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Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Hello, and welcome to Part 1 of my Christmas Home Tour for 2018!  I'm thrilled to be kicking off a brand new blog hop party today that I'm co-hosting with Rachel from Pencil Shavings Studio...  "It's a Colorful Life!" You might remember that we hosted a local Colorful Christmas workshop recently where we shared our best ideas for decorating with color at Christmas time, and that morphed into hosting this fun tour celebrating colorful Christmas decorations!

We've invited a handful of our favorite fellow color-loving bloggers to join in and share a portion of their colorful homes all decked out for Christmas, so I hope you'll visit them throughout the week and enjoy the tour! (See full tour schedule at the end of this post.)

(*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

For the past few years I've used a jewel tone color scheme (basically anything goes!) and I love it so much that it's back again this year!  I do try to add in a few different elements here or there each year, so this year I'm mixing in black and white like we did at our color workshop.  

I even squeezed in a touch of leopard here and there!  This container was a recent TJ Maxx score but I can't find it online.  It's actually an ice bucket!  I'll probably never use it for ice but it's the perfect plant or kitchen utensils container.  The milk glass punch bowl holds my prized vintage ornaments (for large containers, I use shatterproof balls to fill the bottom, then just layer the pretty ones on top).  I like to display them this way rather than on the tree.  

Similar Milk Glass Bowls  ||  Floral Pillow Fabric- Waverly Portobello Vase  ||  Red & Pink Pillow Cover  ||  Black and White Pillow Cover

If you're a regular reader here but don't follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this big surprise in my first photo... I painted my fireplace!!!  It took me 2 days (in between other commitments) early last week to do it and I like it so, so much.  If feels like a totally different room and like I have an entire new realm of decorating possibilities with a fresh white slate!  I used the exact same process that I did when I painted our outdoor fireplace last summer, see that post here for details.

Ornament Garland- Homegoods (cute Shiny Brites here)  ||  Pom Garland- At Home  ||  
Malachite Ottomans- Fabric here, DIY Project here  ||  Similar Fireplace Screens  

That project really put me behind in my Christmas decorating this past week (I've had several work until 3 a.m. nights lately...) but it was totally worth it!  My collection of busts move around all over, this year I clustered them on the mantel.  They're the perfect representation of our little family... Dad, Mom, Boy, Girl.  

Diana Bust   ||  Similar Child Bust Pair  ||  Striped Candles- Hobby Lobby or here  ||  Sweater and Turquoise Tree- Hobby Lobby  ||  Tinsel Tree- At Home

David Bust  ||  Similar Child Bust Set  ||  Santa Hat- Hobby Lobby  

Bucket from The Plaid Pineapple, but sadly sold out  :(

The shelves flanking the fireplace hold some nativity sets and a few simple, festive decorations.

Similar Blue and White Footbath here or here ||  Gumball Machine, sprayed with this paint  ||  Similar Dog Pair  ||  Blue and White Monkey Dish here or here  ||  Lamp Tassel

We got this tiny nativity in Cozumel a few years ago, it's quite charming!

Blue and White Monkey Dish here or here  ||  Lamp Tassel ||  Gumball Machine, sprayed with this paint 

Elements of Style Book  ||  A Year of Holidays Cookbook

I love these German Nativity Pyramids.  We picked this one up at a yard sale one year while we were on vacation!  One of the propellers has always been missing, so I just leave out every other one to make it even.  I like them as decoration and not to actually light candles around them, so I put some small ornaments in the candles holders (my sister had decorated hers that way and gave me the idea, so smart!). 

Charlotte's feature this month in Better Homes and Gardens inspired me to make my apothecaries that I usually fill with ornaments into a candy bar this year.  Man, it's been hard to keep the kids out of those gummy bears before I could photograph them!  ;)

I kept the frame from my Fall tour but just switched out the wreath.  The back is wrapping paper adhered to the back side of the chalkboard I normally use in this frame.  

Lamp Tassel  ||  Polka Dot Vase  ||  Sweater and Bottle Brush Trees- Hobby Lobby

Leather Recliners (on sale!)  ||  Starburst Chandelier  ||   Curtain Fabric  ||  Green Leopard Pillow  ||  Striped Blanket- Ikea or here  ||  Gingham Tree Skirt  

Thanks so much for touring today!  I'll be sharing two more tours of the rest of my Christmas home later this week, I hope you can join me for those as well.  

The next stop on today's tour is PMQ for Two.  Ariel has such a knack with color and pattern and isn't afraid to use it!  I'm continually inspired by her work and challenged to be bold with my decor.  I'm so excited to see her tour today!  Be sure to join in on the rest of the colorful fun this week as well. Here's what's coming up:

Tuesday, December 4

Wednesday, December 5

Thursday, December 6

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  1. Fresh, amazing, energizing and inspiring, as always. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to entertaining us! Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca! It's always fun and I'm so glad you enjoy being here!

  2. Jennifer, As a fellow color enthusiast I absolutely love your use of vibrant color and always look forward to seeing the creative ways you incorporate it in your decor! The holidays always provide an opportunity to amp up our colorful style.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and the other participants for this special tour!!!!

    1. Thank you for that encouragement, Diane! I'm so excited about our tour this week and just get so inspired by these ladies!

  3. This is AMAZING! I love all the bold decor and chinoiserie vibes. I think painting your fireplace was a good choice- your gorgeous styling really pops now. :)

    1. Thank you Monica! It was a tough decision because the brick wasn't terrible, but I feel like I can do so much more decor wise in the room now. So happy that you're touring with us today!

  4. Jen, I concur with those who have already the new fireplace look as it really does change things! I have always loved your colorful decorating style and try to emulate such in my home as you give me so much inspiration!

    1. That makes my heart happy to hear! I'm so glad you've found a good idea here and there when visiting. What compliment! Thanks Julie!

  5. Everything is so beautiful! I painted my fireplace white a couple years ago, what a difference it made in brightening up the room. Enjoy the season, Jennifer!

  6. I wait all year for your Christmas tour!!! I stole your wrapping paper idea last year (the blue and white plaid, the green and white striped, and red bows). Hobby Lobby didn't have the green and white striped this year. Any other suggestions? I can't wrap my presents until I have a second wrapping paper.

    1. Thank you so much! I love the green and white polka dot or there's a cool new marbled green and white print this year.

  7. so so so pretty! made my heart happy just looking at it.

  8. As always, absolutely stunning! Your use of colourful is masterful, and I am so honored to have been included in your hop! <3

  9. Beautiful as always Jennifer! I just love it! And everything just pops against that new white fireplace!! :)


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