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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I can't believe I'm typing that it's Week 5 of the One Room Challenge, how in the world has time gone by this fast?  I honestly didn't think I'd have that much to do for this project, and I couldn't have been more wrong.  Everything has snowballed down to these last few days.  I have checked a few big things off of the list, though-

Keep reading for more on that!

If you're joining me for the first time today, welcome! I'm making over my teenage daughter's room and you can catch up here if you've missed the previous weeks:

As of our last update, I still had several key pieces that were unknown.  I'm happy to report that I've finalized those last details and those crucial key pieces should be arriving today!

One missing element was a great set of lamps.  I knew I wanted a pair for her dresser, but until I found the accent fabric last week, wasn't sure what direction we wanted to go with shape and color.  Ultimately, I decided to carry the green from the headboard over to the opposite side of the room in the form of the lamps.  However, I had just the right color of green lamp in my head (kelly green is pretty hard to find- I painted my own in the past), and after lots of searching online, Lamps Plus came to the rescue!

I have worked with Lamps Plus several times in the past, but had never really paid attention to their Color Plus selection.  And let me tell you, have I been missing out!! Not only did they have a green lamp that I loved... they had 18 shades of green to choose from!  This collection is mix and match heaven!  

There are around 12 base styles to choose from, then more than 100 color options available depending on the style of base you choose.  If you can't find the color you want here, it's not to be found!  Several of the styles have shade colors and trim options you can customize as well.

Emily liked the "Leo" style the best and we chose "Envy" for the color.  (*Edited: I shared this in the room reveal post, but when "Envy" arrived, it ended up being a little darker than the green of her headboard.  I switched them for the "Greens" color instead and it was perfect!) . They are a substantial size yet not too wide and I think they will be gorgeous flanking each end of her dresser.  I also really like the gourd shape and think it looks so classic and timeless for a good value.  I probably would have chosen it for elsewhere in the house, but we agreed that the slightly modern pillar Leo style would be perfect for her room.  They should be arriving today and I can't wait to see them and get them in place (after I hit those silver parts with a bit of gold spray paint!).

Another big piece to the puzzle came together when I finally landed on a rug to try in her room.  I liked the one that I originally had in the design board, but was still looking for something just a bit different.  After much sorting and sifting through so many options online and looking in person in stores all over town, I bought this one from Rugs USA to try.   I own several rugs from them already and am always pleased.  I do feel like I took a bit of a risk with this rug, but I'm hoping it looks as great in person as it does in my head and works with everything else in the room.  Her room has some super traditional elements in it but we're trying to include some hints of modern pieces as well.  One other great thing about it is it's reversible, so the back side is black with light crosses.  I'm going to have to play with it and see which side looks best.

A huge accomplishment happened this week... I finished her bed!  I made her an upholstered headboard, and although it didn't turn out like I had originally planned (I wanted to tuft it but after about a day of trying to figure that process out, I cut my losses and left it plain), I love it and she does too.  I took notes and lots of process photos to share a tutorial with you soon.  Here's a sneak peek-

Yesterday I wrapped up her bedskirt.  Using the same fabric for the bedskirt that I used for the headboard really gives a look of continuity and the feel of a fully upholstered bed.  I wrote a tutorial a few years ago for making a custom bedskirt, this one is mostly no-sew and pretty easy to get a custom look and fit!  I also showed you the process in my Instagram stories yesterday, it's saved in a highlight in my profile if you'd like to see it.  In this photo you can see a bit of the curtains hung too.

So, the bed side of the room is really coming together.  Elsewhere in the room though we're slowly cleaning things out and switching around, and there are several projects I haven't even started on yet.   There's still plenty of work to do!  Here's proof of real life and the process...

Eeek!  I'm hoping to photograph the room on Tuesday, so these last 5 days are going to be a mad dash to finish.  Oh, and her birthday is on Friday!  And family party tonight!  And friend party Saturday night!  Whew... I'm tired just thinking about trying to get everything finished!

To-Do List

Paint Ceiling and Walls
New Desk
Replace Ceiling Fan
Make Upholstered Headboard
Make Bedskirt
Paint Nightstands
Restore or Paint Dresser- in progress
Paint Closet and Bathroom Doors?
Source/Order Lamps
Source/Order Rug
Make New Pillows- in progress
Source End of Bed Bench
Make and Hang Curtains
Artwork Plan- Gallery Wall?
Paint Marquee Letter
Room Styling

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  1. AHHHHH! I'm totally loving this!!!! So cool! I bed she is excited!

  2. It's looking fab! I love the green color, and I may have to give the bedskirt DIY idea a try. Mine is plain and boring!

  3. Love the lamps, and the headboard and bedskirt are amazing!

  4. It's all wonderful - Thanks for the bed skirt tutorial on Instagram.

  5. Looks great! Love the nontufted headboard. My favorite is how the dust ruffle goes way up under the mattress so the edges don’t show!

  6. Jennifer the headboard looks fantastic!!!!!! As does the bedskirt!! You are amazing. And I totally hear you on the snowball effect, I'm experiencing that myself! Can't wait to see the big reveal over here this week!


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