2021 - Dimples and Tangles


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Raise your hand if you have a weakness for dishes like I do! If you've been around here long you know I'm a fan of mixing and matching what I have, but a new piece here and there thrown into the mix makes things more fun and gives me even more options; it's always an easy solution when I'm feeling the need for a little refresh in the kitchen.  And in the Summer when the kitchen is often the last place you might want to be, a few new pieces or kitchen tools sure can make those day in, day out tasks a lot more fun, and even the simplest of meals feel extra special.  

I found a few of the prettiest new pieces at Walmart recently, some with a vintage feel, some more modern... the perfect mix of everything I like.  I have a big crush on colored glassware right now and these pink tumblers were too sweet to pass up! 

Even though our Summer hasn't given my family much "down" time with us all going our separate ways most of the time, I'm taking every chance I can to gather everyone up around a meal as often as possible.  Although it's tempting not to want to be in the kitchen much during the Summer, spending time together doing something as simple as making dinner together or baking cookies gives us a few minutes to connect face to face in the midst of our coming and going. 

Summer is the best time to have a little family fun in the kitchen, and you can find the cutest things you need all at Walmart Home, from new dishes for indoor or outdoor meals, to entertaining pieces, to small appliances for afternoon snacks or movie nights, to ice cream makers to serve a crowd!  

Here are a few more Home Decor and Outdoor items that caught my eye from Walmart Home's Summer line.  I also included a few craft projects that would be super fun with the kids- use the white flour sack towels to make custom tie-dye napkins for your Summer table, and if your littles haven't discovered Perler beads they were one of our favorite craft projects when our kids were little.  I'm pretty sure they still have stacks of their creations hanging out in their closets, ha! (Those striped beach towels are THE BEST... we have 4 and they're such a generous size and so plush, perfect for poolside!)

Be sure to look for the brand new Wow & Now section for cute, trendy, fun items at buy now prices in select stores and online beginning July 19.  If you see something you like snatch it up, because when it's gone, it's gone! 

Make life easier by shopping online for free pick-up in store, or click here for a free 15 day trial of Walmart+ and receive free next-day or two-day shipping with no minimum order on orders from walmart.com.



Today I'm participating with a group of Instagram friends who love to set pretty tables maybe even more than me!  We're sharing our Summer Tablescape ideas, and I thought I'd share outdoor Summer table here with you as well.  If you're on Instagram be sure to check out my latest post and tap on the tags of each participant to see their tables too, this is a group of table setting pros and you're sure to gather lots of pretty new ideas!  Everyone should have their posts up by mid-morning, so check back if you're reading this post before all of their posts are live on Instagram.  

poppytrail daisy dishes, summer tablescape, outdoor summer table setting, turquoise gingham tablecloth, bordallo pinheiro dishes, outdoor dining, outdoor entertaining
(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Does anyone else start sing the lyrics of "Bicycle Built for Two" any time they see a daisy or read the word?  No other flower says "Summer" to me like a daisy, and with several thick bunches blooming in my flowerbeds I knew that they would be the perfect centerpiece to build my table around.  

On top of having daisies readily available, I had the perfect daisy dishes to use!  I remember eating off of these "Poppytrail" daisy dishes growing up as a young girl, my Mom has had a set for years.  She cleaned them all out a while back and I was tasked to sell them for her, but I couldn't quite bring myself to do it yet so they've been hanging out in my attic.  I've pulled them out a few times to use for Mother's Day and a few other occasions, they're such a punch of nostalgia!

She had some amazing serving pieces with the set too, like these salad tongs, a couple of pedestal dishes, and the cutest cream, sugar, and salt and pepper shakers.  

I used some of the cups and saucers to do little individual bouquets at each place setting... the cutest!

(Dress is from last year and no longer available, sorry!  Similar style hereExact scarf here and more of my picks all under $5 each here.)

I can't even handle that adorable sugar bowl back there...

Daisy themed tablescape, turquoise gingham tablecloth

My Pink Lemonade Pie is the perfect, easiest Summer dessert.  Find the recipe here, although this time I just used regular lemonade instead of pink and added the juice of a medium lemon in the mix as well... it was extra delicious!  

This table was so fun to put together, I fell in love with this color combo!  I assembled it a few days ago, right before Father's Day.  I intended for us to enjoy our lunch outdoors but it was so incredibly hot and windy in Oklahoma that day, we moved it inside (and I did change up a few elements in the process to make it a little more "manly", ha!).  

Regardless of what kind of outdoor set up you have, I encourage you to move a meal or dessert outside sometime...  if the weather cooperates it's such a nice change of pace! 

Be sure to hop over to Instagram today and check out all of my friends' beautiful Summer tables, too! 


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Hey everyone, Happy Monday!  I hope you're doing well.  I'm headed out this morning to spend the week at youth camp to help as a cook, I've got alllll of my comfy shoes packed!  I've helped out in the kitchen at camp a few other times and it's the most fun job, we get to see everyone there 3 times a day!  :)  It's also incredibly busy, a workout, and I have to get up much earlier than I'm used to but fun nonetheless! I know I've been SUPER sporadic with my posting the past few months but thanks for hanging in there with me.  We've just been in a season of family life where projects are on the back burner, but that is coming to a close and I have 3 projects right off the bat that I'm itching to get to and share.  I'll be starting up with those in a few weeks, I need to get in to July and then I'm back on track! So again, thanks for your patience and staying with me, and even though I'll be cooking away in person I've got a post ready to share with you tomorrow too with some pretty new content so be sure to stop back by!

Since I left early this morning I didn't have a chance to actually pore over the exact items that are on sale for Amazon Prime Day, but I have spent the past few days rounding up all of our favorites in hopes that some of them will be included!  So, here's a big old round up of things we actually own and use that I've bought over the past year or so.  If they're not included in Prime Day I apologize, but even so they're still great items and already good prices.  (If there's a way for bloggers to know beforehand what's going to be included in the sale I've never figured out what it is, so I'm at the mercy of waiting until the sale actually starts to see what's included just like everyone else.)  At the end I included my Prime Day Wish List, hoping that some of these things will be on sale too!   (If you're not a Prime Member try it for 30 days free here!)

(*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  
 Read my full disclosure policy here.)


Dual End Measuring Spoons- whoever thought to make a narrow end that will actually fit into spice jars was a genius!
Green Buffalo Check Cotton Tablecloth- Not only an excellent tablecloth, this is what I used for the fabric to make the cornices in my bathroom, and a few pillow covers with the extra.  It's a great 100% cotton weight and an excellent deal if you're wanting some good gingham yardage.  Comes in lots of colors!
Gold Bamboo Flatware- bought 3 sets last Prime Day, 100% happy with it and it goes in the dishwasher!
Disposable Gloves- These have never really been a staple in my kitchen before, but they are now!  A tighter fitting glove would probably be better if you have an involved project, but these are great to throw on when I'm roasting veggies and want to make sure I'm thoroughly mixing in the olive oil and seasonings.  I also throw on a pair when I'm dividing bulk packages of raw meat, makes cleaning up my hands SO much easier and quicker!


Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Cooling Pillow- Last year I was on a hunt for new pillows.  I saw multiple people on social media raving about these so decided to try them.  I really like them, but they are just a bit thicker than I like for my pillow.  I do however still use one of them every night propped behind my back when I'm reading.  To me, it's the perfect firmness for that and I'm still really happy with them!
Coop Adjustable Fill Memory Foam Pillow- This is the pillow that I tried and love, it's the one that I actually lay my head and sleep on.  The filling is adjustable- it comes with an extra bag of the shredded foam that's inside and there's a zipper closure on the end of the pillow, so take out some if you want a squishier pillow or add more if you want your pillow more firm.  That has been the perfect solution for my pillow search!  
Wrinkle Resistant Super Soft Sheets- Bought a set of these for my daughter's bed recently and they are well deserving of their 230,000 near perfect reviews. 
Gold and Acrylic Drawer Pulls- I bought these last year to use on the bathroom remodel.  I ended up using something slightly different but still highly recommend these, they were really nice and a good deal! 
Set of 12 Microfiber Cloths- I finally upgraded the worn out kitchen rags that migrate into my cleaning rag basket and bought a set of microfiber cloths.  Life changing! 
Multipack Clear Organizer Trays- I used these to organize the bathroom drawers- good little set for the money. 
Down Pillow Inserts- I bought several of these last Prime Day and they are fabulous inserts, the feathers don't poke out and they have a nice full volume.
Extra Thick Mattress Topper- My daughter has a traditional very basic (cheap!) spring mattress.  We added one of these super thick toppers and now she feels like she's sleeping on a cloud. Worth it!
Safavieh Rugs-  I have two different rugs that are this brand and really like them, I think they're great quality for the price! 
Set of 2 Velvet Pillow Covers-  These come in tons of sizes and colors and are very affordable.  I bought a set for a project I'm working on and am really pleased with them.


Kindle Paperwhite- I'm a "real book, turn the page" lover, so I was really resistant to e-readers.  But, this was on a great sale last year for Prime Day and I got one to save for Ray to give me for my Christmas gift :) .  Surprising to me, it's now one of my favorite things!  I still gravitate towards traditional books when possible, but the Kindle is now my go-to for beach, travel, and night time reading. 
Small USB Power Strip- We keep this plugged in under the couch, so handy.  I've also had it in my suitcase for the past 2 weeks on two different trips, really nice to have while traveling when there are never enough outlets. 
Rechargeable ARC Lighter- I've shared these before but wanted to include today too.  These are great- especially for that hard-to-buy-for person you need to buy a gift for!
USB Wall Outlet- I just ordered a few of these and we haven't had time to install them yet, but really looking forward to replacing one of the kitchen counter outlets with one for easier charging. 
Leather and Vinyl Restorer Spray- My husband really enjoys working on/keeping our cars clean and this product gets 2 big thumbs up from him. 
Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher- He researched this and it's been a super helpful tool for a DIY car wax.
Polisher and Waxer Bonnets- These go with the waxer. 
LED Color Changing Strip Lights- Bought a set for my daughter for Christmas, they're so cool we got another for her dorm room, too! 
Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker- Also a gift that my daughter received for Christmas.  I was using hers as much as she was so I got my own for Mother's Day.  These have really good sound and are nice to use outside, even hook it up to a golf bag or cart! 
Bargain Wireless Earbuds- I ordered a set of these a couple of months ago, I was intrigued by the really high reviews and really low price.  They're well worth the money- the only small negative I personally have about them are that they seem a little larger in my ear than airpods, but I think I have really small ear canal so that likely wouldn't be a problem for most people. Still using them often! 


Vitamin C Serum- I thought this was a good value and it smells fantastic!  
Anti-Aging Eye Cream- Thick and really hydrating.
Retinol Moisturizer Cream- Same brand as the vitamin C serum, it smells great too (like oranges). 
Cordless Trimmer Kit-  My son has this kit and it works great.  In fact, he just gave himself a new Summer buzz cut last night! 
Intensive Foot Repair Ointment- This honestly works wonders, it's made my feet so soft!  My husband gets really cracked skin around his fingernails in the winter, I'm thinking this is going to be perfect for that too. 
Large Claw Hair Clips- Everything old is new again!  Bought a set for my daughter and she loves them.
Hair Spot Coloring Kit-  I recently tried a drug store root touch up kit for grays and it did absolutely nothing.  This one worked.  It was quick and easy to use, I used a touch on my eyebrows too and it worked like a charm.  
Wire Free Lounge Bra- excellent alternative for comfy days! (I consider it similar to a sports bra but it's not as restrictive, and with a hook closure in back much easier to put on without feeling like you're in a wrestling match with yourself trying to get a sports bra over your head...ha!)
Round Initial Paperclip Link Necklace- My daughter has this one, wears it daily.
Hexagonal Initial Paperclip Link Necklace-  I got this one and am enjoying it!
Striped Bag Strap- (I'm planning to snag this bag to go with it, I have the black one and it's the perfect small size but plenty roomy for the essentials!)
Clear Vinyl Pouches with Striped Trim-  For years I've used big ziploc bags for liquids when I travel just in case they leak, but almost always they tear or get a hole.  I found these darling clear pouches and have been using them the past few weeks while traveling, perfect solution!  The striped ribbon sold me for cuteness but I really like that the bottom is gusseted instead of just flat so they expand to more and larger items in them. 


50 Foot Outdoor Globe Light String-This season we replaced our patio lights with these, very happy with them!
Fishing Lures Kit- Got this for my guys for Christmas and they think it's a great little variety kit. 
Beach Umbrella Hooks and Umbrella Drink and Snack Tray -These attach to the umbrella pole and are definitely going to be coming with us on our next trip to the beach!  
Heavy Duty USA Flag with Sewn Stars- When Memorial Day was drawing near we realized that our flag was getting faded and a bit tattered.  This one is wonderful quality, was a great price, and arrived quickly.
Set of 2 Chippendale Planters- I've had a set of these for years, they're currently housing some ferns flanking our back gate.  Chic! 


Colorful Puzzles- We picked one of these up last weekend, it's been so hot here it was a nice family activity to enjoy indoors.  These are the coolest designs!
Word Around Game- a fun one for 2+ people
Hammock with Straps-  We spent a few days at the lake recently and the kids enjoyed stringing theirs up near the campfire. 
Bananagrams Word Game- we're always up for a new family game, just ordered this one and excited to play!
Code Names Board Game- a favorite, the kids like to play it with their friends when they're over. 


Pink and White Buffalo Check Napkins- Also cute! (I really like polyester for napkins- wrinkle and stain resistant.)
Robot Vacuum-  I've never had one of these but have been seriously considering one lately.  Great reviews on this one!  

I'd love to know one of your favorite Amazon purchases, always love finding fun new things! 


Happy Friday!  I hope you've all had a great week and that you enjoy your upcoming holiday weekend.  I'm so grateful for those who gave their lives for our freedom so that we can enjoy our time at home!  My kids have already headed out on their first various Summer trips, so we have a few days to ourselves.  There's some yard work that needs to happen, but I'm also squeezing a secret quick mini room makeover over the next few days.  I'm excited to share that with you in the next week or so as soon as I can, I don't want to spill any beans yet! Here are my Five Friday Favorites for this week, as well as some great weekend sale picks that I've chosen to share with you.  Have a great one!   (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Packed Party is a women owned business with the cutest colorful products, and they now have several collections of products available exclusively at Walmart!  They sent me a few things from the latest patriotic party collection and they are adorable!  I love that most of their paper plates have scalloped edges, and the paper napkins have a darling cut fringe edge.  SO fun!  Check out the entire collection here, which includes these, other party decoration lines, and their new hair accessories line that I'm so anxious to get my hands on! 

In some of the photos I've posted on IG lately I've been wearing some new glasses, and I always receive questions about them so I thought I'd share here!  They're from a super affordable prescription website, I've ordered about 4 pairs total over the past few years, and have always been completely pleased with all of them.  There are two things that have especially helped me make my selections-  they have a feature where you can upload your photo and then virtually try on most of the frames.  However, while you can see the general shape and color on your face, the scale isn't always spot on.  So, I've found it helpful to use a pair of glasses that I currently have and like and compare the size of them to the measurements of the frames I'm considering.  That helps me have a good idea of what the true size will be when I receive them.  Here are my frames

I liked those frames so much I ordered the exact ones made as prescription sunglasses too.  Both pairs together were under $100, but there is a huge selection of glasses that start at only 9.99!  With their prices you can pick a pair to match every outfit! 

I shared these super cute colorful Teva Sandals with you awhile back when my daughter bought a pair while we were on vacation.  But this season, I spotted these nearly dead-ringer dupes for 1/5 the price! 

I love these super affordable cane bottom wood trays, now half off! 

I wear my lightweight gold leaf bangle bracelets almost daily, so when I came across these fun multi-color jelly bangle bracelets I knew I had to try them too!  At less than $10 for a set of 5, they're a win! 

As a bonus today, here's a quick run down with some of my picks from all of the great holiday weekend sales currently running!  Be sure to use the left and right arrows at the ends of each graphic to scroll through more selections, then click on any you might be interested in seeing more details on.  

Serena & Lily
Take 20% off site wide, definitely the time to buy if you've had your eye on anything S&L!

J. Crew


I think most of the earrings come out to under $10 each, you better believe I'm stocking up on some gifts!

I'm a fan of Quay Sunglasses and they have an amazing sale going through today- pick 2 pairs for $40 with almost 40 styles to choose from!  I'm wearing "After Hours" here.

Urban Garden Prints
25% off all Art Prints with code WOWWALLS
(many available in different colorways)

30% off Entire Purchase + Free Shipping over $150

Joss & Main

Stella & Dot
Buy 2- save 20%, Buy 3- save 30%, Buy 4+, save 40%

IT Cosmetics
Save 30% site wide with code SUMMER
Their CC Cream is a staple in my makeup drawer for quick makeup days, and I really like the oil-free formula for a not-quite so dewy finish as the original.  A couple of their setting powders are actually 50% off, I'm looking forward to trying those too!

Barrington Bags

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