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Wednesday, December 15, 2021


I honestly don't know how this Christmas season is flying by so quickly... of course it feels that way every year but this year especially.  How is Christmas just a little over a week away!?! I'm actually still decorating- one room left to go that I'll share with you tomorrow- and don't even ask if I'm anywhere close to being done with my shopping!  Yikes... so much for being on top of things this year!  However, my bedroom is clean and pretty and decorated so that's a win!  I'm so glad to be sharing our Master Bedroom Christmas tour with you today! 

Mohawk Home 2021 Holiday Home Tour, Mohawk Home Button Fleur Area Rug, Master Bedroom Christmas Decorations
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In conjunction with sharing my tour with you today, I'm excited to be participating in the Mohawk Home 2021 Holiday Home Tour!  Mohawk Home is the area rug division of Mohawk Industries, offering stylish, eco-friendly products for the home. There are 4 other home bloggers in the line-up, be sure to visit them as well through the links at the end of my post today.  I love peeking in on other people's holiday home tours!  

It's been almost 7 years since I did a full makeover in our bedroom.  Over that whole period of time I've had the same rug and curtains, so I felt like it was time for a little switcheroo! Other than changing out throw pillows, a new rug and/or new curtains are the quickest and easiest ways to achieve a whole new look in your room. 

The starting point for my little refresh was this Mohawk Home Button Fleur rug.  It's a lighter color palette than my former rug so that's been a nice change, and I fell hard for the pretty 2 tone blue flower pattern that is completely versatile to mix and match with lots of other patterns. 

A feather juju hat hangs over our bed.  I add some small ornaments by threading a short pipe clearer through the ornament loop then sticking that down through the feathers.  

I originally laid the rug out with my long time favorite blue and white curtains and although I think the patterns worked alright together, on a last minute whim I decided to try something totally different and ordered these dusty pink panels.  

I honestly thought they wouldn't work and I probably wouldn't like the color in person, but I got them hung and I'm actually really liking the change!  They're still on a trial run but they do give the prettiest rosy glow to the room.  There is some extra length at the bottom so if I keep this pair I'll get rid of the grommet top and just finish the top for rings.  These are nice curtains for the price, but I'll probably look for a little bit heavier- or lined- pair and switch them out.  When the next time change comes they won't be blocking as much light as we prefer to be blocked very early in the morning, so we need something that's a bit more opaque.  I might just add a liner to these though!

Can you believe that this is the first time that I've ever put a Christmas tree in our bedroom?  I've always enjoyed looking at photos from others' homes with trees in the Master and imagined how lovely it would be to have the lights glowing,  and it really is!  

When planning to do this tree in our room I knew I wanted to use some of my extra gold paper stars and many of my favorite gold and more neutral ornaments that I didn't use on our main tree, but in the end it needed more color!  I decided to stick with a green and blue color palette along with the gold, and added just a touch of classic plaid ribbon tied to the branches as well. 

My tree has a small base so it fit nicely in this brass pot, and a few of my blue and white pieces take the place of a tree skirt and gifts around the bottom of this one.  I just love how it turned out!  

The pattern on the new rug plays perfectly with so many others that I like to switch in and out.  It's made with a synthetic fiber and has a flexible rubber backing so I expect it to be extremely durable. Although it appears to be all white, up close there are actually darker colored threads mixed in which makes it nice for camouflaging stains.  It would be great under a dining room or kitchen table since I anticipate it would be super easy to scrub a stain on it if necessary (I actually had to already clean up a little stain on mine and it disappeared in a heartbeat- love this stuff!).  I really think this might be just fine out on my covered patio as well... don't be surprised if you see it out there come Spring! 

The Button Fleur rug is available on several different sites if you'd care to compare:

Really other than seasonal throw pillow changes very little has changed in our room over the past 6 1/2 years (which says a lot in a home that's in a constant state of change!).  I love lying in bed every day looking at our gallery wall of loved ones and mementos of special places we've traveled. 

Other than the tree and the festive juju hat over the bed, this sweet nativity is all we need.  It's Celadon pottery from Thailand that my husband's parents bought for us when they were serving as missionaries there.  It's definitely a treasure and my rummage sale vintage choir boy candle holders are always some of my favorite things to put out as well.  

I hope you enjoyed touring today, next time I'll share my final tour and a Christmas tablescape in the Dining Room.  Well... maybe my final tour... I have some random spots around the house that I might gather up into one final post for you if I can get it together! 

Be sure to hop over and visit the other homes on the Holiday Home Tour today and meet some new friends!

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  1. Nice changes. I love the new rug, and the pink panels carry your pink theme from your living room. Looks awesome.


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