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Wednesday, November 6, 2019


As the holidays draw closer, I'm starting to think about one of the best parts other than the family gatherings and the decorations... the FOOD!  As I was making a dish a few days ago I used something that I wanted to share with you all, and that turned into this full blown post of things I consider holiday kitchen essentials for cooking and entertaining.

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Half-Sheet Pans- I use these almost every day not only for baking, but for roasting veggies, cooking bacon, warming leftovers... whatever.  A true kitchen staple!

Casserole Dish with Lid- The holidays are definitely a time when you likely travel with a covered dish in hand to every party.  Love a casserole dish with a tight sealing lid for easy transport.

Blunt End Wood Spoon- A friend gifted this spoon to me a few years ago and it's become the one I reach for all the time!  The blunt end it perfect for stirring whatever is cooking in a pot, then easily scooping it out.  I even put it in the dishwasher every time...

Egg Cooker- I generally don't buy a lot of specific one use appliances, I've used a pot of water to boil eggs my whole life.  But, I got an egg cooker earlier this year and it's been a hard-boiled egg life changer!  No matter the method I tried, half of the time when boiling in a pot the shell would always stick to the egg and make peeling a nightmare, not to mention awful looking deviled eggs!  With the egg cooker, I have not had difficulty peeling an egg ONE TIME!  And, all of the guess work of timing for hard, medium, or soft boiled eggs is totally taken out with the handy water measuring cup.  Deviled eggs for family dinners have never been so easy!

Ice Bucket- I use mine at every single gathering we host!  I keep an ice chest full of ice elsewhere away from the party area and refill the ice bucket on the counter as needed.

Turkey Roaster- My Mom has had one of these for years and it comes in so handy, not only on Thanksgiving but it's basically just an extra little oven!  We've used it for large quantities of chicken and rice and several other meals.  In a home with only a single oven, this is a lifesaver for holiday food prep!

Cookie Scoop- Another tool that I didn't start using until several years ago, I have 3 sizes and use them all the time now!

Parchment Paper- I didn't use these either until a year or two ago, and I'm totally hooked for everything I previously mentioned cooking on the sheet pans... cookies, roasting veggies, and making bacon among other things.  I like these pre-cut sheets that are just the right size for the pan, they take the guess work out of tearing the right amount off of a roll.  I probably need to try these silicone liners out too for less waste!

Marble Rolling Pin- Love the heft of my marble rolling pin to make rolling dough out easier, and it stays cool too to keep the dough from getting too sticky.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer- can't imagine baking without it!  Works great with the paddle attachment to shred chicken or pulled pork in an instant too.

Graduated Measuring Glass- This is the item that started this whole post!  It's a small measuring cup marked for multiple teaspoons or tablespoons, comes in so handy when you're multiplying a recipe and makes it quick and easy when you need a lot of those teaspoons or tablespoons.

Coffee Urn- We entertain often and have always used our regular coffee pot, which Ray keeps refilling when needed throughout the party.  I'm finally going to get one of these to make one big batch for fuss free parties!

This list is certainly not comprehensive, but definitely my most used kitchen tools.  I could probably go on and on!  What kitchen favorite would you include that I might not have?  Happy holiday cooking and entertaining!

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