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Friday, December 10, 2021


Hello friends, welcome back for Part 3 of this year's Christmas Home Tour.  I'm so exciting to share my Living Room with you today!  

colorful Christmas living room decorations
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I shared my Christmas Tree with you in Part 1 of my tour last week, so let's move around and take a look at the rest of the room.  It's been a year or two since I used this green mirror on my mantel, I'm happy that I pulled it out again!  It came with a dresser that we bought at a garage sale for my daughter's room when she was little.  The dresser has moved on but I kept the mirror and painted it my favorite color.  You'll see that color often today as a matter of fact.

I carried more of the tissue paper honeycomb balls that I used on my tree onto the mantel as well.  If you were here for last year's tour you might remember this felt letter garland that I made.  The individual letters were on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby and originally had loops to hang them.  I gathered up enough to spell Merry Christmas and glued them to a bead garland.  Last year it was one long garland but this year I cut it apart to drape across the mirror (affixed with small dots of hot glue in corners of mirror). 

Flocked Garland  ||  Small Trees  ||  Pom Pom Trees  ||    Gingham Ribbon  ||  Red Satin Ribbon  ||  Similar Merry Christmas here or here, felt letters here  ||  Similar Brass Fireplace Screen

I don't remember the last time I hung garland from the mantel but added this flocked garland in this year.  I've had the small trees for a few years but they seemed too green and rustic with the flocked garland, so I cut some sprigs off of an extra garland and added them among the branches of the trees.  It's a little hard to see them in photos but in person I think it really helped to tie the two different types of greenery together.  

Clearance Bead Garland (with flocked garland- lower garland past season TJ Maxx)  ||  Clearance Blue/Gold Glass Tree  ||  Pagoda Lantern- past season At Home Stores  || Blue and White Pot- Homegoods  ||  Similar Clearance Bottlebrush Trees

Every year I put a big bowl of vintage ornaments on my coffee table.  Years ago I found a box of old ornaments at a yard sale and treasure them! Some are teeny tiny bells and other objects and some are faded and worn yet still gorgeous.  I love them front and center where I can see them all the time. 

These sweet plastic canvas yarn coasters were made by a family friend that we lost about this time last year.  When cleaning out her home to prepare for its sale these caught my eye along with a matching tissue box cover.  She adopted my husband's extended family as her own family and sure did love on us, I'll love remembering her each year as we use these (my concrete lions came from her home as well, a reminder of her that I see every day!).  

I gave it a little mention in my Christmas Tree post, but did you notice the newest addition to the room?  

I've been wanting to add a large area rug to this room for a while (remember I've had a cowhide here forever).  We do have carpet in here but I like the interest laying another rug on top adds, not to mention the fact that I can't wait until we can rip that carpet out and install wood floors in here and the Dining Room!  That's several big projects down the list, though.  Anyway, it's been tricky to find one that works with all of my colors and patterns that are going on in this room.  Those who follow me on Instagram might remember one I tried out several weeks ago, and although it was a pretty rug with many of my colors it didn't feel just right.  Through several conversations with a couple of friends on IG I pulled in a couple of rugs that I had elsewhere in my house and already loved to see if they might work, and what do you know I loved the same rug that's in my bathroom!  

And yes, if you're counting, this makes the fourth pink rug in my home (although I'm not currently using one of them).  And am I ok with having the same rug in 2 rooms of my home? Absolutely! Although it's another strong color and pattern in the room, as soon as I unrolled it it felt right. It met all of my criteria- matches/blends with the drapes and alllll the pillows I like to switch in and out of here... black and white, blue and white, pinks, reds, green, animal prints, other patterns.  I also like how it carries the pink from the chairs across the room and ties them in to everything else.  Although bold, with its subtle mix of close up reds, pinks, blues, and a touch of green around the edges this rug is kind of a chameleon!

This cart has served as a good little side table where I've had to get creative with furniture arrangement to accommodate the tree.

Clearance Pink/Gold Glass Tree  ||  Deer- TJ Maxx  

This little corner with my trash to treasure vintage chest is a bright spot.  I made a new wreath and stacked it with artwork my daughter did when she was little (she drew herself as an elf 🤣), then added a mix of nutcrackers, trees, and village houses.

Removable Fabric Covered Lampshade Tutorial (I took the gingham off for my Fall tour, super easy to do and then slip it back on for Christmas)  ||  Green Gingham Fabric  ||  Colored Tassel Trim  ||  Houses- thrifted and spray painted  ||  Trees- past season Hobby Lobby but similar here

I used a basic wreath but just like the trees on my mantel, snipped off more flocked branches from my extra piece of garland and mixed them in to lighten it up a bit.  There's a string of colored lantern globe lights and clusters of ornaments.  I randomly found this other piece of plastic canvas yarn art with Santa and his reindeer at a thrift store a few months ago, it is too cute!  I intended to make a garland out of it but ended up using it here instead.  

I like to put out a little candy bar on my bamboo console table.  I found some pretty colors at Dollar Tree to fill my jars.  And a little tip reminder... with the larger jars I put a smaller glass vessel (inverted glass, bowl, candle jar, etc.) inside to take up some of the space.  Then the candy I do add covers that up so I don't need as much.

These shelves house a couple of nativity sets and more ornaments in a container, I love using ornaments in a container anywhere I can fit one in. 

Back to where we started!  

I hope you enjoyed the tour today, thank you so much for being here! I have two more spaces to share with you next week.  I honestly just finished this room yesterday, so I'm ready to enjoy the sparkles and twinkles for a few weeks! 

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  1. WOW!!! Just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing!

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! I LOVE how your living room is ready for the holidays!! I've always tried to emulate your decorating Jen!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!! ox

    1. Thank you Julie, so glad you enjoyed the tour! Merry Christmas!

  3. Just WOW! What a color explosion of pink goodness. Love it and all your sweet touches are simply amazing.

  4. I love everything Jen! I have the same fuschia area rug in my guest room! It's one of my favorite things!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It's the best rug, I bet it looks great in your guest room! Hope you're doing well. :)

  5. WOW Jennifer, everything looks just amazing as always. You never miss a detail. I love your candy bar, and your the wreath you made is just adorable! Merry Christmas!


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