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Thursday, December 12, 2019


I'm so happy you're here for the final part of my Christmas Home Tour this year!  Today I'll be showing you around the Breakfast Nook, Master Bedroom, Powder Bath, and a few other nooks and crannies decorated around the house.  This week has been such fun, I hope you've enjoyed being here!

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Today we'll start in the Breakfast Nook.  This is certainly the hub of our home.  Homework, most meals, blog work, crafts... you name it, this spot sees all the action!

I actually haven't shared this area in such a long time, you all probably haven't seen the latest set up with these chairs.  They are the chairs that came with my Dining Room table.  I mixed things up when we did a makeover on the Dining Room last Spring and knew I wanted to break up that set.  The former kitchen chairs moved to the Dining Room and got a big makeover, and so these chairs moved here.  They tie in with the table perfectly and I've always loved this style.  I plan to share a little more about them and a quick video tutorial of how I recovered the seats after the holidays.

These cute mugs have been a favorite new addition this year.  I've always admired the vintage ones but never come across any, so these were a good, readily available alternative (and they're on sale!).  I'm sure our hot cocoa will taste even better in these.  :)

You all might not know that we made a 3 hour road trip each way to pick up this vintage chandelier, it was a fun day and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for a treasure!  It's extra-fancy for Christmas this year.

I keep a tub full of random shatterproof ornaments and use them anywhere and everywhere I need a little something!  Piling them on a tray with some candles has been a go-to centerpiece that's always pretty. 

I picked up the small wreaths at Hobby Lobby, and just threaded the ribbon through the cane and back to tie them on.

The kitchen is open to the Breakfast Nook and Living Room, so I didn't do much in there except this little corner of the counter.  The blue glass nativity is from Thailand and was a gift from my husband's parents from their travels,  and I gathered a few of the kids' Sunday School craft nativities to go with it.

This is a weird little niche in our hall where I grouped some tinsel trees and vintage choir boy candleholders.

I love pulling these out each year, their little expressions are just the sweetest!

I shared this tree in my daughter's room earlier in the season, but here's a reminder in case you missed it!  

You can see more of her room and sources here.

The Powder Bath is super small and there's not much room for decoration, but some simple bows and ornament clusters tied to the sconces did the trick.

And, I found the perfect spot for a left-over pom pom tree that didn't have a place...  ha!

Lastly, here's our Master Bedroom.  Just a few simple decorations make it feel festive even though I don't put a tree up in here.

Striped Pillows- not current but found a few here   
No other current pillow fabric sources, sorry!

I thought I would show you the first look I experimented with...  decided I didn't like it after I took photos but wanted to share anyway.  The pom pom trim was fun but no way that was staying up there for practical reasons, and the pillow mix wasn't working for me when I took the whole room into consideration.  It needed more color.  :)  That snowy church lumbar pillow is the sweetest ever but I decided to use it in a different spot. Anyway... just thought I'd share part of the process, I always say there's lots of trial and error that goes on around here!

For Christmas I always add some small ornaments in the Juju Hat over my bed, I secretly want to leave them there all year!  :)  I thread a small piece of pipe cleaner through the ornament hanger, then just poke that in between the feathers so that the ornament nestles in there, works great!

Upholstered Bench Seat Tutorial  ||  Bench- vintage  ||  
Similar Rug here or here

Across from the bed is a small sitting area and an electric fireplace that we added years ago.  I love lying in bed staring at these precious photos and memories! (And because I'm asked all the time... those are just yarn pom poms that I made and stitched on the corners of those pillows.)

Sconces-no longer available but found one here  

The last of my vintage ornament stash- I never hang them on a tree, just display them in bowls.

Thank you so much for touring today!  I really hope that these tours have brightened your day and inspired you to get creative in your own home.  But more than that, I hope you have peace and joy this holiday season that only knowing Jesus personally can bring, I'd love to talk with you more about a relationship with Him!

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  1. I always enjoy your color filled posts! Love all of it!

  2. Your house is beautiful, Jennifer. I ♥♥♥ your eclectic style and colors. You would make an excellent interior decorator.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I talk about you to my friends and you already know I try to emulate you as much as possible. You are the "Queen" in my book! Love your colorful style, and you'll be pleased to know I think I'm making a good apprentice! lol Enjoy these holidays however spent with your family........

  4. Today I was in a beautiful gift shop in my home town of Grand Rapids Mi and they had a holiday display table with hot pink column candles, blue and white porcelain pieces, bright orange and hot pink ornaments, nestled in holiday greenery and hot pink sparkling ribbon winding through all of it! I immediately thought of you and your "oh so fun" style. The pictures of your home always put a smile on my face, whenever I see your post.

  5. It is just soooo perfect! I'm always floored by your use of color! I just adore it! Happy holidays to you and yours!

  6. Would you share your source for the precious snow scene pillow and plaid pillow on your bed. I want my whole world to look like your house:).

  7. I love my monochromatic home design/decor- but you are making me want to break out and play with more color! Love it!!!


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