2021 FALL TOUR PART 1: ENTRY AND LIVING ROOM - Dimples and Tangles


Hello friends!  I'm so happy to be finally sharing part 1 of my Fall Tour with you today!  I've been cleaning out and organizing in the house, which always takes longer than one expects, and Fall decor has taken a back seat.  But, it's ready now and I'm so excited to share our Entry and Living Room with you today.  

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Let's begin the tour just inside the front door.  This year i wanted to do a primarily blue and white and black and white color scheme with some natural colors and textures mixed in.  That will be a little more evident when I share my Fall Patio with you since I could limit the colors a bit more outside, but inside the house there can't help but be some other colors mixed in as well.  And of course I'm ok with that!

I painted a few more gingham pumpkins, this time black and white to mix in with some of my blue and white pieces on the Entry table.  

I went in search of flowers for a few arrangements and was looking for some soft colors, but Trader Joes had some gorgeous dahlias in a variety of colors that I couldn't resist, so my florals are adding a punch of color! 

I've had these lamps on my bedside tables for quite a while but switched them out to this spot to add some warmth. 

The pheasant pelt was a gift from a neighbor years ago and I love displaying it in the Fall, the colors are exquisite! 

Pink Rug ||  Lamps  ||  Tassel Ties  ||  Striped and Blue and White Pumpkins- At Home Stores  ||  Dresser- Craigslist, Color- SW Tricorn Black  ||  Mirror- Craigslist, Color- Rustoleum Gold  ||  Gingham Pumpkin Tutorial  

Similar Blue and White Pieces

Moving into the Living Room the blue and white/black and white color palette continues, but again with some punches of color.

Last year I used this pampas grass on my Dining Room table, but this year I switched it to the mantle.  I love the grand statement it makes! 

I kept the rest of the mantel simple with some old books in my blue/black/neutral color scheme.  A couple in the center are actually my Dad's old college textbooks- they were priced $9.50 and $10.50 inside the covers.  Speaking as a Mom with 2 college students, too bad those aren't currently the prices of college texts!  😂

The most thoughtful friend and blog reader gave me these vintage Fitz & Floyd dalmatian bookends that had belonged to her Mother.  From following over the years and knowing my style she thought I would enjoy them and dropped them off on my porch one day.  Isn't that the sweetest?  You can read more about them here and I will treasure them always! 

Similar Blue and White Pieces

I pulled out my buffalo check stools to use in front of the fireplace, so the green ones are stashed under the bamboo console table behind the loveseat.  It's hard to photograph because it's in front of the windows and there's just enough space to pass through, but this gives you an idea of how I styled it.  I love getting a new look simply by moving things around!  

As I mentioned moving things around, the pink club chairs and love seat have traded spots in the Living Room for now.  Often when the room is arranged this way I line the chairs up straight side by side like you saw in the photo with the mantel above, but this time I tried angling them together and we're enjoying them turned a bit!  It did create a weird open space between the chairs, so this little cart that I've had in storage worked just right.  There's a garden stool on the other side of the cart that is nice for setting drinks or whatever on when needed.  

I also traded places with some family photos that were hung on this wall for these pieces of my kids when they were little.  The colors are warmer for Fall than what was previously there and as I said, they are both at college and I'm enjoying looking at these little faces every day! 

I had fun putting together this vignette using my group of statue busts.  It was all inspired by that tiny little cowboy hat that caught my eye in the checkout line at Walmart.  There was a kiosk set up with pet costumes for Halloween and I thought the hat might work on my boy- ha!  The bigger felt hat is out of my closet, and the fur collar came off of a thrifted coat that I used to recover these stools.  

And remember my green gingham covered lampshades?  Here's proof that the technique I used is removable, these shades look brand new!  The gingham didn't work in this space but will definitely be back for Christmas! 

Similar Lamps  ||  Snowy Owls Print  ||  Diana Female Bust  ||  Apollo Male Bust  ||  Boy and Girl Busts  ||  Tan Hat  ||  Fur Collar- thrifted  ||  Small Felt Hat- Walmart Pet Accessories (for Halloween?)  ||  Disco Mirror Ball  ||  Black and White Pumpkin- At Home Stores

For the artwork, I covered the backer board of the frame with some wrapping paper, then nailed some small tacks into it to hang the smaller owl artwork.  I think this is a good way to highlight a smaller piece of art and make a big impact!

 Blue and White Curtain Fabric  ||  Black and White Pillows  ||  Similar Blue Pillows  ||  Colorful Toile Pillows Information  ||  Elephant Stool- Ross, painted Rustoleum Gloss Navy  ||  Cowhide Rug  ||  Buffalo Check Fabric  ||  Brass Coffee Table- Vintage  ||  Sofa and Loveseat  ||  Similar Blue and White Lamps

I hope you enjoyed my tour today,  I have more rooms to share with you this week!


  1. Everything looks lovely! So classy!

  2. I like it! But I love the fur neckpiece and hats! I thought, Only you. And then I remembered: I have done this -- years ago! I used my Daddy's old bowler hat and the mink collar of an old coat. Oh dear! I don't think I am getting senile, but it is fun to be reminded of stuff that I did long ago that I thought was fun.

    1. I totally forget what I've done over the years too, it's nice to have photos to look back at since I've been blogging- ha! Yours sound spiffy!

  3. Everything looks beautiful! I kinda miss more colors but that’s just me. 😂 You always make everything look amazing and so classy! Love the hats! I have a table I’m going to paint so thanks for the reminder about the black color on your entryway piece. I was thinking of looking for it in older posts so you saved me some time!
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Thank you Pat! It's fun to switch things up a bit and I'm loving the pops of color with the flowers. Happy painting!

  4. I love the blues and blacks you’ve used this year! It really makes your house look different! I’ll always love a colorful house, but this looks warm and cozy for fall. Can’t wait to see more!! 💙💙💙

    1. Thanks! I think the mantel is the most "calm" spot ;) but I'm enjoying it. There will be color everywhere for Christmas before we know it!

  5. I love your very calm and comfy entry space plus living room. Great job! You have such a beautiful home.
    I am wondering your sources for a couple of items....the gold planter by front door, the blue and white lamps plus the small blue and white holder for matches.

    1. Thank you Joanna! No good sources for you I'm afraid.... the planter was from an estate sale, the lamps were craigslist and the holder was thrifted I believe. Sorry about that! I did find some similar affordable lamps and added the link above in the post if you'd like to check those out.

  6. I am down to three or four bloggers that I follow...mainly because so many have given up their blog for Instagram (which I do not follow). I have to say that the three of the four I follow are the BEST and I have seen you featured on all of them - so I have obviously chosen well. You have a good eye and a definite flair. Love your patio. #jelly. Happy Fall

    1. Goodness, what a sweet compliment. Thank you for that encouragement! I'd love to know who your other favorites are!


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