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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


As we near the holidays and you begin to gather gifts and accessories for the season,  I'm encouraging you to shop with a purpose!  Today I'm sharing a few favorites from The Plaid Pineapple, a shop and online store that I partner with periodically to share some of their current products and what they're up to.  I've shared more details about the purpose of the shop and how they do business in a previous post, but basically it's a ministry where all of the profits go to further the Good News of Jesus around the world by meeting people's every  day needs in practical way.  That might be purchasing a water buffalo (their livelihood) for a family who lost everything in the earthquake in Nepal, it might be buying mosquito netting for families to help prevent diseases, or it might be training women in poverty stricken villages in a specific skill so that they can work and help provide for their family.  So, I'm happy to do my part to support this ministry by sharing it with all of you!  I mean, shopping for the cutest things while making a difference around the world is a win-win, right?

The first thing I have to share with you is the sweetest blue and white pillow, I fell in love immediately when I spotted it.  Of course, the colors fit right in at my house, but the winter scene and the church and the darling little deer and family going to church just made me smile.  This is the perfect pillow to mix in for Christmas and through the winter, seasonal yet elegant!  You'll see it on my sofa in my Christmas home tour (maybe, I really like it right here too!).

I love every detail of this pillow (it's cotton with a deep blue velvet trim) and the hand painted look makes it even more charming and unique.

The last time we visited a few weeks ago, Denise sent me home with this adorable silk tassel necklace and told me the story behind it...  these necklaces are made by artisans in Ghana, West Africa.  The beads are handmade from recycled materials (she showed me photos of the primitive process- amazing how they break down glass bottles, trash, etc. and hand make each bead) and the tassels are sari silk fabric.  Every 120 seconds a child dies from malaria transmitted by mosquitoes, and with the purchase of every piece of jewelry a mosquito net is purchased for a family who needs one.

It's pretty cool to be helping a family prevent life threatening illnesses just by purchasing a cute necklace!

These 3" ginger jar ornaments are new this year, and I can't wait to use them!  I have blue and white everywhere else in my home, why not on the tree too?  ;)  There is a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Ginger Jar Ornament (*SOLD OUT)

I always love an opportunity to show our state pride, and these blown glass type ornaments are a favorite of mine to scatter on my tree.

Texas and Tennessee also available 

You might remember a post I wrote several months ago about praying through each room of your home.  The Plaid Pineapple sells this handy set of scripture cards with sample prayers for each room in your home to help you do just that.  I love the tangible reminder that you can leave in each room to cover your home and those who come and go in it with prayers.

Since I've been to the shop several times in person, I've seen so many of the products in real life and they're just so good!  Here are a few more of my favorites currently available-

There are many other cute things available on TPP website, or if you're near Bixby, OK they have a Monthly Market one weekend each month where you can shop in person.  The next Monthly Market will be November 8-10 and packed full of holiday goodness!  

Thank you for allowing me to share a cause that's near to my heart today.  Be sure to follow The Plaid Pineapple on Facebook or Instagram for the latest product releases and sale information!   And if you're just here for pretty photos and home decor ideas, I'd love to share more with you about this Good News of Jesus we're talking about, and how much He loves you and wants a relationship with you!  Email me any time at dimplesandtangles (at) att (dot) net. 

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  1. Because of one of your previous posts about the Plaid Pineapple, I get their regular updates on FB. I agree with you, that blue and white pillow is dreamy!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. What a beautiful post today, Jennifer! So meaningful. You are a lovely young woman who is using her gifts the way God meant for you to do. Thanks for introducing me to The Plaid Pineapple. Hugs. Beverly Cook


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