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I'm not sure why, but winter has seemed to be especially long, cold, and dreary this year.  I've never been more ready for warmer weather! We enjoy entertaining often, but when it's cold and dark early it's hard to want to do anything but come home and cozy up for the evening, right?  So, with Spring finally right around the corner and a brand new Dining Room, I'm excited to shake off winter and get back to hosting some gatherings.  Today I've partnered with At Home stores to spiff our home up for Spring, throw open the front door and welcome friends over!  (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

First, about that front door... it needed a little refresh from the winter grime and lack of anything green.  I want our guests to feel welcome and know that we're glad they're here as soon as they step on the porch!

You might remember these faux olive wreaths that I used in my Christmas tour.  I moved one to the front door and tied on this cute pineapple sign also from At Home.  I was looking for something cute to add to the wreath, and this- the symbol of hospitality- couldn't have been more perfect (and it was already pink!). 

It's still too early here to add my usual front porch ferns and I've been wanting to find a good set of faux topiaries.  These double ball boxwood topiaries are perfect for the porch and add such a happy pop of no maintenance color.  When I shared them on Instagram a follower commented that she's had the same ones for almost a year on her porch in full sun and they still look perfect... yay!! They have a nice, heavy, smaller base but I dropped them in my DIY pots that I've had for several years to add some pattern to the porch.

You all always go crazy for the pink squirrels that I've used in the Fall (also from At Home but spray painted), so I thought my Spring porch needed a fun colorful animal too!  This precious resin bunny got a quick coat of yellow and I think she's pretty happy about it.  :) 

Those pink tassels that were officially Christmas ornaments stayed around for Spring, tied on these cheery green lanterns that I picked up from At Home too.  I didn't even have to paint those, they were already green and perfect for me!  A pair of faux candles with timers inside them come on every night for several hours to add a warm glow.

So, with guests properly welcomed at the porch it's time for dinner!  Honestly, I'm usually still scrambling to finish preparing some part of the meal when guests arrive and have found it so helpful to set up a little appetizer station where they can serve themselves a little drink and snack while we visit and I finish up dinner.

At Home has everything you need to set up a beautiful yet simple spread, from the serving pieces to a nice variety of party decorations and paper goods.  I like to use disposable pieces for the appetizers- less to clean up!  I spotted this gingham collection and you know I couldn't resist, and the ruffled plate edges couldn't be cuter!  Did you know that they even have a nice selection of snacks?  I picked up a few things on my way to the checkout that were perfect to add to my appetizer spread. 

"Oh Happy Day..." the perfect sentiment for any occasion.  I love these script cake toppers and I'll definitely be able to use it multiple times.

I love that these serving pieces are so easy to completely disassemble in a matter of seconds and they store very compactly.  I also often get asked about the chinoiserie stands that I use around the house... there's a large one under the fern and you can see a hint of two under the jars on the mantel...  they're from At Home too!  They come in a few sizes and are easy to spray paint if I want to change the color.

It's finally time to eat, and I found some colorful new pieces to fit right with the Dining Room.

Everything on my table is from At Home, except for the green plates, glasses, and flatware that I already had.  I loved adding in this touch of orange!  The geometric plates are actually melamine, so those will be perfect to use outdoors through the Summer as well.  The ribbed edges of the chargers add some nice texture too. 

See that little cutie round vintage inspired pillow tucked in the corner?  Since I have my eye on it every time I walk through At Home, I finally decided it had a place with my new chairs.  My teen girl even commented on how much she liked it, quite a compliment from a girl who usually doesn't have much of an opinion about these things!  ;)

Again, I hit the green candleholder jackpot, love the simplicity of these as a centerpiece. I always enjoy walking the whole store looking for things in my colors and style (if you've ever been you know they have something for everyone and every style!) and I came across the blue metal cane patterned lanterns in the Spring outdoor aisles.  Perfect for vases! 

I had planned to gather some fresh flowers, but when my friend Marley posted these gorgeous cherry blossom stems that she just found from At Home, I had to check them out!  I missed them in their sea of florals the first time around, but finally found them and think they look very realistic.  Then, I came across some faux lemon tree stems and knew I needed to mix in a few of those too!  Boy, I love fresh flowers, but sometimes it's nice to have something that you don't have to worry about or maintain at all, and these will look pretty on my table all through the season.

I do like a dramatic centerpiece that makes a nice impression, but also keep in mind that guests need to be able to see each other when they're seated, ha!  I always make sure that whatever I use is super easy to set aside quickly when we're ready to eat, but with the lit candles down the center the table still looks pretty.

All ready for visitors... can we start with the cake first?  :)

Have you been to an At Home store?  They aren't set up for e-commerce at this point but do have a great deal of their inventory online to browse.  It's truly a one-stop shop for everything you need to entertain, refresh a room in your house, or get things outside ready for Spring and Summer... their outdoor living department is huge!  

*This post is sponsored by At Home, but I love sharing places with you where I shop anyway!  All selections, designs, words and opinions are mine.  Thanks for supporting Dimples and Tangles sponsors to keep inspiring new content coming! 

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Oh happy day, the Dining Room is finished, and I have the blisters and hot glue gun burns to prove it!  If you follow me on Instagram you've walked through many of these projects with me, so without further adieu, here's the Dining Room reveal!

It's been so fun (and frantic!) to be a part of the Choose Your Own Adventure (3 week!) Refresh hosted by Jewel of Jeweled Interiors.  You all will be blown away by these 12 makeovers today, be sure to visit them all linked at the end of my post.

(*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.) 

Today I'm primarily just going to share the "after' photos with you, because honestly... that's what you're here for, right?  Next week I'll share a follow up post with more details of what I did in the room.  

The room is a good blend of things I already had and a few new things. 

Some highlights of the changes-

I refinished the top of a vintage Thomasville table that I bought off of Craigslist.  The top has a gorgeous burl wood grain and I was excited about the potential to fit more people around this table because of the pedestal base.  I'm thrilled that we can easily fit 8 around the table now, and up to 10-12 if we add in the remaining leaf. 

I kept my vintage host chairs but repainted the frames (tips on that from last week's post).

Rather than the black and white trim around the back that was previously there, I made some new cording out of some leftover malachite fabric

Curtain Fabric  ||  Floral Fabric (expensive, but on sale!)  ||  Geometric Chair Fabric

The most dramatic change in the room is definitely the side chairs.  I just about worked my fingers off this week reupholstering them (remember these used to be in my Breakfast Nook, I stripped them down and painted the frames).  That staple gun and I got to be close friends!  The designer fabric samples that I bought worked out perfectly for the backs of the chairs. 

The other addition that really elevated our limited wall space was the pair of brass Garden City sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting.  The finish is absolutely perfect and they add the coziest glow in the evenings.  But even more than a night time glow, I love looking at them during the day.  They added some dimension, shape, and height that we needed flanking the china cabinet. 

I enlarged a couple of favorite family photos for the artwork but wanted something a tad different, so first I used the Waterlogue app on my phone to give them a watercolored look.  Last week I was debating on frames, however the bamboo pair won out and I stacked them with Blue Willow platters to add a little more bulk.

And since we all love a before and after, here's a reminder from just a few weeks ago.  Definitely nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to make some changes to better suit our family and there's always room for improvement, right?  ;) 

One more look at the room today with just a few dramatic changes!

As I mentioned, I'll be back early next week to share more details about the room, be sure to stop back by. 

We all want to give a huge round of thanks to our Adventure Refresh sponsors, 
our spaces would not be nearly as fabulous without them!  

I can hardly wait to check out everyone else's makeovers today too, don't miss them!

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You guys.  This is truly a Dining Room progress report today, I don't have one thing finished for this space yet!  However, lots of things are in the works so I'll show you what I've been up to and where we are.  (If you missed my "Before" and plans with design board last week, go ahead and catch up here.)

I'm thrilled to be part of the group participating in our Choose Your Own Adventure (3 week!) Refresh hosted by Jewel of Jeweled Interiors.  We've got and awesome variety of 12 stunning projects in the works, I can't wait until all of the reveals next week!

(*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.) 

Alright, as of last night, here's where we are.  I took most of these photos yesterday... this project is truly happening real time, friends!


Ta-daaaa, you saw them above!!  I'm in love!  We had one perfect spray paint day on Valentine's Day (the only day in recent history it's been over 50 degrees and not crazy windy) and I took advantage of it and knocked these chairs out.  I sprayed the frames without removing any of the upholstery!  Here's a look at how I did it, and I saved my process with more details in my Instagram Story highlights under "Chair Painting" if you want to see more. (Chair Color here)

I removed the seats (they unscrew from the bottom) and pulled the double piping off of the back side (surrounding the floral fabric) that I planned to switch out anyway. Then I completely covered the upholstery on both sides of the back with tape and plastic.  Needing a way to hold the edges of the foam back away from the wings a bit, I used some strips of stiff foam board and wedged them down between the padding and the wing, then pulled the two pieces together and secured with tape to hold them back a bit.  It ended up working great and my upholstery came out unscathed when I later removed the plastic.  I just need to make and add the new cording to the backs and these will be complete.


Remember, I bought a vintage Thomasville table off of Craigslist that was in good condition, it just had a couple of water damage spots and scratches on the top, and the finish was way too shiny.  I sanded down the top enough to take off the glossy finish and the edges where they were scuffed, then just finished staining it yesterday.  I will be starting to put the final top coat of polyurethane on it today and finish with a second coat tomorrow.  I didn't touch the legs at all, just freshening up the top.

I'm loving the table, the lighter color is a nice change from my former super dark one, and you can see how big it is with all of the leaves... We'll be able to fit 10-12 people around it!  For every day I'll just keep one of the leaves in and seats for 8.  That photo is after I sanded but before any staining.  I'm doing that inside since it's continually so cold outside, but we ended up having to move it in the Study where I can close the doors.  The cats occasionally hop on it to look out the window, don't want them doing that when I'm waiting for the poly to dry!  ;)  We'll run some fans in there also to help cut down on the fumes and keep them contained.


I hired my son to strip off the upholstery and it was worth. every. penny!!!  (He was happy to get some extra cash and with the school holiday this week and an extra snow/ice day we had, he had plenty of time to knock them out.)  I'm getting new foam for the seats since the old wasn't that good and had really broken down and that will be ready to pick up tomorrow.  Today we're having one more decent weather day, thankfully!, so I'm planning to get the frames all sprayed white today.

Last week I shared that I'll be adding more Chiang Mai Dragon fabric to the backs, and I wanted to give you a bargain tip today.  This is an expensive designer fabric, so I always look for remnants at a discount online.  While searching, I came across some 17"x17" sample pieces for sale.  They were the perfect size to trim for the back of my chairs, and they were only $13 each!  (Way less than purchasing yardage.) This is such a great option if you'd like to have a touch of this fabulous fabric.  It's not quite big enough for a good pillow, but I could see it running down the center of a lumbar with another color blocked on the edges.  The only drawback is that you don't really get to choose the design on the piece you're getting, so I ordered one extra just to have an option if I needed it.

Here's the big change of plans from last week/surprise for this week...  I said that I would probably use a pretty chambray colored solid chenille for the inside back and seats of the round chairs, but I couldn't get super excited about it.  After searching hours online and coming up empty, I checked out a few local fabric stores one more time, and hit the jackpot!  As soon as I saw this navy and green geometric fabric, I knew I had to use it.  Granted, I hemmed and hawed for a few days trying to decide if it was a sensible choice- even though my heart was totally in it- but finally decided to go for it!  I've never seen this fabric before and there wasn't any identifying information on it, so I know nothing about it, sorry!  The color is a bit off in the photo, it's a true kelly green velvet/chenille mixed with a smooth navy.

Floral Fabric sample  ||  Floral Fabric yardage  ||  Dot Curtain Fabric

My biggest drawback when trying to decide whether to use it or not was that it's such a strong pattern, it might be difficult to work around with all of the tablescapes that I do.  Ultimately, though, I decided I'd rather have something exciting to look at every day than design around an occasional tablescape that's set up!  ;)


We haven't had a chance to install the new Garden City sconces from Hudson Valley yet, but I have a feeling they'll be one of my favorite parts of the room!  There will be one on each side of the China Cabinet.


Although our group is super grateful for our sponsor Minted,  I wanted to use some personal artwork in my space.  I would have loved to select some abstract art, but since my DIY abstract painting is just across the hallway adjacent to this wall, I didn't think it would work.  I spent plenty of time looking, though, and these beauties caught my eye!

I'm planning to do something a little different with a couple of family photos, but am still trying to decide which frames and arrangement I'll use.  Here are my options (with a rough photoshop of the sconces added in):

I have a pair of bamboo frames (pic on floor is same frame as top, border edge just isn't painted black like top one) or a pair of the chunkier, plain frames.  I really want to use the bamboo but am trying to decide if they're big enough.  If I use the bigger frames, I'd probably paint that dark wood toned inset another color. Regardless of frame, I'm planning to use a white mat for the photo I put inside.

(Total rabbit trail... that framed picture on the floor was by Joni Eareckson Tada.  Did anyone else grow up hearing her story and reading her biography like I did? She was paralyzed as a teenager from the neck down after a diving accident but learned how to draw and paint by holding a brush in her teeth.  She has lived such an inspiring life!  I bought the picture at a thrift store because I knew I'd want the frame some day, but it was a neat surprise to find her label on the back.  I didn't even realize until I dug this out to the attic that I already had the exact frame hanging in my bedroom with my kids' picture in it, must have been another thrifted purchase!)

If I end up using the bamboo frames, I could add a platter over the artwork to fill the space a bit more.  Decisions, decisions!

So, there you have it, a whole lot is happening but nothing is complete.  My goal to be finished by Tuesday so I can style and photograph for Thursdays reveal.  I'd say I have my work cut out for me, don't you think?

To Do:
*Make cording for side chairs and host chairs
*Side Chair Upholstery, seats and backs
*Complete table refinishing with 2 coats of polyurethane
*Select family photos to frame, cut mats, and assemble
*Assemble and install Hudson Valley sconces
*Freshen up China Cabinet Styling
*Style the table and photograph!

We all want to give a huge thanks for our sponsors, can't wait to show off my installed sconces to you next week!

Now, head over and check out the progress from these other lovely ladies.  I'm sure everyone else is farther along than I am!

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