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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Welcome to My Five Favorites today! Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all so excited to share our five favorites in lighting with you today.  Even though it's basic purpose is functional, lighting is such a great opportunity to add style and personality to your home.  I'm looking around right now counting 6 light sources in my living room, not counting the built in lights.  Nothing else adds layers and atmosphere to a space like good lighting!

We're so happy to have Sue from The Zhush guest hosting with us this month.  Sue has a discerning eye to curate beautiful rooms, and she doesn't shy away from using beautiful colors and mixing and matching patterns in her designs.

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I bought this chandelier several years ago and have loved it!  It's unusual, great quality, and my favorite part is that it looks like an exploding firework at night when it's lit up.  I can't recommend the shop that custom makes these enough, they are fantastic!  They have a very nice selection of other hand made lighting pieces to choose from as well.


I will always appreciate a good vintage light, and I have incorporated several in my home.  It's hard to pass up a sparkly crystal chandelier, and I'll never pass up a good pair of vintage lamps!

My tips for shopping for vintage lighting...  

*Don't be afraid to change the finish.  If you like the shape of a lamp but it needs to be updated, virtually any lamp can be spray painted!  Just be sure to cover the cord and socket before painting.  
*A new shade on an old lamp generally is a quick, easy update.  Places like Ross, Homegoods, and Target and Walmart have affordable options.
*Inspect cords carefully, the fixture might need to be rewired (simple DIY project with an inexpensive kit from the hardware store). 
*Be willing to put in some elbow grease!  Many good chandeliers or lamps just need a thorough cleaning to be restored to their former beauty.  
*If a pair is available, always buy both, even if you just plan to just use one for now!
*Thrift stores, antique or vintage malls, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace are great places to shop for vintage lighting. 


Last Spring when working on my daughter's room makeover, I became familiar with this line of lighting with over a dozen choices of base styles and over 100 colors to choose from.  With so many variations of shades in each color, we were able to get a set of lamps that matched her room perfectly.  If I was designing rooms for clients often this would definitely be a go to source for me!


I appreciate the versatility that wall sconces offer!  They're the perfect option when table or floor space for a lamp is limited.

I especially love them flanking a bed to free up space on the nightstand.  There are so many plug in options available that they are still a great option even if you don't have the capability to hardwire a sconce.

Most of mine are plug in.  For my room and my daughter's room below I just use a plastic piece that attaches to the wall that conceals the cord (I spray paint the piece the same color to match the fixture).


I use string lights year round at our home, they add such charm and ambiance!  In the Fall I add a string to our porch to combat the early dark evenings with a warm glow, and even though we have permanent lighting available we always have string lights hanging and on across the back patio.

I use these small clear globe lights, but these are also a great outdoor string light option that are a bit more heavy duty if you're hanging them in an unprotected spot.

What are some of your favorite light fixtures?  I'm actually in the market to replace one or two in my home and am starting to keep an eye out for some options, so I'd love to hear any suggestions!  Be sure to check out these My Five Favorites Lighting posts today too-

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  1. This post is really making me think about adding some gorgeous chandeliers to my home now!

  2. A lighting change can make such a dramatic difference! Thanks for reading today, Ellen!

  3. Jennifer you have so many pretty lights but I especially love your thrifted sparkly chandelier!


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