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Boy, Fridays roll around quickly!  It's so fun to share some of my favorite picks from the week.  We have a busy weekend of events and fun ahead, I'll be sharing in my Instagram stories if you'd like to follow along!  And thank you for all of the kind words on my post yesterday, I was overwhelmed by your response to the posts on the blog and on Instagram.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and I love sharing in the excitement of it with you! (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

#1:  Alright, on to the good stuff for today...  Oh, the tables I could mix and match with these plate sets (currently 20% off)!  Both are so fun for the holidays but great for year round as well.

#2:  I think I have this necklace on my wish list every year, I need to just go for it!  It comes in 4 monogram sizes, and a variety of lengths, styles, and colors.  And, it's currently a bargain at 30% off!

And don't miss out on these holiday cuties!

#3:  I thought this was a good time to remind you about this little gem...

This was my newly DIY flocked tree last year when I set it in place and put it together... and the top section of lights didn't work.  Womp womp.

I dug out my trusty light keeper pro and they were fixed in a flash!  I have no idea of the science behind how it works, but it's magic and I'm not asking any questions.  There's nothing worse than pulling out your tree all ready to decorate it, then having to deal with lights that are out.  This tool will fix them effortlessly most of time, it's SO worth having one around!

#4:  There are pre-Black Friday sales starting like crazy, and I'm taking advantage of shopping early!  Gap is having 40% off storewide (50% off for cardholders!). I thought you would like this darling new sweater that I got-

I bought the hot pink and red striped one shown below as well, because that's been my favorite color combo for a while now!  Here are a few more of my favorites from the sale.  Most of these are pieces that I already own and love- like the thick quilted sweatshirts close to the bottom.  I buy a new one or two every year, they are fantastic!  They're super thick and cozy, and while the turtleneck option has quite a lot of fabric to deal with around the neck, I like snuggling up into it and I like it's longer length.  I often wear it on errand days with a layer underneath and don't need to mess with a coat even when it's pretty cold.  I also love the perfect denim shirt, chambray long sleeve popover (runs big), and the darling little $15 red circle bag will be perfect for the holidays, Valentine's Day, and patriotic holidays. Oh, and the creamy colored "robe" I linked about half way down is so cute, I'm going to see if it works as a kimono!  It's a bargain so we'll see, I'm waiting for it to arrive.

#5:  Along the same lines, Old Navy is having a big storewide sale too- 40% off or 50% for cardmembers.  I shop at both of these stores often and some of my most worn pieces are from one or the other, so I always take advantage of these sales!

Probably my favorite recent purchase... these slippers!  They come in several pretty colors and at $7.50 on sale, a few gals I'm shopping for will be getting a pair for Christmas! The sole is thick and cushioned and the rest just wraps around your foot snugly.  Love them!

This coat is a good deal as well.  The cut is nice and it's available in several colors.  It is not lined and not really heavy at all, in fact it reminds me of a sweatshirt weight but would be a polished top layer for cool days.

I also liked this longer wool blend coat, it is heavier and lined and I like the notched collar detail.  I need a new Sunday coat so I got one in black for church and dressier outings.

More ON faves- most of these are basic pieces that my daughter or I personally have and love. It's hard to tell but the first black leggings are a small leopard pattern, so fun! The black jeans at the end are lined with the softest thin layer of fleece... heavenly for cold days!  We both got hoodies like the blue one, I like the longer length and there's a nice pleated detail across the back.  One last note- I bought the black and white gigham shirt because although navy is easy to find, I haven't found a black one in years that wasn't flannel.  It's hard to see, but this one has "love" stitched across the pocket which I didn't particularly care for, but I'm sure I'll mostly be wearing it under sweaters so that didn't really matter to me (and I'll probably grab my seam ripper and tear it out).

I hope you all have a happy weekend!

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The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching!  I don't rush past Thanksgiving and usually wait until after to decorate, but I know I need a decorating game plan well before Thanksgiving, because all of the best stuff goes fast!  Today I've partnered with At Home stores to create some Christmas looks from their floral department to give you some inspiration as you prepare to deck the halls and decorate your porch for the holidays too.  (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

Last year I jumped on board the flocked Christmas tree craze, and while browsing the greenery aisles of At Home I noticed they had several items of flocked greenery available.  I purchased 2 pieces of the 9 foot flocked garland and hooked the ends together to make one long piece to drape around my front door.

flocked garland, Christmas porch decorations, jewel tone Christmas decorations

Mine did not have lights (there's a prelit one as well) but I picked up a string of 200 white lights to add to it which was just the right size.  Then, I felt like a kid in a candy store looking through all of the boxed ornaments and individual ornaments from their various holiday collections to add to the garland.  In my opinion, ornaments are probably the most versatile holiday decorations there are!

jewel tones Christmas decor, flocked garland, Christmas porch decorations, gingham ribbon

These are the ornaments I mix and matched on my garland- I love the texture, glitz, and shape that the pink starbursts and red flower ball ornaments add!

Adding clusters of ornaments to garlands or swags is so easy!  I keep a stash of pipe cleaners handy (I think they're easier to use than floral wire), and just loop one through the group of ornaments I want to use, scooting all of the ornament tops close together and then twisting the pipe cleaner closed a few times.  Just don't pull the pipe cleaner too tightly when you're twisting or you might pop a top off the ornament.

Then, there is a good length of pipe cleaner ends to wrap around the garland and twist in back to secure the ornament cluster in place.

For the door, I picked up a 30 inch flocked wreath (it comes lit or unlit also, I just added these battery operated lights to mine) and added ornaments the same way I did to the garland.

 The flower balls and llama ornaments only needed to be tucked into the flocked branches and they were secured enough.  Can you even with the cuteness of those llamas???

llama ornament, christmas front door decorations

A festive Merry Christmas doormat finished things off nicely!

leopard boots, merry christmas front door mat, gingham rug

I usually load my lanterns up with ornaments too, but this year I filled them with a few colored tinsel trees instead.

And technically in the ornaments section, these tassel ornaments are the perfect embellishments to tie on the top.  They come in 4 colors and the price can't be beat... I scooped up several to tie on packages, baskets, lamps... etc. year round.

Lantern embellishments, christmas front porch decorations

Everyone knows the magic of Christmas happens when the lights come on.  I mean... there's not much better than the glow of Christmas lights!

I also had in mind a few other spots I wanted to add some Christmas greenery-

I absolutely love little wreaths added to dining chairs for the season, and found these simple pine wreaths that were just the right size.  I kept them simple and added a few boxwood stems with glitter flocking to add some dimension, then tied on some small ornament clusters and a single bow.  Chairs with spindle backs are easier to tie a ribbon on to attach a wreath, but with my upholstered chairs I just use a few corsage type straight pins through the back of the bow's knot and they stay in place just fine. 

Leftover ornaments from the garland with some candles grouped on a tray make the easiest centerpiece, and there's nothing to water or keep alive for the season!

jewel tone ornaments, christmas centerpiece, dining room table centerpiece, brass tray

Lastly, I love to look outside of seasonal aisles when shopping for the holidays to find things that can be used not only at Christmas but year round.

On the regular greenery aisle, I found this faux olive wreath that I just loved.  I'm always drawn to wild, natural looking wreaths and this one is a very good faux piece.  Keeping it simple, all it needed for Christmas was a good plaid bow!  Then, it can easily transition to keep using it through the rest of the year by switching out the ribbon, or it's perfectly beautiful as is with nothing added to it.  I'm looking forward to it's simple green shape on my doors through the rest of winter after the Christmas bow comes off.

olive wreath, at home finds

I also use these long needled pine stems well past Christmas, they look very realistic but without the mess!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?  My kids are out of school all next week so we'll probably do a bit of organizing and prep work, but come November 23 it's on in full force!   :)

Find an At Home store near you here, and get your walking shoes ready... you won't believe the aisles and aisles of goodness to peruse!

*This post is sponsored by At Home, but all designs, project ideas, and words are mine!   

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Happy Friday, friends! I'm happy to be wrapping up the week and that we have a fairly calm weekend on the horizon.  Here are a few of my recent favorite finds that I think you'll enjoy too.  (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

I was given this candle as a gift last year and burned about half of it then, but recently pulled it back out for the season.  I had forgotten how scrumptious it smells!  This one is "Pumpkin Souffle" but I'd love to try out several of the other scents like Sweet Vanilla and Cinnamon or Whipped Cream and Pear as well.  It's small but mighty...fills the entire area with scent!

I ran to the mall the other day and a few sweaters caught my eye, and I wanted to share them with you because they're all currently 40% off!  First, this hot pink one is very similar to a Free People sweater I bought last year.  I always get questions about that one and it sold out quickly, but this one is a really good alternative- almost the exact color and style for a much better price!  I think it's true to size and is supposed to have a relaxed fit.  The neck looks terrible in the stock photo but I was really happy with how it laid when I tried it on.

I liked this relaxed fit sweater also with it's side slits and cuffed sleeves.  My normal size was loose, I could have sized down if I wanted a closer fit.  The sleeves are plenty long and the cuffs can be adjusted if you want to shorten or lengthen the sleeves... a bonus for you tall girls.  Available in gray too.

Lastly, I have two sweaters like this and reach for one of them often.  It's long enough to wear with leggings or dress it up for work with skinny pants and heels or booties.  It's a nice weight to wear alone on cool days or layer a long sleeve t-shirt underneath on colder days.  You could also layer a long cardigan over it, it's really versatile!

I also made a quick loop around Pottery Barn while I was at the mall, and enjoyed seeing all of their Christmas decor that's out.  I never skip over the sale section though, and these two pillows caught my eye.  They were both great quality and the perfect patterns for mixing and matching.

This lattice bamboo patterned pillow cover is a muted green and the design is all stitched beautifully on thick fabric-

And I was drawn to this Blue Shadow Trellis Pillow Cover too!  It's a great design that would work well with many other fabrics.

I've been wearing earrings from this site for over a year now, and am a huge fan!  They are substantial but are light as a feather and don't pull on your ears one bit.  I have several pairs including these gold and these blush/neutral (pictured below), and I love these for our High School and college teams (and Christmas!).  Most of my teardrop shaped pairs are the Medium size, but I have a large pair also that I really like too.  These are my newest purchase, they were recently the "Earring of the Month" where a specific pair is offered for a great sale price each month.  Sign up for their newsletter for notice of special sales and discounts!  And I should mention, I'm generally just an earring customer, but they have a good selection of other pieces like cuffs, bracelets, rings, and chokers as well.

Gold Fleck Cork Earrings (medium size)

I think I could include something gingham in this list every single week.  But I came across these sheet sets and couldn't resist sharing them with you!   I mean alllllll the heart eyes for those ruffled edges!  They come in 3 colors, every size, and have great reviews!

But wait, there are polka dot sets too... decisions, decisions!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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I realized it's been several months since I've done a content review, and figured before all of my holiday posts get started I should catch you up today in case you've missed anything recently.   Once I looked back, I guess things have been pretty busy around here!

I shared several tutorials for DIY projects in my home-

My sister set a darling table for my Mexican birthday dinner and I put together 2 different tablescapes for Fall or Thanksgiving-

My family chatted and came up with our top 10 family games,  you might want to pin this photo for reference when it's time to start Christmas shopping!

Organization is not always my strong suit, but we completely cleaned out the kids' bath cabinets and linen closet and now everything has a specific well-organized home!  And I'm happy to say several months later it's stayed like that! #winning

I mentioned a big honor... find my home on newsstands now!

I posted a quick little Q&A to go along with "National Make Your Bed Day"-

We're continuing each month with My Five Favorites Posts, I'm glad you all seem to enjoy these as much as we enjoy putting them together.

To conclude, I finally posted my long overdue Fall Home Tour! 

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