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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Since most are neutral colors and or not my style, I have a hard time finding ready-made table runners.  So, I recently used some of my fabric scraps to make my own!  And, I used a different fabric on each side so I can have two totally different looks with only one piece.  Here's my tutorial if you want to try making your own DIY reversible table runner.

There's a video of the process at the end of the post, but first I'll share the written instructions.  And, I was so focused on sewing and videoing that I neglected to take many still photos of the process.  There's a few but the whole process is shown in the video.  (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

Here are the basic steps:

1.  Cut two rectangular strips, paying attention to what direction your pattern is running if applicable.  I just used the width of my fabric for the runner length then decided how wide I wanted the runner to be, so my cut rectangles are 18"x56".

2.  Place right sides together and pin sides.  Leave about 12" from each end unpinned, as well as the ends themselves.

3.  Pin your trim to the right side of one of the ends, then stitch in place.  The edge of the trim should line up with the edge of the fabric (the tassels or poms will lay inside towards the rest of the runner).  This pom pom and tassel trim is actually two separate trims, I just used both of them together.  If you're doing a double layer of trim like I did, pin the second piece of trim in place over the top of the first, alternating poms and tassels.  Stitch in place.  Repeat on the other end.

4.  Close the ends of the runner that are still open and pin in place, matching up sides and edges. Stitch closed all the way around (I used about a 1/2" seam) EXCEPT... along one side about a foot from the end leave about a 4-5" opening.  This is where I will start stitching the runner closed, sew closed all the way around, and stop about 4-5" from where you started when you get to the end.  Leaving this opening will allow you to turn the runner inside out.  Be sure to back stitch back and forth a few times at your starting and ending point so seam will be strong and won't unravel when you turn the runner inside out.  Also note, when you're sewing the ends closed make sure your seam allowance is big enough that you're not leaving any of the woven part of the trim outside of your seam (you don't want that seen when you turn it inside out, only the tassels and poms).

5.  Optional- trim seams with pinking shears to deter fabric unraveling.  Press all seams open as best you can.  Pressed seams are crucial to a nice looking finished product!

6.  Carefully pull the fabric through and turn the runner inside out.  Using the flat end of a wooden skewer, reach inside the runner and poke the 4 corners out so they are nice and sharp.

7.  Smooth the runner out and press all edges, making sure they are lined up evenly.  Turn the raw edges under where your opening is and press them.  Gently pull tassel trim edge as you press if needed to get the seam turned out all of the way.

8.  Stitch opening closed.  Make a small stitching line very close to the edge of the runner and it won't be very noticeable unless someone is really looking hard for it!  ;)  The stitched section is right along the top edge in this photo, very hard to see!  

9.  Press a little more if needed and you're done!

There are so many options for your fabric choices on each side... two coordinating fabrics, two different seasonal fabrics, and "everyday" and a "fancy" side, a floral and a stripe... the possible combos are endless!

Green Lattice Fabric  ||  Black and White Striped Fabric  ||  Pom Pom Trim  ||  Tassel Trim

Here's a quick video of the entire process:

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Happy sewing, I'd love to see it if you make your own!  Email a pic to me at or tag me on Instagram.  And if you enjoyed this project or want to save it for future reference, I sure would appreciate a Pin!  Thank you!  

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  1. I love this idea Jennifer. It turned out perfect. I really do need to brush the dust of my sewing machine. This would be a fun project to start off with.

  2. Yes you should, make something fun for the holidays! Thanks so much.

  3. Love your table runner. But I was also fascinated by the china on the top shelf of your hutch. Could you share the pattern name? It's gorgeous. Thanks.

    1. Sure! It's called Imperial Leaf. I found my set on Craigslist, but I've seen it on eBay too. I don't think it's a current pattern.


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