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Goodness, these weeks go by quickly!  I really didn't think this One Room Challenge room makeover was going to be a huge project... nothing super detailed and intricate to do, but boy is it starting to snowball on me!  This week was full of painting and here's where we are at Week 3...

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*I was in a rush and snapped this week's photos quickly on my phone, so forgive the poor quality.  You get the idea, though!

If you're joining me for the first time today, welcome!  You can catch up on Week 1 (Before Photos) here, and Week 2 (Design Plan) here.  

This week our big accomplishment was getting the walls painted.  The ceiling needed to be done also, so we picked up a few gallons of Simply White (Benjamin Moore but we got it mixed in Behr)- flat for the ceiling and satin for the walls.  

These photos aren't a good representation, but the room is so fresh and bright now!  Although it is stark... I'm definitely ready to get some pieces and color added in.  We took out the armoire a little while ago and set up her desk in it's place, so she's already been enjoying using that for her schoolwork.

I've said it before, but the ORC is always a joint family effort around here.  Some were happier to help than others.  :)

I mentioned previously that we needed to keep a ceiling fan but were replacing the old one.  I bought this fan and decided to paint the base gold.   The past week has been super windy here so my sweet friend Denise let me borrow her spray shelter to use in the garage.  I just sprayed all of the base parts with my favorite gold spray paint before we assembled it.

The ceiling paint was finished, but while waiting for the first coat of wall paint to dry my husband took the opportunity to teach my son about wiring light fixtures.  Some girl will be happy he knows how to do that some day!

I'm really pleased with how this turned out!  I love the low profile dome light rather than individual globes, and there's an LED light inside that is completely dimmable which is a nice feature.

So, here's the punch list, although I know there are many little things to do that aren't even list worthy but will add up.  My project for today is to get the curtains made and hung.  I still haven't decided what color I'm going to paint the rod.  Several of you suggested a lucite rod which I think would be awesome, I'm just trying to use what I already have as much as possible on this makeover!

To-Do List

Paint Ceiling and Walls
New Desk
Replace Ceiling Fan
Make Upholstered Headboard
Make Bedskirt
Paint Nightstands
Restore or Paint Dresser
Paint Closet and Bathroom Doors?
Locate/Paint/Sew New Accessories- Mirror, Lamps, Pillows, Bench
Make and Hang Curtains
Artwork Plan- Gallery Wall?
Room Styling

*GULP*  that sure is a long list still to be past the half way point!  

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I recently had a reader ask for other colorful home decor blog suggestions, so I thought I'd just put them in a post and share them with you all!  Now, these aren't all of my favorite color-loving bloggers, but I'll share a few at a time with you so you can discover some new friends.

 --- Classy Clutter ---

--- Haneen's Haven ---

Enjoy your Wednesday!  I'm working on a special project (follow along on Instastories) and I'll see you tomorrow for a One Room Challenge update!

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Hooray for Friday! There are so many good things that caught my eye this week, even a few that are on their way to me!  I think you'll like some of these things too.

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If you follow many other home bloggers at all, I'm sure you've caught wind of the new Opalhouse collection out at Target.  I had no idea it was debuting this week, but stumbled across in our local store last weekend.  It is full of so many great pieces!  These palm candleholders are my favorite accessories in the collection, but there are many, many other great things and pretty color options too!

This glass floor lamp is SO, so good!  It's beautiful in person and looks so much more expensive than it is.  Perfect for a dark corner or I think a pair flanking a sofa would be so pretty.

These candleholders, although slightly smaller,  reminded me of my blue glass lanterns.  They give off the prettiest glow with a candle inside and I even love using mine on the patio, too.  This one would even be a pretty vase.

More favorites from the line- use arrows to scroll left and right and photos are clickable for more details.   I thought the velvet pillows were exceptionally good and that darling elephant basket would be such a cute tabletop planter!

I've had my eye on these gingham shoes for a while, but when they went 20% off this week that sealed the deal!  The sale only lasts through the weekend and sizes are starting to be limited, so hurry.  They come in a darling gray also.  There are so many other discounted items throughout the site with code EVENT18 as well, this sale doesn't happen often!

Speaking of gingham,  these days I think you can find the pattern on just about anything!  These gingham sheets would be so fun mixed with so many solids or even complimentary patterns.  If they had black and white (this one is navy) I'd buy a set in a minute for Emily's new room!

This week I'm seeing cute elephant decor everywhere!  I don't collect them at all but always find the most interesting pieces that happen to be elephant shaped so several of them have found their way into my home.  I've been looking for an interesting new basket to keep throw blankets in next to a side chair in the living room, and love the idea of one having a lid.  Technically listed as a hamper, this Elephant basket is too cute!  Of course it would be darling in a nursery or kid's room, but I don't think it's especially juvenile looking and could easily lean towards a palm beach chic style.  I would love it in any room of my home.

Lastly, these tortoise hoop earrings are a steal at $10!  I have a pair and wear them several times per week, they're such a staple accessory (especially fun to coordinate with leopard shoes or sandals!).

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Welcome back for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge!

As a reminder, this time I'm working on an update for my teen daughter's room.  We're transitioning her to a more modern, grown up space.  Here's where we're starting, catch up on the "before" post from Week 1 here.

For her last room makeover, she was only 7 and didn't have much say in her room other than she didn't like pink.  :)  Now at almost 15, she definitely has some ideas of how she wants her room to look.  I'm excited to work together with her on the design, although here's an idea of how that's going...

There's going to be some give and take for both of us in this process!  So, her main requests have been green (one thing we definitely agree on!), wood tones, a more modern vibe, and generally calming things down a bit.  We've known a makeover was coming for a while even if we hadn't worked out the details, so using some of what we already have and a few things we've started collecting, here's a loose plan of where we're headed.

black and white striped wall, green headboard, bamboo dresser, bamboo nightstands, ikea desk, marquee letter

A few notes about the design plan-

*Can one house hold TWO green upholstered headboards?  Ours is about to!  The green we're using in her room will be a deeper emerald green though rather than the brighter green I use in the rest of the house.  I don't have a plan for artwork on that wall yet, maybe just one statement piece over the bed.

*We're keeping her current white with black border duvet cover and shams and just adding in new accent pillows.  I'm still looking for the perfect moody floral fabric for a few pillows to tie everything together.

*We'll keep her current bamboo nightstands and repaint them a glossy white with gold hardware.  I've shown you the vintage bamboo dresser we found to use in her room.  She really wants to keep it the wood tone and I really want to paint it glossy dark green, so we'll see how things come together (the dresser has decals on the front that I definitely want to remove and a few condition issues to address).

*As much as I'd love to put in a pretty light fixture, a ceiling fan is non-negotiable.  She uses it all the time.  We are replacing the old one though with this one that is a bit more sleek.  I'm thinking about painting the metal base gold and leaving the blades white, but not sure on that yet.  I might just want it all to stay white and disappear into the ceiling.

*I'm looking for a bench to go at the end of her bed.  If I don't come across a good one in time, I'll probably pull in the one from our bedroom for now. 

*We've already removed the antique armoire from her room and replaced it with a simple Ikea desk and ghost chair.  She's loving the space to do her homework.  We'll likely do some sort of gallery wall over the desk.  Her large "E" marquee letter will stay and get repainted, but we don't have a plan for any other artwork in the room yet.

*I'm looking for a new mirror to go over the dresser.  I want something really clean and simple and like the idea of a round mirror there.

*I've bought curtain fabric similar to the curtains shown and just need to get it sewn up with blackout lining.  Debating on the rod... with white walls and the black & white lattice print fabric I don't know if I want the rod to be black or white.  What do you think?

*Lastly, the rug is totally up in the air.  I threw one in the plan just for fun but am not sure if we'll use one or not.  She rolled up her old rug a while back and hasn't had anything but the carpet, but I like the look of layering a contrasting rug on top.  If we use one it will have to be just the right pattern to mix in with everything else going on.

If you read all of that, did you get the idea that many of the room details are still up in the air?  We're set on the big ticket items I think but still have so many little things to round up. 

We've been working on prepping the room for paint and plan to have the walls and ceiling done by the end of Friday.  See you next week for an update and hopefully more concrete plans!

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I confess.  I'm a lamp hoarder.  Especially if there's a pair.  Today I have a little show and tell for this new-to-me set of vintage Tobacco Leaf lamps that have come to live with me. 

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The Tobacco Leaf china pattern first came on my radar shortly after we were married.  My stylish sister-in-law with fabulous taste had a few pieces in her home.  I had never seen it before but thought the colors and pattern were so beautiful.  Fast forward through the years and I came to learn what a special china pattern it is...

The official description of the china pattern: This extravagant design was originally made in China, probably for export to the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. Of all the 18th century dinner patterns, this was the most highly prized. A small phoenix bird perches on the leaves of the flowering Nicotiana (Tobacco) plant. Twenty seven colors and 22k gold make up this pattern based on an original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This pattern, one of the longest running patterns by Mottahedeh, continues its strong popularity today, showing that good design is timeless.

With the popularity of the pattern, it spread to many other pieces other than just dishes.  Enter, my new pair of lamps.  They actually belonged to my husband's aunt (my Mother in law's sister) and uncle for years and years.  They lived in the Dallas area and did beautiful high end custom upholstery and draperies for fancy hotels and clients in the area.  I recently found out that they purchased this pair from a wholesale place all those years ago.  Fast forward, the sisters occasionally switch things between their houses, and the lamps showed up at my Mother in Law's house for a few years.  I wasn't sure that they were Tobacco Leaf at the time but always admired them in her home.

On a recent visit I noticed they were gone and asked her about them.  She said she took them back (a few hours away) because her niece had started an antique/vintage resale booth and they put them in the booth.  Aaaah!!  I promptly contacted our extended family and said I wanted to buy them!  Thankfully they were still there and so on their next visit my sweet inlaws carted them back to OKC again for me to pick up.

Since receiving them I did a bit a research and asked an expert who agreed that they are vintage Tobacco Leaf.  Since they're vintage there's nothing really to compare them to online, but especially with the backstory they're priceless to me and have definitely found a happy home!

Here's a look at the original china place setting.

I did some digging and found more Tobacco Leaf (or TL inspired) pieces that are a bit more on the affordable side.

This (vintage?) 4 pc. Place Setting is still pricey, but if you're in the market it's a bargain compared to buying the pieces separately.

This Set of 4 10" Tin Plates is a super affordable option to mix and match with, and bonus... they won't break!  (Missing the little Phoenix bird on top of the leaf so I'm sure it's not genuine TL, but I'm fine with that to get the look.  This set- or 2- is on my wish list!)

I also found a similar lamp to mine and Soup Tureen which I'm sure is hard to come by (reflected by the price!).

If you're like me and have expensive taste but a small budget,  ;)  here are two great ideas to enjoy the tobacco leaf pattern in your home without the pricey tab-

So now you know one of my favorite China patterns, what's one of yours?

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