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I have some super fun colorful eye candy for you today!  Jewel from Jeweled Interiors put together this "Color Splash Decor Blog Hop" that 11 color-loving bloggers are participating in.  We've all come up with a colorful home project to share with you.  I tackled a project for my Powder Bath.  I've really not changed one thing in there since finishing it 2 1/2 years ago, which is probably a record for me!

However, even when I finished the room, I knew there was one thing that was semi-temporary... the artwork.  I absolutely love the acrylic frames that I made, but the photos of my kids inside them were kind of just place holders.  It felt kinda weird to have giant pictures of my kids hanging in the Powder Bath.  So, I've always had a plan to change that but haven't known what I wanted to replace it with.  Here's a reminder of how it looked-

(*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

I had the thought that some colorful abstract artwork would look good in that spot, but it was out of sight out of mind and that project never took priority.  This blog hop was the perfect opportunity to make a change!  Here's the artwork now-

Note:  This is the tiniest room with no natural light (meaning the hardest ever to photograph) and the acrylic frames are awful to photograph, so forgive some glare and bit of distortion from the wide angle lens required for some of the shots.  I promise the gingham pattern isn't as wacky as it looks in a few of the photos, it's all perfectly straight and even!  ;)

Metal Standoffs for Acrylic Frame  ||  Gold Spray Paint  ||  Acrylic Frame Tutorial

This project cost me nothing... it's white poster board cut to size and I used cheap acrylic paints that we already had.  

I'm by no means a painter, this doesn't take much skill.  I just kept adding colors randomly until I liked how they looked, leaving a little bit of white space here and there in between.  

With adding a second coat where needed and tweaking spots here and there, it probably took me an hour or two of painting.  After it was completely dry I popped open the frames and replaced the old photos (some photo splits help the poster board stay in place).

*Edited:  A reader asked the specific colors I used, so here you go! 
I purchased these at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.
Anita's Brand- Banana Yellow, Taffeta Pink, Shamrock, Purple, Fuchsia
Apple Barrel Brand- Purple Velvet, Bimini Blue, Admiral Blue, Spiced Carrot (I also used this one mixed with white to make a light peachy color)
Folk Art Brand- Lime Green, Light Blue

For an amateur effort, I'm really happy with how they turned out, and love the new pop of bold color on the gingham wall.

Blue and White Garden Stool  ||  Painted Gingham Wall Tutorial  ||  Similar Wallpaper  ||  Brass and Lucite TP Holder  ||  Similar Digital Download Abstract Art

Brass & Lucite Towel Bar  ||  Green Hand Towel  ||  Monogrammed Towel  ||  Giraffe Print  ||  Blue and White Vase Set  ||  Brass Sconces  ||  Mirror- Craigslist find painted in Krylon "Mambo Pink" 

More details for this room are in this post, including links to all of the DIY projects.

Now, click on the links below to head over and visit these other lovely ladies participating in today's tour.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of their colorful, creative projects!

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Did you know it's National Make Your Bed Day?  In looking into the background, here's a little description I found... 

"This unofficial holiday with unknown origins encourages people to make and tidy up their beds in the mornings. Studies show that inculcating the habit of making beds every morning can increase productivity during the day and can make people happier. The idea is that the organization that goes into making beds can spill over to the tasks a person does during the rest of the day. The act also gives people some time before they start their day to meditate over about what they want to achieve during the day.  A clean and made up bed also helps people sleep faster and better." (source)

Hmm... It's a pretty convincing argument to be sure to make your bed every day, right?

Camila from Effortless Style invited me to participate in a blog hop today for National Make Your Bed Day.  If you're not familiar with Camila, you simply must check out her blog.  She loves color and mixing and matching patterns just as much- maybe more!- than I do.  I've been inspired by so many of her projects, I know you'll enjoy getting to know her.

 (*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Currently I'm thinking about Fall decorating and ways that I can cozy my room up for the season. The color palette easily lends itself to Spring, Summer, and even Christmas with the right pillows added in. However, Fall decor can be a little challenging in this room. Here's a reminder of how it often looks-

One way that I changed things up for Fall was by switching my regular lighter colored Euro shams to solid navy blue ones.  Crane & Canopy kindly sent their "Cloud" navy quilted shams for me to use on my bed.  They're so soft and I love the subtle pattern stitched in to add some dimension and texture.  I already had a blue quilt that the shams ended up matching perfectly, but they do carry the matching quilt as well. 

My daughter has some Crane and Canopy linens that we've used in her room for years and they really are such soft sheets and versatile duvet covers.   I've washed her duvet cover so many times (rotten cats with muddy feet that jumped on her bed!) and it comes out of the wash beautifully every time.  I'm happy to have some C&C pieces for my room now too!  I've got my eye on this linen throw and this darling pillow perfectly matches the new drapes I made in my dining room this Spring.

Adding leopard pillows immediately adds warmth, along with the dark navy Euro pillows and navy quilt folded across the foot of the bed to break up the solid white quilt.

I also draped a throw over the headboard to warm up the green a bit.  So many textiles would work to try something similar.  Mine is just a lightweight cotton throw in colors that coordinate, but there are so many colors and patterns and textures in throws now available to choose from, and vintage textiles are also a good option or even an interesting tapestry that complements your colors.

 Upholstered Headboard- DIY tutorial here, fabric here  ||  Green headboards here, here, or here  ||  Palm Fabric  ||  Cane Bench- vintage  ||  Green Glass Vase  

So, that's the little bit of updating I've done for the season.  Now, let's get on to a fun interview that Camila has prepared for today's participants...

1. Do you make your bed in the morning?

Not all the time, and that depends what you mean by "make".  Most of the time we (and it's usually my husband) straighten the sheets and pull the top quilt or blanket tight, but I don't always put all of the decorative pillows on.  But, this question is convicting me and I want to be better at fully making the bed every day... I feel so much better when I walk through my room and the bed looks pretty!

2. Love or hate a flat sheet?
I actually love a flat sheet!  I've recently heard that so many people don't use one, but I like the cool, crisp feel of one underneath my top covers/blankets.

Similar Patterned Sheets  ||  Similar White Quilt herehere, or here  ||  Drapery Fabric- Duralee "Kalah"  ||  Feather Juju Hat (mine is 30")  ||  Wall Color- Sherwin Williams "Amazing Gray"

3. What is the perfect amount of pillows for an arrangement on your bed?

We have a king size bed, so 3 Euros across the back are a must.  After that, I vary depending on what pillows I'm using at the time. It's usually 2 or 3 20-22" pillows in front of the Euros, then a lumbar pillow or two in front of those.

Decorating Tip- Euro Shams are 26" square, but buy 28" inserts for them, especially if you're using down.  They will fill them and fluff them out so much better! (28" down inserts here, down alternative here)

4. Are you a nut like me and iron your bedding or do you have another trick I need to know about? 

Most of my sheet sets are good enough for me straight out of the dryer.  However, often the hem across the top of the flat sheet gets wrinkled up in the wash and I do like to iron just that section so it lays nice and flat.

5. What's on your nightstand? Book? Beauty products? Phone? Snack?

I always have a lamp on each side of the bed.  Fresh flowers if I have some or a green potted plant if not. Always a book and my phone (it's my alarm but I put it on silent when I go to bed).  Usually a family photo.  I love the drawers in our nightstands (makeover here) and keep hand cream, face cream, tissues, and headphones in the top drawer.

Decorating Tip-  I have my lamp plugged in to a dimmer cord like this since it's on the other side of my nightstand (not easy to reach up and turn off).  When I'm ready to turn out the light I just have to slide the switch right on the edge of the nightstand where I've placed it closer to me than the lamp switch. (I know that might seem insignificant but without it I basically have to get out from under the covers and get up to turn my lamp off- not fun when I'm all warm and toasty and sleepy!)

Similar Ginger Jar  ||  Metallic Jar Candle  ||  Similar Lamp  ||  Brass Hardware  ||  Bamboo Mirrors- Vintage

Want more great bed making styling ideas? Stop by and visit the other participants on today's Make Your Bed Blog Hop!

Now, go make your bed, and be sure to give your loved ones an extra hug and kiss today!

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This kitchen reveal is such a dramatic before and after.  Sarah basically gutted the space, added a window and created a fantastic butler's pantry space off to the side.  The result is simply stunning!

Not sure how to get your pillow combo right?  Erin shared this super helpful pillow guide to take all of the guess work out!

This garage turned party shack would definitely be a popular hang out spot.  Again, you absolutely won't believe the transformation from the "before!"

I recently started following this designer on Instagram, and am so inspired by her work.

Gwen's family worked this Summer on this backyard makeover.  I mean, I could spend some serious time in one of those chaise lounge chairs, and I adore the new railing they added to the balcony!

A decorator's traditional home tour with plenty of color and pattern via Southern Living-

photo credit Laurey W. Glenn

Recently on D&T:

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Although I typically don't decorate for Fall until later in the month, I've been thinking about what kind of decorations that I wanted to do this year.  Last year I made a drastic shift from traditional Fall colors to using a mainly orange and pink combo, and I decided to continue that untraditional color palette again this year.  I'm excited to be a part of At Home Stores' "Wall to Wall Fall" campaign and show you some of the fun Fall accessories I found there this year.  After an hour or two of roaming the store and aisles and aisles of Fall decor (you can't make a quick trip to At Home, it's huge and there's SO many good things to see!), I had a cart full of versatile seasonal pieces to freshen up my Fall style. They challenged me to use what I chose in a variety of different rooms, so here's a look at what I came up with!

My "anchor" piece that I started with was this wheat wreath.  I knew I could use it lots of different ways, and while beautiful as is, I could add some embellishments to it at some point down the road if I want to change up the look.  For now I simply tied a bow and hung it over my Entry mirror with some pink and orange ribbon.

You might remember this squirrel from a Fall tablescape a few years ago, although he got a new paint job this time to fit my pink and orange theme. 

Moving to the Dining Room, the wreath transitioned to a centerpiece surrounding a group of orange taper candles.

I fell in love with the candleholders the minute I saw them.  You can see the top a little better in the mantel photo below, but I loved the shape and the fact that they could double as a vase.  They would also be really pretty hanging on a wall from a bracket like a lantern! 

I found some faux orange lantern flowers that reminded me of the real ones I saw growing wild along the Thames River in London, they have the coolest shape! They were perfect to add a pop of orange into a bunch of fresh flowers to signal a transition to Fall.

Decor Tip- Mix a few faux stems in with a bunch of fresh flowers.  It will stretch your fresh bouquet further and you can obviously use them over and over.  I bet no one will notice the faux from the real!

Just like in the Entry, the wheat wreath is perfect to hang over a mirror. I left out the pink here and kept the mantel pretty neutral.

Assembling a variety of pumpkins is about the easiest way to decorate for Fall, just pile them all together!  The color and texture of this unusual yellow one caught my eye and although I don't use yellow often I couldn't resist adding it into the mix. The orange pumpkin was also unique and almost sculptural made up of it's interesting wood shaving pieces. I like to vary the shapes and sizes of pumpkins so I finished off the group with some simple gold metallic ones and tiny wood ones with cute metal leaves attached (these are the white ones and I sprayed a few of them pink).

Lastly, I used a few of the pieces to add just a hint of Fall in our bedroom.  I like to acknowledge the season in the bedrooms without going overboard.

I used these blue pillows and the gold metallic pillow this Summer in the At Home Throw Pillow Throw Down challenge, and I love them to calm my pillow mix down- just a bit! ;) - for Fall. 

So there you have it!  By choosing a variety of basic pieces (pumpkins, wreath, candleholders, seasonal ribbon, pillar and taper candles and filler flowers) I was able to create multiple Fall looks in several different areas of my home.  I want to know, have you started decorating for Fall yet?  Do you have staple Fall pieces that are easy to transition from room to room, year to year?

*This post is sponsored by At Home Stores.  I'm always happy to partner with this store that I have shopped at since I was a teen, thank you for supporting Dimples and Tangles sponsors to keep great content coming! 

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Welcome to My Five Favorites today! Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light and I are all so excited to share with you today. Our friend Kris from Driven by Decor is taking the month off, she'll be back with us next time.  Today we're spilling our five favorite tips for styling bookshelves.  Shelves are an area that can be tricky to find the right balance when decorating, so we hope that some of this advice is helpful for you today!

We are so happy to have Bethany from Dwellings by Devore as our guest host this month.  Bethany was one of the first bloggers I followed and I was completely star struck by her awesome projects.  Then I got to know her personally (we were even roomies at a blog conference) and I liked her even more!  She has such an eye and talent for putting together clean and fresh yet interesting spaces, with just the right touches of color.

We have a lot of bookshelves in our house in several different rooms, so I find myself using a combination of books and accessories in all of them.  As I looked through photos to gather some for this post, I was reminded that my living room shelves have changed several times over the years, so you'll see several different looks here!  My style has definitely changed through the years but all of the photos still illustrate the tips I'll be sharing.


Obviously, it's our first instinct to line books up vertically on a shelf.  But occasionally, I like to stack some horizontally as well.  It's a good way to elevate smaller items, or add another direction for your eye to go in a stand alone horizontal stack.  This is a good solution too if you have books that might be too large to fit vertically in your shelf.


The back of a bookshelf is the perfect place to add some interest with color or pattern.  My living room shelves have been multiple colors over the years, but my most recent makeover was painting a pattern on the backs of them.  If you like the idea but don't want the commitment, use a piece of foam board or mat board cut to size for each section and cover it with wallpaper or fabric, or paint your own design on it to use.  It's easy to remove if you change your mind later.

You can also experiment with painting the backs an accent color.

In our Office where the shelves are stained oak, I painted just the backs the same color as the walls and it helped to lighten them up for now until we're ready to repaint the shelves completely. 

Also, try hanging things on the backs of the shelves.  A mirror helps open up the space and reflect light, and if you have limited wall space it's also a good opportunity to hang photos or art inside the shelves.  


We have a few shelves of children's books in our office, and storing them in baskets rather than lined up helps keep them tidier.  Using the same baskets keeps the shelves looking cleaner as well. 

I tried to keep things semi-symmetrical on the shelves flanking the desk in the office to have some continuity in the design.  Both top shelves have similar photos and accessories, both bottom shelves have matching storage baskets, and the middle shelves have similar book arrangements.  Symmetry can help keep things from looking too messy, especially when you have large shelves you're filling. 


With plenty of attractive storage boxes, canisters, and containers available these days, it's easy to use open shelves as extra storage while keeping them looking stylish and the things you need at your fingertips.

I store a lot of my crafting tools and sewing supplies in the jars and baskets on our office shelves.

My son's room is very small and doesn't allow for a lot of furniture, so this big shelf pulls double duty not only storing books, but toys, collectables, and things like hats and small accessories in the baskets. Using the storage baskets in the lower compartments keeps the large unit looking a bit more polished than filling all of the spaces with random items.  It's easier to keep it all in order, too!


Every bit of space on your shelves doesn't need to be filled, leave some breathing room.  This shelf in my living room is a little too full now that I look back at it-

I've since pared it down a bit and I like it much better.

The one exception to these suggestions... there's not much better than a real bookshelf totally packed full of just... books!  (like this one!)

Do you love decorating shelves or do you find it a challenge?  It's a little bit of both for me! Don't forget to head over to learn more tips from these talented gals, too.

how to decorate bookshelves

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