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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Welcome to My Five Favorites today! Warm weather is finally on our doorstep and I suspect we're all feeling the itch to spruce things up outside.  This month we're sharing our five favorite ways to decorate the porch and patio.  Remember to join these lovely ladies for their great outdoor ideas today as well-

Pam from Simple Details

Lisa from Shine Your Light

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I'm thrilled that our guest host today is Amanda from Dixie Delights.  I enjoyed meeting her several years ago at a blog conference and she is just as sweet, genuine, and spunky as she seems online.  Her back outdoor living area was such an inspiration to me as we worked on our patio makeover, and she makes every holiday such fun with her festive front porch!  I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to share with us today.  Can you even believe how beautiful her outdoor space is?


Not surprisingly, my favorite way to decorate outside is with color!  Changing out our front door last year and painting it this vibrant blue completely changed the look of the front of our home.  Painting your door is such a simple project that makes a big impact.


My favorite ferns are "Kimberly Queen."  They are much heartier than Boston Ferns and take neglect fairly well.  They love as much water as you can give them, but they'll tolerate several days without watering as well.  Mine are usually mostly shaded but can withstand some daytime sun.  

They're generally easy to find at Lowe's and Home Depot.  Lowe's usually carries a giant $30 size (in the first fern photo above) which I have bought before, but for the past few years I've bought the $14 size.  They are really a great size to start with and grow fairly quickly through the season.  

Sometimes I actually plant them in my urns, but often I dig out a hole and drop them down still in their plastic pot for two reasons- 1) if I set them out early in the season I can still pull them in at night if in danger of a frost (same for late in the season- I can move them in when a freeze threatens but the days are still warm) and 2) the roots dig in so strongly that if I actually plant them they are very difficult to remove from the urns at the end of the season.  Like, I have to cut them out with a knife.  So, they do just fine left in their pots but rimmed with soil inside the urn. 


Just like inside a home, a rug warms up the space and transforms a porch or patio into an "outdoor living space."  ;)   I get questions about this Ikea rug often.  It's not marketed as an indoor/outdoor rug, but it's made up of the same material as many other outdoor rugs.  Mine is in a covered area, but it still gets wet occasionally in a hard rain. We hose it down once or twice a year for a good cleaning.  It's held up perfectly outside. 

Patio Tour

I recently wrote a post about layering doormat rugs and gave many ideas for possible combos.  I love the look- who can resist another opportunity to mix color and pattern?

Even a simple DIY rug can add so much warmth to your porch and front door-


They work year round, I love to fill them according to the season and tuck them here and there.  

Rustic Lantern Set  ||  Striped Umbrella  ||  Similar Pillow Cover


Lastly, I'm loving a wreath on my front door these days.  I know that's not a groundbreaking idea, but in the past when my front door had oval shaped glass a round wreath never felt quite right.  Now that our front door is solid I can decorate however I please!  I've enjoyed this preserved boxwood wreath both on the porch and the patio, although it does need to be kept out of direct sunlight.  I also love this faux olive wreath for a nice alternative to the boxwood. 

Similar Boxwood Wreath here or here

So, here are all 5 of my favorites in one happy photo... color, ferns, lanterns, rugs, and a wreath!  :)

What's your favorite way to decorate outdoors?  Early on in our My Five Favorites series, we wrote a similar post about our favorite ways to decorate an outdoor space.  Stop by and check that post out for even more outdoor decorating inspiration.  Don't forget to hop over and check out these other great ideas too!

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  1. Jennifer, I love how you noted that the Kimberly Ferns take neglect well, that means they are perfect for me!! :) :) :) Your covered outdoor space and fireplace is so dreamy.....I love how it feels like an extension of your interior rooms with the rug and decor!

  2. Love your fun door color, whenever I see one it always makes me curious about the decor inside! :) And, I need to get busy and DIY a front door mat ~ it looks fabulous, my friend!

  3. Everything is so pretty outside - just like inside! Thank you so much for having me today.

  4. I'm in love with those blue and white floral placemats!! Do you have a source for those? You are amazing!

    1. Thanks! I don't remember but I think I got them a few years ago from At Home. They were clearance last pack left kind of deal, though...


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