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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Welcome to My Five Favorites today! Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all so excited to share our holiday gift guides with you today. We had so many good things we couldn't stop at just 5!  I've worked hard to narrow the options to my very favorite suggestions to share with you today: 5 for her, 5 for him, and 5 for your home.

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We are thrilled to welcome Megan from Honey We're Home as our guest host.  I've been following Megan for years, since her blog was newish and her boy was a baby, and it's been exciting to follow her over the years as her blog and family have grown and flourished.  She has a great sense of style and I'm looking forward to seeing what's on her list today!

christmas gift ideas for her  ||  gift guide for women

Earring Gift Set- Enhance your collection, or take advantage of a deal (extra 35% off today!) and split the set into separate gifts for friends and family.  Several styles and combos available, including some where you can choose your own pieces in the set.

Barrington St. Anne Zippered Tote- One of these bags is on my gift guide every year and for good reason, they're fantastic!  This year I got the St. Anne zippered tote, and it's one of my most used, every day, go-to bags.  There are plenty of pockets inside, and it's streamlined yet roomy enough to fit even my laptop.  The main reason I'm sold on this brand- other than the cuteness factor- is their quality.  My bags take a beating and often carry a lot of weight when I throw in my big camera or computer, and they never look worse for the wear.   I won't even start on how fun the design process is on their website, and how hard it is to choose your pattern and colors!  There are many accessories for men and women at different price points, this is a great option for giving a quality personalized gift.

Shower Cap-  Probably the strangest thing you've seen on a gift guide, right?  That's ok!  You won't think it's strange when the recipient tells you how much they love it!  I've tried lots of shower caps, and this one is actually big enough to cover all of my hair.  It has a soft terrycloth lining that helps protect your hairstyle and keep the curls from disappearing.  I can go days (probably too long!) without washing my hair when I use this cap to help keep it's style! 

Barefoot Dreams Hooded Cardigan-  I bought this sweater a few months ago and absolutely love it.  I can't adequately describe how soft it is, but also incredibly warm and cozy.  I wear it almost every night and morning over my pjs and often lounging around the house, it's basically taken the place of a robe in my wardrobe. 

Marble and Gold Tray- I like this tray so much I actually bought two of them to use in different places in my house!  My exact tray is no longer available, but this one I've linked is very similar.  A beautiful, staple accessory to use in any room.

christmas gift ideas for men  ||  gift guide for him

Portable Camping/Emergency Kit-  This is on my teen son's list this year.  All of the gear that comes with this set is right up his alley for camping/survival/vehicle emergency kit. 

Cabin Socks-  We all got some of these for Christmas last year, and we love them!  They are thick and super cozy, keeping your toes warm on the coldest of days.  My son was so glad he had them when he went to London last New Year's and was outside walking in the cold all day.  They're cushiony and feel like your feet are getting a little massage when you walk!  Currently buy one get one free!

3 Drawer Portable Tool Chest-  My husband just received this for his birthday and couldn't like it more.  It doesn't take up much space on a shelf, but the individual easy gliding drawers for screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, etc. make it so much easier to find each individual tool you're looking for.  We previously had just a regular tool box where the top lifts and everything gets thrown inside, so this is a huge organizational improvement!

4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV- It doesn't take much to make guys happy, especially if they're getting new electronics, right?  We just purchased this new tv for our living room and the entire family is blown away at how great the picture is (granted, our old tv was about 12 years old, but still!).  We're also sold on smart tvs and it's so nice to have all of our favorite apps right inside with no extra equipment necessary.  We appreciate the super low profile frame around the screen, allowing us to get the maximum screen size possible in our limited tv cabinet space.

Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight-  Another piece we actually own and the guys love.  It's only a few inches long but it is bright.  Handy to have around the house or tuck in your car!

christmas home gift ideas  ||  gift guide for home decor items

"At The Parker" Playing Card Set- I'm a fan of the "Gray Malin at the Parker" art series, and the images are offered here in playing card form!  What fun!  These are on my personal wish list for all of our family card games.  (See our favorite family board games here.)

Dyson Cordless Hand Vac- Just like me, you've probably seen the hype about this vac from some of your favorite bloggers.  I never understood what the big deal was, UNTIL I GOT ONE!  I didn't know what I was missing in a vacuum...  I'm always amazed at what it picks up from a surface that I thought was clean.  I especially love it for vacuuming the cat hair off of the sofa and chair cushions. I literally sweep over the area once where with other vacuums I have to go back and forth, back and forth... to get all of the hair up.  4 thumbs up from the Griffin family (we all use it regularly!)!

4' Double Ball Faux Topiary-  I just added two small topiaries to my outdoor fireplace, and I like them so much I'd like to get a set of these larger ones as well.  They have great reviews and look incredibly realistic.  I'd really like to have a few things that still look nice in my patio pots through the winter, and I think these are just the ticket.  They are an investment, but when I think about the money I spend (and then throw out) for plants in my planters each season they'll pay for themselves in no time at all!

Letters To My...  Grandchild, Baby, Future Self, Daughter, Son, Mom, Dad... or Letters of Gratitude.  I came across this book the other day and thought it was a clever idea.  It comes in all of those different varieties, plus a few more, and has around 12 letter pages each with a writing prompt, then an envelope style page to seal the letter in.  There's even a spot to date when they should open the letter.  Such a personal, meaningful gift!

Rustic Lantern Set- You all have seen these lanterns around my house often, but the reason I wanted to include them in my gift guide is that they have an incredible sale price right now!  The large one is almost 3 feet tall and I especially love them at Christmas, but use them throughout the year.

What's at the top of your wish list this year?  I can't wait to see what is on my co-hosts lists, be sure to head over to to check out their holiday gift picks, too!

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  1. I love what you did what the lanterns and putting the Hobby Lobby trees inside! I'll have to try that!

  2. So many great ideas Jennifer! I'm putting one of those topiaries on my personal wish list and that card deck too!!

  3. I can't even imagine my husband's reaction if I said I have a vacuum on my list, but I think I could get excited about that one! Haha!

  4. Jennifer I always love your wish lists, so many great ideas! That cardigan looks so cozy and the cabin socks were a big hit in my house last year, everyone loves warm tootsies!!

  5. I just ordered the lanterns for my husband to give me, lol! What an incredible sale!

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  7. I got excited when I saw the price of the lantern set but that excitement quickly turned to bummed out because they are sold out. All week I've been a day late and a dollar short.

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