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Thursday, October 14, 2021


Welcome to Part 2 of my Fall Home Tour, I'm excited to share my Patio with you today!  If you missed Part 1 of my tour, see my Entry and Living Room here.  I shared many of these photos several weeks ago on social media as part of a collaboration with At Home, but wanted to share here on the blog as well for those who may not have seen it there.  My trip to At Home was what inspired my whole blue/white and black/white color palette for Fall this year!

We (my husband especially) enjoys our outdoor fireplace SO much.  I like having a fun focal point to decorate!  And remember, I mentioned that these photos were for a product collaboration, so day to day the fireplace isn't quite that loaded up.  :)  But he is a good sport and still usually has to move a few pots of flowers and lanterns when he wants to have a fire.  Peek-a-boo limelight hydrangeas... I see you!  

Here's a look at the Dining side of the patio, we love eating outdoors as much as possible this time of year.  

These cork backed placemats are my favorite for outdoors.  They are heavy enough to stay put and super easy to wipe clean.  As soon as I spotted the gingham pattern I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough!

In case you were wondering... no, our outdoor meals are not usually this elaborate.  I was doing my best to showcase At Home's products for my collaboration.  For everyday though I do keep a seasonal centerpiece on this table (currently the mums, candles, and pumpkins are there on a tray) and we take whatever else we need out for our meal- all of these things are pieces we still use every day!  Is anyone else as addicted to pizookies as we are?  

We have a wooded area behind our house, it's the perfect quiet relaxation spot... couldn't resist hanging this cute black and white striped hammock there!   

I'm pretty sure this is when we enjoy our patio the most, especially during the Fall.  Looking forward to some time spent out here this weekend, it's Fall Break and the kids will be home! 🎉

Most of the things you see in this post are from At Home stores.  Some of it like the specific Fall decorations (pumpkins, acorns, etc.) are seasonal but much of it is on the regular stock aisles around the store.  The Fall seasonal items have sold very quickly and are likely limited if you're looking at this point, but the things you see here like the hammock, lanterns, trays, pillows, throws, placemats, napkins, and planters should still be available if you're interested.

Other items:
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Sofas  ||  Similar Black Rattan Chairs  ||  Outdoor Black and White Dalmatian Pillow Covers  ||  Bamboo Coffee Table- vintage painted Rustoleum Gloss Navy  ||  Dining Table- made by my son!  ||  Dining Chairs- Ikea  ||  Bamboo Flatware  ||  Black and White Rugs- Ikea, no longer available,  Similar Outdoor Rug here or Indoor Version here  ||  Hammock Straps || String Lights

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  1. I think your patio is just gorgeous - the best it has ever looked! I'm all about neutrals in my home, not color, so this really appeals to me. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Janet, it's fun to be able to play with different styles!

  2. Where do you store all of your beautiful decor when not using it? I have an old house with limited storage and so am curious what you do with yours when the season is over!

    1. We have a big attic that I keep seasonal decor in. I actually move a lot of the day to day stuff from room to room when I'm ready for a change. I try not to keep a lot extra to store (currently purging!) but do have some cabinets full of options. I'm grateful to have a lot of storage space in this house!

  3. Jen, beautiful as always. Never heard of a pizookie and looked it up. Here's the recipe if you/your readers are interested as I will be making it!

    1. They are such a fun treat! Hope you enjoy! I first had one at BJs Restaurant with friends. We've been making our own ever since. Such a treat!

  4. I just love, LOVE your patio! It is beautiful no matter the deason and always decorated beautifully!


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