verse and a favorite quote) were painted by one of her best friends, she did an amazing job!

Since starting High School this year, she really has been sitting and working at her desk more than doing homework at the kitchen table like she did in the past.  I miss her in the kitchen but know she's enjoying the quiet of her room for concentrated study time.

And with that, we're D.O.N.E.!!  Well, I shouldn't say that.  No room is every completely finished around here.  There are still a few things I have in mind for this room if and when we get around to it...


Bed Wall:
Headboard- Similar here, here, herehere, here  ||  Headboard fabric- here or here  ||  Bedskirt Trim- Hobby Lobby or here  ||  Curtain and Euro sham fabric- clearance Hobby Lobby  ||  White Duvet and Shams  ||  Metallic Heart Sheets  ||  Green Leopard Pillows  ||  Floral Pillows- fabric or pre-made  ||  Wall Sconces  ||  Ceiling Fan  ||  Black and White Striped Throw- Ikea or here  ||  Pom Pom Baskets- Ikea + DIY, similar here  ||  Black and White Rug  ||  Nightstands- Vintage with this paint  ||  Leopard Boxes- Homegoods

Dresser Wall:
 Green Lamps  ||  Round Mirror- Homegoods, similar here  ||  Large Mirrored Ball  ||  White Planter- Ross  ||  Acrylic Tray  ||  Jewelry Stand- Hobby Lobby  ||  Clear Box- Marshalls  ||  Black and White Striped Bowl- Hobby Lobby  ||  Gold Spray Paint

Gallery Wall:
Marquee "E"- DIY from my sister's wedding, similar here  ||  Frames- Ikea, Hobby Lobby, Michaels  ||  Letter Board- Hobby Lobby  ||  Watercolor Verses- Emily's friend (I can connect you with her if you're interested in your own!)  ||  Rabbit Head and Gold Clip Frames- Thrifted  ||  Desk- Ikea  ||  Ghost Chair- similar  ||  Floral Pillow- fabric or pre-made  ||  Lamp- Gordman's  ||  Polka Dot Vase- TJ Maxx  ||  Lucite Stapler- Hobby Lobby or here  ||  Tape Dispenser- Hobby Lobby or here https://amzn.to/2rAnq2V ||  Leopard Box- Homegoods  ||  Small Brown Table- thrifted  ||  Favorite Green Spray Paint

Paint Colors:
Walls- Benjamin Moore "Simply White"  ||  Black Stripe- Sherwin Williams "Tricorn Black"  ||  Doors- Behr "Pink Elephant"

I'd love for you to check out my other One Room Challenge Spaces, and better yet, follow along with me wherever you'd like!

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Be sure to stop by and check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge, I can't wait to check out each one over the next few days!

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