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Thursday, September 5, 2019


I normally don’t do much for Halloween but it’s a big, kid friendly, fun night in our neighborhood where my kids always enjoyed being out with their friends and neighbors to see who could come home with the most candy.  ;)  At Home Stores invited me to partner with them to feature their vast selection of Halloween decor. Since a big part of my job is to share decorating ideas, that often centers around various holidays. I thought even though we don't really "celebrate" Halloween to the extent that others might, this would be a good opportunity to stretch my creative muscles with something different than I normally do and focus on decorating for the holiday in a kid-friendly, bright, playful style for those who were looking for some fresh ideas. Because I have a feeling that a lot of you also just celebrate it as an opportunity for your kids to wear cute costumes, get candy, and walk the neighborhood with their friends like we do!  So, here's my spin on bright, preppy, fun, maybe even classy (is "classy" Halloween a thing? Ha!) pink, black and white Halloween decor Dimples and Tangles style! 

I chose a few key areas to focus on adding some festive Halloween touches to the house.  Of course, the most important spot to focus on for the big night is the Front Porch, right?  It definitely needs to be decked out to welcome all of those darling little trick or treaters!  

As soon as I saw these stacked pumpkins I knew immediately that I had to have them for the porch.  And, I was so excited that they were already so cute, I didn't have to do one thing to them to improve them!  However... no matter how adorable to start with, things can always get better with a bow on top, right?  Although orange is probably my least favorite color, I've totally embraced it in my home for Halloween and Fall by adding in some hot pink with it.  That's a winning combination in my book!  

Look closely... see those eyeballs staring at you from the fern? They glow in the dark, and they really work!  I wish I had grabbed a handful of them to line the walkway, they're metal and were only $1.99 each!

This spiderweb was the perfect alternative for a wreath on the front door.  It comes with a glittered orange spider wired on, I just unwrapped the wire and attached him to the middle of a bow instead.  I added the skeleton as well. 

If you could only pick one thing for a big impact, I think a giant spider web is the perfect decoration on a front porch,

and At Home always has so many seasonal doormats to choose from. 

I finished off the outdoor decorations with a pair of flamingo skeletons flanking the front walkway.  They're not so menacing and almost kinda cute with hot pink and gingham around their necks, right?

And lastly I added a cute metal yard stake to the mailbox flowerbed.

Moving inside, the mantel is always my go-to spot for holiday decorations.  Even if I don't do much for a certain holiday, I always add something to the mantel to make it more festive.  For Halloween, a giant spider with flexible legs adds just enough creepiness while keeping the rest of the mantel a bit more playful.  The spider is especially great because the end of the season you can gather his legs up, twist them together and coil them up, then he's easy to store. 

I really liked this large pierced black pumpkin.  It has an LED light inside, it just wasn't showing up too well in my daytime photos.   I kept finding different spots I wanted to use it in. 

I really liked the white pumpkin stack with a light inside as well! 

I created a little vignette around my vintage chest.  The back of an ornate frame is just lined with some gingham wrapping paper, then I spread some faux spider webs across it.  A tiny bit of that stuff just stretches out forever ahd looks so real!  

Since I knew I wanted to add some bright color with the pinks into my decor, I picked up a few faux flowers to soften my Halloween finds.  The roses were actually Summer flowers from the clearance section, and the pretty orange ranunculus were with the Fall floral.  I removed almost all of the leaves and think they look pretty realistic!  An oversized hand candy dish holds treats for visitors.

Other than the large pumpkin stacks on the porch and the white jack-o-lanterns on the mantel, I found so many other pumpkins in darling designs to mix and match in with my decorations.  I love the small sized ones, they're so easy to tuck in everywhere!  And you may have noticed them in other photos, but can we talk about these really good pagoda lanterns??  I've actually had my eye on them for a long time, but the last time I was in they were on clearance.  I scooped them up and knew they would fit right in with my Halloween decor as well as with my style every other day through the year!  For now I filled them with LED pillar candles, but I also considered mini pumpkins, or more spider webs with mini spiders inside. 

You know I couldn't resist finding a place for this pom pom garland when I spotted it!

Now, you didn't think I'd share some holiday decorating ideas without sharing a themed tablescape, did you?  Of course not!  Some friendly spiders decided to crash the party in here too...

I hadn't planned to do a tablescape when I went hunting for my Halloween decorations from At Home, but as soon as I saw these opaque black goblets I knew I had to set a table with them!  

I love the vintage design inspiration combined with the edgy color of the black.  I actually envision using these for lots of other occasions throughout the year as well, they're so different that any other glassware I have!

Some pretty chunky black candlesticks with led tapers and that same black pumpkin from above anchor the centerpiece, then I scattered a variety of small pumpkins, brass candlesticks, and some candle tapers that I had on hand. 

They all sit on a reversible shimmery spider web runner, gold on one side and silver on the other! 

I already had the striped chargers and tapers, gingham napkins, pink placemats and candles, but just about everything else on the table came from At Home.  And look how perfectly my gingham settee fits in that came from At Home years ago!!

If you have a store nearby, be sure to stop by At Home for a huge variety of Halloween decoration selections!  They're not set up for e-commerce at this point, hopefully some day they will be if you don't have a location close to you.

*This post was sponsored by At Home Stores, but all ideas, styling, and product thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting Dimples and Tangles Sponsors!

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  1. I guess I'm going to have to try At Home again. I went to one recently and didn't find a thing but these are darling items.

    1. Their seasonal departments are always packed full of goodies!

  2. Jen, what time is the party?? I'll bring dessert! =)

  3. Good grief, those spiders!!! I have arachnophobia and would have nightmares with them around my house. Ha ha ha! Looks great

    1. Ha, they do add a creepy flair! They were fun to decorate with.

  4. I have searched the AT HOME site and cannot find the flamingo yard stakes. Do you have an idem # that I could use? I love these and would love to have them in my yard!!

    1. Well shoot, I don't see them either online! I'll check my receipt for the number but they don't offer online sales... do you have a local store?

  5. TB...if you can't find the skeleton flamingos...go to the Home Depot site and search...Bloem Halloween Flamingos. They are darling orange and black ones. They sell a 10 pack and a 2 pack.

  6. Jennifer...they really are cute! They have wobbly google eyes..haha

  7. The orange and black MINGOS would look so cute lining your walk with hot pink bows around their necks...just a thought!

  8. I don’t decorate for Halloween anymore since my boys are grown and gone but the skeletons tied with ribbon around the gingham napkins stole my heart. Too cute. As usual all your decorations are awesome. I love the huge spiders lurking around. Im going to pin this post because hopefully I’ll have grand babies to decorate for one day.

    1. I'm glad you got some good ideas, Stacye! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Love all this! So cute! How did you hang your spiders?


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