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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Did you know it's National Make Your Bed Day?  In looking into the background, here's a little description I found... 

"This unofficial holiday with unknown origins encourages people to make and tidy up their beds in the mornings. Studies show that inculcating the habit of making beds every morning can increase productivity during the day and can make people happier. The idea is that the organization that goes into making beds can spill over to the tasks a person does during the rest of the day. The act also gives people some time before they start their day to meditate over about what they want to achieve during the day.  A clean and made up bed also helps people sleep faster and better." (source)

Hmm... It's a pretty convincing argument to be sure to make your bed every day, right?

Camila from Effortless Style invited me to participate in a blog hop today for National Make Your Bed Day.  If you're not familiar with Camila, you simply must check out her blog.  She loves color and mixing and matching patterns just as much- maybe more!- than I do.  I've been inspired by so many of her projects, I know you'll enjoy getting to know her.

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Currently I'm thinking about Fall decorating and ways that I can cozy my room up for the season. The color palette easily lends itself to Spring, Summer, and even Christmas with the right pillows added in. However, Fall decor can be a little challenging in this room. Here's a reminder of how it often looks-

One way that I changed things up for Fall was by switching my regular lighter colored Euro shams to solid navy blue ones.  Crane & Canopy kindly sent their "Cloud" navy quilted shams for me to use on my bed.  They're so soft and I love the subtle pattern stitched in to add some dimension and texture.  I already had a blue quilt that the shams ended up matching perfectly, but they do carry the matching quilt as well.

My daughter has some Crane and Canopy linens that we've used in her room for years and they really are such soft sheets and versatile duvet covers.   I've washed her duvet cover so many times (rotten cats with muddy feet that jumped on her bed!) and it comes out of the wash beautifully every time.  I'm happy to have some C&C pieces for my room now too!  I've got my eye on this linen throw and this darling pillow perfectly matches the new drapes I made in my dining room this Spring.

Adding leopard pillows immediately adds warmth, along with the dark navy Euro pillows and navy quilt folded across the foot of the bed to break up the solid white quilt.

I also draped a throw over the headboard to warm up the green a bit.  So many textiles would work to try something similar.  Mine is just a lightweight cotton throw in colors that coordinate, but there are so many colors and patterns and textures in throws now available to choose from, and vintage textiles are also a good option or even an interesting tapestry that complements your colors.

 Upholstered Headboard- DIY tutorial here, fabric here  ||  Green headboards here, here, or here  ||  Palm Fabric  ||  Cane Bench- vintage  ||  Green Glass Vase  

So, that's the little bit of updating I've done for the season.  Now, let's get on to a fun interview that Camila has prepared for today's participants...

1. Do you make your bed in the morning?

Not all the time, and that depends what you mean by "make".  Most of the time we (and it's usually my husband) straighten the sheets and pull the top quilt or blanket tight, but I don't always put all of the decorative pillows on.  But, this question is convicting me and I want to be better at fully making the bed every day... I feel so much better when I walk through my room and the bed looks pretty!

2. Love or hate a flat sheet?
I actually love a flat sheet!  I've recently heard that so many people don't use one, but I like the cool, crisp feel of one underneath my top covers/blankets.

Similar Patterned Sheets  ||  Similar White Quilt herehere, or here  ||  Drapery Fabric- Duralee "Kalah"  ||  Feather Juju Hat (mine is 30")  ||  Wall Color- Sherwin Williams "Amazing Gray"

3. What is the perfect amount of pillows for an arrangement on your bed?

We have a king size bed, so 3 Euros across the back are a must.  After that, I vary depending on what pillows I'm using at the time. It's usually 2 or 3 20-22" pillows in front of the Euros, then a lumbar pillow or two in front of those.

Decorating Tip- Euro Shams are 26" square, but buy 28" inserts for them, especially if you're using down.  They will fill them and fluff them out so much better! (28" down inserts here, down alternative here)

4. Are you a nut like me and iron your bedding or do you have another trick I need to know about? 

Most of my sheet sets are good enough for me straight out of the dryer.  However, often the hem across the top of the flat sheet gets wrinkled up in the wash and I do like to iron just that section so it lays nice and flat.

5. What's on your nightstand? Book? Beauty products? Phone? Snack?

I always have a lamp on each side of the bed.  Fresh flowers if I have some or a green potted plant if not. Always a book and my phone (it's my alarm but I put it on silent when I go to bed).  Usually a family photo.  I love the drawers in our nightstands (makeover here) and keep hand cream, face cream, tissues, and headphones in the top drawer.

Decorating Tip-  I have my lamp plugged in to a dimmer cord like this since it's on the other side of my nightstand (not easy to reach up and turn off).  When I'm ready to turn out the light I just have to slide the switch right on the edge of the nightstand where I've placed it closer to me than the lamp switch. (I know that might seem insignificant but without it I basically have to get out from under the covers and get up to turn my lamp off- not fun when I'm all warm and toasty and sleepy!)

Similar Ginger Jar  ||  Metallic Jar Candle  ||  Similar Lamp  ||  Brass Hardware  ||  Bamboo Mirrors- Vintage

Want more great bed making styling ideas? Stop by and visit the other participants on today's Make Your Bed Blog Hop!

Now, go make your bed, and be sure to give your loved ones an extra hug and kiss today!

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  1. AHHH I love the colors!! I make my bed every morning. Never looks as good as everyone elses because I have ugly pillows that we sleep on and idk how everyone else manages to sleep on such pretty pillows. i'd drool all over mine!

    1. Oh, we have the ugly pillows too! I just leave them off when I take a photo. ;)

  2. We have always used a top sheet and always will! I grew up folding the bedspread to the foot of the bed and sleeping under a sheet and blanket(s)/quilt, etc. I like the feel of a sheet. If it's colder, we switch to flannel sheets. So, our duvet, coverlet or whatever, is not used. It also stays nice and clean that way.

  3. I love the addition of the navy! It just makes all the other colors sing.

  4. I love for my bed to be made, but unfortunately my husband works nights so our bed rarely gets made. Maybe one day that will change. Flat sheet is a waste of time at our house. Since I'm at a time in my life that I'm hot all the time I sleep with no covers during warm weather and a lite blanket during the winter months. Of course in the South the Winter is not bad and doesn't last long. I do love pillows on the bed. Three euros since we have a king and 3-4 others for looks. My dogs however, see the pillows (especially the euros) as excellent napping spots.

  5. Girl your color and pattern play is gorgeous!!


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