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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Alright friends...  I know my posting has been sooooo sporadic, but Summer is over and a "normal" routine is returning, so I'm committing to more regular posting again!  The past 4 months have been abnormally busy for us and we were gone a good deal of the Summer.  I'm no good at balancing "real life" and the blog when things get really busy.  I tried to keep everyone in the loop on what was happening over on Instagram, but I know I'm desperately behind here for those of you who might not follow there.  So, I do have lots of things that happened over the Summer that I plan to share with you, but for now I'll just catch you up on big things from the past few weeks, and we'll go from there!

First up, I stopped by a local close-out store and stumbled across this awesome cane patterned garden stool.  It was a bargain so I couldn't pass it up, and if you can look past the worst-ever color, isn't it cute?  I'll use my process for painting ceramics and it should be quite a transformation.  Sadly, I've had it for a month and it still looks just like this.  I can't decide what color I want to paint it!  Hopefully I'll have an after picture to show you soon.

We weathered a major life change and moved Caleb to college a few weeks ago.  He will play in the marching band this year, so he moved in a week earlier than normal Freshman orientation for band camp.  We had a few hours to start getting his dorm room set up and then he was already off to begin rehearsal!

He's attending our Alma Mater, Oklahoma Baptist University, which is only 50 minutes from our door to the campus.  We were actually back and forth 4 times in his first 8 days there for various events and orientations, so I think we were all ready for those events to calm down and for him to get settled into his new routine.

With a gentle reminder from Mom, he sent me his First Day of school pic!  :)

And Emily started 11th grade the next day.  Junior year is really tough, so she's already buckling down and working hard in all of her classes.

She turned 16 in May, but knowing we would be gone most of the Summer we didn't want to rush to get her a car that would just be sitting in the driveway for weeks.  So, after our travel ended mid-July we began looking earnestly for a dependable used car, to no avail!  After weeks and weeks of searching, we finally came across a winner.  We actually found it the night before her first day of school but didn't say anything to her about it, went to check it out while she was at school, and brought it home to surprise her after school.  There had been a lot of time and attention focused on brother leaving toward the end of the Summer, so it was nice to get to do something special for her!  She was definitely surprised, grateful, and happy to have her own wheels (I was pretty happy about it too after we'd been sharing and juggling my car for a while!).

On to more house news...  I've been looking to replace our leather recliners for a year or two now.  We've enjoyed them but have been ready for something different.

I had a pretty specific idea of what a wanted-  a pair of comfy, curl up and read a book in club chairs that are in covered in a luscious fabric.  Here are a few inspiration photos that I had saved, I love this shape.

I searched and searched, online and at local furniture stores, but couldn't find the right style/fabric/price point combo that I was looking for.  I had my heart set on velvet in a bold color, and finally came across some beautiful yardage options that weren't terribly priced at Fabric Factory, one of our local shops.  So, I shifted my search to a pair of chais with good bones that I could recover.  Even with the cost of a moderate fabric and hiring out the upholstery, I knew I'd still be coming out better on price for both chairs that one new custom chair would likely cost.

So, after more waiting and waiting for just the right thing, these popped up on FB Marketplace.  They were from a quality local furniture store, and were from the nicest lady who took great care of them.  I paid a little more than I would have liked to for a piece that would be recovered, but I'd been looking for so long and they were just right, so I snatched them up.

I'm keeping them skirted and not really changing anything about them, except I asked the upholsterer to make the back cushion about 3" taller and a little more square on the top corners.  You can't really tell from that angle, but they were a little short and with the scale of my Living Room a little more height on the back looked better.  Again, going back to my inspiration photos, they should have a little more bulk on the back cushion like these. 

So are you wondering about the fabric???  Here are some of the beautiful velvet colors, look towards the back at that row too.  There were so many good ones, I wanted something in each one!  The color I chose is here, but I'm not going to spill the beans yet!  Which one do you think I chose?  (Another bonus to following on IG- if you do you probably saw what I picked!)  They've been at the upholsterer's for a while, I'm hoping to get them back in the next couple of weeks.  Can't wait!

We wrapped up this past weekend celebrating my birthday.  When the sweet cashier at Trader Joe's found out she gifted my flowers to me!  They're always so nice!

Caleb came home for the day- with a few loads of laundry-  ;)   so we enjoyed just being together at home, playing games, and eating chocolate cupcakes.  :)

More Trader Joe's flowers, these roses were unbelievable!!

I thought I'd share this maxi skirt (affiliate link) I wore to our casual dinner out that night.  I honestly didn't have high hopes for it but I LOVE IT!  It's true to size, has an elastic waist, and is super light weight without being sheer.  I'm 5'7" and as you can see it skims the top of my feet.  The color in real life is much better than the stock photo- color name is "leopard".  Highly recommend, I'll add some layers on top and keep wearing it through the Fall.

Next time, I'll be sharing Caleb's dorm room with you.  We did a few key projects to help make a tiny, concrete, white room a little more cozy!

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  1. You will LOVE these chairs! I have one just like them, in a solid color and everyone in my household knows it's MY chair. I am shorter so the length fits me perfectly. Since you are using higher back should be very comfortable. I can't wait to see them completed.

  2. I've missed your posts this summer and enjoyed "catching up" with you and your family! Happy Birthday!!

    1. Thank you so much, I just couldn't keep up! Ha! Back at it now! :)

  3. You are back! I have missed your posts, Jennifer!

  4. I love your skirt, and I agree the picture doesn't do it justice. I'd guess the dark blue on the back for the chairs, but I see so many cute colors that you would use well, my first thought was a green.

  5. Nice to have you back! I love how you mix colors and patterns. I hope you enjoyed your travels this summer. Did you go to Hawaii?


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