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Thursday, October 3, 2019


Hello everyone, I'm so excited to share my undeniably colorful Fall Mantel with you today as part of Project Design: Fall Mantels!  Honestly, we are knee neck deep in a bathroom remodel and busy with making plans for a second bathroom remodel that will immediately follow, so I hadn't done one bit of Fall decorating until I started this project two days ago.  It felt good to do something a little different than demo and agonize about tubs and faucets and sand and prime and paint, though!  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

I am thrilled to be joining in with a fabulous group of bloggers today as we all share our own spin on our Fall Mantels.  Remember that old Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other...?"  That's how I feel when looking at all of the mantels in this group today!  All of these ladies have such elegant, well curated style and here I am with my crazy colors and pile it allllll together decorating style.  Nevertheless, although my style is much different than the others, I'm honored to be included in this Project Design group!  Be sure to visit each of them linked at the end of the post, and many thanks to Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home for organizing today's party.

A couple of years ago I painted a real pumpkin in a pink buffalo check pattern, then last year I got smart and used a faux pumpkin instead so I could use it over and over.  Last year I added in a virtual rainbow of pumpkins, so this year they're all living happily together on the mantel.  All of the small ones were super easy to paint, I shared my time-saving trick in this post. 

I picked up a pair of these squirrels several years ago, then painted them pink the next year and they find their way somewhere into my Fall decor every year now.  And no matter the season, I'll never pass on an opportunity to sprinkle some mirrored balls around!

If you're new here, I'm a collector of blue and white pieces.  I find the majority of them at Ross Dress for Less (have to hit it at the right time!) but have added others from here and there along the way.  I stumbled across these big new vases when my son and I were in Dallas for the day shopping for his college dorm room a few months ago.  We were headed in to Homegoods and thank goodness he needed a few things from Ross that was right next door or I would have missed them!

Are you a free flowers/greenery scavenger?  I am!  These sunflowers(?) grow in almost every empty lot or roadside around here this time of year, I keep a pair of clippers handy in the car!  And I never cut on private property without permission, of course!  :)

One thing I meant to mention and just remembered, I don't think this mantel would have worked had I not painted the brick last year.  All of these colors just beg for a white or neutral background.  That's my general approach with all of my colors... keep the big things neutral and add tons of color with accessories and things that are easier to change like pillows, throws, and even drapes.

Lastly, I had to squeeze my new favorite things in a few shots!  I recently had a pair of second hand club chairs recovered in hot pink velvet, and it's a toss up to know who likes them best... me or our cats! 

Thank you so much for visiting and taking a look at my Fall Mantel today!  This is the only spot I've decorated for Fall so far, but today the temperature is finally dropping out of the 80s/90s here and I think this weekend I'll be in the mood to do my porch and put a few more things out.  If you're a visitor here and enjoyed my tour, I would love for you to subscribe to my blog!  Just scroll down a little further to the end of the post and enter your email address into the box where prompted.  Then you'll receive a notice to your inbox only when I have a new post.  I would love for you to follow along!

painted pumpkins, blue and white vase, gingham pumpkin, buffalo check pumpkin, fall mantel decorations

Be sure to stop by and see these other lovely mantels today, you're sure to find some great ideas for your own Fall decorating!

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  1. I haven’t gotten a in the Fall mood yet either. The last two days it’s been 97 and 99 respectively. As usual I love your kaleidoscope of colors. Maybe when I get in the mood I’ll paint some pumpkins in bright colors too!

    1. It's been super hot here too but crisp today finally, yay! Thanks Stacye!

  2. I love your colorful, happy decorating style! Makes me wish we were neighbors so I could come over for some cheerfulness! I keep clippers in my car too...haven't seen sunflowers like that around here (lucky you) but I do get an occasional branch or two after asking. Brilliant to paint the brick! Thanks for doing this with us, Jennifer! Good luck with all you have going on!!

  3. Jennifer you always inspire me with your bold use of color. I am more of a "chicken" when it comes to too much color but you just go for it and I love that!! Sorry to be so late to comment but I have been in Round Top! Thanks for joining us again we love having you!!

  4. Your pumpkins are so fun!!! And, that cute pink squirrel just might be my favorite part!


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